Five Way Heaven 32

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Chapter 32: Secret Signal

No one remembered Loulan.

Zu Yan didn’t even bother to pay any attention to Loulan, and since he had been enraged by Ai Hui, he had long forgotten Loulan. At this moment, Ai Hui’s mental state was stretched taut. He completely relied on his instincts and experience to evade, so he naturally could not attend to Loulan. As for the audience below the stage, they were all attracted to Zu Yan’s dazzling yet fierce attacks. They were shocked in their hearts, how could they possibly remember that kind of stupid looking sand golem?

Loulan just stood at a corner and watched Ai Hui dart across the stage. He stood still, pondering how he could help Ai Hui.

He had now completely recovered from his previous nervousness, but that wasn’t of any use…

He couldn’t join in at all. In regards to combat, he was a total newbie. Ai Hui, whom he regarded as a battle god, was pushed back to a state where he had to run across the entire stage, without any chance to retaliate.

The other party was seriously too strong!

Under this gap of absolute strength, Loulan couldn’t think of any way in which the battle could be turned around.

If Ai Hui suddenly stopped right now and asked him: “Loulan, got any ideas?”

He definitely would’ve said: “We should still surrender.”

Then, he would tell Ai Hui how the situation would progress at this rate, and that the final conclusion would end in defeat. Ai Hui, your right arm is already broken, healing it would take quite a lot of money. If you continue fighting, you’ll receive even heavier injuries and have to spend more money. And then, in the name of friendship, he would remind Ai Hui: Ai Hui, you’re really poor.

This was the most rational way of handling it.

But it was evident that logic was not useful here. He thought of Ai Hui’s eyes; they weren’t very bright, were deep and ice-cold, yet they slightly flickered with radiance.

Did the passion hidden in his heart burst out at this time?

Loulan was somewhat envious. He didn’t know why Ai Hui was taking this risk, why he was being reckless, why he still continued to battle even though he knew that he was much weaker than the opponent, and why he still had not surrendered even though he had been chased across the entire stage without any chance of retaliation.

Was this passion?

Loulan seriously thought to himself; such a passion had never appeared on his own body.

I’m thinking too much into it, Loulan somewhat mocked himself.

He reminded himself: Loulan, you’re a sand golem.

But, being able to have such a friend was something that made him happy. And at this time, he was even fighting alongside Ai Hui! He swept his gaze toward the intense battle in the distance, and muttered uncertainly: “This should still count as alongside, right…”

His previous slightly unhappiness immediately vanished into thin air.

Ai Hui, even though you have such passion, Loulan doesn’t. But you’re my friend, Loulan’s first and only friend. This kind of battle rationale should be enough.

Loulan is a sand golem, you know.

Loulan’s body suddenly dispersed as he became a pool of sand.

The stage was filled with surging currents of air. Using these air currents, Loulan floated in the air. Splinters and fragments occasionally passed through his body, but he didn’t show any reaction. It was as though he was an unremarkable sand cloud that silently drifted above surging flames.

He had a good understanding of 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, and he read about 【Earthfire Spiderweb】. For 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】 to become an absolute art, the most deserving place of praise is in its huge growth rate. After comprehending 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, every time a hall was opened, one’s strength would suddenly double.

In the two hall realm, activating 【Earthfire Spiderweb】 could barely be done. It was a skill suitable for those with at least four halls open. A two hall 【Earthfire Spiderweb】 had a weakness, which was the fact that it could only sense enemies standing on the ground. If an enemy approached from the air, 【Earthfire Spiderweb】 would not react.

It was unfortunate that Ai Hui could not fly.

In fact, this so-called weak point was only significant with regards to opponents of similar strength. With such a huge disparity in strength, even if they knew about this weak point, they wouldn’t be able to use it anyway.

Loulan floated in midair, drifting along the streams of air.

Judging from the slowing down of his attack frequency and his deep panting, Loulan was able to sense that the other party had consumed a large amount of elemental and physical energy. However, Ai Hui was in an even worse state, Ai Hui was at the point where he had already exhausted the last of his strength.

Loulan could even feel Ai Hui’s legs trembling.

He couldn’t help but admire him a little. The word willpower was a bit unfamiliar to sand golems; he had seen it in books, but it was only today that he truly, and personally saw it as Ai Hui continued to persevere. This should be willpower.

Ai Hui’s seriously amazing!

It was right at this moment that Ai Hui charged over from his side. Soon after, a heavy leg fell from the sky. Bang, heavily smashing on the ground, and barely hitting yet again.

Upon seeing the extremely close opponent, Loulan began to mobilize.

Zu Yan never would’ve thought that he would encounter such an attack. He was solely focused on Ai Hui, and the attack had even come from the air.


The clump of sand cloud separated and wrapped around Zu Yan lightning quick. A fine layer of sand also latched onto Zu Yan’s palms, as an additional layer of sand made its way between Zu Yan’s palms and the ground.

The expression on the face of the caught off guard Zu Yan greatly changed. With the additional layer of sand between his hands and the ground, the connection between him and 【Earthfire Spiderweb】 was adversely affected.

Saa, saa, saa!

A countless number of sand rubbed against one another.

Ai Hui, whose consciousness was a bit slackened, heard the rubbing sound. It was as though lightning exploded out from his consciousness and pierced the clouds, brightening Ai Hui’s fogged up mind.

“…let’s agree on a warning signal. Let’s just use the sound of sand being rubbed against, don’t be too loud, just rub a little and I’ll hear it…”

His slackened eyes suddenly contracted, as Ai Hui’s entire demeanor changed.

After adjusting his posture, his right leg fiercely stomped on the ground. Squeak. The ear-piercing sound of his shoes rubbing against the floor sounded, accompanied by a trail of smoke. Ai Hui’s body greatly slanted to the side to the point where he was nearly parallel with the floor. His hands subconsciously supported him on the floor, helping him maintain his balance.

Ai Hui, who had stopped his body, unhesitantly threw the last of his strength and his barely existing elemental energy into his hands and feet. Like a spring, he flung himself over, knocking into the figure wrapped in yellow sand.

The midair Ai Hui’s body was slightly arched.

The instant his back touched something, his body instinctively reacted.

【Fish Arching Back】!


Unlike the sonic boom of Zu Yan’s heavy leg, this smashing sound was exceptionally muffled, as though it had come from deep underground, yet it contained a force that shocked the masses even more.

Like torrential rain, yellow sand flew in all direction. It was as though a madly charging rhinoceros had rammed at Zu Yan’s body. Bang, directly knocking him straight onto the isolation cover. Like spread out flatbread, he landed splat on the isolation cover. After a short while, he slowly slid down from the isolation cover flabbily.

The referee on the side quickly ran over, and only let out a sigh of relief after inspection: “He’s fine, he only lost conscious.”

The entire training hall was a field of deathly silence. Everyone was shocked speechless by this turnaround.

That previous 【Fish Arching Back】 cleanly extracted the last of Ai Hui’s strength. Currently, he couldn’t even move a single finger.

Saa, saa, saa.

Countless yellow sand rolled on the floor, converging like river water. After a short period of time, a huge pool of yellow sand collected before Ai Hui. It was Loulan.

The yellow sand stuck itself on Ai Hui’s body, lifted him up, and slid off the arena like quicksand.

Everyone stared blankly at this scene. It was still a field of deathly silence, they still had not broken away from the shock they received just earlier.

The yellow sand did not bring Ai Hui toward the entrance, and instead, directly slid to the front of the training hall owner. Pooh! The Misty Soul Grass was spat out by the quicksand, landing on the owner’s table. Afterwards, a part of the quicksand transformed into a hand which stretched out its hands at the owner.

The owner was stunned.

After waiting a full ten seconds, the yellow sand hand impatiently banged on the table in front of the owner a few times. Then, it pointed at the owner, and unceasingly rubbed its thumb and forefinger together in a suggestive way.

The owner suddenly understood. He hurriedly brought over the award money and placed it on the yellow sand’s hands.

It was only then did the yellow sand proudly leave within deathly silence and dumbstruck gazes.

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