Cry of Phoenix: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: The Most Beautiful Man in the Country

At the Fragrant Harmony Courtyard entrance, the female brothel keeper with heavy makeup took the banknotes from Ting Yue’s hands and very happily pulled Yao Mo Wan who was dressed up like a prostitute onto the palanquin.

“Set off!” The brothel keeper shouted. Outside the Fragrant Harmony Courtyard, seven palanquin were lifted at the same time, majestically heading towards the Esteemed Prince’s residence. Along the way, passerbys raised their eyebrows and pointed, their conversations mostly ridiculed Ye Jun Qing’s decadent and loose behavior, and for not caring about the nation’s affairs. There were also a few that sighed with sorrow for this formidable generation, yet with a slight setback he stumbled and could not rise again, how sad.
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In the palanquin, Yao Mo Wan heard these talks but didn’t keep it in mind. The common people in the marketplace were just repeating what everyone said, they don’t know the sinister hearts of people for the idea of victory belonging to the tiger. If she bothered to dispute about this with them, afraid that even if she waste her whole lifetime she still wouldn’t be able to explain clearly.
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In this world, perhaps there’s no one that understand Ye Hong Yi better than her. Ye Jun Qing is just like a thorn stabbed in Ye Hong Yi’s chest, one day that he leaves it be, it’s one day that he cannot sleep peacefully. The fact that Ye Jun Qing to be able to live until now wasn’t because of brotherly affection, it was because he feared to opposition of the military forces in the imperial court. That was why he didn’t dare to rush into action against Ye Jun Qing. Thus he used this method to vilify Ye Jun Qing’s image in the military circles, waiting for Ye Jun Qing to be forgotten, then move to eradicate him.
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“Lower the palanquins—” The brothel keeper’s voice called out once again. Yao Mo Wan only felt the palanquin jolt for a moment before it had already been set on the ground. The current her lifted the curtain a bit impatiently, only to see that those six prostitute girls had already gotten off and were surrounding the entrance of the Esteemed Prince’s residence. Compared to them, her own actions were still a bit slower.
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“You all rolled out of a pile of prostitutes, don’t say that Aunt Gui didn’t remind you guys. Be reserved, don’t do anything to overstep your bounds. Special achievement is not required, just don’t commit any hyperactive blunders!”
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Yao Mo Wan who was at the side heard it clearly, her mouth slightly curled. Looks like, this act of calling for prostitutes every day is also one of Ye Hong Yi’s tricks.
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“Aunt Gui, rest assured, for us sisters just catching a glance of the great Chu nation’s most beautiful man from a distance is already more than enough. If wangye doesn’t like us, there’s no way we could plaster ourselves on him.”

王爷 – “wang ye” = Prince/Master, wang by itself meaning something along the lines of king (8)

“That’s right. Aunt Gui, don’t worry and just head back. Once five passes all you have to do is pick us up.”
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At this time, there were already girls that couldn’t wait any longer lightly knocking on the door. Yao Mo Wan silently stood behind everyone, her heart couldn’t help but sigh with sorrow. The heavens truly loves Ye Jun Qing so much, not only letting him dominate the battlefields unrivaled, it even bestowed upon him a magnificent, peerlessly handsome face. As Yao Mo Wan contemplated this, the door already opened.
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Wangye is in the back garden, everyone please come this way.” The over sixty Steward Zhou had an expression of helplessness as he greeted these girls and brought them in. Yao Mo Wan walked in last and heard Steward Zhuo’s heavy sigh.
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The Esteemed Prince’s residence was constructed ingenuitively. There were pavilions and kiosks, ponds and island pavilions. Scattered between the willow trees and pines were stones in rock gardens, flowers, shrubs and bonsai, wisteria and bamboo for adornment.
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Yao Mo Wan followed behind the prostitute girls who were rushing like ducks pass side rooms and winding corridors to head towards the back garden. This was not her first time in the Esteemed Prince’s residence. Back then, in the five dragons struggle, she, so that Ye Hong Yi could smoothly ascend the throne, treaded through the entrance of the Esteemed Prince’s residence countless times. How stupid she was at that time! She boasted that she had a pair of bright eyes that could see things clearly, yet she couldn’t see through Ye Hong Yi’s beast-like cruel heart.
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“It smells so nice! Look, it’s the Esteemed Prince—” The girls were wild with joy, snapping of Yao Mo Wan’s trail of thought. Standing at the end of the corridor, Yao Mo Wan only felt a strange fragrance assailing her nose. Entering her eyes were hundreds of colorful flowers, wondrous plants and trees. In the center of the garden a wide pavilion with four corners rose steeply from the ground, white marble pillars supported the main body of the pavilion. The path here along the light muslin corridor to the pavilion was paved with white jade, engraved on top with pure gold were vivid orchids that looked almost as if they were alive. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.
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Inside the pavilion, in front of the stone table, that tall figure sat alone writing. With white clothes superior to snow, ink black hair lightly fluttering, long brows that inclined towards the temples, beautiful eyes with the luster of stars, a straight elegant bridge of the nose, yet those lips seemed extremely pale. Ye Jun Qing is truly worthy of being called the most beautiful man in great Chu, that sort of handsomeness goes without saying. His body also exerts an atmosphere, as if he was a deity that walked out of an ancient painting, accidentally crossing into Jambudvīpa, this bloody mortal world.

Jambudvīpa is one of the four continents, which is situated to the south of Mount Meru.and is the world in which humans live. According to this Chinese Buddhist Wikipedia.

“Mu Dan Xie greets the Esteemed Prince on behalf of her sisters.” A tender and soft voice sweetly sounded, the girls once after another stopped in front of the pavilion and each coyly exposed their best figure as they bowed in courtesy.
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“You all listen well, other than this pavilion, you can play anywhere you want. Disperse! I’m warning you guys, if you dare approach the pavilion, look out for your heads!” A simple and straightforward voice suddenly sounded. At this moment, Yao Mo Wan finally noticed the man next to Ye Jung Qing. She recognized him, it was Ben Lei, Ye Jun Qing’s most trusted vanguard.
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“Esteemed Prince……” One of the girls unwillingly whined. A cold light suddenly flashed then in the next second that bright dagger was sunk deep into the ground next to the girl’s foot.
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“Ah—” When that girl cried out in fear, the others all scattered like birds. Please do not copy or host elsewhere.
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Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]

8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!


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