Against The Gods – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Rebirth of the Profound Veins

The moment the dark-red drop of blood entered Yun Che’s body, tens of bloodstain-like crimson lines wildly fanned throughout his body, originating from the blood print in his chest. The lines spread across his whole body in an instant. His chest, hands, legs, face, ears, and even pupils were now full of blood colored channels that looked like demonic markings.


At that instant, Yun Che felt as he was stabbed by tens of thousands of blades. Immense agony fiercely beamed from every single corner of his body, and made him let out a painful whine. His entire body started to shake tremendously, as his vision also became blurry, until it completely became a shade of crimson red.

A wave of pain emanated from a force digesting the insides of his body…. Yun Che knew the human anatomy like the back of his hand; the parts that were being digested, was doubtlessly his broken Profound Veins! The function of Profound Veins were to hold profound strength; so even if there were no profound veins, a person could still live, and just won’t be able to cultivate even the slightest amount of profound energy. Although profound veins do not affect one’s life and death, it still was a part of the body. The broken profound veins continuously being eaten away was not unlike internal organs that were being slowly ripped apart and shredded; and one could only imagine that degree of misery.

Jasmine had just said before, that this drop of Evil God’s immortal blood would devour the previously present Profound Veins, and give birth to new Profound Veins…. Since my Profound Veins are being devoured right now, then it meant that Jasmine wasn’t lying earlier…. If it really can form a new set of Profound Veins, how could I not bear this little bit of pain!!

The indescribable pain continued. It was a pain that no real word could express, a pain that far surpassed a human’s capability to endure. This pain continued and continued on…. The devouring speed of the broken Profound Vein was extremely slow. At this rate, it would at least take half a quarter of an hour to finish.

I don’t need anything like the Evil God’s power, nor do I need a Profound Vein stronger than common people. If I could just get the same Profound Veins as everyone else…. I won’t have any complaints, even if it’s a little weaker…. If that could come true, even if it’s ten times more painful, I would still definitely do it!!

Terrifying pain made all the nerves in Yun Che’s body fiercely spasm, but in his heart was a haze of tranquility…. or even, excitement!

As Jasmine forced the Evil God’s blood into Yun Che’s body, her lips curled up, and revealed a very…. gleeful smile at his agony.

Recalling the memories she obtained from this drop of immortal blood, she knew it would start to forcefully devour the original Profound Vein the moment it entered the body…. And while devouring the Profound Veins, the process would be as if one’s profound vein was being cut off.. minced… cut off… minced over and over again….. This was undoubtedly an inhumane torture, an ultimate kind of pain that would even make the world’s strongest beings roll on the floor and shriek.

Did you think I would really just forgive you for sullying my body with your eyes earlier? This blood of the Evil God would indeed grant you new Profound Veins, but it’ll also bequeath you with the most brutal punishment in my stead!!

Jasmine cruelly smiled as she saw the red demonic marks all over his body; as she saw his eyes suddenly turned crimson; as she saw his whole body tremble; as she saw his face contorting in pain…. Slowly, her smile chilled down and disappeared, and what replaced it was an face that expressed an ever-increasing shock.

His four limbs trembled, his whole body spasmed, and his facial features were more so bunched up together in contortion. On his forehead, bean sized beads of sweat slid down in a terrifying fast speed…. It was impossible to imagine how considerable the pain must be for the body to react in such a startling fashion.

However, aside from that first moan, Yun Che didn’t utter a single sound of pain afterwards; not even a single trace!

As time ticked away, one minute…. three minutes…. five minutes…… Jasmine’s expression eventually changed into complete astonishment.

Devouring the Profound Vein…. Under such frightening agony, he actually still didn’t let out a single roar of pain!

Sweat already permeated through Yun Che’s entire body as every spot of his skin and flesh trembled in pain. Yet between his clenched teeth, the fact that no sound had escaped, was extremely shocking. In his distorted face, there actually hid a little….. excitement!

He obviously ought to be in enough pain to wish for death as an escape…. How could this reaction be possible!

How could he, a common man with a broken Profound Vein, have such daunting willpower?!

Wrong! Was this really the willpower a human could possess?! That kind of pain, even if it were my father, would not even be able to bear it as leisurely as he is!

This ordinary, mortal man…. a person fused with Sky Poison Pearl…. What exactly is he….

At this time Jasmine realized, in her shock, that she had entirely, and unfairly looked down on him… His body was weak, and his profound strength was meager; but at this time, he exhibited a terrifying willpower that was at a complete disparity with what he had. Before, she had always wondered why the Sky Poison Pearl, being one of the Heavenly Profound Treasures, would actually fuse with such a inferior and lowly human. But now, she had started to feel… that it seemed the Sky Poison Pearl didn’t actually lose its spirituality, nor had the Sky Poison Pearl’s spirituality gone mad…..

Half a quarter of an hour went by….

At this time, the demonic marks all over Yun Che’s body suddenly twinkled with red luminescence, and his contorted face finally started to slowly ease down.

The Profound Vein’s devourment had finished. What had followed, was the construction of the new set of Profound Veins.

From the areas that had been devoured, he felt the growth of the new Profound Veins, and the growth speed was extremely fast; over ten times faster than the speed of devourment. The hollowed feeling from just before was quickly replaced by a new feeling of fullness, and the pain he had experienced also dissipated like the ocean’s tide.

His sweat no longer flowed and his muscle spasms stopped; even his expression became calm. Yun Che closed his eyes, and remained motionless. If one looked carefully, they would see a gentle smile hanging from the edge of his lips.

In the quiet stillness, Yun Che switched on his inner vision, and joyfully looked at the rapidly growing Profound Veins in his body. At this moment, he had lost any doubt of Jasmine’s words. The rebirth of Profound Veins; this unimaginable miracle had clearly and truly took place in his body.

A human’s Profound Veins starts growing from the time of birth, and reaches maturity at around the age of fourteen. However his newly born Profound Veins were like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and completely developed in less than two minutes.

The fully shaped Profound Veins’ size and shape were all the same as in Yun Che’s knowledge of a human’s Profound Veins, at least, he couldn’t find a single disparity when using his inner vision. Under his fastidious senses, the locations of the Fifty-four Profound Entrances were quickly found…. Even the distribution and sensations were no different than an ordinary person’s profound veins.

At the same time, out of the Fifty-four Profound Entrances, a total of eleven opened. Speaking from the standpoint of talent, it was a little above mediocre. Among them, there contained not the slightest amount of any hidden profound strength: the zeroth level of Elementary Profound Realm.

There was none of the so called power of the Evil God, nor were there any different attributes; it was absolutely the most ordinary of Profound Veins. But Yun Che didn’t even possess a sliver of disappointment. His heart was overwhelmingly ecstatic with joy, and his blood boiled within his entire body…. Because these were perfectly complete, reborn profound veins, without the slightest degree of any scratch or any damage!

This meant that he could finally graduate from being an eternally useless wastrel that couldn’t advance further than the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm.

Despite being still far from his goal, his pledge to make the entire Xiao Sect kneel before him in under three years, was no longer as difficult as reaching the heavens!

Grandfather, little aunt, I’m finally no longer a useless trash. If you knew about this, you would definitely be overjoyed…. Wait for me. In under three years, I’ll definitely return to your side, then never let you suffer humiliation and oppression ever again. I’ll make those people who mistreated you pay the cost, hundreds of thousands of times more!

Yun Che howled loudly in his heart.

At this time, the crimson colored demonic marking stopped shimmering, and instantaneously vanished altogether. Along with it, Yun Che finally opened his eyes.

“How does the reborn Profound Vein feel?” Jasmine narrowed her eyes that glinted like a star…. During this period of time, she had thoroughly observed him for a while now. He was only three years older than her, and should still be considered a half grown child. Other than his pretty good looks, he had nothing else worthy of note…. But how could he possess such a horrifying willpower? Had he actually experienced hell before?

“It really succeeded!” Yun Che tightened both of his hands into fists, as he said that with excitement. Right after, his tone changed and said with confusion: “However, are you sure this is the so-called ‘Profound Veins of the Gods’? It clearly wasn’t any different when compared to regular Profound Veins.

“How many Profound Gates were opened?” Jasmine didn’t answer his question, but questioned back.

“Eleven.” Yun Che answered.

Jasmine’s eyes flashed with a glimpse of disappointment. Then she said in an indifferent tone: “What I* obtained by losing my body and almost even dying, ultimately only gave you a small advantage in the end. But on your body, this extent is probably the limit. Did you think just anyone would have the qualifications to dabble with the power of gods? If you want to unlock the special abilities of the Evil God’s Profound Veins, then you must open all Fifty-four Profound Entrances! Had it ‘innately’ opened with over twenty Profound Entrances, I* would still be able to help you achieve it in thirty years. But with eleven “innately” opened Profound Entrances, even if you gave me* a hundred years of time, it would still be impossible for me* to do.”

“Open all Fifty-four Profound Entrances?”

Had this kind of words entered someone else’s ears, their mouth would’ve promptly become agape due to shock. For Fifty-four Profound Entrances to be all opened, it would have to be the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins from the legends! In the Blue Wind Empire’s thousand years of history, there existed not even one! Yet Yun Che’s expression was very calm, and instead looked at Jasmine with an unusually curious gaze: “Are you sure that it would work if all Fifty-four Profound Entrances were open? En, let me see!”

As he finished speaking, Yun Che lifted his left hand, held it against his chest, and muttered: “Sky Poison…. Purification!”

Sky Poison Pearl instantly emitted a beam of dark-green light, dissolved into Yun Che’s body and went through his newly born Profound Veins.

The number of innately open Profound Entrances essentially decided the height one could reach during his entire lifetime, because it was extremely difficult to open Profound Entrances postnatally. Extremely advanced miraculous medicine, chance, and luck; not even one of these factors could be absent. Using external forces to open Profound Entrances would be accompanied by extremely high risks; that even the slightest mistake would cause irreparable damage to the Profound Veins.

In the Profound Sky Continent, over ninety-nine percent of profound practitioners did not have any additional Profound Entrances opened.

But, what kind of existence was the Sky Poison Pearl?

With its unparalleled purifying power, clearing the closed Profound Entrances was as easy as flipping over the palm of a hand, and it wouldn’t even carry even the slightest amount of risks! At that time in the Floating Cloud City, he had used the silver needles to inject the Sky Poison Pearl’s purification power into Xia Qingyue’s Fifty-four Profound Entrances; not only did he open all of her locked Profound Entrances, all of the innately opened Profound Entrances were also purified, making her profound strength impeccably pristine, without the slightest hint of impurity.

However Xia Qingyue was somebody else, and using Sky Poison Pearl’s purifying power on others had to be a little troublesome no matter what, which resulted in him being tired to death after every time.

But purifying his own Profound Veins, was as easy as playing with one’s own fingers.

Under Yun Che’s guidance, the Sky Poison Pearl’s purifying power made a trip through every single of his Fifty-four Profound Entrances with ease…. Yun Che could almost hear the *Sii Sii Sii Sii Sii* sound of the closed Profound Entrances opening.

Not even half a minute later, all of the newborn Profound Vein’s Fifty-four Profound Entrances were opened.

“Alright, all Fifty-four Profound Entrances are open. Now what?” Yun Che said with a relaxed expression.

After he finished speaking, he had not heard a word from Jasmine for a long time. However, as he lifted his gaze, he found that Jasmine’s starry eyes were wide open; and the gaze that watched him…. was as if she were looking at an oddly shaped monster.

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