Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Volume 1 Chapter 7: 《Mystic Moon》 Opens

Ling Chen rose a bit earlier than usual toady, and then as usual finished making breakfast, proceeding to wake up Shui Ruo, helping her wear her clothes, wash, comb her hair, taking care of her meticulously as if she were a new born baby. Shui Ruo looked a bit better today compared to yesterday, her mood also becoming happier… He told himself, this was definitely not an illusion caused by psychological reasons.

9:00 AM slowly approached, Ling Chen carried Shui Ruo back to the bed, covering her with a soft blanket that was pretty much changed everyday. Shui Ruo hugged his neck not willing to leave, speaking lightly beside his ears: “Brother, when my illness gets better, I will go to the game world and help that Yun Meng Xin big sister with brother, okay?”

“Of course it’s okay. So then, Shui Ruo needs to properly rest now, only then can you get better faster!” Ling Chen responded smiling. When a person is in the virtual game world, the brain enters a half-asleep state, if a long amount of time is spent inside, for normal people it wouldn’t even cause any damage to their bodies or minds. But right now for Shui Ruo no matter her vitality or mentality were both too weak, even inside the game world it would be easy for her mind to get tired. What she needs the most right now is large amounts of sleep.

“Un! I will definitely get better quickly!” Ling Shui Ruo nods her head heavily, a smile of hope and longing on her face.

After Ling Shui Ruo falls asleep, the opening of the Mystic Moon world is also entering its final countdown. Ling Chen glances at the time, lying on the living room’s sofa, closing his eyes, and entering the command to enter the game.

Immediately, the colorful world appeared in front of his eyes again, a similar little fairy flying over towards him:

“How do you do Mr. Ling Chen, welcome to your arrival, I am receptionist fairy number 96388, your identity in 《Mystic Moon 》 has already been created, from the opening of 《Mystic Moon》 there is still the last minute, please wait patiently ne.”

“… There are still the last 30 seconds, please wait patiently…”

“… There are still the last 20 seconds, please wait patiently…”

“…10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1… Mr. Ling Chen, welcome to the world of 《Mystic Moon》, you have been allocated to Novice Village number 49554, I wish you a happy game experience.”

After the receptionist fairy’s voice, in front of Ling Chen became a spiraling scene, the scenery before his eyes quickly changing. When his vision finally became clear, he was already in the Novice Village, at the same time, noisy sounds that made his ear drums hurt were coming from the side of his ears.

Random white lights constantly flashed around him, every second there were large amounts of players being sent to surrounding places. Taking a look, besides people there were only people. In total the China region set up 100 thousand Novice Villages, it is the battle area with the most Novice Villages in the world, but due to the fact that the population of China was simply too great, even with 100 thousand Novice Villages it was pretty damn cramped. Right now the time is exactly 9:00 AM, practically all the players want to squeeze in at the first moment, one step first, each step first, this is commonly known knowledge. (TL: Basically, if you get ahead, it’s easier to continue maintaining a lead)

“Squeezing your uncle!! Do you believe that I’ll chop you into pieces!”

“I wipe (TL: f*ck… don’t ask), which bastard stepped on my foot… *cough* *cough*, hey beauty, fate, fate I say! Wanna be friends!” (TL: Chinese netizens have a habit of replacing words with other words that sound the same. In this case the word for fate sounds similar to ape dung and that is what is placed.)

“You try pushing me one more time, I’m Wild Dog Gang’s third master’s big brother-in-law’s neighbors’s uncle Zhang’s son-in-law, do you not want to live anymore!”

“Stop squeezing, stop squeezing… AHHH, let me out, let me get out…”

“‘World’s Number One Hall’ recruiting people, as long as you join us ‘World’s Number One Hall’, money, women, equipment, you’ll have it all, also we will gift our master’s autographed picture, this chance cannot be missed, if missed it will not come again…”(TL: Chinese idiom)

All kinds of mixed up voices beside his ears made Ling Chen want to cover his ears, he took a deep breath in, pumping his legs, forcefully pushing through the crowd, jogging towards the village area.

Leaving the crowd, Ling Chen let out a small breath. The air here was a little too clean, breathing became a pleasant enjoyment. Looking forward, this village only had a few buildings, there were also only a few NPCs standing outside. Even though it was humble, but it didn’t give people a rundown feeling, contrarily giving a new feeling and being pleasant to look at.

Arriving at a considerably quiet corner, Ling Chen started to look at what he was wearing. Unsurprisingly, at the beginning of the game, everyone only has a body of rough, broken clothes. Upper body a rough cloth shirt, lower body rough cloth long pants, a pair of dry straw shoes on the feet.

[Novice Cloth Shirt] :Type: Upper Garment, Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: Pale White, Attributes: Defense+2.

[Novice Long Pants] :Type: Lower Garment, Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: Pale White, Attributes: Defense+2.

[Novice Straw Shoes] :Type: Shoe, Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: Pale White, Attributes: Defense+1

Okay then… added together the additional stats was only 5 points of defense.

Ling Chen then checked his backpack, at the beginning of the game, a players bag only has 50 storage spaces, at the moment inside quietly laid two pieces of equipment… a thin, long sword, a simple, unadorned bracelet.

[Novice Short Sword]:Type: Single Hand Sword, Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: Pale White, Attributes: Physical Attack+5

Having a novice weapon is pretty regular.

But… huh? A bracelet? 《Mystic Moon》 also generously gives this kind of accessory at the beginning of the game?

It needs to be known that, in almost all virtual reality games, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces these types of accessories have a very small drop rate, it’s value is obviously the greatest. Some players having a full set of good gear, but not a single accessory is a common scene. And a bracelet as a beginner equipment, this type of situation is the first time.

Ling Chen picked up the bracelet, from the feel of it, it can basically be determined as being made of regular metal. In the middle there are two pinky nail sized holes, looking around it, Ling Chen looked towards its stats:

[Metal Bracelet]:Type: Moon God Bracelet, Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: Pale White. The lowest grade Moon God Bracelet forged from iron, it can hold two medium-grade or lower energy crystals, cannot equip energy orbs, maximum slots: 2.

“Hm?” Looking through the description a couple times, Ling Chen was confused. Moon God Bracelet? What type of equipment is this. Why have I never heard of it before, is it a new type of equipment that appeared in these few years that I haven’t touched virtual reality games. Or is it 《Mystic Moon》’s exclusive equipment?

Ling Chen’s eyes fell upon the two little holes, silently thinking, the slots mentioned in the description, does it mean slotting into these two small holes?

Examining it for a while, Ling Chen didn’t waste any more time, equipping the novice short sword and iron bracelet, he then looked towards his initials stats:

Character: Ling Tian

Level: 0

Class: Apprentice Warrior

Faction: None

Fame: 0; Money: 0

Basic Attributes: Strength: 10, Constitution: 5, Agility: 5, Spirit: 5

Innate Attributes: Luck: 5; Comprehension: 5

HP: 50

MP: 50

Physical Attack Strength: 25

Magic Attack Strength: 10

Physical Defense: 10

Hit Rate: 5; Dodge Rate: 5

Critical Hit Rate: 5%; Pierce Rate: 5% (TL: Ignore defense)

Attack Speed: 100%; Movement Speed: 100%

Elemental Resistance: Water: 0%; Fire: 0%; Wind: 0%; Lightning: 0%; Earth: 0%; Light: 0%; Darkness: 0%


[Scan] :Current Level: LV1, cannot be upgraded. An ability for all classes, MP Consumption: 1, examine the basic stats of creatures no higher than yourself by 10 levels.

[Full Power Strike] : Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV5. Points to Upgrade to LV2: 1. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, using the weapon in the hand to strike at the target in front with all your strength, 110% damage, MP Consumption: 3, Cooldown Time: 1 sec.

The stats were regular, the free points for initial stats all went into strength, and so physical attack stat was a bit higher. There are only two skills, one is a global class scan ability, one is a beginner attack skill that is complete garbage… if it was just horrible damage then whatever, but it even had a 1 second cooldown! (TL: What? Cooldown times can get lower o.0)

Lifting his heading looking towards the area that he initially appeared in, it was already flooded with an even more exaggerated crowd of people

The majority of players that appeared looked for the village exit at the first moment, and then rushing towards the low-level novice farming grounds, evidently wanting their levels to be above everyone else’s.

“Guess I’ll take a look around the Novice Village first.” Ling Chen said under his breath, walking towards those couple of small, humble houses.

The old Village Chief stood in the middle of the village, dealing with one after another player. Ling Chen walked over, saying politely: “How do you do Chief, is there anything that I can help with?”

As virtual reality gaming technology reached its peak, etiquette towards the game world’s NPCs became general knowledge. The Novice Village Village Chief stroked his white beard, saying kindly: “Hello, warrior that comes from another world, may the Moon God protect you. Newly arriving in this world, your heart must be filled with confusion, then, please allow me to first explain to you some of this mysterious world’s basic knowledge.”

“*DING*… You have activated the quest ‘Village Chief’s Lesson’, the Chief will explain to you some of 《Mystic Moon》’s world’s basic knowledge. Quest Type: Normal, Quest Difficulty: None, Quest Time Limit: None, Quest Reward: Red Potion 5, 1 skill point, random beginner energy crystal 1. Do you accept?” (TL: Not sure if chance to receive one or of random type. Doesn’t matter since we all know what happens if it’s the first case.)

Is there even a need to think? Ling Chen directly chose “Accept”.

“Excellent.” The Chief nods his head satisfied, and then starts to explain: “Mystic Moon’s world is a vast and rich world, the main land shaped similarly to a crescent moon, the entire world is 20% land, 80% water. On land there are countless lifeforms along with infinite resources. At the moment the largest races on land are the human race and beast race. Humans are kind and simple, smart and hardworking, currently taking the leading position on land. The beast race is or gentle, or cruel, also, in mysterious places, there are also other special races. There is the god race established by the Moon God lineage, they control the balance of the entire Mystic Moon World, including the peace of the world, currently the leaders of the god race are the three goddesses Order, Freedom, and Fate. They possess power humans cannot even dream of. But they are not without enemies, that is the fiend race, always restless, fighting against the god race since ages past. In addition, there is also the demon race that is spread across the world’s corners, their action’s good and evil; The peace loving elves, with the most beautiful appearances; The undead race that exists within dark corners… Besides them, the world of Mystic Moon is for sure hiding other mysterious, unknown races, all of this, requires you people to personally find and discover.

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