Shura’s Wrath

Alternative Name: 网游之天谴修罗
Author: Mars Gravity (火星引力)
Artist: –
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Action, Harem, Romance, Supernatural, Virtual Reality
Status: Completed
Source: –
Translator(s)/Translation Group: sylver135 (dropped), picked up by W&J Translations
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To save his terminally ill little sister, Ling Chen enters the newly released virtual game world and joins a small gaming studio comprising entirely of women. From now on walking upon his path towards the pinnacle. An ancient, evil item almost forgotten by history, the “Lunar Scourge” helps forge his unsurpassable legend, and causes him to unknowingly step upon a path that is destined to be punished by the heavens, the way of the Shura.

shura's wrath

Also by Mars Gravity: Against The Gods, Heavenly Star

Volume 1: Wrath of the Moon
Chapter 1: Encounter
Chapter 2: Ling Chen, Shui Ruo
Chapter 3: Deal
Chapter 4: Little Sisters with Big Brothers Really are Blessed
Chapter 5: 《Mystic Moon》
Chapter 6: Ling Tian
Chapter 7: 《Mystic Moon》 Opens
Chapter 8: Moon God Bracelet
Chapter 9: Buck-Toothed-Rabbit
Chapter 10: Unscathed
Chapter 11: 2 Star Elite
Chapter 12: The Lost Amethyst Ring
Chapter 13: Wolf’s Cliff
Chapter 14: 3 Star Elite
Chapter 15: The Novice Village’s Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 16: Saving Wang Xiao Ming (Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R])
Chapter 17: Gold Battle Wolf (Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R])
Chapter 18: Falling Into the Chasm
Chapter 19: The Bottom of the Chasm
Chapter 20: The Forgotten Cave (Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R])
Chapter 21: The Luxurious Elite Line-Up (Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R])
Chapter 22: Hell Spider
Chapter 23: Mind Sabre
Chapter 24: Dangerous Warning Sign (Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R])
Chapter 25: The Behemoth in the Chasm (Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R])
Chapter 26: Spark of Hope (Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R])
Chapter 27: Belief!
Chapter 28: The Edge of Breaking
Chapter 29: Fire of Rage
Chapter 30: Desperate Situation
Chapter 31: Strike of Faith
Chapter 32: Rising 4 Levels
Chapter 33: Sand Blade
Chapter 34: Soaring Cloud
Chapter 35: World Famous
Chapter 36: Soul Sacrifice
Chapter 37: Tao Tie
Chapter 38: Black Crescent Moon
Chapter 39: Spirit Devour
Chapter 40: “Heaven”
Chapter 41: Reversal (I)
Chapter 42: Reversal(II)
Chapter 43: Lunar Scourge(I)
Chapter 44: Lunar Scourge(II)
Chapter 45: Gemini Orb(I)
Chapter 46: Gemini Orbl(II)
Chapter 47: Tao Tie’s Trust
Chapter 48: Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique
Chapter 49: Seductress
Chapter 50: Xiao Qiu Feng
Chapter 51: Awe
Chapter 52: 10 Lives 1 Step
Chapter 53: The Trembling Cold Magistrate
Chapter 54: Xiao Qi
Chapter 55: Rising to LV10
Chapter 56: Shura’s Legend (I)
Chapter 57: Shura’s Legend (II)
Chapter 58: Leaving the Novice Village
Chapter 59: Azure Dragon City
Chapter 60: The Shocked Class Trainers
Chapter 61: Fighting Over Ling Tian
Chapter 62: Hall of Heroic Spirits (I)
Chapter 63: Hall of Heroic Spirits (II)
Chapter 64: His Choice (I)
Chapter 65: His Choice (II)
Chapter 66: Holy Spirit Beast (I)
Chapter 67: Holy Spirit Beast (II)
Chapter 68: Xiao Hui’s Shocking Ability (I)
Chapter 69: Xiao Hui’s Shocking Ability (II)
Chapter 70: Soaring Cloud Insta-kill
Chapter 71: Undead Zephyr Bird
Chapter 72: Revived Zephyr Bird
Chapter 73: Opponent that Cannot be Beaten
Chapter 74: A Slim Chance of Surviving
Chapter 75: Sagittarius Orb (I)
Chapter 76: Sagittarius Orb (II)
Chapter 77: Killing the Zephyr Bird
Chapter 78: Zephyr Blade
Chapter 79: Rusted Key
Chapter 80: Legend of the Beast of Luck
Chapter 81: Ling Tian Battle Soul
Chapter 82: Shura Emperor Sword Broken Piece
Chapter 83: War God’s Sword
Chapter 84: The Truth of the 13223 Drug
Chapter 85: Ruo Ruo Loves Chen
Chapter 86: Looking for “Black Flame Grass”
Chapter 87: Cloud Stepping Colt
Chapter 88: Red-Eyed Lizard (last chapter by sylver135)
Chapter 89: Four Corners Star Formation (W&J Translations starts here)
Chapter 90: Eye of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 91: Heading to Silent Soul Ridge
Chapter 92: Peace Town
Chapter 93: Lucky Cat
Chapter 94: Marshal Pan
Chapter 95: Red Sun Profound Gold
Chapter 96: Ghastly Grounds
Chapter 97: 3 Undead Lords
Chapter 98: Underworld Door (I)
Chapter 99: Underworld Door (II)
Chapter 100: Underworld Merchant Qian Gun-Gun

22 Responses to Shura’s Wrath

  1. mas says:

    Wow.. this story feel like so interesting… check.. save to favourite..

  2. Ayvo says:

    Thank you for your hard work Sylver. 😀 I appreciate that you are translating this novel.

  3. Takatathien says:

    I have some questions before I can start to dive into this series. Will the MC is the type of protagonist that like unreasonable/excessive violent, kill anyone who stand in his way (even if they have good reason), or like to rape people out of revenge?
    the typical archetype of Chinese Hero is making me quite sick so I would like to know this first so that I can have peace in mind when I read this.

    • Enju says:

      I’ll just remind you that this is a VRMMORPRG themed novel.

    • sylver135 says:

      No rape, rape is bad, very bad. Well, he’s pretty much your typical Chinese MC, not going to lie to you about that. I don’t really know what to say since I’ve only read about half way through and I hear things change a lot. All I can say is that if you’re up to it, read a few chapters and then judge, or just don’t read it.

  4. crazy says:

    seriously? go and check out aho updates. It will show many other novels that are translated and updated. Not all novels translated are known but when an update comes, you will know it. Altough you have to keep refreshing it every know and then and open up the link so you don’t have to always to keep open a tab.

  5. Zed says:

    Thanks for your hardwork! this is definitely one of my favourite VRMMORPG theme novel!

  6. achusanjay says:

    Well…this is not a ordinary VRMMORPG theme story like LMS but you will start enjoying this after a 100 or so chapters….especially after the MC meets the girl he is supposed to help

  7. Maniakku says:

    I`m just 4 chapters in and already enjoying the story a lot. Especially those sibling moments… Just a question. Is this translated weekly, bimonthly, monthly?

  8. Kirito says:

    A Very breathtaking story!!!
    How many volumes does it have in total?

  9. shura says:

    I need more
    moooooore, pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!
    it’s too good
    I love the MC

  10. Moesin says:

    Just read up to chapter 81 have to say its a pretty decent read….keep up the good work translaters

  11. Lunatic OverSouL says:

    fyuhh after 3 days finnaly caught up !
    good work and thank you ~_~

  12. soulhacker says:

    Was expecting an average, mediocre novel based on the ratings on mangaupdate but was pleasantly surprised. It’s really good! I don’t know about some people saying that it only gets good later on since I was hooked in pretty early lol.

  13. RuoRuoLover363 says:

    Anyone touch my girl i’ll shred you and make u dog food! (Ling Chen)

  14. Asf says:

    Expecting a zhan long clone. But unexpectedly got more than I bargain for..!! And it has a similar allure with lms.
    Its a good read!! =)

  15. FafnirJfR says:

    Is it dropped or is it in haitus. There have been no chapters recently, so just curious….

  16. raven says:

    I like this series and i’m grateful that you are translating but can u by chance tell me when will the next upload be

  17. mimo krokodil says:

    MC’s an idiot. He’s got Zephyr blade, that can convert all his attacks into wind attribute ones, but never use it, whines when he meets high def enemy. Truth to be told, i think zephyr sword has better potential than spear.
    Spoiler example: in 158 ch. he fights heaven end boss. with his strongest attack his damage is 1, while his pet with FIRE attribute damage hits 30-90k. Who’s an idiot? MC is an idiot.

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