Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Volume 1 Chapter 5: 《Mystic Moon》

After Yun Feng left, Ling Chen’s calm disposition immediately dissipated, He was essentially tripping over himself charging over to Shui Ruo’s room, nearly hitting his head on the door.

Opening the door, he saw that Ling Shui Ruo was already sitting on the bed, looking at him with an angelic smile: “Brother, who was that big brother just now? It seems like he told brother some impressive things… it’s really, really rare to see brother so excited.”

Ling Chen could practically hear his racing heartbeat, up until now, he still felt like he was in a dream. He sat beside Ling Shui Ruo, carefully placing the box on his knees… This was not a simple container, what he held in his hands, is the last hope to save the most cherished person in his life… a hope that when he was approaching despair, came from the heavens.

He has never like this moment thanked the heavens, thanked a person… Even though, Yun Feng gave him the 13223 drug under the form of a trade, but if it really can save Shui Ruo’s life, he will remember this kindness for his entire life, and will definitely complete his promise. Even though, rivaling the Yun family financial group within 2 years was really an overly large goal.

According to the code that Yun Feng gave, Ling Chen slowly opened the container, inside was a small, brown bottle as thick as a middle finger. Through the bottle. he saw the slightly swashing liquid within.

Taking out this little bottle that could save Shui Ruo’s life, Ling Chen used the lightest movements to slowly take of the cap, instantly, a strange smell wafted outwards. Ling Chen’s hands slightly trembled, he placed the little bottle at Shui Ruo’s lips, saying softly: “Here, Ruo Ruo, hurry up and drink it.”

Two small, soft hands grasped Ling Chen’s hands, only now did Ling Chen realize, Ling Shui Ruo who was just smiling now covered her face in tears, she lightly said: “Is this, what brother traded from that big brother? It… can let me live until the day that I marry brother?”

Ling Chen heavily nods his head, and then immediately shakes it: “Not only can it allow Ruo Ruo to live until the day that you marry brother, you will also make a complete recovery, being able to always stay with brother, until the day we grow old and leave.”

“Un!!” Ling Shui Ruo agreed with the most determined voice, bringing up her brother’s hand, opening her lips, allowing the cold liquid to fall through her teeth drop by drop.

“Drinking it down, I really won’t die, I won’t need to leave brother?”

Is it that even heaven, is unable to bear separating me and brother…

I’m not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of a world without brother, even more afraid of the pain and loneliness brother will feel after I leave…

These 3 years, brother used almost all of his time accompanying me, giving up so many, so many things, actually I always knew, brother has a lot of dreams, has a lot of things that he likes and wants to do, but for me, he gave them all up, brother’s kindness, I could never return it in my entire life… If, I really do get better, then, until the day that I die, I will always live for only brother, helping brother to whatever he wants to do. Even if one day brother becomes a horrible person that everybody hates and spits upon, I will always be by brother’s side, never leaving his side…

Brother, it’s you that gave me the reason to endure until now, after today, you will continue to be the only reason… that I live in this world…

The last drop of cold liquid tilted into her mouth, she closed her lips, swallowing the bitter liquid, she then opened her eyes, revealing the loveliest smile towards Ling Chen.

Ling Chen watched her finish drinking the medicine without ever taking his eyes off of her. Taking aside the empty bottle and container, he held Shui Ruo’s shoulders, asking concernedly: “Ruo Ruo, do you have some kind of special feeling?”

Ling Shui Ruo smiled softly: “Brother, this isn’t an elixir, it wouldn’t have such a fast effect… although, it seems like my body has a sort of hot feeling.”

“Lie down first, what you need the most right now is rest. Who knows, when you wake up, maybe you’ll already be able to get down the bed yourself and walk.” Putting down Shui Ruo’s body, pulling up the covers, Ling Chen said so smiling.

“Definitely!” Ling Shui Ruo smiled happily: “That Yun Feng big brother, he is a very good person, right?”

Ling Chen was silent for a bit, nodding his head: “From his eyes, I couldn’t see any falsity. Or else, I wouldn’t have let you drink that medicine so assuredly.”

“Then, brother will do as you promised him, go inside that game world, and help that Meng Xin big sister, right?” Shui Ruo continued asking.

“Un… although, I will not leave behind Ruo Ruo, no matter where I am, I will always accompany Ruo Ruo.”

Ling Shui Ruo shook her head: “Brother, I’m not against it. Contrarily, actually, I’ve always been attracted to the virtual game world, because in that world, no matter how serious of an illness a person has, even those with a physical disability, inside there they will all have a perfect body. Inside I can just like a regular person run, shout, go anywhere I want, and fight fight with small creatures that aren’t the least bit scary. I can also see brother’s most dashing figure… He (嘻), I only just found out today, brother turned out to be an amazing person in the gaming world in the past, that Yun Feng brother said, brother is the only one who can battle against Eve for a long time and not lose… Brother, the name Eve is really weird, who is she?”

“Eve…” Ling Chen said this name under his breath, scenes of impossible to forget images appearing in his mind, “She is a scary person, in a lot of ways, she is even scarier than the Isrock virus, she is the globally recognized… god among players.

“God?” Shui Ruo blinked her eyes: “Then did brother beat her in the end?”

Ling Chen shook his head: “No… there’s also probably no one in this world that can defeat her, although, I didn’t lose either. Three years ago, inside of the game 《Heaven Slaughter》, I challenged her to a fight, the location was chosen at Dark Cloud mountain where regular players would for sure be unable to climb, while we were fighting, unexpectedly, a player climbed up… it is that Yun Feng was just came to our house, His game name at the time was called ‘Lun Hui Feng Xue’. Fighting against Eve, I couldn’t even be distracted, same with Eve, so none of us paid attention to him, and allowed him to witness the battle between me and Eve, in between, the mask I was wearing was destroyed by Eve with a weapon that could destroy equipment, allowing Eve and Yun Feng to see my face…” (TL: OP)

“And then…”

“And then… and then angry that Eve destroyed my mask, I grabbed her really hard on the butt, and then turned and ran.” Thinking of the image at that time, Ling Chen gave a smug laugh. Obviously, his quick, perverted action was not seen by Yun Feng, or else… maybe he would worship him even more. Someone with the balls to touch Eve’s butt, you probably couldn’t find a second person in the world. (TL: Because revenge is always sweetest from behind.)

“Haha.” Shui Ruo laughed covering her mouth.

“And then, Eve kept chasing, Yun Feng also followed behind us running for his life, but his speed was far worse than ours, he was quickly left behind by us. After that Yun Feng didn’t know what happened. I probably ran for about half and hour, finally still getting caught up by Eve, her gaze at that moment, she really wished she could chop me into 17, 18 pieces. When I thought we were going to fight again… 《Heaven Slaughter》 suddenly required maintenance, we were kicked offline. After that, until this day, I have yet to meet her again. Although…” His voice paused for a bit, an incredibly complex expression flashing across his face: “I guess she’s probably still looking for me right now.”

Ling Shui Ruo laughed: “So Eve is a girl… brother took advantage of her, of course she has to find brother and get some pay back, when brother is in 《Mystic Moon》, you’ll have to be careful.”

Already forgetting how long ago being able to laugh so lightheartedly. All these years, Isrock has always been weighing on their hearts like a terrifying nightmare, and today, they could finally say goodbye to this nightmare — even if it’s just a temporary farewell. (TL:o.0) While laughing, they took in the fresh air and the bright sunlight from outside, in their hearts, quietly sketching a beautiful future.

Mystic Moon…

In the afternoon near the evening, Yun Feng covered in sweat delivered the game devices that belonged to Ling Chen and Ling Shui Ruo, at the same time bringing them each a communications device, even paying the communication fees. Ling Chen did not refuse, accepting it all. Before to avoid worsening Shui Ruo’s condition, he never used cell phones this kind of thing that has comparatively strong electromagnetic radiation. But now, if the Isrock virus in Shui Ruo’s body completely enters stasis, even using it often wouldn’t be a problem.

“Don’t forget, the day after tomorrow 9 o’clock in the morning. Oh right, even though you can’t enter the game right now, but you can already create you character, after creating it, remember to tell me your name.” Yun Feng told him before leaving.

Ling Chen’s and Shui Ruo’s game devices were both a small and exquisite bracelet, Ling Chen’s red, Ling Shui Ruo’s aqua blue, also with a watch feature.

So character creation is already open?

Ling Shui Ruo was already quietly asleep, Ling Chen played around with the device for a while, finally lying on the couch, closing his eyes, using his thoughts to enter the command to enter the game.

Instantly, the game device on his wrist briefly flashed a bright light, in front of Ling Chen became a white space, his mind dazed for an instant, and then suddenly brightened, a world of intertwining colored lights presented itself in front of Ling Chen’s eyes. In the colorful world, a small and exquisite figure was flying towards him… That is a rainbow colored magic wand in hand, wearing rainbow colored clothes, little fairy only as big as a palm, accompanied by a sweet, crisp teenage girl’s voice.

“How do you do Mr. Ling Chen, welcome to the world of 《Mystic Moon》, until the world of Mystic Moon opens there is still the last 39 hours and 42 minutes, please wait patiently. This is your first time using the game device, do you want to create your character? Oh right, forgot to introduce myself, I am the smartest and cutest number 52000 receptionist fairy.

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