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Cuter than f*ck.

Shura’s Wrath dropped, picked up by W&J Translations

6 Responses to sylver135

  1. Aiko says:

    Welcome to Moon Bunny Cafe! (⌒▽⌒)
    Shura’s Wrath looks interesting ~

  2. Ayvo says:

    Thank you for translating Shura’s Wrath. 😀 I hope you’ll take it at your own speed, since trying to dig holes at rock bottom will probably leave you with a broken shovel. 😀

  3. Maniakku says:

    Thanks for translating Shura`s wrath

  4. Klidr says:

    Thanks for your hard work m(_ _)m

  5. cody says:

    thank you for translating this also how often is a chapter released if you have a scheduled time to release it would be nice to know if not i’m sorry that i asked i just really like this series

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