Against The Gods – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – I’ll Destroy You First!

Xiao Luocheng suddenly walking out, was undoubtedly against everyone’s expectations. Although Yun Che had stolen the show by continuously defeating five people and shocked the entire audience, his glory, still was incomparable to that of Xiao Luocheng. Everything that Yun Che had exhibited, was enough for him step into the finest class of talents within New Moon City’s young generation; however, Xiao Luocheng was a level of super genius that was enough to enter one of the Four Major Sects. If Yun Che were to suddenly challenge Xiao Luocheng, then it still wouldn’t be that shocking, and at most, he would be thought of as overestimating himself. But if Xiao Luocheng took the initiative to step up on his own, it would be too thought provoking…..

Could it be that he wanted to spar with Yun Che? No way! Absolutely impossible. Considering Xiao Luocheng’s status, pride, and strength, why would he intentionally lower himself to fight with a newly admitted disciple of New Moon Profound Palace. But if it wasn’t to do this, then what exactly did he want to do?

Not only did Xia Luocheng walk out of his own accord, his gaze had also remained on him the entire time, which also caused some suspicion to rise in Yun Che’s heart. He immediately put on a smile and said: “Young Sect Master Xiao must be joking. I am but an ordinary disciple of New Moon Profound Palace, so I am definitely unworthy of bearing the title of “New Star.” In New Moon City, the one with the qualifications to be called a star is you; only you, Young Sect Master Xiao, is worthy of that title.”

“Hahahaha!” Xiao Luocheng started to laugh; the laughter carried an air of royalty that simply didn’t seem like it came from a sixteen year old’s mouth: “Brother Yun is too modest. I believe that after today’s sparring session, Brother Yun’s name would undoubtedly reverberate throughout the entire New Moon City. As for your future accomplishments, they will definitely be immeasurable. The fact that I, Xiao Luocheng could come in person today, can also be counted as a stroke of great fortune.”

Yun Che’s face suddenly revealed an expression of being overwhelmed by flattery. He hurriedly said: “Young Master Xiao’s words are really too flattering. My ability, in front of Young Master Xiao, is akin to a small luminescence in front of the bright moon; and is not worthy to even be mentioned. I don’t know if Young Sect Master Xiao has….. any advice? This Yun Che will definitely listen carefully.”

“Hehe, Brother Yun doesn’t need to be so modest, whether you are a small luminescence or the bright moon, anyone present would naturally know in their heart. The reason why I presumptuously came forward, was to ask Brother Yun for a favor. Just a moment ago, Brother Yun had admirably shown off strength, and consecutively defeated five top disciples of the seven major sects; aside from my amazement and admiration, my hands have also become itchy, so I wanted to consult with Brother Yun a bit. I don’t know if Brother Yun is willing?” Xiao Luocheng courteously asked while watching Yun Che with a smiling face.

As soon as the words left Xiao Luocheng’s mouth, the main hall erupted in whispers, and even Yun Che was in a daze.

“Xiao Luocheng is actively challenging Yun Che… Ah, no, no, he’s actively proposing to exchange pointers with Yun Che? This this…. is irrational.”

“Even if Yun Che is extremely amazing, and even if one called him New Moon Profound Palace’s finest disciple of the century, I can still believe that. But Xiao Luocheng and Yun Che aren’t even people of the same level; how could Xiao Luocheng propose to spar with him? No matter how you think about it, this doesn’t make sense.”

“Could it be that the seven sects’ defeat was so unsightly to behold, that Young Sect Master Xiao wanted to regain face for the seven sects? And at the same time, let Yun Che know what a true genius is like?”

Yun Che didn’t immediately respond and stood there in a daze, as if he was stupefied by Xiao Luocheng’s words. However, during this time, his vision had never left Xiao Luocheng’s eyes from beginning to end. At this moment, Xiao Luocheng was within five steps of his position; his calm imposing manner carried an unconcealed aloofness. But Yun Che could sense that under his harmless exterior appearance, there existed a thick profound energy and an intangible strength. His entire body was like a ferocious beast hidden in a deep abyss who remained motionless; if he moved, who knows how terrifying that would be.

But these weren’t important; what was important, was that deep within his eyes, Yun Che could see an ice-cold sinister aura.

He was all too familiar with this type of aura.

This Xiao Luocheng, wants to destroy me! This was the answer Yun Che immediately arrived at as his mind also instantly cooled down.

But why? He and I have never crossed paths before, and furthermore, we don’t have any conflicting interests; today was also the first time we’ve ever met. He clearly had no reason to do act this way.

Is it merely to strangle an emerging talent, a “New Star”, who may became his future enemy?

Which means, my performance today made him more or less, a little afraid?”

If that’s really true, then this harmless looking Young Sect Master could be said to have the shrewdness and heart of a demon.

As he thought to here, Yun Che suddenly spoke in a somewhat terrified voice: “Young Sect Master Xiao wants to exchange pointers with me? This…. is not me, Yun Che, being modest; but even though I had only recently entered New Moon City, I’ve still heard that Young Sect Master Xiao had already stepped half a foot in the True Profound Realm at such a young age. Compared to my miniscule amount of profound energy, Young Sect Master Xiao’s real strength is too far apart; to be able to exchange pointers with Young Sect Master Xiao, I honestly cannot overcome that fear.” But immediately, his tone changed and straightforwardly said: “However, since Young Sect Master Xiao sees so much in me, I, of course, cannot refuse. To be able to spar with Young Sect Master Xiao, whose name can even be heard five hundred kilometers away; this would be my, Yun Che’s greatest honor.”

“Great!” Xiao Luocheng nodded in satisfaction and said with a smile: “Since we are sparring, then we’ll obviously have the fairest of conditions as the basic premise. Brother Yun has already fought five consecutive matches, so I presume that the exhaustion must be overwhelming; moreover, you are wounded on the left arm. Before we spar, Brother Yun should rest a while. When Brother Yun’s profound energy recovers, we will then have a fair sparring session.”

“No, that’s not necessary.” Completely out of everyone’s expectation, and in the face of Xiao Luocheng’s reasonable suggestion which was also beneficial for him, Yun Che actually refused without the slightest bit of hesitation: “Although I exhausted quite a lot of energy, I more or less still held on to some spare energy, which should be enough to spar with Young Master Xiao for a bit. As for the wound on my arm, it is but a light injury which shouldn’t be too serious. Furthermore, we are just sparring; it isn’t a battle to the death. Since it doesn’t matter whether it’s fair or not, why should we waste everyone’s time because I, Yun Che exhausted a bit of energy and have a minor injury.”

The words that came from Yun Che completely stunned everyone within the hall. Because, unless they were deaf, from Yun Che’s words, anyone could hear a kind of…. extreme self confidence and arrogance!!

“F*ck! This Yun Che…. what is he trying to do?”

“What’s this ‘more or less have some energy left, which should be enough to spar with Young Master Xiao for a bit’! Who does he think he is? Who does he think Xiao Luocheng is?”

“Yun Che is indeed a top genius; one have no choice but to acknowledge this. But to be so arrogant in front of Xiao Luocheng, he virtually doesn’t know the limits of his own abilities. He’s simply asked to be humiliated! If he does battle against Xiao Luocheng, a mere foot may be enough to flatten him within minutes.”

*Sigh* “Forget it. He said so himself that he has just arrived in New Moon City, I estimate that he had only heard a little of Xiao Luocheng’s fame, and just does not understand how terrifying he is. I would bet that if he stayed at New Moon City for a month, even if given ten times the amount of courage, he still would not dare to say such things.”

“Hehe, this will be interesting. I imagine after hearing these words, Xiao Luocheng would also become angry. Perhaps, he will be defeated in the most miserable of fashion…. Hehe, this will be a good show.”

“Junior Brother Yun!” Lan Xueruo knitted her fine eyebrows, and immediately reminded in a low voice: “Even though this Xiao Luocheng is the same age as you, his strength is completely different compared to the people you fought earlier; you can say that he’s simply on another level, you mustn’t….”

“Rest assured Senior Sister.” Yun Che had actually interrupted her, and spoke without a care: “My current state isn’t as bad as you think. Furthermore, all I am doing is exchanging pointers with Young Sect Master Xiao; no matter the result, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.”


Lan Xueruo still had more to say, but Yun Che gave her a very gentle and comforting look. After which, he turned to Xiao Luocheng and said: “Young Sect Master Xiao, lets begin right now. What do you say?”

In fact, after the words Yun Che had said earlier, he was already unable to back down. Lan Xueruo could only sigh in her heart and silently sit down with a heart full of worry.

Xiao Luocheng smiled, but anyone could see that his smile was a bit forced. This was perhaps the first time in Xiao Luocheng’s entire life that he had met someone who dared to be so arrogant in his presence. He narrowed his eyes and slowly said: “If this is what Brother Yun insists, then I will naturally respect Brother Yun’s decision. Only, Brother Yun’s current state is worrisome; when continuously fighting five matches and exhausting so much profound energy, the bodily protective energy would definitely be much weaker than before. So much so that it may collapse at any moment. If you were to suffer my strike at that time, there is the possibility of suffering severe injuries. If that happened…..”

“Haha, Young Master Xiao thinks too much.” Yun Che unknowingly smiled: “When sparring, a situation where one cannot hold back is inevitable; it would be normal for light injuries or even heavy injuries to appear. Moreover, it was I who insisted on sparring with Young Sect Master Xiao in my current condition. Even if I were to actually suffer serious injuries, Young Sect Master Xiao would definitely not be blamed. Regarding this point, everyone present can act as a witness. Therefore, Young Master Xiao has no need to worry about holding back at all. Please let this person, new to New Moon City, open his eyes and experience the strength of the strongest within the young generation.”

As these words came out from Yun Che, the elders of New Moon Profound Palace were so startled that they almost fell off their seats. As for those on the seven sects’ side, especially those in Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect, there were many who couldn’t help but immediately laugh out loud.

This motherf*cker…… is practically digging his own grave!!

Xiao Luocheng looked deeply at Yun Che. That expression… was as if he was looking at a retard.

“But since we are speaking about this, if I, Yun Che were to get lucky….. and accidentally injure Young Master Xiao, then…..”

As soon as the words left Yun Che’s mouth, the seven sects’ side instantly fell into laughter again. In spite of the current situation, a few people started to laugh wildly without the slightest restraint. Some even laughed so hard that they started to roll about on the ground while holding their stomach; it was as if they had heard the funniest joke in the world. But no one from New Moon Profound Palace’s side could laugh, and anxiety was written on every one of their faces….. If it was possible, they had an incomparable desire to make Yun Che take back those words he had just said to Xiao Luocheng…. Of course, with the exception of Murong Ye. He tightly clenched his teeth as his both cheeks quivered, and was almost unable to control his laughter several times already.

This retard, actually dug himself a hole and intends to jump in it! There was actually someone this stupid…. Xiao Luocheng, you must beat him until he’s crippled, beat him half to death!

“Hahahaha!” Xiao Luocheng laughed loudly, and said: “If I am injured by Yun Che, then consider it my lack of skill, and of course blame would not fall upon Brother Yun’s head in the slightest; everyone here can also be a witness.”

Right after Xiao Luocheng’s voice faded, Cloudy Sun Sect’s Head Elder, Yan Zizai had already loudly shouted: “Both of you can rest assured, with so many people here today, and this many eyes watching, we will naturally be your most solid witnesses. If either of you is unfortunate enough to receive severe injuries while sparring, the opponent shall not be blamed; otherwise, one would be a despicable person who can’t keep to his word.

After these words from Yan Zizai, every sect immediately agreed one after another. These words, were obviously directed toward New Moon Profound Palace; because there was simply no one who believed that Yun Che could even harm Xiao Luocheng.

When speaking about Yun Che, who had largely exhausted his profound energy and was even slightly injured, there wasn’t even a chance that he could possibly be victorious.

Sikong Han’s revealed a bitter face, as his pleading eyes looked towards Qin Wuyou. But under the gaze of the seven sects, Qin Wuyou slowly nodded his head.

“Good!” Xiao Luocheng calmly said, “Since this is the case, I hope to receive Brother Yun’s guidance. I also request Brother Yun…. to be lenient on me.”

“Be lenient on me.” These four words that Xiao Luocheng had said were extremely irritating to the ear.

Yun Che faintly smiled and did not reply. His breathing became tranquil and he concentrated his gaze; the first gate of the Profound Veins opened again!

According to Jasmine’s warning, with his body’s current condition, the first gate could only be opened one last time for a dozen or so seconds; otherwise, his body and Profound Vein would inevitably be overburdened, and suffer unforeseeable damage.

But these dozen or so seconds… are more than enough!!

From the depth of Yun Che’s eyes, an extremely dangerous light flashed from within……

I didn’t bother you, didn’t provoke you. Yet you wish to destroy me.

Since it’s like this…….

I’ll destroy you first!!

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