Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: A Man Even More Beautiful Than A Woman

“With the door wide open, it would be hard not to hear even if if ben wang didn’t want to!” Ye Junqing lifted his brows as he looked towards Yao Mowan. The only things he wanted to know were things Yao Mowan wouldn’t say!

“Then that was Mowan’s negligence.” Yao Mowan smiled and indicated for Ye Junqing to sit down for the meal.

“Right!? It’s precisely your negligence… ben wang wasn’t outside the door long, how did you know? Could it be you know martial arts?” Driven by an intense surge of curiosity, Ye Junqing half admitted his actions as he asked.

“Mowan’s nose is very sharp. Found out by smell.” Yao Mowan didn’t lie. After interacting for Ye Junqing for such a long time, she naturally knew that the jade pendant on Ye Junqing’s waist was called the ‘Bodhi Jade’. It was transparent and sparkled like amber. It also carried a fragrance similar to that of sandalwood, but its scent was even purer than sandalwood. Having worn it for a long time, Ye Junqing’s body was naturally imbued with this scent. Although it wasn’t strong, it was enough for Yao Mowan to notice.

Only a ghost would believe you!”

Seeing Ye Junqing sit there without any intentions to eat, Yao Mowan simply smiled.

“Since wang ye‘s friend is here, why don’t you invite him to come down and have a meal with us? It’s no good to neglect him!” The moment Yao Mowan’s voice finished, Ye Junqing leaped up as if he had seen a ghost and glowered.

“And you still say that you don’t know martial arts!? How did you know that there was someone on the roof!?” Ye Junqing gritted his teeth as he interrogated. He had actually been unable to sense even a trace of it after interacting with this woman for so long.

Before Yao Mowan even had the chance to open her mouth and reply, she felt a wind. The palace doors slammed closed with a ‘boom’ and a person suddenly appeared in front of her. This entire process of events took place in just a blink.

That face, how flawless was it? Every time Yao Mowan recalled it, she would still have her breath taken away.

His handsome face was fully occupied by white jade with features beautiful as jasper flowers. His skin that won even over that of women was as fine as solidified oil. His almond-shaped, beguiling eyes contained power to enchant all living things as it swept around, and beneath his high nose bridge, his thin lips hooked in an arc that seemed like the side of a pearl. That magnificent red robe he wore was crimson like flames, setting off his pretty and flirtatious features even more. Ink black hair fell scattered down like a waterfall. Within the contrasting red and black, the emerging charm was enough to cause all the women in the world to fall gladly into a deep abyss.

Even Mowan feels inferior to gongzis beauty.” Yao Mowan left her seat, but due to the fact she was holding Fluffy, she only gave a slight dip as a curtsy.

One can never hear enough words of praise so Lady might as well speak a few more.” The man strolled gracefully to the table. His red robe moved without wind, causing him to appear as if he was floating like a celestial. It was just that the man’s smirk contained a conspicuous nefarious aura, making ‘devil’ a closer-fitting description.

Yan Nansheng! You imbecile! She’s cursing at you, saying that you’re even more feminine than a woman. You can’t even tell something like this!?” Ye Qingyun gave the man an eyeroll without holding back in the slightest. Yao Mowan couldn’t help but break out in a smile. This was actually her first time seeing Ye Junqing so informal. Or perhaps it was because Ye Junqing had always been silently enduring back then in front of Yao Moxin. Her heart suddenly felt pain, pain that slowly dispersed like ink dipped into a pond.

Was this meant to curse at someone? Nansheng feels it was very enjoyable ah!” Yan Nansheng shrugged as he looked towards Yao Mowan.

Mowan was praising sincerely.” Yao Mowan gave an earnest nod.

Pair of imbeciles!” Ye Junqing was extremely speechless. Then, his head cleared and he returned to the original topic. “You still haven’t told me how you knew he was on the roof. Don’t you dare say you guessed or that you smelled him. Ben wang won’t believe that!”

At the side, Yan Nansheng lifted his eyebrows as he seized up this woman in front of him. Her physique was delicate and her features were gorgeous. Especially so for that pair of eyes, they were clear as water and bright as stars. She was truly a rare beauty. However, if it was said that she knew martial arts, then that fact was definitely something that must have slipped his eyes.

Mowan indeed does not know martial arts and naturally wouldn’t be able to sense the movements on the roof. However, Fluffy can. No matter how high a person’s martial arts skill is, how good their qing gong is, it still cannot quite match up to a cat’s senses. Does gongzi feel that this explanation is reasonable?”

At that time, Yao Mowan had noticed Fluffy quiver then look towards the roof. Due to that, she concluded that there must have been some movement on the roof. Based on Ye Junqing’s martial arts skill, there was no way he could have missed it so there was only one possible explanation for Ye Junqing’s composure, which was that he must know the person on the roof. Naturally, all of this was just Yao Mowan’s conjectures, but reality has proved that she guessed right.

Such an intelligent lady! What a waste for you to be kept trapped inside the palace. If Lady is willing, how about returning with this one to Phoenix Feather Manor? Nansheng will grant you the position of the Manor’s head madam!” Yan Nansheng smiled enchantingly with demonic charm that was like the first ray of moonlight. His beautiful peach blossom eyes bloomed with extraordinary splendor that moved people’s souls.

I’ve heard you say that no less than a hundred times. Aren’t you worried at all that your Phoenix Feather Manor will get overcrowded?” Ye Junqing suddenly felt an impulse to storm out. How did he ever get himself involved with this love-struck fool!?

Mowan has truly been manner-less. So it turns out you’re the martial arts Alliance Head ah. It’s just that Mowan feels this Guan Osprey Palace is not bad. However, if Mowan gets bored of staying here someday, there’s no harm in going with gongzi and taking a look. Gongzi, please take a seat.” Yao Mowan had once heard of the name Yan Nansheng so it had seemed familiar. However, she only realized that the person in front of her was the Senior Brother(disciple under the same master) that Ye Junqing had talked about when the Phoenix Feather Manor was brought up; so it turns out he was the Senior Brother who was also the current Alliance Head of the martial arts circles. As for Phoenix Feather Manor, in the lulin*, it was an existence similar to the Imperial Palace: imposing and inviolable.


lulin refers generally to people who organize themselves in forests and rebel against the government. Lu = green, lin = forest. Wulin is made up of wu = martial arts, lin = forest, so I’m translating it to martial arts circles.

Then that’s settled! Nansheng will remember it!” Yan Nansheng couldn’t refrain from giving an alluring smile. Then, he swept back his sleeves and sat down in between Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing.

Wonder if gongzi minds Fluffy sharing the same table?” Yao Mowan politely parted her lips, her eyes carrying a hint of a smile.

Minds!” At the side, Ye Junqing gave a vehement reply as he wondered gravely whether Yan Nanshen had any integrity at all!

“Then I’ll have to ask wang ye to please put up with it for a while. Yan gongzi, please!” Yao Mowan’s eyes were as sweet as water as she looked towards Yan Nansheng, completely ignoring Ye Junqing’s infuriated expression.

“There’s no need for Lady to address me so politely with something like gongzi. It’d be fine if you just call me Nansheng. Otherwise, calling me Sheng is not bad either!” Yan Nansheng slightly narrowed his eyes, his good-looking thin lips hooking in a bewitching shallow smile.

“Then there’s no need for Nansheng to address me with such an alienating term as lady. Just call me Mowan, or Wan er will work as well.” Yao Mowan retrieved the sharpness in her eyes and spoke with a trace of gentle warmth.

“You two sure are good ah! Treating me as dead!? Yan Nansheng, ben wang didn’t have you come here to fondle the flowers and trample the grass(womanize)! It’s for the purpose of letting you tell her who she is! And what is with Mangyuan!?” Ye Junqing finally couldn’t hold back anymore and flew into a rage. He had gotten Yan Nansheng to secretly investigate Yao Mowan. Today, he originally wanted to put on an initial show of strength in front of Yao Mowan and deflate some of her arrogance, but Yan Nansheng’s performance seriously caused him to have no face.

“Could it be that wang ye still doesn’t know who Mowan is after interacting with Mowan for so long? As for the businesses in Mangyuan, those were things Eldest Sister left for Mowan years earlier because she pitied Mowan for having low intelligence and nothing to rely on. In reality, wang ye could just ask Wan er directly.” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing, faint radiance flickering in her clear flawless pupils.

“En, she’s right!” At the side, Yan Nansheng propped his chin up at a beautiful angle as he nodded seriously. A trace of comfort streaked through his heart as he saw Ye Junqing’s furious expression.

When Ye Junqing had received news of Yao Mowan’s death, he became like a dumb soulless doll. No matter when he(Yan Nansheng) said or did, Ye Junqing didn’t give any reaction. ‘Nothing was more wretched than apathy’ was probably like this. Now, there finally happened to be someone capable of arousing his interest. This Junior Brother of his ah, has finally come back to life a little.

“En a fart! Ben wang wants you to speak!” Ye Junqing ferociously glared at Yan Nansheng. He didn’t believe even half a word of what Yao Mowan said!

“What I have to say is the same though? But, Nansheng also really wants to know if Wan er has always been this astute, or was it after you came out from Fragrant Harmony Courtyard that you became this farsighted?” As the martial arts Alliance Head, Yan Nansheng naturally had ways to investigate Yao Mowan thoroughly. And since it was related to his Junior Brother’s safety, of course he put in effort.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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