Five Way Heaven 40

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Chapter 40: Rage of Eighty Million

Shi Xueman almost couldn’t believe her eyes.

The Mind Calming Blue Silks in Ai Hui’s hands looked like a candle that had softened into gel from a flame’s heat. They constantly penetrated through Ai Hui’s skin.

She was completely stunned and in that moment, her mind went blank.

That’s Grandmother’s treasure!

Since she was little, she had almost never taken it off after putting it on. Looking at it reminded her of seeing her grandmother who loved her dearly.

She could still remember when her grandmother gifted the Mind Calming Blue Silks. She had smilingly coaxed, “My lovable granddaughter, keep these Mind Calming Blue Silks safe. When you grow up and find a man that suits your taste, give it to him. It’s a great present to show affection. It was made the Flying Blue Silk Bird…”


Shi Xueman regained her senses and in one step rushed in. With a crying voice, she exclaimed, “My pearls!”

Ai Hui was startled, immediately leaving the Sword Embryo state. Regaining his senses, he saw the girl from the noodle shop, then reacted, “Oh it’s you, why are you crying? Give me one fifty and I’ll return your pearls.”

After he spoke, Ai Hui’s hand reached over and touched his wrist. He suddenly froze.

No way…

Stunned for a few seconds, he lowered his head and saw his wrist. At that moment he was dumbfounded.

His wrist only had a bare string. Where were the pearls? He looked in every direction and couldn’t see any pearls on the ground.

“Ai Hui, you absorbed the pearls.” Luolan honestly revealed.

He absorbed it?

Ai Hui was astonished. What kind of situation was this? How was it absorbed? He hurriedly examined his body and found that the Sword Embryo’s surroundings suddenly gained a circle of blue mist. He couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

He really did absorb it!

Ai Hui felt like his heart had been violently trampled by a whole herd of cattle.

Seeing the welling tears in the girl’s eyes, he was helpless. “S-so sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. You won’t have to return the one fifty…”

After he spoke, Ai Hui immediately knew he said something wrong. Sure enough, the tears in the girl’s eyes turned into killing intent.

Ai Hui hurriedly corrected himself, “I’ll compensate! I’ll compensate!”

“This was my grandmother’s treasure!” Shi Xueman virtually cried while exclaiming.

Ai Hui had no idea what to do. He regretted it so much his intestines turned green. If he knew earlier, why would he ask for a deposit? He knew he should have just covered the cost, but this was really his fault. He could only whisper, “This was my fault, sorry. I’m really sorry. I truly did not know things would turn out this way. I still don’t know how I was able to absorb this stuff. I’ll compensate you, ok?”

Shi Xueman finally calmed down a little. “How will you compensate?”

Throughout the process, she could see he had no bad intentions. She had never heard of Mind Calming Blue Silks being absorbed before.

“I still have two hundred fifty thousand. All of it can go to you.” Ai Hui’s heart hurt, but he had no choice. It really was his fault. Incurring a debt like this is not something he could do.

“Two hundred fifty thousand?” Shi Xueman smiled coldly.

“Not enough?” Ai Hui was struck dumb. It’s just a string of some random blue pearls, and two hundred fifty thousand isn’t enough?

From the side, Luolan honestly said “Ai Hui, Calming Mind Blue Silks are usually above thirty million in value. The quality of this necklace was very high and could probably go for above fifty million.”

Shi Xueman glanced at Luolan. Sand golems who were familiar with Calming Mind Blue Silks’ market were rarely seen. Without changing her expression she said, “This necklace of Calming Mind Blue Silks is at the highest of quality at eighty million.”

Eighty… eighty million!

Ai Hui’s entire person reacted like he was struck by lightning as thick as a water bucket, on the verge of utter collapse. His mouth was wide open, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The muscles throughout his body stiffened until they were like iron.

Ai Hui felt like his entire life completely darkened.

Eighty million!

My grandaunt, why would you bring this necklace worth eighty million and wander the city?

My grandaunt, your pearls are worth eighty million you bring, but you won’t bring one hundred fifty cash?

One fifty is such a small debt, is it necessary to use a necklace worth eighty million as collateral, my good grandaunt?

Sword Embryo you bastard, pearls worth eighty million and you have the guts to swallow them. You’re so black-hearted, you’re even worse than fatty!

Eighty million, I, I, I….

Ai Hui had no idea what to do. The experience from the dangers he experienced throughout his life was no help to his current situation.

He would rather have faced all of the wild beasts in the Savage Territories, than faced the girl in front of him.

He still knew one point, even if he sold himself, he still wouldn’t be worth eighty million.

Ok, Ai Hui now had nothing. “I have no idea what to do now. Selling me wouldn’t even be worth eighty million. Noodle shop lady, you tell me what to do. I will not run away from this debt.”

“Hmph, if I didn’t see that it was truly an accident, then you would have surely died today.” Shi Xueman coldly said.

Ai Hui glared, wanting to say that you can kill, but you cannot shame. However, under Shi Xueman’s sight, he just jittered and turned his head.

F*cking Sword Embryo!

Why couldn’t he be fatty? If he was fatty, then he would focus on soothing the big boss who he owes money. Owing eighty million would make him the biggest of bosses. Soothing the big boss would be best right now…

Ok, I still have a bottom line. I won’t do anything stupid.

Ai Hui became a little dejected.

Shi Xueman didn’t know what to do for a moment. The Calming Mind Blue Silks were already gone. Kill him? He still lent her money out of the goodness of his heart. She witnessed the entire process of absorbing the pearls. He didn’t do it on purpose.

Pay? Calming Mind Blue Silks worth eighty million couldn’t even be paid for after selling his person.

Beat him up? No matter what, it’s just not harsh enough.

For a while, Shi Xueman felt wronged. She didn’t care about the eighty million, but she lost her grandmother’s treasure. Her heart ached until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Just letting him go is an even worse option for her.

For some time, the two just stood in stalemate.

Luolan looked at the two people and didn’t know what to say either and could only weakly offer, “Although there isn’t much use. Luolan here still has two hundred fifty thousand.”

Ai Hui shook his head, “Everyone takes responsibility for their actions. I, Ai Hui, would never take your money.”

Shi Xueman coldly hmphed, not speaking.

Suddenly, Ai Hui violently turned his head and look towards the wall asking, “Who’s there?”

At the same time, Shi Xueman also violently turned her head and asked “Who’s there?”

The two spoke at the same time.

“Haha!” An evil laugh sounded as a dark figure appeared on the wall.

Shi Xueman’s sharp eyes instantly saw that the other party was wearing a mask. Seething through her teeth, she yelled, “You’re covering your face to make trouble!”

She completely forgot that she herself also wore a mask.

“Ai Hui, I never thought you’d have a sweetheart!” The dark figure on the wall shadily said.


Ai Hui and Shi Xueman’s eyebrows simultaneously knitted.

Pft, this random guy is worthy of being my sweetheart? The anger Shi Xueman had been holding back this entire evening erupted instantly.

Pft, I definitely wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t bring one fifty and extorts eighty million from me as my sweetheart! The anger Ai Hui had been holding back this entire evening erupted instantly.

Livid, Shi Xueman’s body disappeared from its original position in a flash.

The gloomy Ai Hui didn’t say a word and charged with his sword.

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