Five Way Heaven 43

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Chapter 43: Pervert and Message Tree

Duanmu Huanghun groggily awoke.

There seems to be sounds around me…

What is my body so cold? My hands and feet are powerless? My entire body is sore? Did I get a cold?

Duanmu Huanghun exerted a lot of effort to open his eyes, and hazily saw not a small number of figures above him.

Could it be that he got sick and a high level leader was here to visit him?

The surrounding voices became a little more recognizable.

“Woah, it really is a flasher!”

“Wouldn’t even wear clothes! My god, our school even has this kind of person!”

“Could it be a rapist? Or was he caught in bed?”

No clothes on…My body is cold all over…

Duanmu Huanghun suddenly became alert and opened his eyes forcefully. Then he saw his face was plastered against the ground along with innumerable pairs of feet. His entire body was cold as he stiffened. His vision darkened as he wished for a crack in the ground that he could burrow into.

Too… too evil!

Duanmu Huanghun almost held in his breath and suffocated. The pointing from the crowd made him completely ashamed. Oh god, since he was little, there was never another moment that made him feel that life was so dark.

Ai Hui and his sweetheart, this couple of b*tches is too malicious.

Duanmu Huanghun suddenly remembered he was still wearing an elemental energy mask and released a breath.

I must leave immediately!

He can feel the crowd getting bigger and bigger, but his elemental energy wasn’t completely under his control. He regretted his decision so much that his intestines turned green. Why did he choose to make trouble for Ai Hui when he had overdrafted on energy?

He forcefully rotated his natal palace. Even if that action would worsen his internal damage until he would have to recover for half a year, he didn’t care.

The crowd only felt their eyes blur then saw that the naked guy disappeared.

“Woah, expert!”

“Morals are really declining by the day! Nowadays, even experts as strong as him are this shameless?

“Report! Report this to the institute. We have to catch a pervert like this!”


Hearing the words spoken behind his back, Duanmu Huanghun almost spat out a mouthful of blood as his internal injuries worsened again.

Ai Hui, you’ll rue this day!

Duanmu Huanghun grinded his teeth.

Vanguard Training Hall.

Ai Hui brightened up and prepared to listen to Shi Xueman’s description of their target. The fact of the matter is that he still absorbed her beads. Even if it was because of the Sword Embryo, Ai Hui still felt apologetic. He also saw that the noodle shop girl wasn’t someone unreasonable and actually pretty patient.

If it were himself, anyone who stole eighty million from him would definitely be gutted into meat strips. There could be no other outcome.

Since it was his own mistake, he couldn’t complain. Ai Hui wasn’t some naive youth that knew nothing about the real world. He knew how much eighty million really was. Even his own life he didn’t think was worth eighty million. If the opposing party wanted to buy his life, then they could probably buy a bunch of them.

She was this strong and still didn’t make a move. Nothing could be said about her patience.

Thus, his attitude was very serious.

Shi Xueman could see that Ai Hui was serious and got a better impression of him. She counted on her fingers, “He favors close combat and he has a lot of experience. His style is very fierce.”

When Ai Hui heard her, he knew the girl did not have much experience and directly commented, “You’re too general. You got a name? How old is he? How tall is he? Is he fat, skinny, or muscular? Does he have any other special traits? For example is he disabled? Is his hair and skin white or black?”

Shi Xueman’s spirit refreshed. She’s smart, so by hearing Ai Hui, she could tell he was careful and detailed. She hurriedly said, “At that time, it was a blind competition and he didn’t leave a name. He isn’t very old and should be a youth. As for height, he’s about the same as you. Weight is about the same as you too. Other special characteristics, right, he is physically very strong.”

Ai Hui shook his head, “Too little information.”

Shi Xueman wasn’t worried. She bit down and and pondered. Suddenly her eyes flashed, “Right, he was very powerful.”

“How powerful? At what level?” Ai Hui asked.

“Should be stronger than me.” Shi Xueman added, “If he’s not stronger than me, then he wouldn’t be weaker by much.”

Ai Hui nodded his head, “Then that narrows down the search significantly.”

He wasn’t just flattering her. The noodle shop girl’s strength, upon looking back, made him tremble with fear. He saw such an arrogant guy like Duanmu Huanghun get beaten like a dog without any chance for retaliation.

After thinking a bit, he carefully asked, “What is your cultivation? Can you tell me? If not, then whatever.”

Shi Xueman readily answered, “My cultivation level is sixth hall of the Natal Palace.”

“Absolute art?”

“Of course!”

D*mn, even though Ai Hui already knew the noodle shop girl was strong, finding out her cultivation level still made him suck in a breath of cold air.

This girl… even if fatty came, he still wouldn’t be able to walk away from the debt. He wouldn’t be able to claim the one who owes is the big boss.

Ai Hui celebrated that he didn’t try to run away from his debt or else he would have already become sewer sludge.

He lightly coughed to cover up his surprise “Then our target must be an expert. Our search can be narrowed down.”

He did not expect the noodle shop girl to shake her head “No! I am very familiar with all of the well-known experts. It can’t be them. It must be a new student whom I never fought before.”

Ai Hui’s brain reacted very quickly. Noodle shop girl’s words were terrifying. What does being familiar with all of the well-known experts mean? From the following phrase “never fought before,” this kind of familiarity cannot be just simple greetings.

Additionally, the noodle shop girl said it so confidently which would mean she had fought with all of the well known experts?

Ai Hui felt his mouth turn drying. Owing eighty million to this kind of violent girl goes to show how bad his luck was.

He breathed deeply and forced himself to remain calm “How can there possibly be a six hall absolute art expert within the new students?”

“Why can’t it be possible?” Noodle shop girl didn’t agree and said, “Maybe he’s just eccentric and wants to be lowkey. He might just like playing a fool to catch larger prey.”

Ai Hui thought that was logical and concluded, “So you’re saying he is someone with height and weight similar to me with a cultivation level of at least six halls. He uses an absolute art and likes blind competitions and close combat right?

‘Should be about right!” Shi Xueman was satisfied.

Even though the other party’s not very old, he still displayed experience, calmness, and caution which made her very pleased.

Ai Hui decided to first explain the negative outcome, “I will try my best, but I will need a lot of luck to find him. I cannot guarantee I will.”

“Not a problem.” Shi Xueman naturally said, “You owe me eighty million anyway. Every year you will pay me interest, so I can always find stuff for you to do. As for escaping debt, in the entire Induction Ground, there is no way courageous enough to escape any debt from me.”

Noodle shop girl spoke calmly, but Ai Hui shivered after he hear her.

Ai Hui swallowed some saliva, “How will I teach you sword arts then?”

“I will come over around once every two weeks. I will find you then.” Shi Xueman surveyed her surroundings, “It’s perfect that this place is also a training hall. I will inform you of my arrival a day early. At least there is a message tree, watch the message tree.”

“A message tree?” Ai Hui was lost.

Shi Xueman immediately knew Ai Hui had never used one. She pointed at a nondescript tree in the corner and said, “That’s it. Leaves from message trees are different from leaves of other trees. Every leaf from a message tree has the same vein pattern. If there are any messages, a leaf will fall off the tree with words on it. It’s a wood element technique. You didn’t learn it in class?”

Ai Hui was extremely shocked. Having dusted the yard so many times, he had never found that that tree had any eccentricities only to discover that it was actually some message tree.

Shi Xueman walked under the message tree, plucked a leaf, and pulled a book out of nowhere.

She opened the book and put the leaf inside a page and the page produced a warm light that enveloped the leaves.

Shi Xueman suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

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