Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 80

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Volume 1 Chapter 80: The Legend of the Beast of Luck

Ling Chen very clearly understood what Qi Yue was thinking in her heart. He opened his mouth saying: “This place is a closed-off trial map, usually there will not be any outside beings entering here. The Sagittarius Orb was found here. It is also exactly because this place is closed-off that the Sagittarius Orb was able to exist here the whole time. Although, it was not me that found that Sagittarius Orb, but Xiao Hui.”

“Xia Hui?” Qi Yue revealed a puzzled expression. Right away, following the direction of Ling Chen’s gaze she saw Xiao Hui that was beside Ling Chen’s foot and that was so small that Qi Yue had not noticed it the entire time. Her gaze froze on this little creature’s body, and then her thin eyebrows arched upwards, her lips drawing up a captivating smile: “You’re called Xiao Hui? A very cute name, I’ll be calling you Doge from now on, okay?”

Qi Yue was evidently the second living person that Xiao Hui saw after being born. Facing her gaze Xiao Hui’s feet shuffled backwards, nervously hiding behind Ling Chen, two black eyes cautiously and timidly staring at her. Ling Chen’s gaze lowered, lightly saying: “No need to be nervous Xiao Hui, she’s not a bad person.”

Xiao Hui can understand human language… At least it can understand him, this Ling Chen could confirm. Although he couldn’t quite confirm exactly whether or not Qi Yue was a good person. But at least right now she doesn’t appear like a bad person… Besides constantly trying to tease him.

Listening to Ling Chen’s words Xiao Hui’s actions slightly relaxed.

Qi Yue stared at Xiao Hui for a good while, actually unable to determine what kind of being it belongs to, having no choice but to slightly lift her head and say towards Ling Chen: “Little master, can you let me see its abilities? This should be that little creature that Tao Tie that big guy handed over to you, but I am actually unable to determine its origin. Let me see it’s data, maybe I’ll have an answer.”

Ling Chen though for a bit, sharing Xiao Hui’s information in front of Qi Yue. Because he also really wanted to know Xiao Hui’s true origin. The pet egg that Tao Tie entrusted to him was at least from over 10 thousand years ago, Qi Yue has also already existed since 10 thousand years ago. She might really know what Xiao Hui belongs to.

Qi Yue’s gaze lingered over Xiao Hui’s info. When she finished looking at its stats her expression did not change at all, but when her gaze landed on its ability information, her expression clearly froze many times, the depths of eye constantly flashing across bursts of surprise. Clearly being shocked about the powerful and extraordinary abilities Xiao Hui possesses.

“What can you tell?” When Qi Yue finished looking at Xiao Hui’s information, Ling Chen put away Xiao Hui’s stat page and directly asked.

Qi Yue was silent for a long time, seemingly thinking of something but in the end she still shook her head: “In my memory there is not any information regarding it. From what Tao Tie that big guy said, it should have a very big background, but the big guy was not willing to mention it to me. Should be that the beast that entrusted Xiao Hui to the big guy didn’t hope for its background to be revealed, and then it could live a bit more peacefully. Little master, after knowing of Xiao Hui’s abilities you should’ve understood how shocking its abilities are. Have you imagined what the result would be if its abilities are known by more and more people?

Ling Chen: “…..!!” (TL: That’s new…)

An unbelievably tough body, peerless support ability… Soul Devour and refining abilities that make people amazed to the point that they are unable to believe it, and also able to accurately search for all kinds of high grade treasures! If Forgotten Continent’s people knew that this kind of creature existed, then no matter who they would all madly dream of obtaining it. After martial artists that chase after extreme strength obtain Xiao Hui, their strength will greatly increase, even skills that were originally unable to be upgraded can be easily upgraded. A regular martial artist can obtain all types of powerful items through its Soul Devour refining ability and have their strength rise explosively. After people that chase after great wealth obtain Xiao Hui, they can use it to easily find all kinds of rare treasure that they could only dream of before…

And these are also all just Xiao Hui’s initial abilities after just being born. If it fully matures then it’s practically unimaginable.

If Xiao Hui’s existence and the abilities it possesses were to be exposed to others, then the only result would be… It would bring about countless people of greed to come and rob him!!

“Have you thought clearly now?” Paying attention to Ling Chen’s expression, Qi Yue slowly said: “So, the beast that entrusted it to Tao Tie does not hope for its existence to be known by too many people. Or else, it will not have peace for its entire life and could even lose its life in the fight for it. Like that the bloodline of their clan could completely end.”

Ling Chen was silent and then nodded his head: “It is indeed like that.”

“Although…” Qi Yue’s eyes slightly narrowed, an extremely attractive red blush appearing on her cheeks: “A portion of its abilities made me think of a creature that had already become extinct in a far-away time.”

“What?” Ling Chen asked.

“The beast of luck.”

“Beast of luck?”

“The Beast of luck is a very particular creature. It does not have any combat ability, but legend goes that if one can obtain the accompaniment of a beast of luck, then this person will always be accompanied by all kinds of big or small luck… Just like, little master finding the Sagittarius Orb this quickly, isn’t that exactly a kind of incredibly great luck?”

Ling Chen: “…” (TL: And we’re back.)

“What is evil is the human heart. What brings humans war and disaster is their own greed, that has nothing to do with those creatures of luck that don’t have any combat ability and on the contrary give people good fortune.” Ling Chen said frowning.

“Amazingly said little master.” Qi Yue slightly pursed her lips, lightly nodding her head: “But the reality of the beasts of luck becoming extinct cannot be changed. As the messengers of god, if moon god oracles believe that they are correct, then they are definitely correct. How can humans go against the will of the Moon God. Since they say that the beasts of luck are wrong, then the beasts of luck are wrong. Since they want the beasts of luck to become extinct, then, the entire race of the beasts of luck will become extinct. It’s just that simple… This is the great moon god clan.”

Qi Yue laughed, but a deep light of coldness slightly flickered in the depths of her eyes.

Ling Chen was speechless for a time, not knowing what he should say. He’d alway faintly sensed that Qi Yue seemed to have a deep hatred towards the moon god clan. In addition this hatred doesn’t seem to be simply because of Lunar Scourge.

“Although, its appearance is not the same as the already extinct beasts of luck, a lot of abilities are also not what the beasts of luck possess. But if Doge really has the ability of the beasts of luck, heehee, then little master has gained an incredible treasure. Little master will have constant good fortune, Lunar Scourge’s orbs might not even need to be purposely looked for and will appear on their own.” Qi Yue’s beautiful eyes gently narrowed, when she spoke, a scent like jasmines and orchids gently kissed Ling Chen’s face making his entire body uncontrollably numb, his heart constantly rippling with the impulse to rip apart her black dress.

“Looks like, the big guy really gave little master a really big gift. Huu…” Finishing speaking, Qi Yue stretched her arms, lazily doing a stretch. This action of hers made the two breasts in front of her chest highly perked up, a wave of of up and down shaking along with her slender, delicate slim waist, snow-white, tender, round perky butt, smooth soft abdomen, graceful and beautiful well-proportioned legs, together drew out a curvaceous curve that made the blood pressure of people skyrocket. And then matched with her beautiful face that is enough to make all of the flowers in the world lose colour and the erotic seduction that she emits with her every movement, there really is not a single part of her that doesn’t make people driven to distraction.

Ling Chen’s gaze uncontrollably landed on her highly perked up bosom, in his head the feeling and scenery that wouldn’t go away of holding them in his hands at that time… Qi Yue’s twin peaks were not only extremely plump and snow-white like jade, the shape of her breasts is also a perfect roundness. Snow-white and exquisite. Like having two bright, perfect full moons perched in front of her chest, the shape is too beautiful to be taken in all at once. And it just so happens that her slim waist that can be grasped with one arm, her waist delicate and soft like it was woven from fine fabric gave people the feeling of a type of gentle beauty making people want to embrace her in their arms and lovingly take care of her.

“Little master, you’re looking at my breasts and staring… Is it that you want to touch them again?” Ling Chen’s out of control gaze made Qi Yue’s smile become intimate. She took a step forward, her eyes smiling and her lips releasing a bewitching voice like the devil: “You’re my little master, however you treat me is okay…”

“Go back to Lunar Scourge, there’s none of your business here anymore.” Shifting his gaze away bit by bit in difficulty, Ling Chen closed his eyes, saying with a cold voice.

At an angle that Ling Chen cannot see, Qi Yue’s smile became a bit more mysterious. She pursed her lips, releasing a voice of grievance like that of a little girl acting in a pettishly charming manner: “Little master is shooing me away again… I am little master’s little slave, I will obey whatever little master says. Then I’m going back now to continue sleeping… Remember to think of me.”

Qi Yue did not stop any longer, the amount of time she can appear everyday added together is also only 10 minutes.

Everytime time Qi Yue appears is always a pretty big test on Ling Chen’s mind. After Qi Yue left, Ling Chen used a decent amount of time before completely stabilizing his mood. He then held up the teleportation scroll the Zephyr Bird dropped, lightly crushing it and disappearing on the spot together with Xiao Hui in a flash of white light.

When he appeared again, the surrounding light was a mass of greyness. This place was impressively the dark stone room that he was in when he first entered this trial ground.

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