Against The Gods – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Evil God’s Seven Realms

“Sky Poison Pearl, unexpectedly had this kind of ability!” said Jasmine in surprise, as she stared at Yun Che’s left hand.

“Strictly speaking, it’s not solely the power of the Sky Poison Pearl.” said Yun Che with a face full of pride: “Even without the Sky Poison Pearl, as long as we find the Purifying Medicine, I can still find a method to open all my profound entrances; only, the time and effort I have to put in would be many times more.”

“You?” Jasmine eyed him suspiciously.

“Didn’t I tell you that I was an exceptionally skilled genius doctor? As a genius doctor, it’s a given that I have full knowledge of the ins and outs of the human body. I am overly familiar with profound veins. In my lifetime, I’ve opened thousands if not tens of thousands of profound entrances. Before the passing of my teacher three years ago, never once have I failed to open any profound entrances. It also happens that even the highest grade of medicines can’t compared with the Sky Poison Pearl’s purification ability. Using its powers to open my profound veins was no more than just a simple matter.”

Yun Che spoke in a very relaxed manner, relaxed to the point that one could not even see any self-confidence or arrogance, as if he was narrating something extremely common and trifling. However, Jasmine unexpectedly was incapable of producing any suspicions at the bottom of her heart. She stared at Yun Che for a long while, then finally said in a low voice: “What a weird fellow. However, did you think that you’re amazing just with all the Profound Entrances open? Your foundations alone, are already far behind any others!”

Yun Che didn’t mind Jasmine pouring cold water on him, and asked directly: “Just before, you said that after opening all the fifty four profound entrances, its unique ability would be revealed, but why do I not feel any change?”

“Carefully examine your current profound veins once more.” Jasmine replied.


Yun Che shut his eyes and started to look within his new profound veins. All fifty four profound entrances had been opened. Although it was empty inside the profound veins, the odor was incomparably clean. Yun Che attentively investigated and then he started to have an inharmonious feeling. In the next second, his focus was firmly locked on the center of the profound veins…

The profound veins inside a human body was like a robust and mature tree with many “branches” spreading out in all directions, and on each “branch” laid a profound entrance. As for the “trunk”, it was the most important core position of the profound veins, the base of all the profound veins. On this base, there were no profound entrances.

However at this moment, he astonishingly found out that on the core position of his profound veins, actually appeared seven imprints similar to profound entrances; Furthermore, it assumed in the arrangement of the Seven Stars of the Ursa Major.
(TL: Ursa Major is the Big Dipper)

Although they were shaped like profound entrances, they had a different kind of feeling when compared to ordinary profound entrances; They had a dull color and the location in which they appeared at, immediately shattered Yun Che’s knowledge and caused him to be surprised beyond words.

“How come there are seven additional profound entrances?” Yun Che asked in astonishment as he opened his eyes.

“No, those are not profound entrances.” Jasmine said faintly: “Those are used to activate the seven realms of Evil God’s Secret Arts… The Seven Gates!”

“Ga… tes?” It was Yun Che’s first time hearing this term.

“The profound veins that the immortal blood bestowed upon you, has indeed no difference in other aspects when compared with normal profound veins; however the main difference lies in that Evil God’s exclusive Profound Art that it carries, the Evil God’s Secret Arts! This profound art has in total, seven big gates; it does not need to be cultivated or anything, but rather just exists within your profound veins. Everytime the Evil God’s Secret Arts have increased by a realm, one of the gates will open… No! It should be said in reverse; every time you opened a gate, the Evil God’s Secret Arts will be increase by a realm! At the same time, in every realm of the Evil God’s Secret Arts, there will be a corresponding formidable Evil God’s Profound Skill! Do you understand if I say it this way?” Jasmine slowly explained.

Yun Che: “…”

Of course Yun Che did not know the general concept of profound arts and profound skills. In the Profound Sky Continent, almost half of the profound practitioners have pure profound strength instead of Profound Arts. Profound Arts are split into different categories, but none could strengthen profound energy directly. Some could change the attribute or channeling of the profound energy… For example the Frozen Cloud Secret Arts of the Frozen Cloud Asgard, when used, transformed the profound strength into an ice-cold aura; the higher the realm of the Frozen Cloud Secret Arts, the colder the profound strength and profound energy. Rumors say that when trained to its peak, one could instantly seal everything in ice within hundreds of kilometers. Similarly, the “Burning Heaven Secret Arts” of the Burning Heaven Clan, one of the four major sects, could also change the attribute of the profound strength, but it was the exact opposite of the Frozen Cloud Asgard; it could change into a burning hot profound energy and profound strength. When trained to the peak, rumors say that one could use their hands to melt weapons.

There were also some profound arts that were not put to use for profound strength, but instead, are used to assist in the training of the profound strength and et cetera… For example there was a sinister Yin Yang Combination Art which allows men and women to raise their profound strength through sexual intercourse.

Profound Arts are usually inherited and passed down in Sects or family but were never divulged to the public; thus those wandering profound practitioners usually do not have profound arts. The Xiao Clan also did not have any traditional Profound Arts; the only things their ancestors had left behind were just a few weak profound skills, and nothing more.

As for profound skills, as the name implies, it was a skill that uses different methods to execute a greater power using one’s profound strength. Some profound skills require specific profound arts on one’s body in order for it to be executed.

“So this means, now I can use the… ‘Evil God’s Secret Arts” that you mentioned?” Yun Che asked in wonder.

“That’s right!” Jasmine nodded her head, “Your profound veins are still empty now so you couldn’t feel it, but once you have profound strength, you will naturally feel the existence of the Evil God’s Secret Art.”

“… You also said just now, that this ‘Evil God’s Secret Art’ did not need to be cultivated, and every time I open a gate, the Evil God’s Secret Arts would increase by a realm. In that case, how do I open a Gate?” Yun Che inquired. He had never come into contact with the concept of “Gates” in the past, so he did not dare to be reckless. Also, if its method of opening was similar with the method of opening profound entrances, then he could effortlessly open all of them in a short period of time, allowing the Evil God’s Secret Arts to reach the highest realm in an instant! In the hands of others, it was considered to be impossible, but in his hands, it was truly as easy as turning over one’s palm!

“That’s very simple; a thousand times much simpler than you opening all the profound entrances!” Jasmine started to smile, and as she smiled very strangely. The contents of her comparison caused Yun Che to be even more stunned than usual: “It belongs to your profound veins, so if you want to open it, it will naturally open… If you wish for it, you just have to use your imagination and all seven gates will open!”

Just have to… imagine it?

And then all the seven gates will be open… letting the Evil God’s Secret Arts reach its highest realm straightaway?

However, as he saw the indisputably dangerous smile on Jasmine’s face, Yun Che of course, did not dare to believe what she had just said and feebly asked: “It’s that simple?”

“That’s right, it’s that simple. However the result will be very terrifying… You will die! Instantaneous explosion from within your body and die!” Jasmine said in a low voice.

Yun Che’s mouth slightly opened.

“The attribute of the Evil God’s Secret Arts abilities are classified as “Berserk”. The first realm: [Evil Soul], the second realm: [Burning Heart], the third realm: [Rumbling Heaven], the fourth realm: [Purgatory], the fifth realm: [Hades].”

Jasmine’s voice paused there, prompting Yun Che to ask impatiently: “Then what about the sixth and seventh realm? Why would I die once I use it?”

“This princess also has no idea about the sixth and seventh realm. In the memory imprint of that drop of immortal blood, it only recorded up to the fifth realm. Thinking about it, it’s probably because when the Evil God left the drop of immortal blood behind, he believed that with a human’s body, opening the fifth realm would be the limit. Unless one is seeking death, otherwise, it would essentially be impossible to open the sixth gate at any time. Therefore, he did not leave any information about the sixth and seventh realm… Because every time you open a gate, the Evil God’s Secret Arts will increase by a realm, and accompanying it will be a sudden increase of stress that your body would not be able to bear! If you force the Evil God’s Secret Arts to reach a realm that you’re incapable of handling, in light cases, your body would suffer serious damage, and your vitality would be heavily injured! In heavy cases, your profound veins would explode and your body will disintegrate as it shatters into pieces, resulting in death!”

“With your current body, even if it’s just opening the first gate, you would immediately explode and die!”

“… It’s that scary? What’s the meaning of the “Berserk” attribute of the Evil God’s Secret Art? What level do I need to be at to be able to use it?” Yun Che asked.

Jasmine rolled her eyes as a scornful look flashed across her delicate face: “Don’t you think that you’re asking this question way too early?! You have just gotten your new profound veins without even a single strand of profound strength and you’re already dreaming of reaching the heavens in a single step?”

“… Okay, you are right.” Yun Che had no retort, nor did he continue to question closely. As he shifted his focus away from the gates, he took a deep breath: “Even though it’s quite late, I will definitely not let these profound veins that came from the Evil God, go to waste! I will immediately begin to cultivate right now!!”


As soon as Yun Che brimmed with determination, an untimely growl came from his stomach, instantly dispersing all the grandeur he gathered just before. He had not eaten for an entire night and afternoon, thus his stomach was already rumbling with hunger.

“Since you’re so familiar with profound veins, you do not need this princess to teach you how to enter the Elementary Profound Realm. This princess must now return into the Sky Poison Pearl; you are not allowed to disturb this princess within the next three days.”

Previously, Jasmine had suffered from the rebound effects of the deadly poison after repeatedly using her profound strength; although the rebound was being suppressed by the Sky Poison Pearl at the moment, it still allowed the deadly poison to infiltrate further into the soul. If it did not get purified by the Sky Poison Pearl, it could even spread to the origin of her soul and by that time, even the Sky Poison Pearl would be unable to save her.

“Please wait awhile, I still have a few questions I want to ask… You keep referring to yourself as ‘this princess’; could it be that you’re a royal princess of some empire… Hey, hey!!”

Before Yun Che had even finished asking his question, Jasmine’s body had already disappeared as it turned into a scarlet light, and entered the Sky Poison Pearl.

Although he was hungry, he could no longer go back to Cyan Forest Town. Xiao Kuangyun and his gang probably have already found out about Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu’s horrible deaths, and would inevitably link their deaths to him. If he were to meet them with his current body without any profound strength, he would at least die ten times.

After a moment’s time of careful consideration, he surveyed the mountain range that extended outwards, to who knows where. While lightly gritting his teeth, he hastily walked towards the opposite direction of Cyan Forest Town.

The road of profound cultivation in this lifetime, will start off from this Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range!

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