Five Way Heaven 29

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Chapter 29: Zu Yan

Suddenly, a strand of fire lit up beneath Ai Hui’s feet.

Not good!

Ai Hui’s expression changed slightly. Without even thinking, he instantly retreated to the side. It was at this time that the continuously calm target abruptly waved a hand and a streak of fire surged up where Ai Hui was at previously.

The other party also never thought that Ai Hui would react this fast, and that his perfect disguise attack would unexpectedly fall through.

Ai Hui, who was close to the flaming pillar, suddenly shot up from the ground as though he had been shot from a cannon, rushing straight toward the other party. The other party was an expert in long ranged attacks and his elemental power was stronger than his, so his only hope for victory was to fight in close combat.

If we were to say that Ai Hui’s previous attack was noiseless with hidden killing intent, then this one did not hide his bloodlust at all for its imposing aura was sharp beyond compare.

An enemy good in long range attacks would have an instinctive nervousness in regards to close combat. This was Ai Hui’s intention, an attack on the heart. Any sliver of panic an enemy has made it extremely in his favor.

The other party made a strange action. Suddenly, he executed a handstand with both legs in the air.

The mind of Loulan, who was unable to take his eyes off this, suddenly jolted. Not good!

It was at this time that the other party’s hands became enveloped in fire. Lines of dark red flowed like oil, spreading throughout the entire stage.

This is…

Loulan felt that he had seen this scene before, it was a bit familiar.

“Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation!”

Someone below the stage involuntarily cried out in surprise.

“Zu Yan!”

“Heavens, Zu Yan actually came too!”

The audience below the stage instantly went into an uproar, every side of the Training Hall was pleased with this news.

Zu Yan was an expert from Interwind City. Interwind City was the closest city to Interpine City, but its school district was actually one year higher than Interpine City. The two cities were extremely close in distance, and both sides were relatively familiar with experts from each region.

Zu Yan’s realm was not high, he had only opened two halls, but was extremely famous. And this was because he had cultivated 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, an absolute art.

The growth of elemental energy thus far had already reached a thousand years of history, but there were not too many techniques that were able to be called absolute arts. An absolute art was an entire clan’s true foundation, like 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, which had been passed through many of Zu family’s successive generations, unceasingly being improved on and deepened to gradually take form.

Compared to the cultivation era’s supreme manuals passed on for several millions of years, these absolute arts were still very young. Every family within Five Way Heaven was fully aware of this point, none would dare discredit the contributions of their ancestors and sleep well.

Zu family’s bloodline was naturally inclined toward fire, and this absolute art perfectly matched Zu family’s lineage. However, cultivating it was extremely hard, and above all, the amount of comprehension required was at an outrageous extent. In every young generation, those in Zu family capable of cultivating 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】 never exceeded three, thus making that seem like an ironclad law.

Even though it was extremely difficult to understand 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, once comprehended, as long as one continuously accumulated elemental energy and perfect it, they were bound to smoothly become an expert without encountering any obstacles.

Zhu Yan was the first child in this young generation of Zhu family to comprehend 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】.

Zhu family was a major clan within Five Way Heaven, and their clan’s number one prodigy’s fame was naturally widespread. The instant a fire net shaped like a spider web lit up the stage, anyone with eyes would instantly recognize Zu Yan’s background.

This time, everyone’s spirits were raised higher. Being able to see a genius like Zhu Yan fight, was not something easy to do. Everyone was brimming with curiousness, how powerful was the 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】 that was able to be dubbed an absolute art?

The Training Hall’s owner laughed so hard that not even his chin could be seen. An expert like Zu Yan coming to his own Training Hall greatly helped in his Training Hall’s business. If the nearby Shi Clan Training Hall was able to invite Shi Xueman, he’d reckon that the Training Hall doorstep would be stomped broken.

Everyone held their breaths as they stared fixedly at the stage, waiting to see Zu Yan’s following splendid performance.

Ai Hui’s attack was as fast as lightning, as soon as Zu Yan completed his handstand, Ai Hui’s charging fist had already broken through the air.

Zu Yan’s heart shivered, the other party’s reaction speed was faster than he had imagined. Both his hands pressed on the floor, and his surroundings was then all within his control. He was able to clearly see the ferociousness of this punch. The other party didn’t use elemental energy, but compacted within this fist was almost all the power in the other party’s body, which was how its incomparable fierceness and might was constructed.

If this punch hit…

Zu Yan felt that it was better for him to not try it.

His reaction was also not slow. With a slightly lowering of his wrist, his entire body bent back, resembling a bent bow. Power suddenly emitted from his waist, as elemental energy concentrated in his right leg that was perfectly stretched taut. The flames rose dramatically, it was like a flaming heavy axe had chopped down with fire that loudly filled the sky.

Fist and leg firmly collided. Bang, an explosion sounded as sparks splashed out.

Ai Hui felt like an incomparably force come over as his entire person was directly smashed flying. Zu Yan’s two hands retreated seven or eight steps back before he regained his balance.

It was at this time that Loulan suddenly woke up with a start. Without even thinking, he rushed to Ai Hui.

Zu Yan looked on as the other party’s sand golem saved its master. The surging energy and blood within his chest took a long while to settle. That punch from Ai Hui was also not pleasant to take, he never thought that the other party’s power would be stronger than what he had imagined.

He was somewhat bewildered, because the punch earlier from the other party actually contained no elemental energy!

Just pure muscle strength was able to punch out such a ferocious fist, who was he? Interpine City had such an expert?

Perhaps he was the same as himself, an expert from another city who had come because of the news?

Currently, Interpine City’s blind competitions were very well known in the nearby regions. With Interwind City being the closest, it was obviously natural to not miss it. Even though Interwind City’s Training Halls had also begun introducing blind competitions, compared with Interpine City which had all sorts of variations, they were still not up to par. Whenever he had time on his hands, he would specially run over to Interpine City to play around, it wasn’t as if it was that far.

As Zu Yan pondered over Ai Hui’s identity, Ai Hui had already been caught by Loulan.

Ai Hui looked a bit disheveled, and his right hand hung down unnaturally. It was clear how large of an injury the last attack from before had given him, his fist was even burnt black. Without even needing to examine him, Loulan knew that Ai Hui’s right arm was fractured.

Loulan brimmed with self-blame, he had already promised himself that he would help Ai Hui, but he still didn’t help at all in the end. However, he wasn’t sure how he could handle Zu Yan. He had just recognized 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, but it was useless. He, who was a blank sheet of no battle experience, was unable to come up with any plans that could help Ai Hui at this time.

Ai Hui, who was like a battle god to him, was not even this guy’s match, which meant he could only use the last move available.

“Let’s surrender.” Loulan said rightly.

Those on the stage were unable to hear sounds from outside, but those from outside were able to clearly hear every sound within.

The audience, which had just released a sound of surprise, couldn’t help but roar with laughter when they heard Loulan’s words.

“Hahaha, this is still a sand golem?”

“Hahaha, this is the first time I’ve heard a sand golem advise his master to surrender, too amusing!”

“I seriously can’t hold it in, not good, let me laugh for a while, hahaha…”

“Hey hey hey, you’re a sand golem, should rather die than to submit. Need to sacrifice and burn yourself so your master can have a last ray of hope, hahaha…”

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