Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 88

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Volume 1 Chapter 88: Red-Eyed Lizard

Every player has their own personal mount space that can harbour 10 mounts, but one can only summon one mount to ride. Mounts are the means of transportation for players, in the process of riding one will not receive damage. At the same time at the early stages of the game the only professions that can engage in combat while mounted are warriors and shield-guards. Archers, assassins, mages, priests and summoners all cannot engage in combat while mounted. They can only have the ability to fight while mounted after their level surpasses LV30 and they learn the respective skills, like “Mounted Archery” of the bow classes.

Riding a mount greatly increases movement speed. In a virtual game world movement speed is undoubtedly an important attribute, its importance is not only displayed in the time of travelling but also that it greatly affects the execution of combat tactics and the results of battles. Especially when facing opponents with powerful strength, strong movement speed can not only greatly increase one’s kiting ability, but when facing opponents so powerful that they are hard to contend with one can also safely escape. In all professions assassins have the strongest movement speed, their powerful mobility perfectly makes up for their low defense and health flaw. Ambushing, kiting, pinning and escaping are all benefited in every way. Although riding a mount is also not with disadvantages and that is that it will greatly lower one’s own bodily freedom. After all, there is more freedom when controlling one’s own body compared to controlling a mount. So if you had Ling Chen choose he would discard the mount when fighting monsters.

The mounts themselves usually will not have any attack ability, at least all of the ones in Azure Dragon City’s store don’t. Mount’s are also split into different grades, from weakest to strongest they are split as grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, Celestial grade, Heaven End grade, Mysterious God grad and Saint Destroyer grade. The mounts the mount shop sell are mounts from grade 1 to grade 3 and are the ones where it is relatively easy for players to obtain. And starting from grade 5 mounts start to possess other support effects, even possessing a certain degree of attack ability being able to support the owner in battle. But it is very hard to obtain grade 5 and afterwards mounts, it is simply not something that regular players can dream of.

The grade 3 Cloud Stepping Mare already requires 20 thousand gold, how valuable grade 4 mounts are can be imagined. The ones above grade 4… regular players probably can’t hope for one in their entire lives, and they are also simply things that you can’t even buy with money.

Azure Dragon City is a bit exaggeratingly big, Ling Chen finally saw Azure Dragon Ctiy’s east gate after riding the Cloud Stepping Mare for a long time and almost falling asleep on it.

The eastern outskirt near Azure Dragon City is a leisure area scattered with emerald green grass and gurgling streams. The animals that occasionally appear are also all animals without any attack ability like rabbits and kittens. Further east is the area of a plain and a forest.

“Ding… You have entered the map ‘The Plains’.”

Due to being close to Azure Dragon City, the creatures wandering on The Plains are all a couple of low-level monsters. At the border is the LV10 monster the [Restless Antelope], right now what Ling Chen needs to do the most is level up, naturally he won’t waste any time on these low-level creatures. He continued heading forward, rushing straight towards the deeper parts of The Plains.

The center of The Plains is the territory of the LV15 Red-Eyed Lizards.

[Red-Eyed Lizard]: Type: Beast, Level: LV15, HP: 650. Strangely shaped lizard that possesses red pupils, its body will occasionally shoot out sparks, due to this it commonly creates small scale fire disasters on The Plains.

The Red-Eyed Lizard is very big, each one is around 2 meters long, gathered together they have quite the terrifying overtone. Ling Chen stopped and jumped off from the Cloud-Stepping Mare, landing in the territorial area of the Red-Eyed Lizards. Because the Red-Eyed Lizards here are honestly a bit too concentrated, this place is a perfect place for farming.

With a flash of light two weapons were simultaneously summoned into his hands. He opened his stat page looking at his current stats:

Character: Ling Tian

Level: 11; Class: Ling Tian Battle Soul; Faction: None

Fame: 5485; Money: 19 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper: SP 80

Basic Attributes: Strength: 137, Constitution: 25, Agility: 47, Spirit: 15

Innate Attributes: Luck: 8; Comprehension: 8

HP: 700

MP: 370

Physical Attack Strength: 523

Magic Attack Strength: 30

Physical Defense: 103

Hit Rate: ????(absolute hit); Dodge Rate: 47

Critical Hit Rate: 22%; Pierce Rate: 12% (TL: Ignore defense)

Attack Speed: 100%; Movement Speed: 132%

Elemental Resistance: Water: 3%; Fire: 0%; Wind: 0%; Lightning: 0%; Earth: 3%; Light: 0%; Darkness: 0%

Pet: Holy Spirit Beast (Xiao Hui); Mount: Cloud-Stepping Mare


Personal Skills:

[Scan] :Current Level: LV1, cannot be upgraded. An ability for all classes, MP Consumption: 1, examine the basic stats of creatures no higher than yourself by 10 levels.

[Soul Sacrifice]: Current Level: : LV3, Highest Level LV4, SP to Upgrade to LV4: 50000, An impasse skill that uses your life and soul as an offering in exchange for the most extreme attack strength. Only people with a strong mind and conviction can unlock and trigger it. After activating HP=1, Physical Attack Strength+300%, Magic Attack Strength+300%, the use any skill has no consumption (including HP and MP consumption), Duration: 20 secs, and cannot be stopped while in use, cannot use any method of HP recovery. Cooldown Time: 200secs.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV4: 2400. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 15%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV4: 2400. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 3 levels.

Class Skills (Ling Tian Battle Soul):

[War God Technique]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 2000. Powerful battle technique originating from War God’s soul force, after practise can greatly increase personal attack strength permanently. Effect: Strength increases by 2*X points, physical attack strength increased by 5*X (X=Current level).

[Ling Tian Slash]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 400. Using the weapon in the hand to attack a single enemy, suddenly releasing the strength of the battle soul the instant you hit the enemy dealing devastating damage towards the opponent. Effect: Single target attack, damage is equal to 210% of regular attacks, critical hit chance+5%, 5% chance of stunning for 3-5 seconds, very big chance of pushing back the target, MP Consumption: 15, Cooldown Time: 0.

[Ling Tian Burst]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 300. Pouring the battle soul power into the weapon, instantly releasing it when slashing forward creating a power explosion in a small area, attacking all targets in a 5 meter area in front, damage is equal to 110% of regular attacks, MP Consumption: 20, Cooldown Time: 0.

[Four Corners Star Formation]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV4: 800. Using the power of the battle soul to sweep the surroundings, instantly forming a formation of destruction in a 10 meter radius around yourself. The raging battle soul power will deal devastating damage towards all targets within the formation. Damage is equal to 400% of regular damage, Critical Hit Rate+10%, 100% chance to trigger knock back, MP Consumption: 100, Cooldown Time: 60 secs.

[Battle Soul Possession]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 3000. Igniting the battle soul, releasing all of your strength causing you next attack to possess the most extreme destructive power. Effect: Damage+100% for next attack, MP Consumption: 50, Cooldown Time: 30 secs.

Equipment Skills:

[Shooting Soaring Cloud]: Throw out Soaring Cloud with all your strength, the flying Soaring Cloud will pierce through all enemies in a straight line in front like a shooting star, it also has a certain chance of causing fatal damage, Soaring Cloud that has been thrown out will not automatically return. Effect: Piercing attack in a straight line forward in a 15 meter radius, compulsory hit, 300% attack damage, 1% chance of triggering instant death. HP-50, MP-50, Cooldown Time: 100 secs.

[Moon Shadow]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill, when cast it will release silver moonlight illuminating the target’s shadow, forcibly freezing all shadows under the moonlight, suppressing all movement of the shadow and its owner. Effect: All targets in a X meter radius will be forcibly stunned (X = Current Level) for 5 seconds. MP Consumption: 0. Cooldown Time: 60 secs.


Weapon: Right Hand: Soaring Cloud (Spear), Left Hand: Sand Blade (Two-Handed Sword)

Luna Chain: Lunar Scourge (Socket 1: Heartless Orb, Socket 2: Elementary Defense Crystal, Socket 3: Gemini Orb, Socket 4: Elementary Strength Crystal, Socket 5: Elementary Pierce Crystal, Socket 6: Elementary Speed Crystal, Socket 7: Wind Chasing Stone, Socket 8: Empty, Socket 9: Sagittarius Orb, Socket 10: Empty, Socket 11: Empty, Socket 12: Empty, Center-Left Socket: Empty, Center Socket: Empty, Center-Right Socket: Empty.)

Helmet: Silver Helmet

Mask: Regular Mask

Necklace: None

Earring: None

Ring: Nimble Ring, None

Insignia: Proof of Courage

Upper Garment: Golden Stitched Garment

Belt: None

Lower Garment: Beastskin Trousers

Handguard: White Silver Bracers

Boots: White Silver Boots

Unmatchable stats, unmatchable skills and equipment, if Ling Chen’s current status was publicized who knows how great of an uproar he would induce and how many shocked eyeballs he would obliterate. And right now, at a level of LV12, while the other players are all still fighting hard in the novice village, he has come alone to a farming ground packed to the brim with LV15 creatures.

“Brother, I levelled up!!”

Ling Chen was just about to start abusing this group of Red-Eyed Lizards when Ling Shui Ruo’s cry of happiness suddenly came from the communication device. The corners of Ling Chen’s lips slightly curved… But levelling up only one level after a small part of the morning, this speed was honestly a bit…

After chatting with Ling Shui Ruo for a while Ling Chen raised his weapons, charging towards the Red-Eyed Lizards.

After players experience their first job-change and possess an official class their skills become more versatile and mature, their corresponding stats increase and their strength also increases greatly. And the increase of the strength of players will naturally spur the increase of the strength of monsters. The overall strength of this group of Red-Eyed Lizards is leagues ahead of the creatures in the novice village, their levels are also 4 levels higher than Ling Chen’s current level, but in front of Ling Chen’s powerful stats…

“Ling Tian Slash!”

Raising up Soaring Cloud high over his head and fiercely slashing down, when Ling Tian Slash was activated it brought up a powerful blast of air, hitting straight on the Red-Eyed Lizard closest to Ling Tian.


A 4-digit damage value floated up from the Red-Eyed Lizards head, directly emptying its HP, its massive body was even smashed backwards a distance of nearly three body positions. With this attack it was immediately like Ling Chen had poked the hornet’s nest, the surrounding Red-Eyed Lizards that originally had nothing to do immediately all surrounded him accompanied by the crackling sound of flying sparks. The lizards here are spawned particularly concentratedly, in the blink of an eye a dozen lizards had already surrounded him, raising their tails and heavily whipping towards his body.

The speed of the Red-Eyed Lizards also exceeded Ling Chen’s expectations, being suddenly surrounded by a dozen monsters in an instant. If it was another player they would be directly dumbfounded and then choose to flee in panic. Against the surrounding attacks Ling Chen did not even bother looking, his two arms simultaneously using “Ling Tian Burst”. Right away, two energy waves stacked over each other fiercely rushed forward.

-632, -627, -1248, -631, -661…

A large group of densely packed damage values floated up chaotically in front of Ling Chen, that is a whole 14 damage values. When a Red-Eyed Lizard is hit by Ling Tian Burst once, if a critical or pierce occurs it will be directly insta-killed, even if a critical or pierce doesn’t occur it will still be put in a critical state. And being hit twice by Ling Tian Burst it is a guaranteed death for the Red-Eyed Lizards. Under the two stacked Ling Tian Bursts seven Red-Eyed Lizards in front of him instantly died. Ling Chn did not pause at all, swiftly turning his body and another two Ling Tian Bursts slashing backwards. In a series of concentrated colliding and cutting sounds the five Red-Eyed Lizards behind him also all died.

“Tut tut, this efficiency.” Looking at the group of Red-Eyed Lizards in front and behind that had fallen down to the ground in the blink of an eye, even Ling Chen couldn’t help but praise himself. Under normal circumstances if a LV11 player encounters a LV15 monster they will all choose to pick up their legs and run, and yet with a casual wave of his arms it was like destroying a group of LV1 little monsters. Even though there is the influence of Heaven’s Jealousy and his levelling difficulty is double of other people, but with this efficiency he believes that even if he is only online everyday for a max of 10 hours… he still won’t be slower compared to other people and will even be faster that the majority of players.

“Come, Xiao Hui, come out and devour them!”

Ling Chen summoned Xiao Hui. Seeing a pile of monster corpses Xiao Hui’s two eyes emitted a light of excitement. It rapidly ran over to the corpse of a Red-Eyed Lizard, opening its mouth and spitting out a grey light. In the blink of an eye is swallowed the Red-Eyed Lizard’s corpse into his mouth. Ling Chen had already discovered that the speed of Xiao Hui’s Soul Devour is not dependant on the size of the target’s body but instead the strength of the energy. The stronger the creature the longer it takes to devour.

In a bit Xiao Hui who had finished devouring one Red-Eyed Lizard stretched his neck, spitting out a red crystalline item. This item looked very familiar to Ling Chen. He walked over and picked it up, surprisingly discovering that his is actually an beginner strength crystal!

Killing a Red-Eyed Lizard can approximately give you about 7 or 8 copper coins, and one beginner strength crystal is sold for 20 gold at the store! Selling back to the pawnshop it can still be sold for a high price of 8 gold (Items sold back are at 40%).

If just one Red-Eyed Lizards corpse can refine out a beginner strength crystal, then he can have a profit of 8 gold coins after killing a Red-Eyed Lizard… Ling Chen scanned Red-Eyed Lizards covering the land, this is not only piles of experience but also pile of shining gold coins!

Xiao Hui that finished devouring one Red-Eyed Lizard scampered over towards the other Red-Eyed Lizards, opening its mouth and spitting out a massive grey light. Under Ling Chen’s surprised gaze Xiao Hui enveloped a whole five Red-Eyed Lizard corpses at once and then the 5 corpses all turned into grey light being swallowed by Xiao Hui. The time it took was no different for devouring one.

And the different result is… Simultaneously refining 5 Red-Eyed Lizards Xiao Hui spit out an even bigger red crystal. Ling Chen rapidly walked forward picking it up.

Elementary strength crystal!

Ling Chen lifted up his head… Each of those rapidly crawling Red-Eyed Lizards had already turned into piles of moving gold coins in his eyes.

Elementary strength crystals, that’s a price of 200 golds coins in the shop!

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