Five Way Heaven 24

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Chapter 24: Friend

Li Wei cultivated at the Metal Suspending Pagoda for a full three years and could not be even more familiar with every inch of land near this pagoda. There was a problem with the sensation felt by his hand!

There seemed to be a dent on the pagoda wall…

He moved closer to investigate. There was indeed a dent, and it was a huge dent!

Li Wei was gobsmacked. He knew how hard the walls of this Metal Suspending Pagoda were. Due to the metal wind’s thousand years of continuous blowing, the original makeup of the pagoda’s body had completely metalized. It was extremely hard, far exceeding any ordinary metal. He remembered that back then, someone had proposed to tear down this pagoda to refine weapons. In the end, they discovered that the entire body of the pagoda was a blended whole which was incomparably hard, it was fundamentally impossible to cut down.

Li Wei probed. The pagoda walls were still as hard as before, there was no change whatsoever in its hardness. Yet the huge dent before his eyes was obviously not naturally formed.

Could it be that a powerful wild animal had knocked against the pagoda wall?

Sure enough, he saw many vestiges of things being trampled, it seems like it was pretty large. He automatically sketched the scene of this place of back then. An enormous, mad wild beast directly smashed at the pagoda wall, made a dent in the pagoda wall, and then was bounced off far away by the rebound force.

Mn, looks like this wild beast didn’t smash into the wall only once, because he discovered many traces of upturned earth.

Looks like this wild beast was entirely made of brute force and was not that intelligent.

Li Wei, who thought that he had already discovered the root cause of this problem, laid it down. He had to warn and notify the school, as well as any students nearby to be careful since there was a ferocious beast on the roam. He wasn’t really nervous, this kind of low intelligence beast was not threatening. And students who dare venture to the Metal Suspending Pagoda were those who had opened more than two halls. A wild beast that only possessed brute force wasn’t a threat at all.

If they had already opened two halls, yet could not go against this kind of wild beast, then they they deserved to die. Li Wei did not sympathize at all.

He lingered for a long while before turning around to leave.

Vanguard Training Hall.

Ai Hui looked at the steaming warm soup in front of him while licking his lips, wishing that he could pounce over. The fragrance was just too alluring. He wasn’t sure how useful the Bone Strengthening Soup was but its very aroma was unendurable.

Loulan’s soup simmering skills made Ai Hui so impressed to the point where he would go down on all four limbs. He felt that Loulan was most suited to open a soup shop, it would definitely bloom with business. Ai Hui previously thought that his own cooking skills were not bad, after all, whether it was in Sword Cultivating Training Hall or the Savage Territories, he had always made his own food. Practice makes perfect, as long as you do it often, your skills would naturally be good. But compared to Loulan, he was not even comparable to his shoe.

A sand golem that was an expert in boiling soup, now that was an odd sand golem.

Ai Hui also did not know how many times he felt that Loulan was an odd sand golem. But very quickly, he wasn’t rueful anymore. All his attention focused on the tempting soup Loulan was passing over.

“The effects of a just made soup are better.” Loulan reminded.

Ai Hui carefully received it, as though he was clasping an exceptional treasure, it was forty thousand, y’know! His last forty thousand was all contained within this soup. He used all his belongings in exchange for a soup. This kind of extravagant behavior had actually come out from himself, and Ai Hui still had not fully believe that.

Licking his lips, he steeled his heart, then raised the bowl, taking large gulps at a time.

Seeing the steam emitted from the soup, he never imagined that underneath the scalding hotness was an abnormally deliciousness. The smell of the bones and meat were completely concocted out through the boiling. Mixed within was the fresh fragrance of herbal medicine was an indescribable harmonious balance, its thickness brought along a slightly gelatinous texture, as though it was slipping down his throat.

Ai Hui didn’t stop at all, and practically shoved the soup down his throat, he couldn’t even stop even if he tried.

It’s too delicious!

Loulan, it’s best for you to go sell soup!

As the last drop of soup entered his mouth, Ai Hui’s eyes widened. Only after licking the bottom of the bowl clean did he finally put down the empty bowl.

A indescribable warmth rushed up from his foot, then instantly covered his entire body. Thin strands of heat headed toward the narrow cracks in his bones, entering them. His face flushed red, as if he had gotten drop. He was indescribably warm.

“Ai Hui, quickly, cultivate. Spread out the medicinal energy.” Loulan reminded Ai Hui.

Once Ai Hui heard that, he adjusted his posture and began to punch and kick.

Loulan’s eyes flashed. A lot of the moves made were familiar to him, Ai Hi had taught them to him last time. The moves were scattered, and most were very simple, without any fancy footwork or complexity. However, when Ai Hui used them, they actually felt completely different.

Sharpness, violence, and bloodlust permeated everywhere, as if a violent, blood-thirsty wild animal was stretching its body.

Loulan was a bit envious, he was a sand golem who didn’t even know how to fight. He knew that these kinds of sand golems were every rare, sand golems were all war machines. They lived in the most dangerous environments and were capable of assisting their companions. Yet he himself, only knew how to clean rooms, courtyards, and so on. He didn’t understand why Master Shao made a sand golem like him.

Or perhaps Master Shao only wanted a sand golem that knew how to clean rooms, courtyards, and make meals.

He never had a neighbor before, and no one would bother speaking to him. Aside from the owner who sold groceries. Oh, but that was a work-related relationship. Ai Hui was the first human he had ever gotten acquainted with that was not because of his work.

We ought to be considered friends, Loulan thought.

He was always happy whenever he was able to help Ai Hui. Wasn’t helping others the meaning behind a sand golem’s existence?

Deeply immersed in his cultivation, Ai Hui felt that there was a ball of fire within his body. This blaze hastened his sweating. Previously, those moves would use up a large amount of energy, but now, he didn’t feel like he had used any effort at all. Especially 【Fish Arching Back】. Ai Hui used it in full, and was able to feel how great his back strength was, it was stronger than the other times he had used it.

Time slowly trickled by, his body’s aura gradually settled down, and Ai Hui finally stopped.

His eyes were as bright as the night stars and he was already soaked in perspiration. However, he did not feel the least bit tired, instead, he felt extremely energetic.

When he inspected his body, the happiness on his face was even more intense.

His level of strength previous was extremely great, and 【Fish Arching Back】’s power was also firmly fierce beyond compare. The power he used to strike the pagoda walls had similarly rebounded back to him every time. There were many places on his body that contained various degrees of injuries. The metal energy he absorbed inside his body was as sharp as the pointed end of a spear and did not have any nourishing effect on the body at all.

Yet now, all the internal injuries in his body had all disappeared without a trace. Ai Hui suddenly felt that spending forty thousand was worth it. He was not a short-sighted person who did not know that these kinds of internal injuries would have the negatively impact him the most in the future. It was just that he was used to being poor, and compared to hidden dangers like internal injuries, he had more pressing problems to resolve.

What made Ai hui feel even more pleasantly surprised was that there was a distinctive increase in his elemental strength. It turned out that there were still a few drifting elemental strands of energy that had not been fully absorbed yet, and now, these elemental energy had thoroughly merged with Ai Hui’s flesh.

“Loulan, thank you!” Ai Hui said sincerely. Aside from taking out forty thousand, the one who bought the ingredients and boiled the soup was Loulan, who had done it all himself. Where the heck would one find such a nice sand golem!

“No problem.” Loulan suddenly recalled his earlier doubt and couldn’t help but ask: “Ai Hui, are we friends?”


Ai Hui was stunned for a bit, then he earnestly answered seriously: “Of course!”

Loulan smiled very happily.

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