Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 84

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Volume 1 Chapter 84: The Truth of the 13223 Drug

When he logged out from the Mystic Moon world the sky outside was already bright. He originally could have let the seven class trainers directly take him to go see the Azure Dragon mayor, but he was concerned about Shui Ruo so he still decided to go offline. The matter of seeing the Azure Dragon mayor can wait until the next time he logs on.

Today Shui Ruo woke up very early. When Ling Chen awakened Shui Ruo was lying on his body, secretly kissing his face. Seeing his eyes open she smiled sweetly. Everytime he sees Shui Ruo’s smile he will always feel that his heart is virtually about to completely melt.

“Brother, look…”

Under Ling Chen’s gaze, Shui Ruo’s arms slightly pushed on the bed and then her body slowly sat up on the bed. The entire process appeared so easy and natural, there was not a single trace of strain or struggle. Even though Shui Ruo could also sit up on her own before, every time she had to expend a lot of effort, she was simply unable to sit up so easily.

This meant that Shui Ruo’s body functions really already had a very evident improvement. The 13223 drug completely took effect.

“This is great Shui Ruo. Like this, in at most one month you’ll be able to completely recover!” Ling Chen lightly said, his heart slowly being filled with warmth and joy. Shui Ruo’s recovery is the greatest desire in his life… And now, this previous wild wish has already genuinely appeared before his eyes. Looking at the current Shui Ruo, he distinctly felt that his life was already very perfect… Really so perfect. As long as Shui Ruo can completely recover, he already has no more desires.

“I definitely will.” Ling Shui Ruo heavily nodded her head: “Not only my body, my mind has also recovered very well. Just like today, I can wake up this early and I don’t feel tired at all! Brother, I feel like I can play games together with you right now, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“That’s no good.” Ling Chen smiled shaking his head: “Playing virtual reality games requires one to exhaust their mind. Regular people are unaffected, but with your current condition you should still spend all your energy resting. Wait for a little longer, okay?”

When Ling Chen is in the game world, after Ling Shui Ruo wakes up she will always silently watch him by his side. Even though they have been together for so many year, she can still never get enough of watching him.

She sees that the expression of her brother while he is in the game world is always so serious, he’s definitely doing everything very seriously in that world, which also means… He really likes that game world. She really also wants to go to that mysterious game world to accompany him and help him.

“Ok, I’ll listen to brother.” Shui Ruo’s slender eyebrows slightly raised, smiling very sweetly.

After eating breakfast with Shui Ruo, when he was just about to push Shui Ruo out to feel the morning breeze, the phone in the house suddenly rang.

Due to the reason of Shui Ruo having Isrock, Ling Chen used to never use cellphones this kind of thing. Now he does have one, it is one that Yun Feng forcefully shoved to him when he delivered the game equipment. The house has always had a very old-style landline and the number of people that know the number of this landine is also one… It is Dr. Ma who has always been treating Shui Ruo’s Isrock.

Pickin up the phone, it was indeed the voice of that doctor that came out: “Mr. Ling Chen, is it convenient for you to bring your sister over to my place here? It’s related to the matter of her condition, there are some things I have to confirm… This is very important.”

The last time they went to Dr. Ma’s, the result they obtained was that the majority of the Isrock virus in Shui Ruo’s body has become dormant. At that time this result made her very shocked, she was simply unable to believe it. Yet that result made Ling Chen and Shui Ruo smile, at that time Ling Chen also said: “I think we probably won’t be coming here anymore.”

“Please be sure to come.” Not waiting for Ling Chen to ask, the doctor on the other side had already hung up the phone. Ling Chen held onto the phone and frowned.

After contemplating Ling Chen still pushed Shui Ruo walking in the direction of the hospital. Even the he does not understand Dr. Ma’s objective, Dr. Ma is a person that can be trusted. This point he can more than confirm or else he also wouldn’t allow her to treat Shui Ruo. At the same time, he didn’t dare to have any carelessness related to Shui Ruo’s condition.

Arriving at the hospital, Dr. Ma did not immediately say the objective of their arrival, instead having the nurse do a blood test on Shui Ruo at the first moment. After a bit the test result was sent to Dr. Ma’s hands. Dr. Ma looked at the pictures and test report in her hands, silent for a long time.

“Doctor, is there a special problem?” Ling Chen asked.

Putting down the things in her hands, Dr. Ma turned her face over, her expression carrying a hint of complexity. She pushed the spectacle frame on the bridge of her nose, saying seriously: “Looking at the test result, Shui Ruo’s Isrock virus is already completely dormant, not a single one is still active. Moreover from the looks of it they will be dormant for a very long time. Which is to say, before these Isrock viruses awaken, Shui Ruo will not receive any influences from them. She only needs to then go through conventional recuperations and she will very quickly recover to be the same as a regular person… No, it should be even better than a regular human. What’s dormant is not only the Isrock virus, any viruses in Shui Ruo’s body that is harmful to her body have all fallen dormant like the Isrock virus, some have even directly died. Under this kind of condition, Shiu Ruo will not become sick due to the infection of a virus.”

“… Dr. Ma, do you have something else you want to say?” Ling Chen did not did not display any joy. When Dr. Ma called him her tone of voice was clearly unusual. When saying these words her expression also had an evident change.

Dr. Ma looked at him and then looked at Shui Ruo beside him, saying: “Tell me honestly, did you give her the 13223 drug?”

Ling Chen’s forehead slightly wrinkled, after staring at Dr. Ma’s eyes for a few seconds he still nodded his head.

“That’s what I thought.” Dr. Ma lightly breathed out, and then turned her body half-way, speaking while facing the computer screen: “The last time you guys came Shui Ruo’s test results made me very surprised. From your behaviour that didn’t seem to be the mistake of the test result. Thus I used a lot of time to investigate the reason this kind of situation would appear and respectively consulted the entire world’s leading Irsock virus specialists. And then I knew about the 13223 drug this thing. Currently, it is also only it that can make the Isrock virus so quickly fall dormant in a large-scale. To confirm this I called you guys over today… The reality is indeed so.”

“Don’t tell people this.” Ling Chen said without expression.

“I know.” Dr. Ma smiled: “I also wanted to remind you guy not to tell other people this. Looks like it’s unnecessary. After all, there’s only a limited few bottles of the 13223 drug in the entire word, a lot of people are doing everything possible to obtain it. If other people know that you guys have used it, it might bring you guys trouble. Rest assured, I will not tell anyone about this. I swear by my honour.”

“Ok, I believe you. Then the reason you called us over today is to confirm the matter of the 13223 drug?” Ling Chen asked. Is it really just like so? But based on his intuition it also didn’t seem to be so simple. Because this Dr. Ma’s expression was mixed with some things he couldn’t see.

“Yes.” Dr. Ma nodded her head, smiling gently: “Studying the Isrock virus for so many years I actually didn’t know of the existence of the 13223 drug this kind of thing the entire time. This made me feel like a failure. Encountering it for the first time my occupational enthusiasm made me uncontrollably want to personally see the effect of the 13223 drug. I am truly sorry for having you guys come over here because of my selfishness. To show my apologies, if Shui Ruo has any minor illnesses in the future then feel free to come find me, you don’t need to pay any medical fees… Even though Shui Ruo might not get anymore illnesses anymore, hehe.”

“In that case, then I will first leave with Shui Ruo and come trouble you again in the future. Good-bye.”

“Good-bye Aunt Ma, I will think of you.”

“Good-bye. Shui Ruo, I hope you can be happy like an angel.”

Watching Ling Chen and Shui Ruo leave, Dr. Ma’s expression became complex and hard to describe. Some things she was simply unable to say.

Sitting in front of the computer, she lifted her finger, clicking on a video that she’d already repeatedly watched many times…

The video opening, what it projected was a small conference room, and the people sitting in the conference room were all surprisingly the world’s authority level specialists in studying the Isrock virus.

“Through many years of unremitting efforts, we’ve finally figured out the core components of the 13223 drug… Initially we thought this would be a massive historical breakthrough in humanity fighting the Isrock virus. When the 13223 drug could be mass produced and widespread, the Isrock virus would no longer be that  scary because the 13223 drug can make them dormant for 10 years. After 10 years we might be already able to completely overcome the Isrock virus.

“But, this beautiful vision has shattered. When we discovered the core components of the 13223 drug, what we felt was not joy, but instead fear.”

“Because, the 13223 drug is actually a type of poison… A type of poison even scarier than the Isrock virus. The reason it can cause the Isrock virus to fall dormant, is because its overly terrifying poisonousness makes even the Isrock virus feel afraid and forced to hide itself for self-protection. On the appearance, it’s holding back the Isrock virus and it can be for as long as 10 years, because after this virus enters the human body, it can also only live for 10 years. But… In the end it is a poison even scarier than the Isrock virus. It is like a deadly venomous snake, a hibernating venomous snake. Maybe, it will continue to stay dormant, dormant until the day that it dies. Then fortunately, its host will peacefully pass these 10 years. But once it awakens, the body that it exists in will only have one result…”

“Within three days… Death.”

“At the moment, there are already 7 people in the entire world that are known to have taken the 13223 drug. We spent a large amount of time and effort to find their current conditions. The results made us shaken… Of the 7 people, 2 people peacefully passed the 10 years, the other 5 people, 2 inexplicably died after 5 years, 2 inexplicably died at around 1 year, and 1, after taking the 13223 drug the person’s body completely recovered but inexplicably died one month later… And only we know the true reason they died.”

“The 13223 virus is a terrifying gamble, its appearance can even said to be a terrifying scam! It absolutely cannot be widespread, and even needs to be prohibited!”

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