Against The Gods

Alternative Name: Ni Tian Xie Shen (逆天邪神)
Author: Mars Gravity (火星引力)
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Fantasy, Mature, Harem
Status: Ongoing
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Translator(s)/Translation Group: Alyschu&Co
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Wielding the sky poison pearl, receiving the blood of an evil god, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven, a lord overlooking the world!

Synopsis by alyschu
A boy is being chased by various people because he alone holds some kind of treasure. He jumps off a cliff to not let any of them have it and wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world. Fortunately, he has kept the treasure he ran off with.

Blessings from the Author

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Title Explanation
alyschu Note: When I first started translating, I had two English titles in mind: Against the Gods and Opposition of the Evil God. Around chapter 3-5, I decided on the title Against the Gods because it sounded cooler. Should be Against the Heavens or Opposition of the Evil God or Heaven Defying Evil God but since we’ve almost hit half of a hundred, I’m just going to keep ATG as the title. This is what I get for randomly interpreting translating as I read, meh. My only excuse is that sometimes the heavens and gods are used interchangeably.

Also, the term 逆天 used in the title is a gaming term that essentially means “overpowered”.


Volume 1 – Red-Colored Calamity

Volume 2 – Blue Wind Conspiracy

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  1. So whats the ETA on the next chapter. I know you are busy, but it will save me from regularly checking this page 🙂

    1. 2 ch per week whenever the tlrs can do them plus extra when donation reach bonus. the series is released at wuxiaworld up to ch 139 have fun waiting with me *grumble grumble*

  2. So from now on check either at MoonBunnycafe or at wuxiaworld for the latest “Against The Gods” chapters?

  3. cant read shit cause chapter list doesnt work for me, nothing happens when i click to make chapters dropdown PS I am on a ps3 plz fix

      1. I think he means that Tang San’s poisons aren’t worth a crap against Yun Che.
        Though i’d say the most dangerous of Tang San’s skills is his damn eyes.

        1. yea, tang crossed over with dope information on otherworldy skills, yun che crossed over with a 5th ranked heavenly item that can make you Over Powered with no effort. opening profound points, refining poison, refining items with low chances of success with 100% chance. everything yun che had coming over was more op than tang san. tang’s hidden weapons would barely give him a chance since yun che is so calm and his comprehension skills are on god lvl. he would comprehend that he could never underestimate tang san and that takes away any chance tang san would have

  4. Hi guys, thanks for your hard work translating all these chapters!
    Now let’s get into business ^^ … pls, can someone write the cultivation names in chinese with the corresponding name that you (TLs) are using?

  5. Not trying to judge or challenge your translations but I was just wondering how did you guys/gals arrive at the title “Against the Gods”?

    From what I know, which might be totally wrong so feel free to correct me, the Chinese title, “逆天邪神”, can be roughly split into two parts, “逆天” and “邪神”.

    The first half can be roughly translated to “Against the Heaven/Gods”, while the second half can be roughly translated to “Evil God”. Though, the character, “邪”, is an odd character. It can literally mean evil, demonic, “abnormal”, or wicked. By “abnormal”, I am referring to someone that’s out of the norm, or someone that would do something morally wrong. So, it depends on the context. Likewise, the meaning of “逆天” changes a bit depending on the context.

    If I remember correctly, not a whole lot was revealed about the “Evil God” in the novel, but from what was revealed, I don’t think the “Evil God” was necessarily “Evil”. So, “Evil God” is really not an accurate translation.

    Speaking of the novel, there were a few times within the novel where Yun Che described the “Evil God” as “逆天” and in that context, it simply meant “overpowered”, or like extremely unreasonable, due to the immunity and other abilities. Likewise, while I am not sure whether Yun Che will actually go against the gods in the future, but I do believe it’s safe to also claim that the “Evil God” is “overpowered”.

    Regardless if my understanding is correct or not, at the end of the day, I do believe “Against the Gods” is a better sounding title than “Overpowered Evil God” (for example).

    Thanks for translating and reading!

    1. Sigh, the one time I remove the explanation because I think it takes up too much space, someone asks this question..

      I’ll put it up again.. (not judging you, but I feel that the explanation’s not really needed, eh)

      1. Ahhh, lol.

        Nope, not needed unless there’s another bored bilingual roaming around, since most will just happily accept the given title without questions.

        Thanks for answering though.

  6. Alyschu-sama, I would like to inform you that for chapter 18, the next chapter link creates a recursion back to the same page.

    That matter aside, thank you for translating this. I have just begun to read it and I’m finding it quite pleasing.

      1. No, no, Thank You for translating this. I’ve been reading ATG all day since I started today and am currently on chapter 45. It is so interesting! I’m hooked. 🙂

      2. I also appreciate that you don’t put the chapter titles in the table of contents. It keeps me from accidentally getting a glimpse of what is going to happen later on.

    1. it seems she already respect his brains and possibly his heart now she just has to respect his strength and the finally pillar will be knocked down…..unless he ruins it by doing something vulgar if they should meet at the tournament…..Which he probably will

  7. I started reading this series about 3-4 days ago, and already finished the current content, i would like to know the time it takes to release each chapter.

  8. please update your chapter links.

    Thanks for doing this Novel.

    I would like to donate exclusively for this Novel. is that possible ?

  9. So I wanna know why there are no strong ugly girls in this story. Seems all the strong girls are “outstanding, can bring a city/country to ruin” beautiful. :p LOL

    Oh wait I know why, no one will give the ugly girls any elixers and training… :p HAHA

    1. First off, I apologize for removing the website link off your comment because it offends me. I hope you don’t mind that. As for your question, yes, I do. Read here for one of my team member’s rant when he couldn’t ignore it any further.

      While I don’t mind informing my readers of what happened, I, myself am still trying my best to ignore this individual and not respond to his attention seeking.

  10. Just asking but where are the chapters after ch133? I know they’re at wuxiaworld right now but why aren’t the chapters posted here too? I thought this was alyschu & Co’s new site? Am I mistaken?

  11. Thank you for the chapters!

    Also, I want to ask something.
    alychu, do you have plan to make PDF for vol.1 and vol.2?
    It’ll be helpful for the reader so they can read it offline or when unable to connected to internet everytime they want to read ATG.

  12. Why does Wuxia world have 213 chapters uploaded while the website they say they took the translations from only has 133

    1. I’m sorry the job to upload here was on me, and I was being an lazy ass. I’ll find time to….make 100 pages… ugh

      We upload it ourselves on wuxiaworld too, so it isn’t really taking the translations from here.

  13. I’m new here..thank you for your hard you have the epubs or pdf file? If you do, that will help a lot^^

  14. Hello, thank you for your translations.
    Do you guys have another site beside
    Because that site is down right now

  15. Is there another site for the raws? Google has been showing the nitianxieshen site as having malware for at least a week now, thanks.

  16. Don’t ypu think you are slow translating. For this kind of novel. you can’t really expect to hold readers even if you update 7chp/week. But here you are. If you’re busy then let someone else do it. I’m not trying to blame you. It’s just my request.

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