Five Way Heaven

Alternative Name: 五行天
Author: 方想
Artist: –
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Fantasy
Status: Ongoing
Source: Link
Translator(s)/Translation Group: alyschu of Alyschu&Co
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Description: (by Neko with some alyschu)
The merging of ten thousands worlds, the dissipation of spiritual power, and the cultivation world that had went through a million years of history suddenly crumbled. A large-scale invasion broke out in the Savage Territories and Five Way Heaven became the final defense of the cultivators.

A thousand years later, with a life as a coolie, a lowly young man that came from Old Earth, went deep into the Savage Territories for three years and became an exception, gaining a chance to enter Five Way Heaven for further studies.

Longing to seize control of his fate, the young man wholeheartedly seeks to become stronger. With his wild beast like battle instinct, a magnificent and beautiful storm shall begin.

five way heaven

Chapter 1: Decision
Chapter 2: Reporting In
Chapter 3: Fury
Chapter 4: Sand Golem Loulan
Chapter 5: Blind Competition
Chapter 6: Success
Chapter 7: Conviction
Chapter 8: Seed of the Sword Embryo
Chapter 9: Introductory Course
Chapter 10: Exemplary Wind Society
Chapter 11: Ai Hui’s Conjecture
Chapter 12: Genius and Trash
Chapter 13: Possessing the Pagoda’s Metal Suspending Wind
Chapter 14: Harder Than Iron, Stronger Than Steel
Chapter 15: There is Soup to Repair Elemental Energy
Chapter 16: Crossing Paths
Chapter 17: Easily
Chapter 18: Feeling About
Chapter 19: With Fish Arching Back
Chapter 20: Suddenly Turned Around
Chapter 21: Target, the Heart!
Chapter 22: Duanmu Huanghun’s Roar
Chapter 23: Backless Armor
Chapter 24: Friend
Chapter 25: Good People
Chapter 26: First Win
Chapter 27: He’s My Sand Golem
Chapter 28: Loulan’s Uncertainty
Chapter 29: Zu Yan
Chapter 30: Adviser Sand Golem
Chapter 31: Earthfire Spiderweb
Chapter 32: Secret Signal
Chapter 33: Reaction
Chapter 34: Split Money
Chapter 35: Gain and Explosion
Chapter 36: Nightmare
Chapter 37: Noodle Shop
Chapter 38: Inner Demon
Chapter 39: Sword Dance
Chapter 40: Rage of Eighty Million
Chapter 41: A Single Sword Strike
Chapter 42: Calm
Chapter 43: Pervert and Message Tree
Chapter 44: First Generation Message Tree
Chapter 45: Rushing the Natal Palace
Chapter 46: Natal Palace Opening

21 Responses to Five Way Heaven

  1. Mozart says:

    Wow, it seems interesting from the synopsis..
    but, i just wish if u pick this series it’s not going to be dropped,,,
    should i follow it ??
    i afraid it’d be drop it bc too much thing to be translated ?

  2. StormHawk says:

    Why you think it’s called teaser? But it might becomes full time translation is some translators take likeing to it. Let’s hope it’s good enough to get it’s own translator. 🙂

  3. Heeward says:

    Interesting main character, subdued, intriguing mysterious
    Excellent writing style
    Consistent plot development
    Worth the time to read

  4. PION says:

    I like this start too, I hope it keeps getting translated 🙂

  5. Squirrel says:

    I’m really looking forward to where this ends up.

  6. Moe_Ronn says:

    Much thanks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, nice writing style (not as good as world of cultivation) and an extremely well thought out storyline/plot.

  8. Yenni says:

    Nice translation. Good novels. Please give more chapter

  9. 53r0_D4y says:

    Please get this on WuxiaWorld w/ a donation queue!~
    Thank you for showing us this!

    Also more gifs of Alyschu working out in the ATG spoiler pics pl0x

  10. SinsI says:

    Apparently, this borrows the setting from the World of Cultivation (as evidenced by chapter 281), so it is better to use the same terms – i.e. gold element instead of metal.

    • alyschu says:

      I haven’t had time to read up to 281, but it is very unlikely to be better to use the gold element. In chapter 11, it already states he refined silver metal energy from an iron pagoda. The original Metal (金/Jin) of the Five Elements encompasses all metals. Unless an author specifically only adheres to using gold for that element, the real term for one of the Five Elements is metal.

      • StayGold_IvesAnn says:

        Hi Alyschu, pretty please when you have time can you continue translating this series? The story is awesome thank you!🙏👏

  11. Redleaf97 says:

    why does a good novel always get translation less? than average???

    COMEON!!!!! this novel need update once a week or twice a week

  12. Grizzlykin says:

    Hey Superbe serie really enjoyable.

    Would the god of translation bless his divine apostle Alishu-sama, with divine guidance and porwerfull divine power to help in the translation of this series?

    Sorry to trouble you Alishu but seeing it’s a bit calmer with SR and ATG, do you think you could release a bit more this one?

  13. Ed says:

    Enjoyed this however it has not updated for a while, is it dead?

  14. Xiao says:

    Very good! Moar please.

  15. It looks like Five Way Heaven has been renamed The Avalon of Five Elements and is being retranslated over on Qidian. They’re up to chapter 21 as of today.

  16. Grizzlykin says:

    just saw that today O o

    Love this serie, wish I had seen it earlier

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