Five Way Heaven 13

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Chapter 13: Possessing the Pagoda’s Metal Suspending Wind

With the separation of one door, it was as if there were two worlds.

Ai Hui spat out the grass in his mouth he had finished chewing up. After taking a step forward to enter the Metal Suspending Pagoda, he was immediately submerged within a fierce gale.

His ears were completely filled with the rumblings of the wind, he had never heard such violent wind sounds before. A metal railing was below his feet and the incredibly berserk metal wind spewed up from below the railing, surging in a loop inside of the pagoda, becoming a powerful whirlpool.

Before Ai Hui had time to stabilize his balance, he had already been blasted off the floor by the wind. As his vision spun around him, he resembled a tottering leaf within a tempest.

His back heavily knocked onto the wall, it was painful enough to make Ai Hui grimace. The metal wind was truly too berserk, it blew so hard that it was hard for him to even open his eyes. What was even more frightening was when the metal wind blew on his body, it felt as though countless numbers of fine needles had stabbed into his body, through his muscles and flesh, until they had reached the deepest parts of his bones.

The piercing pain was hard to describe. It covered his entire body, causing Ai Hui’s complexion to change. He had underestimated the Metal Suspending Pagoda.

Fortunately, he was quite experienced. Once he realized his error, he immediately responded. When he was unable to control a situation like this at the moment, protecting himself was of the utmost importance.

Holding onto his head with both arms, he curled up into a ball.

Bang bang bang.

As though he was a ball, he was blown everywhere, knocking into everything within the pagoda.

The strength of the metal wind’s pervasion was extremely strong. The pain of being pricked by needles swept over him, drowning him within, like the tide. He knew what it felt like to be powerless, it was as if he had returned to that period of time within the Savage Territories. The pain continued to intensify, especially in his bones, Ai Hui felt as though his bones were being ruthlessly grated by countless files. The acute pain had almost reached the limits of what he was able to endure.

How long has it been since he had been reduced to such a miserable state? He couldn’t remember, perhaps even if he was in the Savage Territories, he still had not been this miserable for quite a long time.

Even though he knew that the Metal Suspending Pagoda was suppose to be used by students who have already opened their natal palace, he had confidence in his own endurance and believed that he could go through it with gritted teeth.

The metal elemental energy within the wind was extremely dense. Once it entered his flesh, there were no signs of them dispersing. In other words, when the metal energy entered his body, it was incapable of being absorbed by him.

Underestimating one’s opponent would always make one land in a bad predicament, and the current circumstance before him could not be even more terrible than terrible.

The first step in cultivating elemental energy was exactly the absorption of elemental energy within the flesh and muscles. The quickest method would be to consume a small Elemental Opening Soup. Savage beast meat was rich in elemental energy, and that kind of elemental energy was the most suitable for cultivators to absorb. That was exactly where Ai Hui’s strand of elemental energy came from.

Even though this method was good, the expenses would be considerably high. This was clearly a method that the poor Ai Hui was not able to use.

The other commonly used method to cultivate was to guide elemental energy from the outside world into the body, then absorb it into the flesh. This was the first step in cultivating elemental energy, making elemental energy enter the body. Some would pay particular attention to what kind of elemental energy they want to draw into the body. A large majority would pick gentle elemental energy, they were more likely to be absorbed into the flesh.

The elemental energy within the metal wind were like extremely thin silver colored strands, and were not gentle at all. They were as compact as needles, which meant that they were difficult to absorb. The pricking pain proved how much they were currently harming the flesh.

Ai Hui attempted to use that strand of elemental energy he possessed to assimilate them, but he quickly discovered that he was too naive in his thinking.

Even though the metal energy premating within his body were as thin as ox hairs, they were even more resilient than his elemental energy.

At this moment, he finally understood why people should only come here to cultivate after opening their natal palace.

His entire body jolted. When the bones in his body all felt like they were going to fall apart, he had actually became even more clear-headed. Even though that attack from earlier was painful, he suddenly discovered that the prickling pain on his back had lessened by a few.

His heart lurched. Could it be…

Bang. He smashed heavily against the wall again, but he was actually in extreme joy.

He was able to distinctly feel the pain in his muscles, but the prickling pain within his body had actually weakened by a lot. Even though he was in this type of chaotic situation, even though he was not wielding a sword in hand, he still had not lost his cool, and he keenly sensed the change in his body.

In that instant when he knocked against the wall earlier, a portion of the metal energy that entered his body had been knocked apart. This was also the reason why the piercing pain had lessened. The metal energy that had been knocked loose was extremely easy to absorb.

Ai Hui was only happy for two seconds. Then, his expression changed.

Before he had time to absorb the silver strands of the metal element within his body, even more silver metal energy strands permeated his body, and the pain intensified again, so much that he felt as though his body had swelled.

Ai Hui didn’t know that although it was said that one could come to the Metal Suspending Pagoda to cultivate once they opened their natal palace, in reality, very few would students would come to the Metal Suspending Pagoda to cultivate right after opening their natal palace. The metal wind within the Metal Suspending Pagoda was excessively berserk, and although the metal wind contained a rich amount of metal energy, it was still extremely difficult to absorb.

What was even more frightening was that there was far too much of it.

When Ai Hui regained his senses, he immediately realized the danger he was in. If he continued to stay, the pain would intensify even more and haze his consciousness. The final outcome would be death by explosion.

He had to leave immediately.

Ai Hui unfolded his body and carefully controlled the strand of elemental energy within his body, moving it into his eyes. The crazed wind blowing within the pagoda made him incapable of opening his eyes. In this berserk environment, if he could not see, then it was impossible for him to go out.

He carefully controlled the elemental energy within his body. It was the first time he had poured elemental energy into his eyes.

It wasn’t known if it was due to the influence of the piercing pain all over his body, but he felt a sliver of discomfort, but he immediately overcame that discomfort.

The surrounding scene became clear, and this was the first time Ai Hui had clearly looked at the interior of the pagoda.

Metal wind unceasingly raged about within the pagoda and he was revolving around like a dried leaf. All the walls around him appeared to have a deep metallic luster. Under the long term erosion of the metal wind, the walls had already turned into metal. Irregular linear patterns densely dotted the surface, those were the traces of the wind.

The center of the Metal Suspending Pagoda was already empty. All the stairs and what not had all disappeared without a trace.

What startled Ai Hui even more was that the metal wind spiraled upwards within the pagoda. Not only had the power of the wind not weakened, the higher the wind was, the stronger its force.

Due to the tense situation, he was unable to check the situation up above. He had to run out of the Metal Suspending Pagoda before he reached his limits.

Ai Hui’s concentration heightened. Inside the wild wind, he carefully adjusted his posture and got ready. It was not easy maintaining his concentration with countless stabbing sensations within his body, but to the experienced Ai Hui, this was not a problem.

Once he saw the pagoda door quickly draw near, Ai Hui suddenly twisted his waist strongly, and his body launched like a spring and his feet made contact with the floor.

Sending out strength to his toes, his body then bended weirdly, as though it was going to snap off from his waist. When both his palms landed on the floor, he looked like a hunchbacked cat.

Making use of his limbs, Ai Hui scrambled out of the Metal Suspending Pagoda.

The instant he exited the pagoda door, all of Ai Hui’s strength had suddenly emptied. The extremely intense stabbing pain made Ai Hui feel as if he had fallen onto ten million thin needles.


The blood-curdling scream startled a large stretch of birds within the forest area.

It was only after no less than twenty minutes of screaming did Ai Hui finally regain his senses.

It was truly too painful.

The tear filled Ai Hui grimaced in pain, his facial features warping. He did not have the least bit of strength left, but he still struggled with difficulty to crawl up.

There were too many silver metal energy strands within his body. Even when he laid there motionless, the pain penetrated his both his heart and bones.

It was better to get the pain over with than to prolong the agony.

Thinking about how striking against something had alleviated the pain earlier inside the pagoda, Ai Hui gritted his teeth and readied his heart.

He used his entire body to knock into the nearest tree. Bang! The tree snapped.

He used his entire body to hit the large boulder in front of him. Bang! The boulder broke into pieces.

The red eyed Ai Hui searched everywhere, what else could he smash into?


Countless birds and animals within the forest ran away in panic. Behind them, were miserable shrieks accompanied by flying sands and stones, and the cracking of trees. This spectacle was similar to an ancient, terrifying savage beast running rampant.

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