Cry of Phoenix: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: No, How Could You Bear to Do This
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“Wretch! Zhen is the monarch; he is a subject, if zhen wished to kill him, why would zhen need a method!” Ye Hong Yi agitatedly thundered. But the more emotional he was, the more Yao Mo Xin knew that he had a guilty conscience.
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“Your Majesty please quell your anger; why not let this qie try and convince jie jie……” At this moment, Li gui fei who had not made a sound for quite some time walked quickly to the front of Ye Hong Yi and opened her mouth, seeming heartbroken.
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Silent, Ye Hong Yi’s malicious eyes spurned as he swept past Yao Mo Xin and stroded to the side.
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Jie jie, now that things have reached this stage, even if you don’t worry for yourself, shouldn’t you still think for Zhong er?” Yao Su Luan slowly crouched next to Yao Mo Xin’s body; her gentle voice, contrary to expectations, produced a cold tone.
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“Let me hold Zhong er! My Zhong er!” Looking at the infant in Yao Su Luan’s bosom that was currently muttering in his sleep, Yao Mo Xin’s tears overflowed, both her hands impatiently extended towards Yao Su Luan.
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Jie jie has been clever her whole life, why did you become muddleheaded now. Think, why would His Majesty have ben gong9 carry Zhong er here? If you don’t want to sign, no one will force you. You’re willing to die to protect Su wang‘s reputation, but what will happen to Zhong er? If you don’t do as His Majesty wishes, will His Majesty treat Zhong er well?” Yao Su Luan’s cherry lips glanced pass Yao Mo Xin’s ear, as she spoke in a low voice. As she spoke, her fingers secretly gave the infant in her bosom a ruthless pinch.

(9) 本宫 – “ben gong” = Ben Gong is a way of referring to oneself, employed by an empress or a high-ranking consort when speaking to a person or an audience of lower rank or status

“Waah…… Waaah……” Suddenly, the infant started bawling loudly. To Yao Mo Xin, that sound was like having ten thousand sharp blades ruthlessly stabbing her heart, it pained her to the point she could barely breathe.
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“Don’t cry! Zhong er, don’t cry!” Yao Mo Xin’s tears seemed like pearls that broke off their chain and in a turbulent rush, fell. Both hands desperately wanted to snatch back the infant, but Yao Su Luan unexpectedly stood back up.
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Jie jie, do you still not understand? Sign it!” Yao Su Luan hugged the infant, increasing the pressure in her hand. The infant, suffering pain, cried even more hysterically.
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“Zhong er——I’ll sign! I’ll sign——” As a mother, Yao Mo Xin could not bear the sound of the infant’s weeping any longer, her shaking blood-stained fingers reached out to pick up the paper.
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“Ye Hong Yi, Mo Xin begs you, in light of the fact that we had been husband and wife for seven years, please treat Zhong er well! As for Su wang, though his achievements top everyone, he has never harbored any disloyalty. Even if Your Majesty does not care about brotherly affection, but please take into consideration, Ming Jun, these two words and spare his life……” Yao Mo Xin lifted her eyes in the direction of Ye Hong Yi, every word, every sentence, was like a sparrow crying blood, crying sorrow to the skies and grieving the earth10.

(10) 功高盖主 – “achievements top everyone” I tried my best to convey this proverb, but I think an explanation is still necessary. Basically means that his contributions are too great and causes the monarch to feel threatened by his reputation.

明君 – “Ming Jun” is referring to a wise/brilliant monarch/sovereign, basically implying that he should act as befitting of this title.

“sparrow crying blood” is actually cuckoo crying blood but I couldn’t convince myself that it didn’t totally destroy the current tone of that passage so I replaced the bird. It basically means to plaintively lament, speaking with so much sorrow that it feels as if one is dying.

His back facing Yao Mo Xin, Ye Hong Yi’s sharp eyebrows tightly wrinkled. This was what he hated most about Yao Mo Xin, in front of this woman, he seemed unable to harbor any secrets, Yao Mo Xin would always be able to clearly see through his thoughts.
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Jie jie……” Yao Su Luan deliberately glanced at the infant in her bosom as she urged.
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Silently, Yao Mo Xin spread the paper onto the ground, her bloody finger furiously streaked across it and left Yao Mo Xin, these three large characters. Jun Qing11, what Mo Xin owes you in this lifetime, Mo Xin can only repay in the next lifetime.

(11) At this point I was trying to make sure this was a name and ended up spoiling the story for myself… why do I have to read so fast?? Why didn’t I just stop when I confirmed the name?? Time to forget, forget…

“Your Majesty, jie jie has signed it.” Yao Su Luan impatiently spoke, her voice betrayed an unconcealable excitement. Hearing that, Ye Hong Yi turned around and slowly walked to Yao Su Luan’s side. Yao Su Luan understood tacitly and passed the infant in her bosom to Ye Hong Yi before bending over to carefully pick up the paper and stow it away into her chest.
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“Mo Xin has already done as Your Majesty wished, I beg Your Majesty to please let me hold Zhong er……” Nothing was sadder than a withered heart. Yao Mo Xin didn’t want to look at Ye Hong Yi any longer, but she could not bear parting with the child.
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Just as Yao Mo Xin greedily lifted her eyes to look towards the infant, a cold light suddenly appeared in the depths of Ye Hong Yi’s eyes and he ferociously raised his hand, then heavily threw the infant onto the ground.
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“Don’t——” Yao Mo Xin’s eyes widened, in a shocking speed she rushed over but was still a step too late. The infant’s face in his swaddling clothes was deathly white and colorless before her eyes. Dark red blood slowly flowed out from his mouth, below the back of his head, blood pooled into a river. Yao Mo Xin fiercely took the infant into her arms with both hands and mournfully wailed.
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“Zhong er…… Zhong er ah——”
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At the side, Yao Su Luan was unexpectedly shocked, but in the next second, the corner of her mouth curved into a slightly hidden arc. Yao Mo Xin, this is your retribution.
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“Ye Hong Yi! You beast! He’s your son, your own blood and flesh, how could you bear to do this! How could you!” Yao Mo Xin’s tears wildly fell, both eyes, scarlet red as venus thistle, hatefully glared at Ye Hong Yi.
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“You leave first.” Ye Hong Yi coldly spoke as he shot a glance at Yao Su Luan. Yao Su Luan obeyed the order and withdrew from the Cold Palace, then closed the palace doors, through the door crack, the corner of Yao Su Luan’s mouth wantonly curled into a wild smile. Yao Mo Xin, this time, you seriously are at the end of your road!
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Zhen‘s son? You’ve already signed the testimony, this child is vile spawn! It’s you and Ye Jun Qing’s vile spawn!” Dark hollowed darkness lurched in his pitch-black pupils as Ye Hong Yi stomped ruthlessly, and step by step, approached Yao Mo Xin, his body emitting a terrifying aura.
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“You’re just haunted by envy! You just can’t tolerate Jun Qing, but this child is your blood! You should understand this better than anyone! How could you bear to do this! He is our child!” ‘Pah—’, just as Ye Hong Yi came near, Yao Mo Xin abruptly raised her palm, concentrating all her unwillingness and resentment and ferociously slapped Ye Hong Yi.
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Ye Hong Yi was stunned for a moment. Now he licked the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth, blood-thirsty eyes like that of a wrathful beast murderously fixated on Yao Mo Xin.
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Credits: Chiyomira,, and you supportive readers, thanks for being so patient! XD

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!



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