Five Way Heaven 30

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Chapter 30: Adviser Sand Golem

Ai Hui was not at all shocked about Loulan’s behavior. In regards to a sand golem who had never fought before in his life, not losing his wits during his first time in a competitive stage was already difficult.

The smarter the sand golem, the greater their state of minds would suffer. In fact, those low level sand golems weren’t that intelligent and mainly followed orders to attack.

Many earth elementalists were not fond of smart sand golems, and it was exactly because of this fact. The smarter the sand golem, the more it was similar to humans. Their sense of self would be stronger and they would take action based on their own judgments.

An overwhelming majority of battle-type sand golems were not too smart. As long as they were similar to humans, they would feel dread, fear, timid, and all sorts of other negative emotions. Those kinds of sand golems were the most unliked for earth elementalists who wanted killing machines.

However, the world was contradictory. Intelligent sand golems were essentially higher level killing machines. They understood how to conduct proper responses and how to make the correct choice on the battlefield; this was no doubt an important factor to have for a top-notch killing machine.

Loulan was very smart, and this would lead to him being nervous in his first match.

However, he didn’t seem to be too bent out of shape. Loulan didn’t lose his head out of fear and made the proper decision, advising Ai Hui to surrender after weighing in the contrasts between both their strengths.

Smart and calm. From these points, it was no doubt that Loulan possessed the potential to be a high level battle sand golem.

“What he cultivates is the 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, which is a clan’s absolute art.” Loulan said in a low voice: “He should be at the two hall level. 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】 from someone who has opened two halls could already allow him to use 【Earthfire Spiderweb】. We don’t have any chance of success.”

If one were to say that Loulan advising his master had caused the audience below the stage to erupt in loud laughter, Loulan’s words after that had caused a field of shock.

“He can’t be an advising-type sand golem, right?”

“You actually recognize 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】, advising-type sand golem!”

“What a smart sand golem, so this is an advising-type sand golem?”

“What day is it? Not only has an absolute art appeared, even an advising-type sand golem has appeared too!”

The faces of the crowd below were all filled with bewilderment as they discussed between themselves in low voices.

Sand golems had passed through a millennium of growth, and all sorts of strange kinds types had been developed. To most people, earth elementalists all possess strange temperaments. They were the most solitary of unique communities. If your personality was too normal, it would embarassing to call yourself an earth elementalist.

Advising-type sand golems were relatively rare. They required one to be highly intelligent, possess a high learning ability, stay cool and collected, and give out the most valuable of suggestions at critical moments.

It was extremely difficult to make Adviser Sand Golems for it required the sand golem to be intelligent beyond its limits. Adviser Sand Golems were extremely weak and were usually the most important targets of attacks for enemies on the battlefield, so they were easily destroyed.

Of course, earth elementalists were all self-conceited in their own ability and wisdom. What they needed most was a sand golem that could help them do odd jobs and protect their safety. Adviser Sand Golems weren’t favored at all.

However, for elementalists with other attributes, Adviser Sand Golems were their favorite kind; especially for those who enjoy fighting brainlessly. A sand golem’s ability to learn was far more formidable than a human. They didn’t need to sleep and could absorb knowledge without being tired.

Who would not wish to have such an intelligent comrade? It was also due to this that the prices of Adviser Sand Golems always remained high in the market.

The happiest person at the moment was no doubt the training hall’s owner. Zu family’s 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】 had just appeared, yet now he found out that the idiotic looking sand golem could possibly be a rarely seen Adviser Sand Golem. He felt as if he had won one prize after the other today; he was about to fly up from his joy.

Ai Hui originally considered retreating. It was like what Loulan had said, the strengths of both sides were too wide, he didn’t have any chance of winning.

He came to the training hall only for the sake of earning money. Since he didn’t have the chance to make money here, then he could just move on to the next training hall. In regards to the fight itself he didn’t really care about it.

But once he heard Loulan say that the other party was using a clan’s absolute art, Ai Hui immediately changed his plans.

He had lived in the Savage Territories for three years and had seen many powerful elementalists. However, not one possessed an absolute art. From what he surmised after talking to those lord elementalists he could never reach, it was something they all yearned to have in the future. From then on, Ai Hui was extremely curious; what exactly did an absolute art look like?

Even though he didn’t know how Loulan knew that the other party cultivated an absolute art, he believed him. Ever since he had met Loulan, Loulan had never said anything that was unreliable and Loulan would never say something without thinking.

The opportunity was before his eyes!

There was no chance greater than he had today!

The blind battle was only a competition, there was no need to worry about his life if he were to be defeated. Being able to experience an absolute art on stage instead of the battlefield, how exciting!!

Ai Hui grew excited. He couldn’t feel his right arm at all, but he felt as if he had a boundless amount of energy.

“Go down first, I’ll go down there later.”

The masked Ai Hui licked his lips as he slightly lowered his body.

Loulan didn’t know why Ai Hui would refuse his suggestion. The disparity between the two sides’ strengths were too large, there was absolutely no chance of winning. Ai Hui should be able to see that!

But since Ai Hui decided to fight, then there was no reason for himself to leave. Loulan then thought of what he felt earlier. He felt that there was a kind of never before seen enthusiasm on Ai Hui; it was an enthusiasm he had never had before.

If worse comes to worse, he would only get beaten up…

Loulan consoled himself.

He stood next to Ai Hui and channeled his sand core, searing for any relevant information about 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】.

Ai Hui noticed Loulan, who was next to him. He never expected that Loulan hadn’t left yet, but he didn’t argue. Unlike most people, Ai Hui felt that this was also a good chance for Loulan.

Encountering an absolute art in his first battle; this kind of starting point… was too enviable!

As far as whether or not he’ll suffer a setback after getting beaten, Ai Hui never thought about that. Compared to the Savage Territories where carnage was abound, this competition was as lukewarm as family.

Loulan stood next to Ai Hui, but he wasn’t sure what kind of posture he was suppose to assume. He looked like a clumsy penguin.

Stars were already being emitted a girl below the stage as she held her stomach with both hands.

“What a cute sand golem!”

“He’s so silly looking, I want one!”

The others shook their heads one after the other. An Adviser Sand Golem running over to fight an opponent, wasn’t that just asking to be suppressed? Seems like the level of this Adviser Sand Golem wasn’t that high. It’s IQ wasn’t high enough, otherwise, it wouldn’t have made such a stupid decision.

What was even more probable was that everyone had guessed wrongly, that this simply wasn’t an Adviser Sand Golem.

The scarlet fire net on the ground was like a huge spider web, and Zu Yan was like the spider on top. Every movement within the stage was within his grasp. The guy who had punched him earlier was the only person he was interested in.

Zu Yan sensed that the person from before didn’t have any idea of leaving, and that he had also shown interest. He might as well give the opponent a short period of rest and take advantage of that. Like the autumn gale sweeping away fallen leaves, he swept all the other competitors off the stage.

At this time, Ai Hui was already too busy to pay attention to Loulan as all his focus concentrated on the other party’s body.

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