Against The Gods – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – Falling Moon Sinking Star

Yun Che had already readied his stance as seriousness spread across his face. On the other hand, Xiao Luocheng was calm and relaxed; he wore a smile on his face, and was not even nervous in the slightest… But in his heart, he was already laughing from anger.

For him to act, it would naturally not be without reason. This was because Yun Che gave him a definite sense of crisis. Of course, this feeling was definitely not because he deemed that Yun Che could beat him. But rather, Yun Che who was clearly only at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, was able to even beat the Lu Zhannan, who was at the seventh level of the Nascent Profound Realm. The fire attribute profound art he used, had even more so reached an unfathomable state. Even as the Young Sect Master of Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect, he had never seen or heard of anyone having this kind of strength at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm.

Even when he was at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, it was completely impossible for him to be able to accomplish it to this extent.

Which also meant that if they were of the same level, then even he was essentially, not Yun Che’s match.

In all these years in New Moon City, he was always publicly recognized as number one, and among the younger generation, there had never emerged a person that he would think highly of. But from this Yun Che, he actually couldn’t help but feel a sense of inferiority. This feeling made him extremely uncomfortable. This type of person, absolutely, should not have shown up in New Moon City and even more so, ought to not have appeared in his face.

Not only that, Yun Che was arrogant, was unrestrained with his words, and had previously ridiculed the seven sects in every way. He also had defeated a few of the seven sects’ finest disciples into a incredibly miserable state and didn’t give them any face. With these, it was obvious that the various sects were already furious at Yun Che. Putting aside whether or not they would use dirty methods against him in the future, it was basically impossible for them to become friends.

Since it’s like this, then I’ll just destroy him… In this New Moon City, the only one worthy of the word “Genius” is I, Xiao Luocheng!

Though this Yun Che was as strong as he was violent, he was even more so, stupid! He had actually finished digging his own grave! With this, there isn’t the slightest worry left after I destroy him .

As he thought to here, the smile on the corners of Xiao Luocheng’s mouth became even more shady. He raised his hands at Yun Che in a relaxed manner: “Brother Yun, go ahead.”

Xiao Luocheng’s stance, clearly wanted Yun Che to attack first.

Yun Che didn’t waste time; with a few steps, his right arm horizontally swung towards Xiao Luocheng’s chest without any special moves; only using profound energy. It was obvious that he wanted to test the depth of Xiao Luocheng’s profound energy.

A first ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm probing the profound strength of a tenth ranker at the Nascent Profound Realm!

The people of Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect simultaneously revealed ridiculing smiles… The difference in profound strength was almost an entire profound realm; if Yun Che wanted to last even a little while longer, his sole strategy would be to use his profound movement skill. Yet he went for a match of profound strength from the very start. It could be said to be extremely stupid. A look of disdain also flashed in Xiao Luocheng’s eyes; his left hand folded behind his back as he arbitrarily swung out his right hand.

It was only one hand; moreover, he had only used thirty percent of his strength.

The two arms collided with a *bang*. Xiao Luocheng stood still and didn’t move a single inch; his body did not even show the slightest signs of movement. However, Yun Che’s body slid over six meters away, and almost fell to the ground. His right arm also slightly trembled. He suddenly revealed a shocked face, and spoke: “Worthy of being Young Sect Master Xiao, such a thick profound energy!”

“Heheh.” Xiao Luocheng faintly laughed: “Brother Yun’s profound energy is also incomparably heavy, no wonder you could even defeat Lu Zhannan. But… If I said that I had only used thirty percent of my strength earlier…. would you believe it?

“Haha, Young Master Xiao really knows how to joke around.” Yun Che laughed. Looking at his conduct, it was as if he completely thought that Xiao Luocheng’s words were a joke; this caused all the disciples of the seven major sects to sneer. While taking a step back, he raised his right hand again, and spoke as his brows knitted: “But this next move, Young Sect Master Xiao needs to be careful. If it’s taken head on, you may receive some serious injuries.”

Hearing these words, the corner of Xiao Luocheng’s mouth violently twitched twice. The laughs of the numerous disciples of the seven sects once again rang out. It was true that the strength Yun Che had shown had astonished them time and time again; but this time, his excessive confidence and ignorance was simply many times greater than his actual strength.

“I thank Brother Yun for the warning. Brother Yun can attack as you please. I will receive them all. Even if my strength is insufficient and I do get injured, with so many people as witnesses, the blame would definitely not fall on Brother Yun,” Xiao Luocheng said while laughing. At the moment, he started to somewhat regret stepping out…. Because fighting with this type of overconfident and stupid person, simply degraded his dignity! With this type of arrogance and ignorance, even if his talent was higher, there was no chance that he would have any sort of accomplishment. There was absolutely no reason to worry.

Yun Che took in a deep breath. His eyes became serious as a vortex of profound energy quickly gathered above his right hand. It was clear that he was concentrating all his strength into his right hand. In fact, up until now when he was fighting with profound energy, aside from using his profound movement skill, he had never used any special move; all his attacks were the most ordinary of profound energy collisions.

And this time, it was still the same. Everyone also firmly believed that Yun Che simply didn’t have any type of profound attacking skills.

“Young Sect Master Xiao, receive my move!”

Yun Che shouted as he ferociously threw a heavy fist towards Xiao Luocheng’s chest. This punch clearly contained all of Yun Che’s profound energy; with an imposing force, the profound energy shockwave that accompanied it was at least twice as strong as the strength of a normal first ranker at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm

Being able to use this kind of strength as someone at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm was enough to shock anyone. But against Xiao Luocheng, it was not in the least bit threatening. Sensing an energy that could barely be considered fierce come towards his face, Xiao Luocheng’s eye’s flashed with a cold uncaring smile. All of his patience had vanished. Similarly, without any special moves, he simply threw a punch forward; but this time, he directly used seventy percent of his strength.

If thirty percent of his strength was enough to knock Yun Che away, then seventy percent was completely enough to break all of the bones in Yun Che’s arm into several pieces; even the viscera, under the assault of profound energy, would be dislocated to a large degree.

“Moron… Die!”

Xiao Luocheng coldly laughed in his heart. His gaze turned sinister; it was as if he could already see the scene of Yun Che being seriously injured to the point of losing conscious, with a mutilated right arm, in the very next second.

Right before the moment when both their fists were about to collide, a sly look flashed across Yun Che’s pupils as a shout echoed in his mind.

“Evil God’s first move —— Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”

In the depths of Yun Che’s body, the first gate of his profound veins suddenly released a strong crimson-colored light, as if a dormant demon god suddenly opened his frightening and violent eyes. In a split second, all the profound energy in his body from head to toe, started to frantically move towards Yun Che’s right fist; while the energy was moving, it was also crazily inflating to a shocking extent….

When Jasmine granted Yun Che the Evil God’s Profound Veins, she had said before that for every Evil God’s Profound Veins’ gate that opens, an accompanying Evil God’s Secret Art would be unlocked along with an Evil God’s Profound Skill. Be it the Evil God’s Secret Art or Evil God’s Profound Skill, there was no need for them to be cultivated. As long as the gate was opened, they could be used at will.

When the first gate opened and Evil Soul was activated, the name and activation method of the Evil God’s first move simultaneously appeared in his mind.

This was his final trump card that he had kept hidden all along; it also was the extremely large present he decided to gift to Xiao Luocheng after he had sensed his sinister aura.

The seven gates of the Evil God’s Profound Veins represented the seven Evil God’s Skills; the first Evil God Skill was “Falling Moon Sinking Star”. This implied that when the Evil God used this skill, it was enough to destroy both the sun and moon. It obviously would not produce such a destructive power that could oppose the heavens if it came from Yun Che; but just the name, was enough to show how terrifying its power was.


As the two fists collided, the resulting sound was akin to the heaven’s thunder striking out. A horrifying shockwave of energy that came from the collision of the two’s profound energy ferociously dispersed in all four directions. Followed by a burst of *kakakaka* sounds, the Main Palace’s marble floor greatly ruptured, and huge pieces of floor tiles were blown off into the distance.

From the epicenter of the profound energy’s turbulence, a silhouette shot out like a cannon ball and violently crashed onto the supporting pillar near the Main Palace’s gate. Followed by a *Boom*, the thick supporting pillar made of stone shook. Countless little cracks started to quickly spread through the pillar as a large amount of dust also fell from the roof.

The figure that smashed against the pillar, unexpectedly, did not bounce off. It was because half of his body was directly embedded into the center of the pillar by that extremely ferocious power. Only after a long time, did his body finally slide down slowly to hit the ground in a skewed manner. His entire body was bloody, and he was unconscious; it was unknown whether he was dead or alive. The clothes on his chest were completely blown apart. This revealed his chest that had already become so bloody and mangled that even the bones could be faintly seen. When his body hit the ground, his entire left arm was almost instantly soaked red by the fresh blood.

Yet this person was not Yun Che, but Xiao Luocheng.

It was dead silent inside the Main Palace; every single person’s eyes bulged wide open, and for the longest time, no one made a sound. Afterwards, Qin Wuyou, Sikong Han, and Tie Zhancang, all by chance, stood up together….. All the famous elders and sect leaders within New Moon City stood up at the same time; all with their widened eyes that unwaveringly continued to stare. They were making an enormous effort to try to ascertain whether or not their eyes were seeing hallucinations.


Followed by a painful moan, Yun Che suddenly hit the ground with one knee. He violently gasped to regain his breath while his right arm powerlessly dangled down. Inside his body, his energy and blood thrashed about. A backflow of blood almost bursted out from his mouth, but he forcefully swallowed it back down. After swallowing the blood, his body felt as if it was floating…. His profound veins were thoroughly emptied, and the profound energy within his body was one and the same. And now, he was weakened to the point of being barely able to stand

He slowly lifted his head, and looked in Xiao Luocheng’s direction. The corners of his mouth silently raised to become a satisfied arc.

If you didn’t provoke me, you would still be the awe-inspiring Xiao Sect Outer Sect’s Young Sect Master, and would still be the publicly accepted number one of New Moon City’s younger generation. My arrogance is a type of self-protection. But your arrogance… is truly digging your own grave!

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