Against The Gods – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Brother-In-Law?!

“However, if Esteemed Customer is set on selling it, it would be better to go to our Black Moon Merchant Guild branch located in Blue Wind Imperial City. They will definitely be able to offer you a price that is to your satisfaction,” stated Pu He as he carefully picked up the Emperor Profound Dragon core and placed it in front of Yun Che.

Yun Che silently took back the profound core without the slightest change in facial expression. He did not leave immediately, but suddenly asked: “What kind of person is Sikong Han?”

This question startled Pu He, but he politely replied: “In New Moon City, this Pu only knows of one called Sikong Han. He is the Great Elder of the New Moon Profound Palace appointed here by the Imperial Family; he is an upright individual with a very high standing in New Moon City. Is there some kind of relationship between Esteemed Customer and Sikong Han?”


Yun Che just snorted without even a reply, turned, and started to leave… At this moment, Jasmine suddenly voiced out mentally: “Don’t leave! This princess wants that red one, buy it buy it buy it!”

Yun Che stopped in his tracks, turned back around and looked in the direction of what Jasmine was talking about. Towards the top left of the enormous shelf full of goods, he saw a dark red dress. It was a small, yet exquisite dress that was clearly made for a young lady. He pointed at the dress and asked with oblique eyes: “How much?”

Yun Che stopping and suddenly coming back startled Pu He; he promptly looked at the dress and politely answered: “Esteemed Customer, you may not know this, but this ‘Smoky Red Fairy Dress’ is made for girls under fourteen years of age. It is rather small and may not be suitable for your wife.”

Yun Che rolled his eyes and coldly replied: “Daughter.”

Jasmine: “~!#¥%……”

Pu He promptly explained: “This Smoky Red Fairy Dress was made with heavenly silk chiffon and embroidered with eighty one blood red crystal tassels; not only is its luster breathtaking, it can ward off evil spirits and is quite delicate to the touch. In the entire New Moon City, this is the one and only available; therefore, it is somewhat expensively priced at five hundred purple profound coins.”

“……” Yun Che’s outer appearance remained quite calm, but his heart felt like it had just been trampled by a few thousand galloping mud-grass-horses.

Of course Yun Che knew what blood red crystals were. Not only were their color radiant, when worn on the body, it could help regulate blood flow and ward off evil spirits; therefore, it was quite expensive. But this Fairy Dress had rows of glistening tassels, and all of them were blood red crystals! All eighty one of them! And its value, was unexpectedly priced as high as five hundred purple profound coins!

At first, getting ahold of three hundred purple profound coins was like getting rich overnight for Yun Che, and he hadn’t even thought about how he would spend it. Who would have thought that he could not even afford to buy a single girl’s dress!! This shrewd Black Moon Merchant Guild; when it came to selling, they were definitely not playing around!

Before coming to New Moon City, he had already promised Jasmine multiple times that he would buy her the finest of clothes, but the very first piece that caught her attention was this…

Seeing Yun Che’s predicament, Pu He did not even hesitate as he reached for the Smoky Red Fairy Dress, placed it in front of Yun Che and said while smiling: “When Esteemed Customer brought the Emperor Profound Dragon core here, you had already been quite considerate of us, but this Pu’s little store’s financials were truly lacking and has inconvenienced you. This Smoky Red Fairy Dress, please accept this gift as an apology and…”

Pu He swallowed and cautiously said: “Take this chance to become friends.”

Even for this small branch of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, five hundred purple profound coins was by no means a small amount. But if they were able to make a good impression on this great individual and create even a small favorable relationship, it would absolutely be worth it.

Yun Che was silent for a moment, then picked up the Smoky Red Fairy Dress, and slowly turned to leave as he made a short statement: “I will remember this favor.”

As Yun Che disappeared from his line of sight, Pu He finally let out a sigh of relief as he subconsciously wiped the sweat off his forehead. The clerk who did not dare to make a single sound finally walked over and whispered: “Elder Pu, when did New Moon City have such a person of this magnitude; he even had an Emperor Profound core. This this… Earlier, when I realized it was an Emperor Profound core, my heart almost stopped from the shock. If news of the Emperor Profound Dragon core was to spread… the entirety of New Moon City, no… no! Experts from all over would flock here to New Moon City and…” After speaking to this point, the clerk just shuddered.

“You fool!” Pu He glared at him: “How can that person be from New Moon City! If there was such a person here in New Moon City, wouldn’t we know? Furthermore, he has an Emperor Profound Dragon core and wanted to sell it; it’s obvious it means nothing to him. This person’s Profound Realm should be beyond the scope of our understanding. Do you really think he would be afraid of those who would come after his Emperor Profound Dragon core?”

“But, when he first came in and I probed his profound strength, how come I only sensed that he was only at the first rank of the Nascent Profound Realm?”

“You’re still too young.” Pu He patted him on the shoulder and earnestly said: “A person who is able to kill an Emperor Profound beast; there’s no way you would be able to sense what Profound Realm he was in! Once you’re at his level, one can easily hide their Profound aura; not to mention lowering it to the Nascent Profound Realm, it wouldn’t be odd if they lowered it to the Elementary Profound Realm. So the next time you come across someone who seems to be of a lower Profound Realm, especially if they’re not young, you absolutely cannot be haughty because they might actually be an top-notch expert.”

“Ooooh.” The clerk nodded and brought out the black wooden box used to hold the Fire Spirit Pills and said: “Elder Pu, I almost forgot, but before he brought out the Profound core, there were these three Fire Spirit Pills; also, these three Fire Spirit Pills are all of the tenth rank!”

“What!?” The startled Pu He immediately picked up the three Fire Spirit Pills and spoke with a trembling voice: “To be able to create tenth ranked medicine pills; only those first rate pharmacists from the top major sects are able to accomplish it. This person must be from a place at the same level of the Sanctuary or the Ocean Palace. No wonder he had such a terrifying killing aura!”

When recalling the killing intent that made all of his hair stand up, Pu He shuddered. He was quite relieved that the previous situation was handled properly…. on top of that, they had actually gained a bit of favor.

After Yun Che left the Black Moon Merchant Guild, he walked a considerable distance before finding an uninhabited area. He quickly changed his clothes, removed the disguise on his face, and leisurely walked out in a different direction in which he came from. Then came the angry voice of Jasmine in his head:

“You dare say that this princess is your daughter!”

“I had no other choice. Was I supposed to say I was buying it for my master?”

“Yeah, that wouldn’t do…. Humph! I’ll let it pass this time because this piece of clothing is really not bad, but if you ever dare to speak nonsense about this princess again, I’ll definitely not show you any mercy!”

“Five hundred purple profound coins! If I added up the value of all the clothes I had worn in two lifetimes, it still wouldn’t add up to the value of a piece of this dress!” Yun Che barked back.

“This princess granted you new Profound Veins and even became your master. To this day, I’ve only wanted this five hundred purple profound coins worth of an item and you’re already complaining.”

Yun Che was speechless…

“You really were too bold earlier and went as far as letting them get ahold of the profound core. Aren’t you afraid that they would kill you for it? This princess can’t even use a bit of her profound energy right now; if they decided to act, not only would we lose the profound core, we’d lose our lives as well!” Jasmine coldly exclaimed.

“No, it’s the opposite.” Yun Che laughed: “The more arbitrarily I leave the Profound Core in their hands, the more afraid they’ll be to try anything devious; even if they did sense my Profound Strength, it would only cause them to become more cautious. As for whether they’d spread this information, that’s their own business and I could care less. But if I had to guess, there’s a ninety percent chance that they won’t.”

“Today, this princess has finally seen what false bravado was. However by doing this, what are you really up to?”

“In the entire Profound Sky Continent, the one with the most resources and connections is the Black Moon Merchant Guild. As for the truly good items, they will inflate the price and only sell them to the major sects. For a person like me, even if I was wealthy, they still wouldn’t sell to me. Therefore, I had to make a strong impression and establish myself in their eyes. In any case, having this Emperor Profound Dragon core, along with my disguise, I could easily accomplished this. Like this, it’ll be more convenient to deal with the Black Moon Merchant Guild in the future…… Oh oh, not even speaking of the future, didn’t it already work just earlier? Everyone in the Black Moon Merchant Guild is quite arrogant; If I hadn’t scared them just now, would they have eagerly taken the initiative to gift this Smoky Red Fairy Dress to me? Oh right, the Udumbara Flower and even the Purple Veined God Crystals that you need, the Black Moon Merchant Guild also has the highest probability of having it.”

Jasmine was silent for a while, before suddenly asking: “Earlier in the Black Moon Merchant Guild, what’s with the murderous aura that came from you?”

That split second of killing intent had even shocked Jasmine. It was a kind of murderous aura that could almost solidify, and was not a bit inferior to her own murderous aura… … This kind of murderous aura could not be cultivated, nor could it be faked; only through taking innumerable number of lives would one slowly accumulate it. But a murderous aura to be at this bone-chilling level, at least hundreds of thousand or even millions of lives had to to be taken….

That split second of killing intent had even caused enough fear for Pu He who was at the Earth Profound Realm to suffocate. Otherwise, for people of Pu He’s level, with their years of experience and keen eyes, it wouldn’t be guaranteed that they wouldn’t doubt Yun Che.

Yun Che paused for a while, and spoke with melancholy: “ If I told you, you definitely wouldn’t believe me, but we are… truly alike.”


Aside from the Imperial Capital in Blue Wind Imperial City, there was a total of seventy two other cities with Profound Palaces appointed by the Imperial Family. New Moon City was one of those cities and its New Moon Profound Palace was ranked among the best. In addition, the requirement to get accepted into the palace wasn’t considered high, or at least, was much lower than those slightly famous middle leveled sects; therefore, countless Profound Practitioners tried to seek admittance every year.

The New Moon Profound Palace in New Moon City had established the Profound Department, Medicine Department, Literature Department, Music Department, Art Department…. et cetera, for a total of thirteen departments; so it was only natural the area that the palace occupied would be huge. Sikong Han, whom Yun Che was searching for, was also the Head Elder of the New Moon Profound Palace and his position was second only to the three Palace Chiefs. However, even Xiao Lie was not aware of Sikong Han’s identity in New Moon City.

After asking around, Yun Che quickly arrived at New Moon Profound Palace’s location. As he was hesitating on whether or not he should enter, an exaggerated voice suddenly came from his left: “B-b-b…. brother-in-law!!!?”

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