Shura’s Wrath Glossary

Chinese Terms
Un (嗯): sfx for okay
O (哦): it’s like in Japanese when they add random sound to the end of their sentences. Kind of cute way of saying something. I will probably use “ne” to replace it.
Oh (哦): Quizzical sfx or sfx for “Oh really”, or for okay or for surprise.
Ai (唉): sfx for sighing
A pie falling from the sky (天上掉下来的馅饼): A cool, awesome, amazing thing happening out of nowhere
Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry (哭笑不得): Figure it out yourself. Ha! I bet that makes you not sure whether you’re supposed to laugh or cry.
Left behind by a street (甩开一条街): Basically the Chinese equivalent of “Leave people in your dust”.

Self Referrals (Some different ways of referring to yourself in Chinese and the different kinds of people/roles that use them)
人家: A way for females to refer to themselves. Generally said in a flirtatious manner or when a girl is acting pettishly in a playful manner (撒娇), this is how Qi Yue refers to herself.
寡人/孤: Not too sure about this but in Chinese dramas I watch Qin Shi Huang and some other emperors refer to themselves as this.
朕: Another kingly term, I think this is used in later periods of China while 寡人 and 孤 were used during earlier times.
臣: How the officials in court refer to themselves. There’s also 末将 for soldiers.
奴家: A regular way of woman to refer to themselves.
妾身: For married women.
本人: Generally 本 whatever is used when a person is confident? in themselves or acting confident or to show their position. There’s also 本皇 for a different kind of king like the king of spiders or something,本座 for powerful people in fiction and myths,本大师 and what ever kind of position. Those playboys or young masters call themselves 本少爷/本公子.
奴婢: How female servants refer to themselves in the past.
奴才: How male servants refer to themselves in the past.
老子: How some men refer to themselves when they’re acting tough or are mad. A sort of thug way of referring to yourself. Female equivalent is 老娘. Also a slang way of referring to oneself.
咱家: Has other uses but nowadays everyone knows it as the way eunuchs refer to themselves.
俺: A sort of village, uneducated way of referring to yourself. Or is the way that some areas refer to themselves. Also a slang way of referring to yourself.
小民: How peasants refer to themselves in front of higher position people. 民女 for females.
在下: A humble way of calling yourself.
老朽/老夫: Old guy, 老身 for woman
And then there’s referring to yourself in third person. Happens often enough I think.

Game Terms
AP: Attribute points
SP: Skill points
HP: Health points
MP: Mana points


Ling Chen (凌尘): ID: Ling Tian (凌天, Above the Heavens)
Yun Feng (云风): ID: Huan Mie (幻灭, Disillusion)
Long Tian Yun (龙天云): ID: Long Tian Yun (龙天云, Sky Dragon)
Tian Tian (天天): ID: Tian Tian Tian Tian (天天天天, Sky Sky Sky Sky)
Gu Qing Han (古清寒):

Ling Chen’s Harem (I say harem but he doesn’t end up with half of these chicks, a lot of it’s one sided, still a harem though Actually, I think he ends up with 14 girls.)
Ling Shui Ruo (凌水若): ID: Ruo Ruo Lian Chen (若若恋尘, Ruo Ruo Loves Chen)
Yun Meng Xin (云梦心): ID: Meng Yu You Xin (Quiet Dreams),
Qi Yue (凄月):
Qi Xing (凄星):
Xiao Qi (萧琦): ID: Ke Ai Qi Qi (可爱琦琦, Cute Qi-Qi)
Mu Bing Yao (沐冰瑶): ID: 沐冰瑶 (Cold Jade)
Su Er (苏児): ID: Su Su (苏苏)
Xuan Yuan Die Wu (轩辕蝶舞): ID: Feng Xie Yu (风邪羽, Demonic Feather)
Fei (菲): ID: Xia Wa (夏娃, Eve)
Li Xiao Xue (李霄雪): ID: Liu Yun Fei Xue (流云飞雪, Flying Snow Above the Clouds)
Sha Sha (莎莎): ID: Shadyska? (莎蒂斯伊咔)
You La (尤菈):
Chuo Ying (绰影)、Chuo Xi (绰兮)、Yao Ying (妖影)、Qian Mo (阡陌):
Yang Xue (映雪):

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