Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 83

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Volume 1 Chapter 83: War God’s Sword

In the hollow Hall of Heroic Souls, the Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian was in the middle of spacing out looking at the pillar in the very middle. This is because just now the light of this pillar suddenly dimmed, and in a short few seconds of time it lost all colour. And then, the entire pillar started to become illusionary, like it could disappear at any time.

This kind of situation only appears after the power within the pillar has been inherited! And this middle pillar… Is it, that person, he actually…

While he was deeply bewildered in disbelief, Ling Chen’s body slowly appeared in front of the middle pillar in a circle of warm light. At the same time, the Hall of Heroic Souls’ middle pillar bearing War God’s power also completely disappeared… Vanishing without a trace.

“You…” Looking at Ling Chen who was standing in front of him again, this previously cold person to the point that he practically didn’t have any emotions was actually so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

“My choice was not wrong, War God’s trial, I passed it!” Ling Chen grinned, saying to him.

Ling Chen didn’t need to explain, him being able to be teleported here and the disappearance of the middle pillar were all iron-clad proof. The guardian of the Hall of Heroic Souls started to reevaluate the young man before his eyes, remembering his appearance and special features in his heart. Before Ling Chen entered the trial, he used his own method to give him help hoping for him to be able to pass this trial that no one had passed in 1000 years. But in the depths of his heart, he was still unable to believe that Ling Chen could actually pass. Because the strength that Ling Chen displayed was honestly too weak, all of the prodigies that died in War God’s trial in the past were all far superior to him.

But the result, so shockingly appeared before him. War God’s power that lingered in the Hall of Heroic Souls for 1000 years, at today was finally able to be passed on. The person that inherited it, is also an otherworld human who has only come to this world and matured for a couple days!

And thinking of him being approved by all 11 powers, the scene at that time caused him to still be in shock even right now.

This is a man with such an astounding talent and future!

“You created a miracle.” He opened his mouth saying. He thought for a long time but he could only say this kind of feeble sentence.

Ling Chen lightly smiled, saying sincerely: “This is thanks to your help, or else I would have already died many times in the trial.” Finishing speaking he took out the Celestial Aqua Scale the Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian gave him. The Celestial Aqua Scale that can be used 5 times for protection has already been used 4 times by Ling Chen with just the last chance remaining. At the same time, the help that he gave Ling Chen was not just a Celestial Aqua Scale. If not for the “Spirit Shield Orb” he gave him, Ling Chen didn’t know when he would be able to hatch Xiao Hui and he especially would not have obtained the Sagittarius Orb… Defeating the Zephyr Bird would have then become an impossible task.

The black-clothed person’s gaze scanned the Celestial Aqua Scale, slowly saying: “This is something I gained when I killed an Aqua Fish King. It being able to achieve this kind of effect can be considered its honour. War God is the publically accepted strongest human in human history, even though your strength belongs to the player level that is at the very bottom of the scale, but being able to obtain his power inheritance I believe that one day you will stand at the peak of all of Forgotten Continent. Just like now, you who is a player has already completed a task that Forgotten Continent’s countless geniuses have been unable to accomplish in 1000 years.”

His voice pausing, the black-clothed person looked towards the middle pillar that had already vanished, saying: “I didn’t think that I would actually be able to personally see War God’s strength being passed on, this could also be considered my honour. Young man, take this.”

A wide-bladed greatsword appeared in the black-clothed person’s hand, handing it over to Ling Chen: “This is the sword of War God, it was once known by the entire world. It accompanied War God for hundreds of years and had already developed spirituality. After War God passed on, it also followed War God and left, dispersing all of its strength and turning into a completely regular sword. Take this sword and then go and see the mayor, this will be your proof of passing War God’s trial. The mayor once said that if a person can pass War God’s trial then to notify him at the first moment. Also, when you go see the mayor, bring this note over to him too. He is currently being distressed by a difficult matter, this War God’s Sword and this note might give him confidence to hand this matter over to you… If you really can complete it then the mayor will remember your kindness and will generously repay you. This will be a great help for you being in Forgotten Continent.”

Ling Chen took over War God’s Sword and the note at the same time.

[War God’s Sword]: Type: Two-handed sword, Grade: Pale White, Equipment Requirements: Cannot equip. The sword of Forgotten Continents once most powerful War God, because of unknown reasons it has lost all of its strength. Cannot be equipped. Attribute: Attack Strength+5.

[Hall of Heroic Souls’ Guardian’s Note]: A note written by the Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian, please give it to the Azure Dragon mayor, will directly disappear after discarding it.

“Those seven people have been waiting outside the whole time, you should go see them and then have them bring you to go see the mayor. I need to guard here and cannot leave.” The Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian calmly said.

Ling Chen did not say anything else, putting away War God’s Sword and the note, walking in the direction of the Hall of Heroic Souls exit.

At the Hall of Heroic Souls’ door, the seven class trainers were already about to fall asleep.

“Strange, why is there still no movement, say something if he’s alive or dead.”

“Logically speaking, the inheritance of strength should be very quick, no matter what it shouldn’t drag on for this long.”

“Say you guys, could he have lost his sense for a moment and really chosen that one in the middle?”

“Impossible! I expressly told him to absolutely not pick that middle one… Unless his brain has been caught by a door.

“The other strength inheritances can be completed in a moment, only War God’s power requires one to go through a trial. Right now it’s already been so long, no matter how you look at it, it’s all like…”

“F*ck! Has that boy’s head been kicked by a donkey!! He may have astounding talent, but that trial is absolute bullshit. So many super prodigies of Forgotten Continent have all died within that trial, just that bit of strength of his…”


Behind their backs, the Hall of Heroic Souls’ door was pushed open. Ling Chen walked out from within with a helpless face, he heard everything that they just said.

Seeing him the seven class trainers all charged over, like a group of noisy flies asking about the matter of Ling Chen’s strength inheritance in a gabble. Before they finished speaking a low and cold voice travelled out from within the Hall of Heroic Souls: “Those who create a racket outside of the Hall of Heroic Souls — Death!”

The seven class trainers were instantly silent, each of them shrinking their necks, grabbing Ling Chen and running in the direction of the class change hall.

Finally walking out of the area of the Hall of Heroic Souls, the seven class trainers once again surrounded him, impatiently asking: “Kid, how is it? What class did you change to?”

“He, from the looks of it you should have succeeded. Good thing you weren’t an idiot and didn’t choose War God’s trial, or else right now you wouldn’t be coming out from the Hall of Heroic Souls but instead over at the revival stone. You’d also never have a chance to change classes in the Hall of Heroic Souls in this life… Hurry up and say, whose power did you gain?”

Ling Chen shrugged his shoulders, leisurely saying: “Of course it’s… War God’s power.”

“Bullshit!” The moment Ling Chen’s sentence left his mouth the warrior trainer directly swore. That expression was like he wanted to start yelling at him. Ling Chen quickly took two steps back, dodging a swarm of spit that flew over.

“Do you think you’re some big shot after gaining a strength inheritance, actually starting mess with us couple of old guys! You’ve gained War God’s power? Ptui, if you can obtain War God’s power inheritance I’ll walk upside down from now on!” The warrior trainer roared grinding his teeth.

“Kid, do you know what you first need to do to inherit War God’s power… It is a trial of strength!! In these 1000 years, a total of six people have entered that trial, not a single person passed and they all instead died within. Any of those six people could causally poke you to death with a pinky finger. You’ve gained War God’s inheritance? And I’m the father of the mayor!”

“If you can pass War God’s trial then I’ll cut off my head for you to use as a urinal!”

“Kid, one must be honest, you need to make a draft when bluffing!”

Looking at the faces of disdain on the class trainers, there was actually no one that believed him. Ling Chen couldn’t help but be saddened, he twitched his lips, his hand moving and holding War God’s Sword in his hand.

When War God’s Sword appeared, the expressions of the seven class trainers froze, even the air completely froze at this moment. 7 pairs of differently sized eyes all froze on it, their eyes all widening to the limit at virtually the same time, trembling with a light of disbelief.

“This… this is….”

“War God’s Sword!! It’s War God’s Sword, no mistake!”

“War God’s Sword can only be given to the person that obtains War God’s inheritance, could… Could it be…”

Seven pairs of class trainer eyes focused on Ling Chen’s body again, that extremely exaggerated expression was like looking at a monster. War God’s Sword is the proof of passing War God’s trial. They understand clearly that Ling Chen being able to obtain this War God’s Sword clearly means… He, really passed War God’s trial, obtaining the inheritance of War God’s strength.

The warrior trainer started to speak in a stutter: “Yyyyyy you… You really obtained War God’s strength? The time before, you were accepting War God’s trial!?”

“That’s right, you guys can choose to believe me or not.” Ling Chen put away War God’s Sword, not bothering to say anything more.

“By my mother, it’s actually true!!” The seven class trainers all wailed in their hearts. This otherworld human in front of them that has only arrived in the world for a couple of days has actually passed this trial that no one has passed in 1000 years on Forgotten Continent. Is there something more unbelievable than this? But, that War God’s Sword is iron-clad proof.

This person… Is he a monster?

“Yes… Yes… We definitely believe you.” The warrior trainer blankly nodded his head like a little chick pecking rice, evidently having difficulty returning to his senses from the shock: “Truly… Truly the person that unlocked Soul sacrifice. You are a prodigy… No, a prodigy among prodigies.”

“Cough cough.” Ling Chen slanted his eyes, saying in a leisurely manner: “Mister warrior trainer, I heard that you have to walk upside down from now on?”

The warrior trainer’s expression froze and then looked at the sky at a 45 degree angle, rubbing his head and laughing like a lunatic: “Ha, haha… The weather today is nice, really nice, haha… haha…”

“Mister shield-guard trainer, I heard you are the mayor’s dad?”

The shield-guard trainer’s face was completely serious: “Hallucinations, you’re definitely hallucinating.”

“Mister archer trainer, I heard you’re going to chop off your head to let me use as a urinal?”

The archer trainer opened wide his innocent eyes, asking with a face of confusion: “What are urinals? Can you eat them?”

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