Against The Gods – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Seed of the Evil God – Fire

Yun Che’s method of cultivation was very simple, but also very extreme and very frightening.

Using the waterfall’s immense power of impact, he completely scattered his own Profound Energy, while also withstanding a substantial amount of trauma that was being dealt to his life force. Then, under this near burnt out state, he exploits and teared apart the limits of his body and Profound Strength.

Because toppling the limit also means advancing a step further.

However during this process, even the slightest trace of inattentiveness would result in immediate death!

Afterwards, he submerged himself inside the medicinal liquid made from Demonic Skull Vine. The Demonic Skull Vine contained an acute poison, and would also intensely stimulate the body. After Yun Che lost his consciousness, the cells on the surface of his body would still continue to spasm, contract, and invigorate under the stimulation. This sped up the healing process, and forcefully pushed his body a step further, breaking its limits. As for the poison carried by the Demonic Skull Vine, Yun Che, who possessed the Sky Poison Pearl wasn’t daunted by it in the slightest.

This was essentially how he had passed these last few days. He trained with his life on the line using this extreme method, as if he was a suicidal madman.

“Hmph, if you are this desperate, I* naturally won’t stop you. So, how long are you planning to stay here and train?” Jasmine said haughtily with her charming voice.

“Of course, it’ll be until I’ve conquered this waterfall!” Yun Che said with determination, as a glimpse of resolution flashed across his eyes: “If I can’t even conquer a mere waterfall, what qualification do I have to conquer my goal!”

“Alright, then this princess will observe how long you’ll need to conquer this waterfall. But before that….” Jasmine’s petite face turned to the side at this moment, and her cheeks revealed a hint of bashfulness: “ Immediately, go buy a new set of clothes for me*! Including underwear, outerwear shoes, and hair ribbons!”

“…. Is that really necessary? I think your current attire looks pretty good?” Yun Che evaluated Jasmine from the top to bottom, and said with a serious face.

“If you don’t go and buy them, I* will get angry.” Immediately, an icy cold aura filled with killing intent began to seep out of Jasmine’s body.

“Fine, I’ll go after I’ve finished recovering my profound strength.”

Yun Che adjusted his seating in the medicinal pond; while calming his heart and breath, he felt the once again completely empty Profound Veins, slowly becoming satiated. A short while later, he suddenly asked: “Jasmine, before you entered the Sky Poison Pearl last time, there seemed to be a question that you didn’t answer me…. Where did you actually come from? Are you an imperial princess from some kind of empire?”

Jasmine stood up, and said with a flat complexion: “I*, of course am a princess, but not some kind of imperial princess. As for where I* came from…. that is a place you wouldn’t know even if I had said it. From this place…. It’s extremely far away!”

From Jasmine’s mannerism, she clearly did not want to completely answer his question. Yun Che thought for a little bit, and said: “If it’s that far away, why did you come to Floating Cloud City? Was it that you were forced to escape there because of the people chasing you?”

Jasmine’s petite and cute eyebrow promptly sunk, and said coldly: “All of the people who chased me* are already dead. But I* didn’t expect, that they actually had this kind of ‘taboo’ poison! I* was actually poisoned unawares! As for the reason why I* came to this place, it was to find the five Evil God’s secret grounds, mentioned in the memories of the Evil God’s blood. Amongst them, one of the Evil God’s secret ground’s location was vaguely around the Blue Wind Empire’s eastern area. As I* was searching for it, the acute poison became active…. The rest of the story, you should already roughly understand.”

“Evil God’s five secret grounds?” Yun Che had a face full of bewilderment.

“The Evil God’s memories had mentioned that this Profound Sky Continent was created by the Evil God at that time; on this Profound Sky continent, he had five places of refuge. Before his downfall, he left five “Seeds” in these respective five places. It also clarified that….” Jasmine took a glance at Yun Che: “Only those who had inherited his power, would be able to find them!”

“That means, only we will be able to find them?” A wave of excitement hit Yun Che, and he hurried said: “What exactly are those five seeds? Are they powerful? And how am I supposed to find them?”

“Hmph, how could I* know! But since it’s something left behind by the Evil God, how could they be powerless. However, the you right now should better stop having these extraneous thoughts. The Evil God’s secret grounds; the level of strength in the surrounding area will certainly be outrageously high, how would you be able to touch or even go near it! Someday, when you’re able to arrogantly look down upon the entire Blue Wind Empire, think about it then.” Jasmine said those words like an elder, proud of one’s wisdom and experience.

“….” Yun Che could only shut his mouth, collect his thoughts, and quietly recover his profound strength.


Seven days had went by, and there was essentially no chance of Xiao Kuangyun remaining inside Cyan Forest Town. Yun Che brought out a new set of clothes from the Sky Poison Pearl, changed, and then went back to Cyan Forest Town. With only one goal in mind: To buy a new set of clothes for Jasmine.

But in the end, Yun Che returned empty handed…

It was because the process went like this…

“Jasmine, how’re these clothes? They seem to look pretty good.”

“Don’t want it! I’d* never wear anything purple!”

“Then, how about this one…”

“How could the dresses in this place be this crude! How can this princess wear something so unrefined!”

“…. This is only a remote town, and the clothes from this shop could be considered the most luxurious, it’s the same if you just put up with it…”

“I’d* rather not wear anything, than to wear something crude like this! I don’t want any of these clothes!”

“….. Wait until I’ve conquered the waterfall, then I’ll be heading to New Moon City. There should definitely be better clothing there; if you don’t want the clothes here, we’ll have to buy them then.”


“Or…. let’s get some panties first?”

“You’re…. seeking…. death~~…. Want to bet if I’ll kill you right now!!”


Unknowingly, four months had subtly passed by.

Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, waterfall in the mountains.

The season had already quietly entered wintertime, for the waterfall’s water began to progressively become, more and more bone-chilling. However, a youth was actually standing under the waterfall during this period of time. His upper torso was exposed, and his eyes were tightly closed as he let the violent flow of ice-cold water frantically stream down his body. Yet his face didn’t falter, as if he was rooted there like a unyielding boulder. In his body, profound energy desperately surged to defend against the water flow’s impact…. Until the last hint of Profound Energy was completely squeezed dry.


The youth’s body started to waver some, then when it finally was incapable of bracing itself anymore, he crashed into the torrential pool of water.

Climbing out of the pool onto the bank with difficulty, Yun Che breathed heavily, walked to the small new pond he dug out and submerged himself. He then snatched up a few black-colored herbal medicine pellets that were beside the pond and stuffed them in his mouth…. They were low class Profound Recovering Pellets synthesized from the Iron Sand Vines he collected from the surrounding area; they could slightly boost the recovery rate of Profound Strength for a period of time.

After consuming the Profound Recovering Pellets, Yun Che took a long sigh of relief, closed his eyes and entered a state of meditation. Fifty-four Profound Entrances were all open, and quickly recovered the Profound Strength’s severe deficit.

These few months, he had always stayed at the edge of this waterfall. He tore open his limits again and again, and at the same time, no irreparable damage or wounds had been dealt because of the Demon Skull Vine’s liquid immersion.

Jasmine looked at him from afar in complete silence. Regarding Yun Che’s suicidal method of cultivation, she had already gotten used to observing it. She had expected that the Yun Che would only be able to endure this degree of training for a few days. But what made her utterly astonished, was that for an entire four months, he did the same thing, everyday, without relaxing a single day. However, this insane cultivation was definitely not because he had lost his mind; Whenever he felt that his body’s burden or damage was too much, he would promptly return to soak in the Demon Skull Vine’s medicinal pond to slowly let his body recover and strengthen. As time went on, the amount of Demon Skull Vine he collected everyday increased more and more, and the Demon Skull Vine’s extracted liquid became thicker and thicker. The concentration was high enough that a profound practitioner at Elementary Profound Realm would immediately die after being submerged for a mere five or six seconds.

An hour and half later, Yun Che opened his eyes and jumped out of the small pond. He wiped his body, grabbed the leftover roasted bunny from his previous meal, and started to wolf it down.

“This time’s perseverance lasted twenty-three seconds, a slightly improvement compared to last time.” Jasmine came to his side, arms crossed in front of her petite chest, as she unemotionally said that.

“At this pace, in another one and half months, you’ll be able to breakthrough to the fifth level of Elementary Profound Realm. This speed, can be considered as not too shabby.”

Starting from zero, he reached the first level of Elementary Profound Realm in seven days; the second level of Elementary Profound Realm in a month; the third level of Elementary Profound Realm in two and a half months; and ten days ago, he had also reached the fourth level of Elementary Profound Realm. This speed was not just ‘not too shabby’; even within the all the history of Profound Cultivation of the Blue Wind Empire, this speed was qualified to be considered as something that had never been seen before.

Yun Che’s Fifty-four Profound Entrances were entirely opened; he was well acquainted with the structure of the human body, the constitution of Profound Veins, and cultivation process when training in the ways of the Profound. Adding on the immense grind that ignored day and night as if his life depended on it, the possibility of having this kind of astonishing speed was in no way, just an exaggeration.

As of now, not only was his profound strength incomparable to the state it was at four months ago, his body also became excessively resilient. However, the increase in protective profound strength was only a small part of the reason; the bigger reason, was that he took the impact from the water and soaked in the Demon Skull Vine’s juice for a countless amount of time. Although his profound strength was only at the fourth level of Elementary Profound Realm, perhaps his body’s strength may not be defeated by profound practitioners at the sixth level of Elementary Profound Realm.

“Uuu… Then… when will you teach me profound techniques? You’ve already named yourself as my master for four months, but still hadn’t taught me anything.” Yun Che unclearly said as he was eating.

“You clearly knew about the basics of training in the Profound, so you obviously didn’t need me* to teach you anything.” Jasmine stiffened her face, and assumed a look with a master’s imposing dignity: “What you currently need to do is to consolidate the Elementary Profound Realm. After you’ve broken through the Elementary Profound Realm and enter Nascent Profound Realm, I* will naturally teach you profound techniques.”

As she had spoken until here, the expression in Jasmine’s eyes suddenly fluctuated, and her voice also dampened: “Someone is coming.”

“Wouldn’t people come here often?” Yun Che said casually.

“There are five people altogether, their profound strengths all at the Sky Profound Realm. And one of them, is already half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm!” Jasmine slightly knitted her brow as her voice faintly stiffened in heavy concentration.

“Wh…. at!!” Yun Che almost bit his tongue as he yelled without composure.

Sky Profound Realm? At this little Cyan Forest Town’s Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, why would profound practitioners at the level of the Sky Profound Realm appear? The Sky Profound Realm was situated at the pinnacle of the Blue Wind Empire. It was something that only a person of character, like Chu Yueli, would be in; and usually received the idolization of many, a transcendent existence!

Half a step into Emperor Profound Realm was at the tenth level of Sky Profound Realm’s apex, yet there was a supremely strong being who’s only half a step’s distance away from the Emperor Profound Realm! This strength was an ultimate existence that had sufficient enough power to touch the title of the Blue Wind Empire’s top ten!

These kind of characters are generally born from those enormous sects of long influential standing. Even within those enormous sects, their positions would be extremely high, for they were fundamentally impossible to be seen by ordinary commoners. Why would they appear in such a remote area? Not only that, it was five of them at the same time!

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