Against The Gods – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Upheaval (9)

Xiao Yulong’s words made Xiao Lie’s entire body tremble, his pupils immediately contracted as he dumbfoundedly stood there.

Looking at Xiao Yulong’s sinister smile, how could he not realize that the mumbling on that day, in front of his son Xiao Ying’s grave… had entirely been heard!

What Xiao Yulong had said caused the crowd to instantly break into an uproar. Everyone’s jaws dropped open as they shifted their focus onto Xiao Lie and when they saw Xiao Lie’s unusual reaction, the astonishment in their hearts suddenly magnified several times. With this, the sound of the discussion had also started to increase.

Xiao Che was completely stumped; when he took note of Xiao Lie’s reaction, he was stupefied in place. Xiao Lingxi also had a dull expression, and looked at Xiao Lie blankly.

“Yulong! What is this about?” Xiao Yunhai frowned as he asked solemnly.

Xiao Yulong turned sideways and replied respectfully: “A few days ago when I went to the cemetery at the rear mountain to pay my respects, I coincidentally met Fifth Elder. At that time, he was standing in front of his son, Xiao Ying’s grave and was mumbling something to himself… But I heard it very clearly, he was saying… that Xiao Che was in fact, not Xiao Ying’s biological son!”

From Xiao Yulong’s words just now and Xiao Lie’s reaction, the crowd had already faintly guessed the truth, but now that Xiao Yulong had so plainly announced it, it was like hearing a sudden clap of thunder. Everyone in the Xiao Clan were completely astonished. Those who were familiar and friendly with Xiao Lie widened their eyes even more, with faces full of complete disbelief.

“This…” Xiao Yunhai also had a face full of shock. He gravely said at once: “Yulong! This is a major matter that concerns our very bloodlines, you absolutely cannot speak recklessly!!”

Xiao Yulong firmly replied: “Of course I wouldn’t dare to lie about such a big matter. As for the truth, won’t you know after you ask the Fifth Elder… Fifth Elder, I guess you already heard what I said clearly, if you have a clear conscience, and that Xiao Che is really your biological grandson, then do you dare to swear on the honor of your son?”

Everyone’s gaze had all focused upon Xiao Lie. As he stood there stiffly, his expression became more bitter and astringent, he did not utter a single word or give an explanation for quite a while… His son, Xiao Ying, was the greatest pride of his life, and even if he had passed on, he would never swear on the honor of the deceased Xiao Ying, if that was the price.

Xiao Che opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a single word. His chest felt empty as a heavy and stifling emotion quickly swept through his entire body.

“Father, how can little Che not be your biological grandson… Father, quickly say something, quickly tell them!” Xiao Lingxi strongly shook Xiao Lie’s body as she shouted in a terrified tone of voice.

But Xiao Lie did not utter a single word for a long time, as if he had turned into a statue. His expression quietly turn decrepit, and in a blink of an eye, he suddenly aged by more than ten years.

“Fifth Elder, how did that come about? Were the words that Yulong said the truth?” Xiao Yunhai agitatedly asked Xiao Lie as he frowned.

Xiao Lie slowly raised his head and took a deep breath. Xiao Yulong had forced him to swear on his son Xiao Ying… But that was something he would never do no matter what. Hence forth, this matter which he had concealed for sixteen years, was destined to unable to remain hidden from now on. He had thought that he could cover up the truth for an entire lifetime, until the day he died, but he never would have thought that it would actually be mercilessly revealed so quickly under this unimaginable situation, and in front of so many people.

Xiao Lie’s appearance had already tacitly agreed. If otherwise, he could have already sworn without apprehension and sealed Xiao Yulong’s mouth shut. Everyone in Xiao Clan were all flabbergasted. Even Xia Qingyue was also stunned. Xia Hongyi who was standing at the surrounding quietly at this time also had a face full of shock… Xiao Che was not Xiao Ying’s son? How could… this be!!


As Xiao Che walked in front of Xiao Lie, every step he took was incomparably dense. When he looked at a face that seemed to have aged considerably in an instant, Xiao Che felt a burst of pain in his heart. He tried his best to remain serene, and asked softly: “Grandfather… is this really… true?”

Xiao Lie drooped down his head and looked at Xiao Che. He gave a bitter smile and in his clouded eyes, was a complicated expression that Xiao Che was unable to see clearly: “Even though you aren’t my biological child, but over these years, I have always treated you as my own grandson…”

If the silence before signified his consent, in that case, this sentence was the confirmation that everyone had now clearly heard!

The Xiao Clan instantly went into an uproar. Being in the Xiao Clan for so many years, this was without a doubt, the most shocking news that any had heard before.

Xiao Che stood there expressionlessly without uttering a single sound for quite a while, as if he had lost his soul. Xiao Lingxi was dumbfounded as well; she shook her head furiously, rushed toward Xiao Lie and agitatedly shouted: “Father! What are you saying… little Che grew up with me from a young age, he’s the biological son of my brother Xiao Ying, how could he not be your own grandson… You must be joking… am I right!?”

A hand stretched over and grabbed Xiao Lingxi’s hand. At this moment Xiao Che’s expression had changed back to normal. He looked at Xiao Lingxi and gently shook his head afterwards, revealing a shallow smile: “It’s okay, little aunt. Grandfather will always be my grandfather, and you will always be my little aunt. We will always be the closest of families, so it doesn’t matter if we are related by blood or not; our feelings will never change… So is it really that important if I’m not the biological child?”

“Little Che…” Xiao Lingxi eyes instantly became hazy.

Whereas on the other side, a few of the mad dogs who suddenly got ahold of Xiao Che’s huge “weakness” started to bark wildly.

“Simply ridiculous! Ridiculous! This youngster that our Xiao Clan had raised for an entire sixteen years, does not belong to our Xiao Clan, and is actually a bastard who carried the blood of an outsider… This is practically the biggest joke in the history of Xiao Clan!” First Elder Xiao Li roared with a face full of rage.

“Xiao Lie! You actually brought a bastard into our Xiao Clan, and let our Xiao Clan raise him for an entire sixteen years! How do you want us… to even scold you! Argh!” Third Elder Xiao Ze sighed heavily.

“You clearly know he is a bastard but you still kept him in Xiao Clan, and let him enjoy the privilege of being an Elder’s grandson! Xiao Lie, you actually lied to our entire clan for sixteen years. If Yulong didn’t discover this by luck, perhaps we would get duped by you forever. By that time, the descendants of Xiao Clan would have been mixed with the blood of outsiders! Xiao Lie, do you know how big of a sin that is!” Fourth Elder Xiao Cheng pointed at Xiao Lie as his face turned red due to his agitation.

Second Elder Xiao Bo scolded loudly: “No wonder every of our Xiao Clan’s descendants had above average talent, but all of a sudden a broken profound vein trash appeared! So it turns out that this trash Xiao Clan had raised for sixteen years was actually a bastard! If this were to spread, won’t our Xiao Clan become the laughingstock of Floating Cloud City!”

Not only the four big elders, but even the middle aged, and the attendants who belonged to the four big elders all stood out, mercilessly criticizing Xiao Lie. For a moment, Xiao Lie became the target of a multitude of verbal arrows.

“Fifth Elder, this is… is… Argh!” After Xiao Yunhai facial color went through a series of changes as he sighed for a long period of time.

“Hehe, you guys have truly let me witness such an extremely amusing show. The Xiao Clan which have developed to what it is today with great difficulty, unexpectedly has mingled in a bastard that came from nowhere! Even I am feeling embarrassed for you all!” As Xiao Kuangyun opened his mouth, his voice was the usual sound of sharp unpleasantness. He glanced at Xiao Che and enthusiastically continued: “Today is Xiao Clan’s general meeting, other than the people of Xiao Clan and the people that were invited, outsiders have no place here! Xiao Clan Master, what are you still waiting for, quickly throw this bastard out and from this day onwards, he should not be allowed to even take half a step into the Xiao Clan!!”

“Ahh… this…” Xiao Yunhai had a expression of “cannot bear to”. However after hesitating for a while, he gritted his teeth, faced Xiao Che and spoke: “Xiao Che, Fifth Elder has already admitted that you are not his grandson; you don’t have our Xiao Clan’s blood in your body either… Although our Xiao Clan had raised you in vain for sixteen years, but in these sixteen years, you were in the dark as well and if we were to go after you for anything, it would instead show our pettiness… Just leave, quickly leave our Xiao Clan. From now on, you have nothing to do with our Xiao Clan and you are not allowed to take even half a step into our Xiao Clan ever again!”

The gazes all focused onto Xiao Che again, and many people silently sighed in their hearts. However, Xiao Che did not even have a trace of a want to beg or sorrowful expression on his face. After listening to Xiao Yunhai words, he just smiled slightly with signs of sarcasm: “Clan Master and the elders need not be troubled, since I don’t belong to your Xiao Clan at all, then I will leave… Furthermore I will leave right now!”

He stood in front of Xiao Lie as his eyes trembled for a while, and then suddenly asked: “Grandfather… If I’m not your grandson, then who exactly are my biological parents?”

Xiao Lie had knew in advance that he would ask this question. He closed his eyes and shook his head: “I don’t know, Xiao Ying had picked you up from outside, even he does not know who your true biological parents were…”

“……” From Xiao Lie shaking and his complicated eyes, Xiao Che knew this wasn’t Xiao Lie’s heartfelt answer. He must know the truth of his birth, but in front of so many people, he wasn’t able to say it.

With a *plop* sound, Xiao Che knelt down heavily in front of Xiao Lie and sincerely said: “Grandfather, even if I’m not your biological child, but these sixteen years, you have treated me better than your own. You raised me, educated me, protected me, spent countless blood and sweat on me, and I can never return these sixteen years of affection. I have always been extremely glad to have such a kind grandfather like you. Although it was only today that I discovered that I actually do not have the Xiao Clan blood, what of it? You are my grandfather and I am your grandson, even if we are unrelated by blood, I will forever keep this affection in my heart! As long as grandfather does not mind, I will forever be your grandson!”

Those words caused everyone to feel a tremble in their hearts. Xiao Lie eyes started to moisten as he heavily nodded, said “good” with a hoarse voice, and walked forward, raising his hands with the intention of lifting Xiao Che up.

However Xiao Che avoided his hands, bent down, and heavily kowtowed three times towards Xiao Lie.

“Grandfather, little aunt, no matter what happens after I leave, I request that you carefully protect yourselves, and take proper care of your health….”

When Xiao Che stood up, his forehead was already bruised. However the smile on his face remained as gentle and calming as the autumn wind. He turned his body around and walked toward the direction of the gate. He didn’t want to leave… because grandfather and little aunt was here; he still wanted to use his life to protect them… but, he had to leave, or else grandfather and little aunt will get dragged into an unforeseeable mess. Regardless of whether or not he wanted to stay, he would still be forced to leave anyway.

“Little Che!!”

Xiao Lingxi sobbing shouts came from behind, and Xiao Che’s footsteps paused slightly, but he didn’t stop. He didn’t look back, and walked towards the gate without hesitation… Nobody knew that under his calm and quiet facade, masked a multitude of anger, resentment and the intention to murder…

He was exceedingly wise and shrewd, but he didn’t have power… Without power, he couldn’t fight back, he couldn’t protect his grandfather and little aunt, and he did not even have the strength to struggle… He had no other choice than to be expelled in this way…

The day when he was just reborn, he desired to gain power, and power was something that humans had always instinctively pursued from the very beginning. At this moment, compared to his previous days, his thirst for enormous power multiplied by a hundredfold, and could even be said to be a thousand times more intense…

He wanted to gain enormous power to protect his grandfather and little aunt, to wash away all this humiliation, and to make the people who had reveal their ugly faces today, regret. He wanted Xiao Kuangyun to die without a corpse… And even wanted the whole of Xiao Clan to pay an unforgettable price!

“Please keep my grandfather and little aunt safe… I beg you… ”

While passing by Xia Qingyue, Xiao Che said in a voice that only she could hear.

This man who was brimming with mystery and arrogance; when he said that, his eyes revealed a desperate plea for help… Perhaps, in his entire life, he had never begged anyone before, for his plea seemed to appear particularly heart wrenching. Xia Qingyue’s heart heavily quivered, and unexpectedly had an instant feeling of suffocation… She could not help but involuntarily and slowly, nod her head.

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