Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 79

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Volume 1 Chapter 79: The Rusted Key

The scroll that teleports to the starting point of the trial, evidently it should be used after passing the trial… It can also be used when wanting to give up on the trial. Ling Chen held on to this scroll slightly pondering for a while — Why did this kind of scroll drop from the Zephyr Bird’s body? Could it be that the Zephyr Bird is the end of the trial? Then this trial seems to be a bit too short.

Putting away the scroll Ling Chen did not think about it any more, taking out the last two items the Zephyr Bird dropped. One of them is a black wooden plate. The wooden plate is not big, able to be just perfectly held in the hand. One side is black and smooth, the other side is etched with a big “Order” character.

Wait a sec… This is…

Holding this plate Ling Chen was dazed for a whole 5 seconds. After being surprised, a strange expression silently flashed across his face and then he put it away. This thing is exactly the same as that black wooden plate dropped by the Greedy Avarice Toad before. Which also means that he now already has two of these things on him!

When the last item the Zephyr Bird dropped entered his eyes, Ling Chen directly froze.

This is actually… a key…


[Rusted Key]: Usage unknown.

Ling Chen: “…”

“If you want to obtain my strength inheritance, then walk to the end of this space and obtain the only key in this space to open the chest that you see…” (TL: Evidently, this is a quote, but I am too lazy to go check if I translated this the same as before and it’s not important so…)

Ling Chen’s mind played back the old voice that sounded at the starting point of this trial ground. That voice clearly mentioned “The only key in this space”, meaning in this trial ground there only exists on key…

Could it be that this key, is that key that can open that metal chest and then allow me to pass this trial?

The trial, is considered over after killing the Zephyr Bird?

But, I haven’t reached the end of the space? Accurately speaking, I’ve only advanced a very short distance in this space. I already fell down before even passing the first bridge and then was washed over here by the river.

Ling Chen held onto this key for a long time, still a bit unable to believe whether this was that key required to pass this trial. But slowly, he then calmed down. Recalling the events that happened after he entered this trial, sighing in his heart. Before entering he anticipated before that this would be a very difficult and also very long trial. Because in his memory, as long as it’s a trial there will be a lot of checkpoints set. The content of the trial is to pass one after another checkpoints, and the checkpoints will definitely be each one more difficult than the precious. In this War God’s trial, stepping on that bridge was the start of the trial. And then meeting the opponents of the trial… The Zephyr Bird also appeared from the very beginning, it only just changed its look later. If this really is the end of the trial, then this trial really also only had the Zephyr Bird this one enemy, those two undead sword page boys were basically foil-like existences. (TL: Foil, Don’t know if I used that right.)

There are no extra checkpoints, this trial’s opponent is really just the Zephyr Bird… But then again, is this not the true challenge? A person wanting to defeat a LV15 Celestial beast under extremely unfavorable circumstances that can even fly is itself already an almost impossible test. This kind of test is also already entirely enough. With War God’s level he also couldn’t be bothered to set up unnecessary things.

Did I really succeed? Successfully complete this trial that made 6 amazing geniuses die within a thousand years…

Besides the items the Zephyr Bird dropped, Ling Chen’s bag also has a good number of items dropped by the two undead sword page boys and the Undead Zephyr Bird. One LV15 Silver Wind Chaser Bow, one LV15 Silver two-handed sword, one LV15 Silver equipment Electrum Bracers, one LV15 silver coloured spear, one LV15 Copper Page Boy Robe. A decent number, but evidently incomparable to the items dropped by the Zephyr Bird. This is the massive difference between Lord bosses and Celestial bosses. Although if he takes out this equipment it can still create a big ripple amongst players. For the majority of players right now, Copper is already godly equipment and Silver is still a legendary existence… Ling Chen was honestly too far ahead of them. (TL: I say Electrum but the translation really is just something like Gold Embedded Bracers which sounds like crap and I couldn’t think of or find anything better. If you search up electrum, you’ll find that the combination of this being a silver grade equipment and having gold in it seems pretty fitting.)

Xiao Hui arrived at the Zephyr Bird’s corpse wagging its tail, opening its mouth wide and spraying out a grey light enveloping the Zephyr Bird’s corpse. In a bit, the Zephyr Bird’s corpse atomized, being completely and entirely sucked into Xiao Hui’s mouth. During the process of digesting the Zephyr Bird’s power, a series of level up halos continuously floated up from Xiao Hui’s head.

“Ding… Your pet Holy Spirit Beast ‘Xiao Hui’ has successfully risen to LV2, HP+200, MP+5, Defense+20.”

“Ding… Your pet Holy Spirit Beast ‘Xiao Hui’ has successfully risen to LV3, HP+200, MP+5, Defense+20.”



“Ding… Your pet Holy Spirit Beast ‘Xiao Hui’ has successfully risen to LV8, HP+200, MP+5, Defense+20.”

Devouring a LV15 Celestial Beast at a LV2 state, Xiao Hui’s level rose sharply in a short period of time. Jumping to LV8 from LV1 in the blink of an eye.

Holy Spirit Beast (Xiao Hui): Type: Beast Pet, Level: LV8, Grade: Celestial.

Attributes: HP: 3600, MP: 90, Physical Attack Strength: 1, Magic Attack Strength: 1, Physical Defense: 360, Hit Rate: 1, Dodge Rate: 1, Critical Hit Rate: 50%, Pierce Rate: 50%, Movement Speed: 300.

The stats of Xiao Hui that matured to LV8 made Ling Chen secretly speechless. Its LV8 health value reaches 3600, defense strength reaches 360… This is absolutely for sure 100% not HP and defense attributes that a regular Celestial pet can possess… Even Heaven End pets also cannot possess such stats. And besides the values on the surface, Xiao Hui also has a most overpowered passive defense skill “Holy Spirit Shield” that Ling Chen has ever seen in his life. He couldn’t help but think that if Xiao Hui could fight then how strong of a meat shield would it be. Even the Zephyr Bird from before shouldn’t even have the ability to insta-kill the current Xiao Hui.


The eyes of Xiao Hui that finished devouring finally completely opened, its body shaking for an instant, seemingly burping. It shook its head, another “Burp” sound… Instantly, a dark green coloured, rock-like item was coughed out from its mouth, landing on the ground. Xiao Hui’s eyes brightened, hurriedly running over and picking up that green little rock with its mouth, cutely placing it in front of Ling Chen.

Devouring a couple of regular LV10 creatures the Plant Faeries before it refined out a permanent stat bonus item. What will appear now after devouring a Celestial beast? Ling Chen bent his waist, picking up this dark green rock.

[Wind Chaser Stone]: Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Advanced, Attribute: Wind, Effect: Movement Speed+15.

After devouring the Zephyr Bird what Xiao Hui spit out was actually an energy crystal… It actually even refined out an energy crystal!!
Moreover this energy crystal is not a regular energy crystal, at least it definitely cannot be bought in shops. Its property is adding a whole 15 points of movement speed! Adding even more than the LV15 Wind Riding Boots that Ling Chen just got.

Refining out an advanced energy crystal from a LV15 Celestial creature… If it devours a higher level, or higher grade creature could it spit out an energy orb?

Ling Chen once again looked towards Xiao Hui in shock, staring at Xiao Hui that’s appearance looks completely harmless and wondering exactly how many shocking secrets it is hiding.

An advanced energy crystal, Ling Chen naturally unhesitatingly slotted it into Lunar Scourge. Even though the Wind Chaser Stone and the elementary speed crystal both increase movement speed, their ways of increasing are different so they do not conflict. Under the stacking of the Wind Chaser Stone and the elementary speed crystal Ling Chen’s movement speed reached 132. A value that is definitely above that of normal players.

Ling Chen checked the surroundings. After confirming that he did not miss anything he tightly held that rusted key the Zephyr Bird dropped, holding up the the teleportation scroll that goes back to the starting point. He was just about to crush the scroll when an untimely soft seductive voice that made his entire body uncontrollably numb sounded beside his ear.

“Little master, I think I sense the aura of the Sagittarius Orb.. Huh?”

Black light rising up, an incredibly enchanting female body appeared before Ling Chen. Qi Yue’s eyes were half-opened, the peerless beautiful face still remained a bit of blankness from just waking up from sleep. her entire body carried a sort of lovely to look at lazy beauty… At least, when Ling Chen saw her his gaze stopped on her body for a long time before difficulty moving away. He was unable to not admit that regardless if it is intentional or not, this woman emitted a devil-like allure sufficient enough to instantly light up the fire of lust in men.

Qi Yue moved her feet, delicately and gracefully walking towards him. When her gaze landed upon Lunar Scourge, her misty sleepiness dissipated in an instant, what replaced it was deep astonishment: “The Sagittarius Orb?”

She still slightly couldn’t believe that what was embedded in the ninth hole was actually the Sagittarius Orb!

“Just found it.” Ling Chen said a bit helplessly. Looks like I really can’t rely on Qi Yue to find the exclusive orbs. Her sensitivity towards those orbs is indeed extremely limited, it’s already slotted back onto Lunar Scourge and she didn’t even sense it at the first moment.

The surprise in Qi Yue’s expression lasted for a long time before gradually disappearing. She glanced at the surrounding environment, revealing an unmatchable charming smile towards Ling Chen: “Little master, you’ve really made me so surprised. Actually finding the Sagittarius Orb this quickly! Truly the person that can subdue Lunar Scourge, how should I thank little master?”

Qi Yue’s smiling face was like a beautiful flower, but the depths of her heart were stirring with deep shock. She knows very well in her heart how difficult it is to find Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs. Being able to use an average of ten years time to find one orb is already extremely idealistic. Yet, right now it has only been not even one day’s time since leaving the bottom of the chasm…

The Sagittarius Orb has actually already been found!! And in this time Qi Yue was in a state of deep sleep, completely unaware of what has already happened.

Finding an exclusive orb in not even one day…If this is luck, then that’s practically luck as big as the skies!

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