Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 89

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Volume 1 Chapter 89: Four Corners Star Formation

The difference between elementary strength crystals and advanced strength crystals is significant; elementary strength crystals are used in novice villages but after leaving the novice village, naturally the elementary strength [TLN: That’s what it says in the Raws] crystals become popular amongst the players, after all the elementary strength crystals could be sold at the store, but the price is 10 times higher than the beginner crystals. But it was generally accepted that the crystals had a very low drop rate. If one day, a large batch of elementary strength crystals could be sold, and sold at a lower price than the shops…… e.g. 150 gold coins, then the players will go insane! Because strength crystals have the highest requirements out of all the energy crystals.

Eating a single red eyed lizard can produce 1 beginner strength crystal, at the same time swallowing 5 can produce an elementary strength crystal. What if it swallowed even more at once? Will it produce an intermediate strength crystal that at this point could not be bought anywhere?

The idea seemed good… but after Ling Chens inspection, swallowing 5 at once was Xiao Hui’s limit. At least for now.

In that case, let’s go!

In the quiet central plains, Ling Chen entered, breaking the silence. It was Red Eyed Lizard territory. Ling Chen rushed out to fight, holding 2 weapons. He chose the places where there were highly populated with Red Eyed Lizards, one look and the group of Red Eyed Lizards in that direction would run away, then two Ling Tian Burst came down at once. His shots were extremely fast and precise, the Red Eyed Lizards couldn’t even get a chance to make an attack before dying. And the poor lizards even after dying did not get peace, as Xiao Hui would rush out to swallow them, engulfing their bodies till there was nothing left. And in accordance to the instructions of Ling Chen, each time it would swallow 5 units at a time. Every time this happened, it would spit out an elementary strength crystal. Ling Chen killed quickly, Xiao Hui also swallowed quickly, they did not slow down, it was only when Ling Chen finished the eradication process, and was finished picking up the spoils, did it finish swallowing.

The wideness of the plain was incomparable, it was capable of accommodating thousands of people training at the same time, but this large place was cleared out by Ling Chen and Xiao Hui to the point where it was deserted. With Ling Chen’s scary clear rate, in a short time, the dense population of Red Eyed Lizards had become sparse. Killing two at once was not satisfying enough, Ling Chen simply had to keep going, so he cleared yet another area of Red Eyed Lizards before returning. Just like that he alternated between two areas, left right, left right… the respawn rate of the Red Eyed Lizards could barely keep up with the rate they were being killed.

After an hour…

“Ding!… your pet [Spirit Beast] Xiao Hui has successfully levelled up to level 9, HP +200, MP +5, Defense +20.”

After swallowing a bunch of red eyed lizard bodies, Xiao Hui successfully levelled up to level 9. Under normal circumstances, a pets levelling rate is the same as the players levelling rate, that is the say the rate of growth of Xiao Hui for swallowing the lizards is the same for Ling Chen when killing the same type of monsters. So, its levelling rate has a “jealous” trait, doubling the rate of Ling Chen, as a result, after not too long, it will catch up to the level of Ling Chen. But, a pets level can never be higher than the master, so, when Ling Chen and Xiao Huis levels are the same, it will be directly gated by Ling Chens level, which is equivalent to suffering from “jealous”.

Ling Chen’s own experience had also increased, and in this hour, his bag, had gained an additional 260 elementary strength crystals… of course, the initial primary strength crystal was now negligible.

Crystals do not count as equipment within the bag, like potions, it could only store up to 200 of the same on a storage grid. 260 elementary strength crystals, even they were cashed in directly to the pawnshop in Azure Dragon City, they can be sold for more than 20 thousand gold coins. When Xiao Hui levelled up it also stopped for a moment, so Ling Chen counted the number of crystals in his bag, he could only think of one thing…

I’m rich!

I’m really rich!!

In an hour, he eradicated monsters and levelled, which then resulted in minimum earnings of at least 20 thousand gold coins! 20 thousand gold coins… having 20 thousand gold coins in the early game, it was undoubtedly equivalent to being a billionaire. Also the gold that he obtained only took 1 hour to obtain.

Looking at the wiggling tail that was looking around for new objectives, it was obviously Xiao Hui being unsatisfied. Ling Chen really did not know how to describe its strength.

This is just an initial stage, only level 15 monsters, what if its later in the game, where it would devour higher level monsters, or a high level boss, he had no idea what it would refine and spit out.

At noon, Ling Chen called Ling Shui Ruo to go offline for a break and lunch. Afternoon was spent with Shui Ruo going online together, once again going to the Red Eyed Lizards territory. After enjoying the peace of the late afternoon, the Red Eyed Lizards population had become dense once again, Ling Chen then did a quick sweep, as far as the eye could see, then the bodies of Red Eyed Lizard littered the ground, which was then followed by Xiao Hui, turning them into elementary strength crystals.

For the next two days, Ling Chen planned to stay here.

He had killed a few thousand Red Eyed Lizards, he used up 9 pieces of equipment… 7 white equips, 2 steel equipment and there wasn’t even a hint of bronze gear that could be seen. He also used quite a large amount of restoration potions, in addition to the fact that he originally had full supplies, he was able to stay here and farm for a whole day without needing to return to resupply.

Half the afternoon had past and countless Red Eyed Lizards had become Ling Chens EXP and elementary strength crystals in his bag. As Ling Chen’s EXP slowly grew closer to reaching level 12, Xiao Hui was also close to reaching level 10.

“Older brother, I’m level 2!!”

Ling Shui Ruo happily cried, then Ling Chen did 2 “Ling Tian Burst” sweeps, killing all the Red Eyed Lizards in front of him, and started laughing. Hearing Shui Ruo’s voice while doing something so boring, the restlessness in his heart suddenly disappeared. He lifted his left hand, and spoke into the intercom: “go Ruo Ruo…oh, I’ll just continue to clear these groups.”

As he said that, less than 10 metres in front of him, a great lizard with a shining body appeared. This lizard was 4 to 5 metres long, its whole body was on fire and was releasing a red light. As it appeared a surge of hot air surged towards him, the red eyed lizards in the area all gathered around it, and panic spread to the surrounding area.

Finally an elite monster has appeared… wait, this doesn’t seem like an elite, could it be…

[Flaming Komodo Dragon]: Type: Beast Level: 15 Grade: Lord HP: 15000 Mutation of Red Eyed Lizard [has a huge body and strong defence, high offensive capabilities, aggressive attitude due to the flames, any part of the body can release a jet of flames.]

Ling Chen had been tearing up the Red Eyed Lizard territory all morning and half the afternoon, and not even a small boss had appeared, now that something had appeared… it was a lord!!

Ling Chen turned off the intercom, he started to look a little more serious, and he took the initiative to move as fast as the wind. The size of the Flaming Komodo Dragon was large, but its movements were not slow. As Ling Chen got close, his body suddenly swung around, a huge tail swung around with a whistling sound towards Ling Chen’s body. If this hits, it would knock Ling Chen back at least 10 metres away.

But Ling Chens speed could match it, he put a foot down, and jumped high into the air, easily dodging the sweep from the Flaming Komodo Dragon. As he was falling down he landed right in front of the Flaming Komodo Dragon, using both hands to activate “Ling Tian Slash” as he was falling.

Bang bang!

-966, -1245(hit)!

The Flaming Komodo Dragon’s defence was not really covered, and with Ling Chen’s strong base attack providing a large part of the damage, whether ordinary level 15 players could break through the defence is the question.

2 Ling Tian Slashes pushed the Flaming Komodo Dragon’s body back by 2 metres. It was obviously getting angry, the flames on its body grew more chaotic, its body retreated slightly. His mouth suddenly opened… Ling Chen raised his eyebrow, without thinking he quickly rolled out of the way.


5-6 metre flames came out of the Flaming Komodo Dragon’s mouth causing the air around to heat up. Ling Chen rushed to the side of the Flaming Komodo Dragon to avoid the flame, following up with 2 cuts.


The Flaming Komodo Dragon HP bar that was twinkling was cut nearly in half, causing the Komodo Dragon to retract its flames and start to retreat. It tossed its head, letting out a very harsh sounding hiss. The sound had a strong penetrating power, it travelled a long distance, suddenly, in a 10 metre radius around it, all the Red Eyed Lizards all went ballistic, madly rushing to Ling Chen’s location. Ling Chen quickly glanced around counting, there was 50-60! At this scale, plus the one Lord class boss, it would scare a dozen of players away at once.

This was free EXP, Ling Chen grinned, and without looking, he rushed around towards the Red Eyed Lizards, straight towards the Flaming Komodo Dragon, unceremoniously performing 2 more Ling Tian Slash. When the Flaming Komodo Dragon wanted to counterattack, he used the Moon Shadow, leaving the body deadly still. Then 2 rounds of Ling Tian Slash to hack into its body. Causing this strong lord to be left as bloody residue, at this time, Ling Chen stopped the attack, and silently looked around at the Red Eyed Lizard group that was getting more and more dense, he leisurely raised his left hand with the Soaring Cloud.

“Soul sacrifice!!”

“Battle Soul Possession”

Two scary rays of light emitted from Ling Chens body, what was even scarier was a sudden shockwave which had exponential power. The surrounding 50+ Red Eyed Lizards all were gathered into a gruesome circle, nearby, only one step away, it also got rid of the body of the Flaming Komodo Dragon. Ling Chen finally got to see some action, the soaring cloud in the air suddenly fell down, 4 beams condensed from the invisible fighting spirit and fired out in 4 different directions…

Four Corners Star Formation! [四方星阵]

Four fighting spirits fired out, and intertwined, flying into the sky, with Ling Chen’s body in the centre, forming a diagonal square shape, then…


All the fighting spirit exploded.


Ling Chen calculated that the Four Corners Star Formation would have enveloped the Flaming Komodo Dragon and all the Red Eyed Lizards that ran towards him, and in the explosive destruction, extreme damage was dealt one after another, eradicating all the lizards. Soul Sacrifice combined with Battle Soul Possession, together with the strongest attack, Four Corners Star Formation, this is the upper limit of Ling Chen’s attacks, one critical strike after another, all in all, dealing over 30k damage!

There is no doubt, whether it is the Flaming Komodo Dragon, or 50+ Red Eyed Lizards, the Four Corners Star Formation would have killed everything, not leaving a single soul!

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