Five Way Heaven 31

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Chapter 31: Earthfire Spiderweb

Ai Hui’s concentration reached an unprecedented level.

The contestant before him now was the strongest he had gone up against up until now. The other party was much stronger than him, and the gap between them was so large that the outcome of the battle had lost its suspense. However, he didn’t know why, but he was even more excited, his veins flowed with flaming lava-like blazing blood.

He felt extremely excited to be able to experience the legendary absolute art.

His right arm still drooped powerlessly and it was still a field of black before him. It wasn’t known if it was due to his exceptional concentration, but Ai Hui felt his six senses expand.

He was able to distinctively sense the other party’s position, the other party wasn’t trying to meticulously hide at all. He was able to feel the other party’s strange hand stand, as well as the warmth of his two hands. In fact, he could even faintly discern the fluctuation of elemental energy on the ground.

The fluctuation of elemental energy on the ground was extremely faint, and Ai Hui had not sensed it before.

The other party must’ve used these faint energies to sense his surprise attack.

The other party had already quietly laid out an inescapable net, waiting for his prey to charge in. As expected of an absolute art. Ai Hui thought he admiration. Traps was also something he was relatively an expert in, but he actually didn’t sense it in the slightest, which meant the other party was a level higher.

Suddenly, he thought about what Loulan had said, that the other party could execute 【Earthfire Spiderweb】.

Ai Hui was extremely familiar with spiders. In the Savage Territories, he had seen all sorts of strange spiders. Whether it was the 【Fire Net Sky Spider Transformation】 or 【Earthfire Spiderweb】, they were all related to spiders. Perhaps this could be an opening?

For techniques, their names would never be randomly connected, and they would usually represent its distinctive characteristic.

Ai Hui understood how to hunt spiders like the back of his hand. His heart stirred, could it be…

His figure suddenly moved as he abruptly dashed forward. At almost the same time, he felt the other party’s figure slightly shift. As expected, Ai Hui understood that those faint, barely discernible energies on the ground were actually part of a huge formless net. Like a spider, the other party stood within its web. As long as anyone entered any corner of his spiderweb, they would be in the palms of his hands.

At the moment, Ai Hui couldn’t think of a better way to get through this.

This was the first time Ai Hui had encountered a superior opponent in a blind battle. 【Earthfire Spiderweb】 was indeed a skill well suited for blind battles.

“Since you’re not attacking, I’m coming over!”

Unable to wait any longer, Zu Yan yelled, then took the initiative to attack. His left hand that was enveloped in flames slapped the ground and he quickly darted over to Ai Hui. Not seeing anything didn’t affect him at all. Borrowing the momentum of his dash, he poured elemental energy into his straighten legs. Then, like a heavy axe, he chopped once more toward Ai Hui.

A sharp space splitting sound also carried the fluttering sounds of spitting flames. This attack was imposing and powerful beyond compare. Even the audience below the stage was able to see the power of this leg and couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with shock.

Among the shocked was Ai Hui. What he felt was even stronger, the sound of the wind poured into his ears, and a sudden feeling that he should flee grew out of nowhere.

Like the little strand of weak candle light being observed by a raging gale, Ai Hui’s heart palpitated. There was still a trace of clear-headedness in his brain which made him bite his tongue. The pain instantly cleared his mind. The blaze similar to a heavy axe screamed as it came over.

Ai Hui used all his strength to throw himself to the side.


Within the sky filled with fire, the leg heavily swung into the ground like a giant heavy axe.

Like a brittle biscuit, the solid stage shattered into fragments. Ai Hui’s figure was a mess.

Zu Yan was somewhat surprised. His leg from earlier looked severe, but the real killing move was actually the disturbance caused by 【Earthfire Spiderweb】. It was well-tried, and ordinary opponents’ attentions would be attracted to his leg unwittingly, and their state of minds would heavily falter.

In a battle between experts, a moment of distract was enough to determine one’s defeat.

He didn’t expect that the Earthfire Spiderweb’s distraction would actually not work on this opponent.

Zu Yan’s interest soared even higher; anyone around his age that was able to avoid this move of his were not nameless people.

“Who exactly are you?”

As though he had been injected with chicken blood, Zu Yan yelled as he began launching a loud attack. The smashing of his heavy leg made one’s heart tremble as a blooming scarlet blaze enveloped the entire arena. Like an explosive rainstorm, fragmented splinters shot out in all directions, knocking onto the protective elemental energy cover that divided their space. It was as though the rain was throwing bananas.

The training hall was a field of absolute silence. Everyone was shaken still by the scene before their eyes. Had they ever seen such a berserk attack before? Those who were a bit more on the timid side couldn’t help but involuntarily tremble. Even those seniors who bragged about being strong and brave had slightly pale faces.

Even the few arbitrators on the side of the training call couldn’t help but get nervous. They had already prepared to give immediate first-aid if need be.

All the hairs on Ai Hui’s body shoot straight up like a tree. From the very first move to now, danger had never left him. The intense dangerous feeling stabbed Ai Hui’s mental state. He didn’t even have time to think as he dodged! Dodge with all his might! He relied on his instincts and dodged!

He felt that he could be struck by that attack at any moment. No, as long as the opponent’s heavy leg touched him, if he didn’t die, he would still lose layers of skin.

“Are you a rat? Dodge! You only know how to dodge! “ Seeing that his consecutive attack failed, Zu Yan’s voice gradually became more angry: “You think you can dodge it all?!

Zu Yan’s attack quickened.

Before the flames had yet to disperse, new flames whistled over with his heavy leg. In the blink of an eye, the arena was filled with layers upon layers of flames, like burning red clouds of sunset.

Ai Hui’s situation became even more challenging. It was as though he had found himself in a howling gale at sea. He could be swallowed up by the humongous waves at any moment. His physical strength quickly drained at an even more faster speed than normal.

He was soaked from head to toe, panting for breath, as his throat felt like it was on fire.

The audience below the stage slowly recovered their senses from their initial shock, and quickly discovered something strange. That odd earth elementalist looked incomparably miserable, tottering on the verge of collapse, and seemed to be done for in every strike. However, so much time had passed, but he still had not been hit by that attack!

How strange!

Those with more brains would realize that something fishy was going on here. Dodging once or twice could be considered a fluke, but after several tens of moves, that simply could not be just luck.

Gradually, some had seen through something.

It was as though that earth elementalist could see Zu Yan’s attack ahead of time. Furthermore, his movements were extremely nimble, without the least bit of hesitation or sloppiness. He was so slippery that it seemed as though he had rubbed oil all over his body. Absolute first-rate side-stepping! Those below who were experts at evasion, who believed that their own response times were quick, stared fixedly.

With such smooth side-steps, he definitely couldn’t be a nameless person!

Everyone did their best to think, which earth elementalist was an expert at this kind of battle method? Wait, earth elementalist? Everyone’s thoughts immediately became uncomfortable.

If swapped with another person, they would find it acceptable, but thinking that the one on the stage was an earth elementalist, they all felt uncomfortable.

Such a slippery battle method appearing on an earth elementalist’s body was just too out of sorts.

An earth elementalist’s battle method, shouldn’t it primarily be based on a sand golem?

Ah, at this moment, everyone suddenly realized, where’s the sand golem that was a little stupid?

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