Against The Gods – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 – A Strength That Opposes the Heavens

“Jasmine, what’s going on?” Yun Che asked as he lifted both his hands, and looked at the flames on his body with a face full of astonishment.

However, Jasmine did not answer him. Inside the Sky Poison Pearl, she silently watched the flames that encompassed his entire body until she finally opened her mouth to speak in a low mumble: “The color of his Profound Veins have changed. Looks like that was indeed one of the five seeds that the Evil God had left behind. In other words, this place was actually one of the Evil God’s Five Secret Grounds!”

“It was actually discovered by him just like that. His luck ought to be said to be extremely good…. or was it…. the Evil God’s Profound Veins’ guidance?”

The flames on Yun Che’s body continued to burn even more vigorously, and had already reached the height of a few dozens meters in a blink of an eye. The surrounding walls, and even the stone under his feet slowly melted away to sink down inside the raging flames; one could imagine how terrifyingly high the flame’s temperature was. However, from beginning to the end, Yun Che never received the slightest bit of damage; what’s more, was the fact that he never felt any sort of discomfort at all.

Inside the flames that encompassed his body, he felt that his own Profound Veins had continued to turmoil intensely. After he had finally managed to calm his heart down, he hurriedly used inner vision to check up on his Profound Veins…. After taking a glance, he almost cried out in surprise.

Because his Profound Veins…. had completely changed into a crimson-red color! Even all the opened Fifty-four Profound Entrances, had become a deep red color.

This is…. what’s going on?

His profound energy started to rapidly convulse in his Profound Veins; waves and waves of profound energy that came from an unknown source swiftly flooded in, making the profound energy in his Profound Veins swell up again and again…. Until it had expanded to the limit that his Profound Veins could accommodate.


A soft sound. Yun Che faintly heard the sound of something being broken through.

The profound energy within the Profound Veins continued to rapidly contract. The amount did not diminish but instead became even thicker than before. This was clearly…. the outstanding behavior of a profound strength breakthrough!

In the blink of an eye, his profound strength at the fourth level of the Elementary Profound Realm, broke through to the fifth level of the Elementary Profound Realm!

But it wasn’t completely over just yet; the profound energy in the Profound Veins were still rapidly swelling; the profound energy from the unknown source flooded in like crazy, and filled the Profound Veins that had just made a breakthrough to the brim again, followed by…….


The quality of the profound energy inside the Profound Veins made another jump in level; from the strength of the fifth level of the Elementary Realm, it crossed into the sixth level of Elementary Profound Realm.

Yun Che’s jaw dropped wide open from shock. Even with a mental state that was built from two lifetimes, he still could almost not accept this advancement in profound energy that could even shock the world. Not even half a minute had passed, and his profound strength actually crossed from the fourth level of Elementary Profound Realm, into the sixth level of Elementary Profound Realm!!

Not only had this sort of thing never been encountered before, but even just hearing it, was also improbable!

It was so much to take in that he had a feeling that it was all just a dream.

The jumping of two ranks was still not the end. The crimson flames on Yun Che’s body was still slowly rising, and neared a few dozen meters in height. The surrounding ground also substantially sank, and streams of lava gathered under Yun Che’s feet. However, it still didn’t damage Yun Che in the slightest.

The unknown source of profound energy was still madly pounding into his now crimson colored Profound Veins, filling it, and making the strength of his profound energy explosively grow in a frightening manner.

…. Elementary Profound Realm level seven!

…. Elementary Profound Realm level eight!

…. Elementary Profound Realm level nine!

…. Elementary Profound Realm level ten!

“Jasmine…. what exactly is going on here?” Yun Che forcibly bit the tip of his tongue. This was already the third time he had to confirm whether or not he was dreaming! To him, these few short minutes were exactly like that of a dream. He didn’t even have time to react to the mind-blowing shock he received when his profound strength had risen by two levels because afterwards, his profound strength had frantically increased sharply…. directly into the tenth level of the Elementary Profound Realm!!

Even for a genius that grew up in a major sect that had access to substantial amounts of resources and outstanding teachers, it would still take at least three years to reach the tenth level of Elementary Profound Realm from the fourth level of Elementary Profound Realm! Even Xia Qingyue had used a total of three and half years of time to reach the tenth level of Elementary Profound Realm from the fourth level of Elementary Profound Realm; and that sort of time, was already considered to be a once-in-a-century’s worth of opportunity in the small Floating Cloud City! And was regarded as the number one talent of Floating Cloud City!

Yet he, spent not even five minutes!!

Not only did this smash through Yun Che’s knowledge, it had thoroughly overthrown the basic rules and regulations of Profound growth in the Sky Profound Continent!

As a result, even though Yun Che’s heart brimmed with immense pleasant surprise, it also induced a greater amount of immense terror!

Even more frightening was the fact that inflation of profound energy had not yet stopped, and did not even slow down! The profound strength that had already achieved the tenth level of the Elementary Profound Realm still continued to increase at a rapid pace.

“As expected, it really was correct; what you had just eaten, was one of the five seeds left behind by the Evil God! I* had searched around this Blue Wind Empire for such a long time and was not able to find it, but you, who only possessed such an insignificant amount of strength was unexpectedly able to bump into it and find it, just by being reckless. Your luck is so good, that lightning should strike you from the heavens!” Jasmine’s tone was somewhat filled with displeasure and irritation.

“….. This something seed of the Evil God, can even dramatically increase profound strength?” Yun Che said with a face full of bewilderment.

“Perhaps the seed of the Evil God had also carried a small portion of the Evil God’s power with it. Since it had now found the successor of the Evil God’s Profound Veins, not only did it change your Profound Veins into one of the fire attribute, but it also granted you its power within, at the same time. Don’t fret, there are no negative side effects for this somewhat exaggerated growth of profound energy!” Jasmine leisurely spoke.

“Change Profound Veins…. into the fire attribute?”


The sound of an immediate breakthrough of a barrier was felt through the depths of Yun Che’s Profound Veins. At this time, the scarlet flames that had been igniting for quite a while now, had finally died out.

In that instant, Yun Che clearly felt that the entirety of his Profound Veins had undergone a subliminal change; it became more resilient, wider, and much more hotter. The profound energy inside was even more so, concentrated and dense, to an unbelievable degree.

Even his thoughts about this world had significantly changed as his eyes cleared and his hearing sharpened; this in-and-out pleasurable sensation that was like the shedding of an old body almost made him shout out in joy. Yun Che threw his head back and slowly exhaled. Then, a profound strength that was stronger than his old one, by who knows how many times, suddenly passed through his body and emitted outwards!

“First level of the Nascent Profound Realm! Congratulations; now that you’ve stepped into the Nascent Profound Realm, you can finally be considered to be a true profound practitioner. In this land, entering the Nascent Profound Realm at the age of sixteen ought to be pretty average, right?” Jasmine flatly stated.

In this moment, the previous overwhelming shock, horror, and apprehension he had when stepping into the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm faded away without a trace. He lifted both his hands and then erected a finger. As he moved his thoughts, a very small flame ignited above the fingertip. The temperature of this flame was blazing hot, yet it didn’t even burn or injure his skin in the slightest. As he looked at the cluster of fire that stayed ablaze because of his profound energy, he silently laughed.

Was this considered to be the remedy that the heavens had given me? To let me spend a full sixteen years as a cripple…. only to then give back everything that ought to belong to me, multiplicatively, within this short time period of one day.

As Yun Che silently inspected his center; he saw that his own Profound Veins had become a prominent crystal clear crimson color, and was comparable to that of the purest of sculpted rubies. Not only his Profound Veins, but even in his channels, plasma and every single cell, did he discover an additional speck of a crimson colored element.

“Speaking of which, does that mean that I wouldn’t need to worry about my body being burned, ever again?”

Yun Che was aware of how universally shocking his words were, but this was nevertheless what his body and Profound Veins truly made him feel at this very moment.

“There’s no mistake.” Jasmine said in a peculiar voice: “In the distant past, it is said that the Evil God possessed the most formidable of elemental power within the Spatial Chaos. With only his profound strength, he had the ability to manipulate the elements in the natural world at will; and even so much that it was possible to change his profound energy into any kind of element at any time. In the memory imprint of that immortal drop of blood, it was clearly recorded that the five seeds the Evil God had left behind contained the “power source” of his formidable power over the elements. In the event that these sources of power were to be obtained, not only would one be able to manipulate the corresponding element, but would furthermore have the ability to be unconditionally immune to said element.”

“It is also because of this record that this princess did not use the Evil God’s immortal blood on herself, but instead braved the great danger of arriving on this continent in order to attempt to find the Evil God’s Secret Grounds mentioned in the memory imprint. This is due to the possibility of manipulating the elements; and even the lure of perfect elemental immunity, was something that this princess is incapable of resisting. And because, in this present that’s long after the complete fall of the True God, this kind of ability is truly in a sense….”

“A strength that opposes the heavens!”

Jasmine’s voice suddenly became colder: “At the same time, this is also a taboo in Pandora’s box! Now that you’ve already opened this box, no one will know for sure what sort of chain reaction this immortal power of the gods would arouse when it reappears in this world. Perhaps you will suffer the wrath of heaven, or perhaps it will bring about an infinite amount of disaster and calamity. Because once the secret on your body is exposed, there would be an innumerable number of people in this world who would want to kill you in order to seize the strength that could oppose the heavens…. if it weren’t for the intertwinement of our lives, even this princess would also want to kill you and take your power.

“…. Hey! Don’t go that far to scare me, okay? Although I had suddenly entered the Nascent Profound Realm at last, it is still merely the Nascent Profound Realm. Not even mentioning that opposing the heavens thing, if a random Profound Beast hopped out here right now, it could casually exterminate me.” Yun Che slightly shrank his neck to assume a scared expression.

Although this was said directly out of his mouth, from Jasmine’s confirmation about his control over fire, and the capability of being completely immune to fire, his inner heart became incapable of quieting down and shook for a very long time. To never be afraid of fire…. This was indeed the ability that the gods of the legends were rumored to possess! Not even mentioning humans, even the powerful Flame Dragon that had been wiped out by Jasmine, wouldn’t be completely fearless against fire; for although it was of the fire attribute, if it encountered a more powerful flame higher than its own, it would still burn into complete nothingness.

“This princess is definitely not trying to scare you! So, by all means, do not become complacent just because your profound strength has sharply increased. You must quickly improve your strength to at least have enough power to protect yourself. Now that your profound strength has reached the Nascent Profound Realm, after that, you must further consolidate your present profound strength, so this princess can also begin to teach you a few profound skills that you may possibly be able to learn…. Before then, go take care of this Flame Dragon’s body. To the present you, its carcass is a pile of enormous precious treasure!”

Jasmine’s tone of voice still contained the same ice-cold indifference as before, and completely lacked any emotion. But when it entered Yun Che’s ears, it made him feel as if it was not the same as before. Because he didn’t feel any trace of disdain, contempt, or the occasional bored yet stiff tone in Jasmine’s words, but instead sensed a faint bit of…. concern?

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