Five Way Heaven 44

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Chapter 44: First Generation Message Tree

Hearing the noodle shop girl’s exclamation, Ai Hui couldn’t help but ask “Is there a problem?”

Shi Xueman shook her head. She only spoke after a few moments “There isn’t a problem. I just didn’t think that the veins on this message tree would be so ancient.”

“Ancient?” Ai Hui was confused.

Shi Xueman lifted her head “You never learned this in class?”

“I am a new student!” Ai Hui righteously said.

Shi Xueman glanced at him, thinking he had a terrible foundation. His cultivation level was so low, but his sword arts were amazing. It’s a wonder how someone could raise such a weird child.

She simply explained “Message trees were invented by Jade Forest wood elementalists. Wood elementalists found that some trees had special languages that sent broken messages. Using this as a foundation, wood elementalists were able develop message trees which can send a much higher quantity of messages and to longer distances. Message trees use their leaf veins to differentiate themselves, but quickly people found that the veins were not complex enough to satisfy the use of so many. Thus, wood elementalists created a second generation message tree which had much more complex leaf veins. It has developed until now, the third generation.

Ai Hui thought before asking “So is this message tree a first generation or second generation?”

“First generation” Shi Xueman declared.

“An antique huh.” Ai Hui looked up at the message tree. Not knowing if what the noodle shop girl said had influenced him or not, he suddenly felt like the massive tree emanated an indescribably ancient and desolate aura.

“Looks like this training hall has some history.” Shi Xueman looked around and abruptly asked “Where is the owner of the training hall?”

“He left twenty years ago.” Ai Hui also calmly explained. “When I came here, the entire place had fell into waste. Can this training hall actually have some special origin?”

“The origin cannot be normal.” Ai Hui never thought Shi Xueman would nod her head and reply “The first generation message tree wasn’t mass produced, so it was only given to a very small number of people to use. The identity of the founder of this training hall isn’t simple.”

In terms of experience, Ai Hui had so much more than Shi Xueman. However in terms of history knowledge, Shi Xueman similarly had so much more than Ai Hui.

“Let’s not discuss the origin for now, can I still use it?” Ai Hui asked.

Ai Hui didn’t really care about the training hall’s origin. So what if it had a grand history? Could it give himself money? Obviously it couldn’t. As for its grand history, he was indifferent.

Speaking of history and emotions, what can compare to sword cultivation?

Look at all of the major sword cultivation sects. Many existed for easily tens of thousands or a hundreds of thousands of years. The old major sword cultivation sects would be embarrassed to even call themselves a minor player in the cultivation world without subduing at least ten thousand areas of the same size that Five Way Heaven controlled now.

They still collapsed and were brushed off into the garbage dump of history.

That’s why Ai Hui was indifferent towards what the noodle shop girl had said. Whether if it was first generation or not, it had nothing to do with him. Its utility was the most important part.

“It can be used.” Shi Xueman was a bit surprised. If someone else discovered they had been living at a training hall with such history, they would excited and curious. They might even think they could find some inheritances of absolute arts or something similar.

The guy in front of her was instead apathetic.

“Then the matter is settled.” Ai Hui nodded.

Shi Xueman closed the book and looked at the time. She nodded “Ok, just pay attention to your message tree. If you find any information, just use the message tree to send it to me. Here is my message tree leaf, although you probably won’t use it.”

After speaking, Shi Xueman took her message tree leaf and put it on the branch where the other leaf had previously fallen off. The tree leaf and the branch emitted a calm green light, and the leaf began to occupy that spot.

“If you want to send a message to me, then just write on it. You can’t write too many characters, though. Messages I send to you will also appear on it. Make sure to check.”

Ai Hui turned his head “Luolan, I’ll entrust this to you! If there’s a message just find me at the same place.”

“Ok, Ai Hui.” Luolan was happy.

Shi Xueman shot a look at him, coldly saying “Train well. The stronger you are, the sooner you can return my eighty million.”

After speaking, she left calmly.

Ai Hui sighed and collapsed on the rattan chair “Luolan, why am I so unlucky?”

The yellow light in Luolan’s eyes darted around quickly, obviously pondering the question. After a while, he returned to normal and honestly said “Ai Hui this question is too deep. Luolan doesn’t know.”

“Eighty million ah…”

Ai Hui felt his eyelids become heavier and heavier. Soon, sounds of slow breathing spread far into the night.

When Ai Hui woke up, it was already deep into the night. Luolan had already left. When he opened his eyes, he was met by a vast ocean of stars in the night sky. He was captivated by the grand and mysterious sight and lost his senses.

After a long time, he regained his sense and sat up.

From cultivating in the Metal Suspending Pagoda, his biggest change was gaining the ability to sleep. This cultivation method took too much energy. Everyday, he would exhaustedly collapse on the walls of the pagoda and unwittingly fall asleep.

He thought of his sword embryo seed absorbing the Mind Calming Blue Silks worth eighty million which let him release such a strong sword strike. That f*cking sword embryo…

His first instinct was to find a sword. However, he quickly let out a bitter smile.

His only grass sword had been badly damaged.

He shook his head while laughing. Since he could not sleep, then he will just cultivate.

Two days later.

Ai Hui was carrying a bag full of Blood and Bone Invigorating Pastry, and waved towards Luolan “Luolan, bye!”

With a bang, Luolan turned into a large sand fist that expressed invigoration “Ai Hui, work hard!”

While walking in the street with sunlight shining on his chest, Ai Hui had already put the eighty million debt in the back of his mind and left behind his depression and back luck. He was instead envisioning the future and excited for himself.

“Did you know? Two nights ago, there was a pretty extreme pervert here!”

“Oh yeah. I heard about it. They say there was a naked guy who ran into the middle of the street”

“Yeah, it’s so scary! And I’m telling you, that pervert was super strong. With that kind of strength? What if he put me in his sights? I would have no way to resist! I’m so worried! Too bad it’s not our Huanghun. If it was our Huanghun, then I wouldn’t even resist.”

“Don’t say that! Our Huanghun is so righteous!”

“These few days, I haven’t seen our Huanghun.”

“The idol was hurt. They say he needs to rest for more than ten days. Don’t you remember when he entered the city he had overdrafted on his energy and fallen? He was probably injured at that time. We don’t even know if it’s serious or not. It really makes one worried!”

“Yeah yeah. He’s fragile, but he still challenged Gu Tianning and the others. He really makes your heart hurt. He’s too stubborn!”

“I just love that he’s this stubborn!”

Listening to this group of young girls gossipping, Ai Hui coldly laughed in his heart. That malicious and childish youth! What a two-face! Shameful! He should be cast aside!

Ai Hui cocked his head up, and walked out of the city gate, full of contempt.

Having arrived at the familiar Metal Suspending Pagoda, Ai Hui became excited.

In other people’s eyes, cultivating was a tedious and painful experience, but Ai Hui instead became comforted and excited.

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