Five Way Heaven 46

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Chapter 46: Natal Palace Opening

Each time the energy completed a cycle, its speed would increase a level.

After six consecutive cycles, the energy within Ai Hui’s body had already reached critical speed. Ai Hui felt that if he sped up even a little more, he would lose control of the energy.

At this moment, the roar of his elemental energy’s rotation almost drowned him like the violent winds in the Metal Suspending Pagoda. The first Ai Hui ever felt the rotation of his energy actually created such an astonishing result. If he had not read advice closely related to his experience, he probably would have already panicked and made a mistake.

Ai Hui was very calm since all of the possible outcomes had already been prepared for. Was there any reason to panic?

Elemental energy rotating at critical speed created roars that made Ai Hui’s muscles tremble uncontrollably. In the midst of this high frequency trembling, his energy raged like flood water and poured into his lungs.

In the past, whenever elemental energy was rotated to this area, it would meet an invisible barrier and like fragile paper, would crack and shatter.

Ai Hui shook then his lungs emitted an intense silvery light that encompassed the entire body. Under the dark night, Ai Hui’s silvery lungs were clearly visible.

Ai Hui could not help but breathe in and heard a long hiss with a trace of a sharp golden tone. A clear blast of air blasted into Ai Hui’s nose, like air being pulled in by a whale’s suction, then quickly entered his lungs.

This was the sound of a natal palace being opened. In reality, the palace in the lungs would create a suction power that would generate noise from the movement of the air.

Ai Hui only felt that his entire body was indescribably comfortable, like his body had been given new vitality and all of his fatigue had been brushed off. The initially violent elemental energy instantly stabilized and became unusually peaceful.

His face couldn’t resist an expression of joy. Even though he had already found his path in the Metal Suspending Pagoda and was confident in his ability to open the natal palace, when he actually accomplished this feat, he found it hard to hold back his excitement.

His first goal for entering the Induction Ground was reached!

For a while, he was stunned, barely able to believe what just happened.

He accomplished his goal much faster than he originally planned.

The invisible pressure that had enveloped him since his entrance finally lifted significantly. At least he wouldn’t have to worry about not opening his natal palace within a year.

Being more mature than his age, Ai Hui’s wild joy gradually calmed. Opening his natal palace was only his first step. The distance from becoming an official elementalist was still far.

Ai Hui’s pupils again deepened and he started checking his body. Not long after, his face couldn’t resist exposing another sliver of happiness.

After opening one’s natal palace, there really are a lot of changes.

The most obvious increase was the rotation speed of his energy. Ai Hui roughly estimated the new speed to be about double the original. That meant one cycle would take half as much time and the efficiency in refining energy also doubled.

Know this, Ai Hui finally understood why the average beginner cultivator would never overflow their energy before opening the natal palace.

The difference in cultivating efficiency of before and after opening the natal palace was like the distance between heaven and earth.

In addition, an increase in energy rotation speed also immensely increases one’s battle strength. The increase in speed reduced the time it took to move one’s energy by half and doubled one’s explosive force.

Ai Hui’s arrogance from before immediately dissipated.

His wealth of battle experienced increased his battle strength a lot, but wasn’t anything worth looking at in front of absolute strength.

Opening the natal palace already bestowed such outrageous strength. After every hall opening, one’s strength would shoot upwards. What would happen after opening eight halls? What kind of terrifying level would the speed of energy rotation reach?

Like how an unmoving first doesn’t have any power to harm, unmoving energy also does not have any power.

Elemental energy can only be useful after rotating.

With his plethora of battle experience, Ai Hui easily understood this idea.

If an opponent attacked as fast as lightning with cultivation ten times stronger than yours, this difference cannot be overcome through experience.

With renewed calm, Ai Hui went to the wall of the pagoda and breathed in deeply. His back faced the Metal Suspending Pagoda and in the instant that his back touched the wall, his back moved.

【Fish Arching Back】!


Sound that far surpassed the usual volume rang out. Pagoda walls that were stronger than steel caved in like rubber. A clear pit appeared on the wall.

Beside it were indents produced by the usual【Fish Arching Back】. When comparing them, the difference became obvious.

The indents left behind after having cultivated【Fish Arching Back】for so long were only half as deep as the one he just produced.

Increasing one’s cultivation level truly had extraordinary effects.

Ai Hui rejoiced. The best choice he ever made was to come to the Induction Ground.

Having been satisfied, Ai Hui stopped cultivating and prepared to return to the city.

He needed time to become accustomed to the changes of his body and time to learn new material. The introductory course pretty much only taught knowledge for opening the natal palace. After having entered this new cultivation level, Ai Hui knew nearly nothing on what to do for later stages.

Hasty and blind cultivation would only be wasteful.

If he hadn’t pondered and researched then found the Metal Suspending Pagoda, his cultivation would definitely not have been so successful. Cultivating was like fighting a long war. Victory required sufficient preparation.

Thus, Ai Hui needed to attend class.

Other than that, Ai Hui did not forget what he had promised to do for the noodle shop girl. A debt of eighty million was not something that could be avoided.

For a long time, the most suitable cultivation ground was the Metal Suspending Pagoda. Since he could simultaneously cultivate his elemental energy, temper his body, and practice 【Fish Arching Back】, where could he find another place as good as that?

When Ai Hui returned to the Vanguard Training Hall, night had already fallen.

Luolan looked at Ai Hui and began with “Ai Hui, you need to shower.”

From being reminded by Luolan, Ai Hui finally noticed how dirty he was and ran to take a shower.

After cleaning up, Ai Hui was extremely comfortable and felt like a new person, completely unfettered. He lazily laid back on his rattan chair. He did not feel any different during his continuous cultivation where he concentrated completely on something external, but afterwards, his hidden fatigue still seeped out.

While laying back on the rattan chair, Ai Hui was too lazy to even move a single finger. Even when he spoke, he snorted like a pig “Luolan, thanks for your Blood and Bone Invigorating Pastry. It helped so much!”

“Really? Luolan is very happy to help Ai Hui.” The yellow light in Luolan’s eyes flashed as they moved “Congratulations Ai Hui. You opened your natal palace. You improved a lot.”

“It’s too early. I can’t even fight the noodle shop girl.” Ai Hui was like a dead pig, not moving a muscle. He didn’t even open his eyes “There weren’t any movements from the message tree?”

“Nope.” Luolan said.

“No messages in an entire month. Ha. It would be great if she forgot about the eighty million.” Ai Hui hoped for the impossible.

Luolan honestly said “It would probably be very difficult Ai Hui.”

“Then I won’t worry about her for now. I’ll attend class tomorrow then look for the person in blind competitions. Ah, life is so fulfilling.”

Ai Hui was still talking when his eyelid became heavier and heavier. Not long after, he entered his dreamland.

Luolan saw that Ai Hui had fallen asleep. Without waking him up, Luolan left quietly.

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