Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 90

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Volume 1 Chapter 90: Eye of the Holy Spirit

“Ding… you have successfully defeated a level 15 boss ‘Flaming Komodo Dragon’, reputation + 150, skill points +150”

“Ding… congratulations you have leveled up, now level 12, HP +20, MP+ 20, Strength +5

After killing 1 level 15 lord and over 50 red eye lizards in an instant, Ling Chen’s level 11 exp bar finally filled up, he was now level 12! Now his Item Manipulation Technique is now level 3, reaching level 12, now means that can equip level 15 equipment!

Ling Chen had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He didn’t check what the Flaming Komodo Dragon had dropped, unable to hold himself back he opened his backpack and pulled out his level 15 gold boots [Wind Rider Shoes], and also his celestial sword [Zephyr Blade]

He took off his Silver Boots, changing it to the Wind Rider Shoes, suddenly, a mysterious glow appeared at his feet. He felt like his whole person was standing on the wind. He also changed his Sand Blade that has helped significantly, and successfully equipped the Zephyr Blade to this hand. The Zephyr Blade had a variable length, its width was greater than the Sand Blade, holding it in his hand, the weight was significantly lighter than the Sand Blade, he could barely feel the weight, moreover the green crystal body of it was gorgeous. Ling Chen raised the Zephyr Blade, and quickly swung it downwards, it released a sound of the wind.

The worthy celestial items, regardless of shape, attributes, special effect, was always the best. After equipping the Zephyr Blade, Ling Chen’s attack strength directly increased, his base attack was now 631. At the same time, the Zephyr Blade had an additional 20 attack speed, reaching 120 attack speed.

At this point, if he uses this extreme attack, and it crits, he can deal over 40k damage!! An ordinary player would not even dare imagine this number! This kind of extreme damage is at first thanks to [Soul Sacrifice], at the same time, also fully demonstrating his Ling Tian Battle Soul profession. After completing this job, he’ll be able to deal three times the damage of the extreme attack. That would still be on the lower end of skills, if he was fully leveled, who knows what level of strength could be reached.

The Temple Guardian Fighting Spirit is said to be the strongest job… with Ling Chen’s current abilities, he has completely destroyed the balance of this virtual reality game.

Ling Chen beamed with pride when playing with the Zephyr Blade, Xiao Hui also happily rushed towards the bodies of the lizards, swallowing them 5 at a time, and in no time, the dozens of red eye lizards have all been cleared out, and on the ground was 11 Elementary Strength Crystals in its place. Finally, it stood in front of the Flaming Komodo Dragon’s body, after a small pause, opened it mouth wide, and in just a few seconds, it swallowed the large body of the Flaming Komodo Dragon into its own small body. Soon after, a red crystal larger than the Elementary Strength Crystal was spat out by Xiao Hui.

Ling Chen quickly stepped forward and picked it up.

[Intermediate Strength Crystal] : Category: strength crystal, level: intermediate, attribute: fire, effect: increase physical attack by 9%

Swallowing the Flaming Komodo Dragon created an Intermediate Strength Crystal that couldn’t be bought anywhere at this point. Ling Chen equipped it onto the Lunar Scourge without hesitation, replacing the Elementary Strength Crystal, suddenly, his base attack raised again by a small amount, reaching 649.

Xiao Hui also took a little longer to transform the spirit of the Flaming Komodo Dragon. after completing the absorption, a white halo appeared above it.

“Ding… your pet ‘Spirit Beast’ Xiao Hui successfully leveled up, now level 10, hp +200, MP+5, defense +20.”

“Ding… your pet ‘Spirit Beast’ Xiao Hui learnt a new skill, Innate learnt ‘Holy Spirit’s Eye’, Innate learnt skill ‘Holy Spirit’s Aura’ increased to level 3.”

Spirit Beast [Xiao Hui]: Category: Pet, Level: 10, Grade: Celestial, Master: Ling Tian. Has initiative, dependent, will never betray

Attributes: HP: 4000, MP: 100, Physical attack: 1, Magic Attack: 1, Physical Defence: 400, Hit Rate: 1, Evasion: 1, Crit Rate: 50%, Pierce rate: 50%, Move Speed: 300.

Innate Gifts:

Can freely move about on land and water. Is especially sensitive towards dangerous aura, can sense the approaching of danger beforehand. Is very sensitive towards the smell of high-grade ores, energy crystals, energy orbs and all kinds of treasures. Can discover and accurately locate their locations from a long distance.
Unless it attacks or taunts others on its own, it usually will not be attacked by any creature.
Can help the master to quickly pick up items, after picking it up, it will appear directly in the masters backpack (Note: This is limited to owned goods, for example, monster loot, for goods that are not owned, they can only return from its mouth, and will not go directly to the masters backpack)
Total abnormal state, immunity to stat decrease [TLN: Not sure about this: 全异常状态、全能力下降状态免疫] Innate Skills: [Holy Spirit Shield] – level 1, [Soul Devour] – Can’t be leveled, [Holy Spirit’s Gift] – level 1

[Holy Spirit’s Aura]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV4: LV15, Using its Holy Spirit Aura that is void of evil and impurity to seek the protection of mother nature, upgrades the innate gifts of itself and all companions. Effect: Luck+3 and Comprehension+3 of itself along with the master and all pet companions. Effect exists even while not summoned.

[Holy Spirit’s Eye]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV 5, upgrading to level 5 needs: 20 levels, Using the strength of the Holy Spirit’s Eyes, a glimpse will reveal the hidden secrets of beings, the higher the level, the stronger the capacity and range.Effect: Can view any player, beast, witch, demon, god, ghost not higher than 10 levels from itself for details of the spirit, and share it directly with its master, can detect this from 50 metres around itself.

The newly level 10 Xiao Hui’s body has grown bigger, looking at Xiao Hui now, Ling Chen was stunned. level 10 gave Xiao Hui the ability to leap large distances. Its health and defence already made Ling Chen jealous, but now it also has a state of immunity and a debuff… these are the kind of skills only the highest levels boss have! In contrast, Ling Chen responded to the two new talents with wonder and surprised. It was a waste of time the pick up the loot after killing monsters, this was a well known fact, especially in Ling Chen’s case with his killing rate. Picking up items greatly reduced his efficiency, now with the level 10 Xiao Hui, it was able to help him pick up items. He won’t need to waste time picking items up, no doubt greatly improving farm efficiency, and allowing him to be safer.

Xiao Hui’s [Holy Spirit’s Eye] is a transformation that simply put, is an assistive technology that is difficult to describe. Looking at the monsters detailed information and effects compared to the collective discovery centre in the playerbase is vastly different. The discovery centre can only show basic information, and its only for monsters, but Xiao Hui’s skill can be used on all living things, giving all the “detailed information”. The basic information and detailed information are completely different. Previously when Ling Chen wanted to know some information he would have to read a “discovery scroll”, these scrolls were only obtainable through a small number of jobs, and were not sold anywhere. The usefulness of these scrolls were crystal clear to Ling Chen. When fighting his 2 hardest battles on the Mystic Moon World — the Greedy Giant Toad and the Zephyr Bird, he was able to win, but the discovery scroll played a significant role. If he didn’t know their details in advance, he would have died to the 2 celestial beasts. Master yourself, master the enemy ;}, then you would not need to fear a 100 battles, these are not empty words.

But now, Xiao Hui can freely use the an unlimited number of discovery scrolls! Xiao Hui’s [Holy Spirit’s Eye] will be of incalculable use to the enemies that Ling Chen will face in the future. At the same time, Holy Spirit’s Eye will not only be able to access detail information, but it can also find the hidden scenarios [TLN: Not sure about this, maybe it refers to quests?]. Holy Spirit’s Eye highest level is level 5, but level 1 is already so strong. With a fully leveled Holy Spirit’s Eye, the strength of the effect will be simply unimaginable.

Even though Xiao Hui has no attacking ability, Lin Chen has began to feel its ‘Celestial’ grade on Xiao Hui, he had misunderstood it. If there was ever a time or chance where a Heavenly End class attacking type pet could be chosen, he believed that he would still choose Xiao Hui.

The newly leveled Xiao Hui happily jumped around several times, making whooping sounds, quickly running towards the spoils. Suddenly, Ling Chen saw a scene, where Xiao Hui was simply running, with its 300 movespeed, running like the wind and lightning, and the places where he has been, the ground had all kinds of items; coins, potions, crystals, and even pieces of equips, everything was being attracted to Xiao Hui’s body. When the items touch its body, they strangely disappear… then they directly appear in the Ling Chen’s backpack. [TLN: Autoloot op]

Running a circle in an area that was filled with corpses, in a few seconds, the 50+ lizards on the ground drops were all cleared out. In this time, all Xiao Hui did was run, not doing anything else. Everything appeared in his backpack.

Ling Chen finally experienced the speed of the natural ability of “Auto Looting” [TLN: Direct translation is rapid seizure] , this speed… was really something that couldn’t be described.

Ling Chen shortened his body, and patted Xiao Hui’s head, feeling emotional: “Xiao Hui, you have shown such great ability, your history, what exactly is it…”

Xiao Hui could hear him, it tilted its head, but it couldn’t understand what the words meant. It also immediately saw Ling Chen after birth so there was no way it would know its own true origins. It also didn’t have any interest in its own origins. After Ling Chen became its master, its sole purpose became to live with him.

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