Five Way Heaven 42

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Chapter 42: Calm

The grass sword was an average cheap weapon. It was not made by an artisan or even decorated at all. Many weapon sellers would be too lazy to even put it up for sale. The swords would generally be bundled up with rope and accumulate dust in corners that do not attract attention. Their price would not exceed one thousand.

Shi Xueman’s sword that she normally used to practice would be ten times more expensive than this grass sword.

She never thought that such lustrous sword light could be released by such an average grass sword.

She had never seen such gorgeous sword light. They were just like fireworks. When the grass sword left Ai Hui’s hand, it became a thread of brilliance that flew through the sky and left a trail of gorgeous light as it targeted the guy flying towards the alley entrance.

Zing zing zing!

It seemed like innumerable hands were simultaneously tearing at the target’s clothing, resulting in its collapse and innumerable butterfly silk-like threads flying through the air.

With eyes wide open, Shi Xueman quickly turned her head.


A pale naked body flew out from the alley into the street.

The pedestrians were initially stunned, but not long after, a girl on the street let out a sharp cry.

Shi Xueman’s vision unwittingly landed on Ai Hui, completely shocked. Really, that one strike was even stronger than the swordplay she had seen earlier. Could this be his actual strength?

She had seen many swords masters, but not even one had brought her such a shock. Sword arts have been declining for a long time and those swords masters may not have had weak strength, but they always had an indescribable depressed aura of failure. She did not like that kind of mentality, so she never thought much of those swords masters.

However, that strike just now… was truly strong!

After Ai Hui released that sword strike, his body seemed to instantly stiffen. Like waking up from a dream, he left his miraculous state of complete silence. Everything seems so empty, ah, in the air? He lowered his head to look, and became stunned.

This high?

I actually… jumped this high?

Ai Hui’s body fell quickly and his limbs flailed wildly as his face paled. He thought of that one time in the Savage Territories when he fell down a cliff this high. That time he nearly died and only recovered in half a month.

Even worse, he found that his limbs were soft and his body had no elemental energy. The sword in his hands… had already been thrown by himself!

Save me!

Shi Xueman was still stuck in her shock from that sword strike. When she realized Ai Hui’s posture didn’t seem quite right, Ai Hui was only 3 meters away from the ground.

Woosh, a storm of sand blew outwards.

It was actually Luolan who hurried over and caught Ai Hui.

Ai Hui still had lingering fear as he was let up by Luolan. Clapping Luolan’s shoulder, Ai Hui said “Thanks Luolan!”

“You’re welcome, Ai Hui.” Luolan said happily.

Ai Hui looked satisfyingly at the results of his sword strike. Killing was not allowed at the Induction Ground, but watching the target lay in the middle of the street naked while being stared at by a crowd of people allowed Ai Hui to relieve some of his frustration.

He suddenly knit his brows “Luolan, when you look at that guy, doesn’t he look familiar?”

Luolan turned his head, yellow light within his eyes flashing, and frankly said “Yes, judging by his body type, him and the classmate you cured the other evening have over ninety percent similarity.”

“So it’s the classmate from the other evening.” Ai Hui suddenly realized and coldly smiled.

From lying to others about his sickness, Duanmu Huanghun had already seemed to have poor character. Now, it was obvious that he really was a malicious and childish youth.

Sagely shaking his head, Ai Hui said lamentably to Luolan “Let’s go back, Luolan.”

From what little she could hear, Shi Xueman was able to tell that Ai Hui called the unconscious victim the classmate from the other evening, but had no idea that the victim was actually Duanmu Huanghun who had previously blown away the entire Induction Ground.

After her frustration dissipated, Shi Xueman calmed down. The Mind Calming Blue Silks were already gone. She was upset, but thinking about it at that moment wasn’t practical. She paced as she thought on how to solve this problem.

She’s not generous enough to let the other party go, but how would she make the other party pay?

While walking in the alley, Luolan enthusiastically said “Ai Hui, I can fix the damage done to the neighbors’ walls.”

“Luolan, you’re amazing!” Ai Hui was almost moved to tears.

“Luolan is a sand golem.” Luolan was very happy to help Ai Hui.

Only with Luolan can Ai Hui feel springlike warmth, so when he returned to his yard, Ai Hui returned to being lamentful. He turned his body and saw the noodle shop girl. His face became cold as he said “Tell me, how will you solve this problem?”

Shi Xueman had a solution forming in her mind, but hearing Ai Hui’s tone made her change her attitude “Your tone makes me think I owe you eighty million.”

For a moment, Ai Hui felt a little awkward, then softened his tone “Just break it to me, what do we do?”

“You definitely can’t return eighty million at the moment.” Shi Xueman glanced at Ai Hui then continued “I’ll first have two conditions. One is that you now have to teach me sword arts. The other is that you must help me find someone.”

Ai Hui let go of his breath “Okay! Then the matter is settled. I’ll teach you sword arts, help you find the person, and this debt will be cleared.”

“In your dreams!” Shi Xueman coldly laughed. “This is only interest.”

Ai Hui became angry “Noodle shop girl, don’t push me too far!”

Shi Xueman was unmoved and lightly said “Ask your sand golem friend. What is the interest for loans in the market right now?”

Ai Hui looked towards Luolan.

Luolan honestly revealed “For average loans, annual interest starts at around ten percent.”

Ten percent, not that much huh. Wait, how much is ten percent of eighty million?

Eight million!

Ai Hui’s eyes became round as a terrified expression surfaced on his face.

“I didn’t trick you right.” Shi Xueman glanced at him “You think your sword arts are worth eight million?”

Ai Hui did not make a single noise.

Sword arts had been declining for so long. Even swords masters were not able to value their own sword arts at eight million. In addition, Ai Hui wasn’t arrogant enough to proclaim his own sword arts to have reached the level of swords masters’.

The world’s greatest tragedy is when someone tells you the truth logically and you have no way to argue.

“The task of finding this person is only because you live in Interpine City and have some familiarity with it.” Shi Xueman thought putting her hopes on this guy is a bit stupid, but having another chance for success is always good.

Ai Hui dejectedly asked “What does this person look like?”

“Don’t know.” Shi Xueman shook her head.

Ai Hui stared at Shi Xueman, a face full of suspicion “You’re not sending me on a wild goose chase are you? How do you look for someone if you don’t know what they look like?”

Shi Xueman pondered “The last time I met him was at a blind competition in the training hall. If you look for them in the training hall, it will be easier.”

“Training hall?” This time, Ai Hui coldly laughed. He turned his head towards Luolan “Luolan, Interpine city has how many training halls?”

Luolan frankly spoke “Forty-six.”

Shi Xueman said “Of course I also have other information.”

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