Five Way Heaven 41

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Chpter 41: A Single Sword Strike

Duanmu Huanghun had visualized many different scenes that could have played out, but they definitely did not include the scene in front of him.

However, he quickly smiled.

Someone who hasn’t even mastered the basics and doesn’t have a natal palace actually charged at a genius like him. One really … has no words to describe his stupidity.

Speaking of Ai Hui’s sweetheart, if she’s someone who can put even Ai Hui this piece of sh*t in her eyes, then how strong could she be?

Today I’ll just beat up this couple and completely get rid of my inner demon.

Duanmu Huanghun sneered as his two eyes glimmered.

However at this moment, his smile froze on his face.

A blurry shadow, like an illusion in water, appeared in front of him. That ugly face which brought behind it a blur was almost right in front of his eyes.

So… fast!

A beautiful pale palm with no flaws rested on his shoulders while exerting no force.

Duanmu Huanghun’s pupils became round.


A low noise similar to that of cannon fire rang out and brought with it mind numbing power.

That hand that attracted so much attention had gas surging out in rings like the smoke of a pistol after a shot.

Duanmu Huanghun’s body disappeared instantly from the walls.

Almost at the same time, he heavily slammed into the wall on the other side like an artillery shell, causing the wall to collapse.

Duanmu Huanghun struggled to climb out of the rumble. On his shoulder appeared a woven rattan shield. He saw stars as he became dizzy.

Such a frightening amount of power!

Could it be that Ai Hui’s sweetheart is a cow?

This… this doesn’t make sense…

How can Ai Hui get a girl that’s this strong?

Duanmu Huanghun’s head became foggy, but his instincts quickly informed him of danger. However, he could only feel his body react slowly.


His body was already extremely sluggish after he overdrafted on his energy. His consciousness was keeping him alert due to his desire for self preservation, but his body already could not keep up. The power behind the last strike made him feel as if his muscles were trembling. The body’s stress also made his elemental energy uncontrollable.

At this time, Ai Hui had just jumped on the wall while gripping his sword.

Having been met with thin air, Ai Hui became even more frustrated. Turning around and seeing his target wobble while standing up, Ai Hui jumped off the wall and rushed towards him without uttering a word.

Before even hitting the ground, he saw the noodle shop girl appear beside the target.

Without making a noise, she placed her palm on the target’s rattan shield.

Ai Hui became furious. Noodle shop girl, this is called eating all of the noodles and not even sparing me a drop of soup.

In that instant, he vigorously rushed in the direction of the alley.


A violent noise rang out with ripples of air spreading outwards.

Duanmu Huanghun was still lightheaded when a terrifying force spread towards him. His eyes became blurry and his body flew in the air again. This time, the strike was very deadly. What little was left of his awareness completely shattered.

Without any warning, Duanmu Huanghun was knocked unconscious instantly. Having lost his ability to fight back, Duanmu Huanghun was like a lamb to be slaughtered. Shi Xueman was still furious about him calling them “sweethearts” and struck without mercy.

Boom Boom Boom!

Low sounds that could make people tremble echoed one after another through the alley.

Ai Hui barreled towards his target like a rocket with extremely fast speed. However, he could only eat dust as he consecutively missed. The frustration that had built up within him could not be let out, so it burned with more intensity.

He hasn’t felt this wronged in so long. The entire night’s anger had escalated to the tipping point and he tightly gripped his grass sword. The noodle shop girl’s speed was as fast as lightning, so his eyes could barely keep up.

His eyes turning red, Ai Hui did not notice that his Sword Embryo was changing. The Sword Embryo seed within his eyebrows was continuously absorbing its surrounding blue mist, like a dry desert rapidly absorbing rainwater.

Strands of blue mist entered in the Sword Embryo seed.

Ai Hui began to feel like his grass sword was becoming lighter and lighter. However at this time, he widened his eyes and dashed towards the alley.

Because of the word “sweetheart,” if he could not sate his anger tonight, his frustration would never leave him.

Eighty million!

Just a meal of noodles cost him eighty million!

He even used the elemental energy that he normally saved for life threatening situations to drastically increase his speed.

Ai Hui’s blurry Sword Embryo began to solidify as it continued to absorb the Mind Calming Blue Silks. Originally, it could only be felt by Ai Hui, and just vaguely.

Even though he did not give up on cultivating the Sword Embryo, he only achieved mediocre results until this time.

No one noticed Ai Hui’s eyes had a layer of pale blue light which made his face increasingly cold like a deep sea reef.

The Sword Embryo seed’s absorbance of blue mist was speeding up.

Ai Hui’s body was also speeding up.

While sprinting, Ai Hui’s anger rose and his vision shook. Noodle shop girl and the target being thrown around became blurry, so he almost could not see them.

Wind rushed into his ears as light swept past from two houses in the alleyway.

He had never ran that fast even when he had met savage beasts. His blood churned like a lake of magma at the bottom of fire. The wind roared by his ears and his heartbeat pounded.

However… still not fast enough!

The figure was just ahead, but still seemed so out of reach.

What other methods were there…

The grass sword in Ai Hui’s hands rose with his body and shook without his command, like a leaf that followed the flow of wind.

The unique frequency seemed like it brought back a memory deeply buried in Ai Hui. His grass sword was like his spirit and with gentle flick of his wrist, it lightly slashed forward like a feather.

Wind in front of Ai Hui blew apart and slid past his two sides as if a sword had split it.

Behind his airborne body suddenly appeared a series of blurs.

His icy visage didn’t change and his glowing blue eyes did not have any emotion as he intensively stared at his target.

His feet planted on the ground then his body started to rise.

At this moment, the last strand of Mind Calming Blue Silks was absorbed by the Sword Embryo and the blue light in his eyes disappeared. Suddenly all of the sounds surrounding Ai Hui stopped and he fell into a void of utter silence.

There was no sound at all.

A sword manual that was both familiar and foreign flipped open. Like he had practiced innumerous times before, Ai Hui relaxed his arm and struck with his sword.

Shi Xueman could see the alley’s lights right in front of her and her anger and frustration has almost completely dissipated. She had used her most violent techniques to strike more than ten times and roughly pummeled Duanmu Huanghun from the end of the alley to the entrance.

Seeing the unconscious Duanmu Huanghun fly towards the alley entrance like a sandbag, she exposed a content expression. This bastard looked for trouble from such unfortunate targets and still stupidly spoke. There was no way he could escape punishment!

This time, without laying in bed for ten to fifteen days, there’s no way he could get up.

Suddenly she sensed something behind her and turned around quickly.

Under the dark night, Ai Hui flew upwards like a large crow with the night as his wings.

A indescribable sword light flashed.

Time seemed to stop.

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