Five Way Heaven 38

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Chapter 38: Inner Demon

Shi Xueman returned to her family’s training hall. Seeing Uncle Yong Zheng, she asked, “Uncle Yong Zheng, do you know where Vanguard Training Hall is?”

“Vanguard Training Hall?” Yong Zheng carefully thought for a while, then shook his head. “No, Interpine City doesn’t have a Vanguard Training Hall. Where did my lady hear about this training hall?”

He had assumed the manager position of Interpine City’s training hall for a considerably long time, so he was quite familiar with matters within Interpine City, especially matters concerning training halls; because he was incomparably familiar with that, he was absolutely certain that there was no such training hall within Interpine City.

When his lady asked about some Vanguard Training Hall, he had a bad premonition. His lady’s strength didn’t need to be discussed, so he didn’t need to be worried about her safety in the slightest. However, she had always been in extremely simple environments and was wholeheartedly obsessed with cultivation, so she didn’t understand the ways of the world. She had a simple mindset and could be swindled very easily.

Shi Xueman recounted the events that she had encountered today.

The unease in Yong Zheng’s heart grew even stronger. He hurriedly asked, “The pearls are that string of Mind Calming Blue Silks my lady always carries around?”

“Mn, I only had that string of pearls to use as collateral. It’s what grandma left behind, so I’ve never left it leave my person.” Shi Xueman noticed the expression on Yong Zheng’s face and couldn’t help but ask, “Uncle Yong Zheng thinks there’s something wrong with that person?”

Once Yong Zheng heard it was an item that Shi Xueman’s grandmother left behind, cold sweat began streaming down.

Mind Calming Blue Silks were produced by a savage beast, named the Flying Blue Silk Bird. It was rarely produced and was extremely precious. In addition, it was capable of calming the mind and was extremely beneficial when training. In fact, even if it were back in the Cultivation Era, this kind of treasure would still be incomparably precious.

Furthermore, it was also something Shi Xueman’s grandmother had left behind!

How respectable was the status of Shi Xueman’s grandmother? If the heirloom was lost and was lost in Interpine City at that, that was not a responsibility he was able to take.

“I’ll go investigate right away!” Yong Zheng didn’t care about anything else as he turned around and dashed away.

Even though Shi Xueman was naive, she was still exceptionally intelligent. Upon seeing Uncle Yong Zheng’s nervous expression, she somewhat understood. But he wasn’t really all too worried because even though the other person wanted something as collateral, it was she herself who offered up the pearls. She was sure that she definitely didn’t get scammed.

After a while, with a head full of sweat, Yong Zheng ran back. “My lady, I’ve got it. There is a Vanguard Training Hall, but it was closed a long time ago. Recently, a student has taken residence there and is in charge of cleaning and maintaining it.”

“I’ve troubled Uncle Yong Zheng. Give me the address, I’ll go there myself.”

Shi Xueman was quite happy. She wasn’t that worried about being cheated, because forget about someone cheating her in Interpine City, even if it was the entire Induction Ground, she would have ways to make the other party spit it out. She just didn’t want an act she viewed to be one of good and honest kindness to turn into a swindle; that would seriously upset her.

Yong Zheng also breathed a sigh of relief; it was best that it wasn’t a scam. He quickly gave the investigated address to her. Regarding his lady’s safety, he was not worried at all.

He had seen the lady’s strong battle strength.

After taking the address and bringing along the money, Shi Xueman headed off.

After the celebration ended, Duanmu Huanghun returned to his residence. In light of his outstanding contributions, the school arranged a new dwelling for him. It was a courtyard in which elemental energy concentration was at its highest and its interior decoration could be considered luxurious.

Duanmu Huanghun heaved a sigh of relief. He could now finally have a rest.

During these days, his body was already tired, having been pushed to its limits, and he was previously hanging on to his last breath of air. Now that he had returned to his residence, that last breath of air instantly leaked out as tiredness rushed over like the tide.

However, he couldn’t sleep no matter what as he laid on the bed.

His mind continuously replayed today’s scene of when he had fallen onto the ground like a dog, eating mud in front of the city gates. Since he was young, he had never done such a thing that would bring him shame. In front of everyone’s eyes, at the time when his impressiveness was at its peak, he had actually lost all of his face.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. That damned Ai Hui!

Even he himself didn’t know what happened back then, he didn’t understand why he would stumble upon hearing Ai Hui’s voice.

After a moment of pondering, Duanmu Huanghun involuntarily sat up as his expression became grave. Because he had thought up of an awful phrase—inner demon!

The more he thought about it, the more reasonable it felt. Right, even he himself felt that Ai Hui’s voice was like a nightmare. If this wasn’t an inner demon, what was? Duamnu Huanghun was definitely a genius when it came to cultivation because he had sharp intuition. When he recalled all the abnormalities that happened when he encountered Ai Hui, he increasingly felt that his judgment made sense.

Encountering an inner demon was not rare when cultivating, and Duanmu Huanghun had read about it in many ancient records. The more talented one was, the easier it was for them to encounter their inner demon. The so-called inner demon was either some kind of obsession that had already affected the cultivation, or it was a mental obstacle.

The higher the realm one cultivated to, the more it required from the mind. Different arts had different requirements. Some arts required the cultivator to forge ahead with great determination, to have selfless courage; if there was the least bit of cowardice in one’s mind, it would be difficult for one to advance. Others required the cultivator to be as calm as water, to be indifferent to worldly desires; if there was any concern in one’s mind, it would be hard for them to achieve great success.

Inner demons had a huge influence in cultivation. At best, it would be hard to progress, and at worst, one would have a fiendish rebound in which their life would be at stake.

As he thought about the last time he woke up, completely chilled and with a series of handprints all over his body, his face immediately burned to the point where it almost stewed. And when he thought about his bloated face, the fury in his chest immediately surged. Thinking about the mess he was that day, the flames of fury in his chest were doused with a ladle of scalding oil.

Old hatred, new grievances!

Duanmu Huanghun’s eyes saw red. Right, at this time, his mind was completely certain that Ai Hui was his inner demon.

In terms of treating inner demons, there was a special saying which was, “Eliminate the inner demon”!

It meant that only once the inner demon was eliminated could one’s cultivation be unhindered and not undergo a fiendish rebound. Eliminating an inner demon didn’t really mean that the person the inner demon was related to had to be killed, but was rather like untying a knot to clear one’s mind.

Duanmu Huanghun decided to eliminate this inner demon!

Back then, he had always ignored this problem, but now, he had to resolve it completely and vent out all of his fury. As for whether or not he would succeed, Duanmu Huanghun was absolutely sure that Ai Hui hadn’t even opened his natal palace, so he was so weak he was neglectable.

He had even beaten thirty of the top fifty experts himself, so wasn’t merely Ai Hui too easy? The reason why he didn’t act previously was because he was restricted to the task Master Xu had given him.

The completely confident Duanmu Huanghun thought about how he was going to thoroughly release his tension.

How about giving Ai Hui the same humiliation he had received?

Once this thought came about, Duanmu Huanghun grew excited. Right, just like this! He had even thought about each and every step. First, he’ll have Ai Hui get a cold, then he’ll treat Ai Hui’s cold. The method to treating it though was of course the same Ai Hui had used for him. He’ll give him a dose of his own medicine! And he’ll give him a swollen face! And make him trip!

Duanmu Huanghun’s face revealed an enchantingly cold smile. Ai Hui, I’ll let you properly experience what it tastes like, savor it well!

As he thought to the point of excitement, Duanmu Huanghun couldn’t help but lift his head up to the sky and let out a long, evil laugh.


His stimulated mind caused him to feel not the slightest bit of tiredness, so he took out an Elemental Energy Mask and wore it on his face. He was already itching to get on with it.

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