Against The Gods – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – Seed of the Evil God – Fire (5)

“What is… this thing?” Yun Che asked in bewilderment as he held the bizarre scarlet-red bead. He was definitely holding onto it, but he couldn’t get a solid grasp of its weight nor temperature. Its rays were enticing and burned fiercely, emitting a familiar scarlet-red color, but also gave Yun Che a strange feeling of never seeing this color before.

Although his heart no longer throbbed as furiously as before, his profound veins suddenly went into a violent turmoil, causing the blood vessels in his entire body to slightly boil. A strange feeling also assaulted Yun Che’s heart at this moment… He was sure he had never seen this scarlet-red bead before but when he held it in his hand, he felt calm and composed, as if it was originally his and had finally returned back to him.

“This princess has no idea what that is, but I* can assure you that you’re a goner.” Inside the Sky Poison Pearl, Jasmine’s voice lowered as the expression on her tiny face became incomparably solemn. Despite dissuading Yun Che countless times, she was unable to stop him from taking a risk time and time again… After all was said and done, it still ended up like this.

If not for the fact that her life was intertwined with Yun Che’s, she really wanted to use her little hand and slap this reckless and fearless man, that would forsaken his life for a so called “Opportunity”, to death!

Just after Jasmine had finished speaking, a world-shaking dragon roar suddenly came in from outside the cave!

“ROOAR!! Despicable humans!! So it turns out that you’re actually lusting after this king’s treasure! All of you are repulsive scoundrels, unforgivable… UNFORGIVABLE!!!”

Ten at the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm may not even necessarily win against the lowest level of the Emperor Profound Realm, let alone a tenth level Sky Profound and four other practitioners that were below the sixth level of the Sky Profound Realm. In a blink of an eye, after the Flame Dragon had unleashed its true power, the five people of the Burning Heaven Clan were forced into desperate straits. Those waves of dragon-shaped flames were not only incomparably hot, but also brought along a huge rippling strength that dragged the five people of the Burning Heaven Clan slowly, into a maelstrom of death.

At this moment, as soon as the five experts of the Burning Heaven Clan displayed an expression of a despair that revealed their lost hope, the Flame Dragon suddenly bursted out in fury. Its entire body emitted an aura that could cause a person to tremble in fear as it let out a deafening and angry roar yet again. Within the roar, a ball of fire that measured up to a few dozen meters smashed into the five people, causing all five to scream in agony… However, the Flame Dragon did not continue to attack but instead turned to a different direction, and angrily rushed towards its cave.

The five experts from Burning Heaven Clan escaped, battered and exhausted, from the Flame Dragon’s fire, with each suffering different degrees of burn; the greater parts of their hair, beards, and even the clothes on their body were incinerated by quite a bit. As they watched the Flame Dragon’s suddenly withdrawal, each and every one of them were still in a panicked state.

“What happened, why did it suddenly flee and go back?” One man coarsely asked while panting heavily.

“From what it had just said, it seems like someone took advantage of our battle and tried to sneak into his old nest…”

“What’s the point of caring about that now! Quickly retreat! We are lucky to retrieve our lives and live after actually provoking a Emperor Profound Beast!”

“Anyways, let’s scram!”

The five experts of Burning Heaven Clan didn’t dare to stay there any longer; after gathering their strength and were too afraid to look back, they quickly retreated. At this moment, the thoughts in their hearts were one and the same… Once they return back to Burning Heaven Clan, they were going to find the guy that said the Flame Dragon was only a high level Sky Profound Beast, and ruthlessly beat him up.

Inside the cave, Yun Che sensed the approach of great danger. He scrunched his eyebrow, and not daring to delay any longer, dashed toward the exit with the fastest speed possible. However, before he could even take half a step, an ear-splitting stomp came from his front and a wave of boundless anger, followed by a wave of scorching air, rushed at his face. The walls and floor of the cave all trembled faintly and not long after, the huge head of the Flame Dragon appeared in Yun Che’s line of sight.

Yun Che’s aura was so weak that the Flame Dragon was stunned for a second. However, when it noticed the scarlet-red bead on his hand, its huge eyes radiated an indignant blaze: “Presumptuous human, to actually lust after this king’s treasure! Prepare to suffer this king’s wrath!”


Yun Che’s heart became apprehensive; he quickly calmed down and tried to think of a way to escape. Of course, it was obvious that he would obediently return the bead in his hand… However, it was absolutely impossible that the Flame Dragon would even give him a chance to speak; this formidable force kept him firmly in place, and in the next second, he would be burnt into ashes.

“If you don’t want to die, then stop in the name of this princess!”

As the shadow of death descended, a charming ice-cold voice suddenly sounded from above. At the same time, a terrifying pressure enveloped the entire Flame Dragon Cave.

The Flame Dragon stopped its movement, then its body started to uncontrollably tremble beneath this great pressure. Lifting its head up, it looked toward the red-haired girl that had somehow appeared unknowingly in the air; the rage in its huge eyes were all replaced with astonishment and… fear.

The aura that this goddess had given out far exceeded his imagination. In the presence of this pressuring strength, it felt as tiny as an ant that could be obliterated into ashes at any moment. It opened its dragon mouth and let out an unsuppressable trembling voice: “Who… who are you!”

“You have no right to know this princess’s name.” Jasmine replied with an ice-cold face. Her beautiful eyes released a razor sharp glare: “This cave of yours, I want it, if you don’t want to die, then get out of this princess’s face right now.”

Yun Che raised his head and looked at Jasmine; his heart was shocked as well… The pressure of this little girl, unexpectedly stopped this Emperor Profound Beast! What exactly was the level of her profound strength?

However, at this moment, he suddenly found out that the trembling of the Flame Dragon had stopped.

“Hehe,” The Flame Dragon laughed: “This king understands now; you two cunning humans, are simply just faking your bravado! Even though this king does not know what method you used to create this overwhelming pressure, but did you think this king would be as stupid as you humans?”

Jasmine’s eyebrows suddenly became limp: “You… want… to die?”

“Of course this king doesn’t want to die; but with just you two, that’s not enough to kill this king!” The Flame Dragon continued with sarcasm: “If you really had the ability to kill this king, you would’ve came out in the open to steal this king’s possession. Otherwise, why would you choose to sneak in while this king was fighting the other foolish humans… If you really had the ability to kill this king, then the expression on this human’s face wouldn’t have been so unsightly when he saw me!”

Yun Che’s heart immediately trembled in fear; a dragon’s intellect, was indeed incomparable to that of a normal profound beast’s!

“And you. Brat, your gaze is cold and ruthless; the murderous intent on your body also surprised this king. To have such eyes with killing intent, you must have killed a numerous amount of living things,. If you really wanted to kill this king and had the ability to do so, you would have already went on with it, instead of condescendingly talk to this king. Your age is also quite young; but with a human’s cultivation speed, it is fundamentally impossible to possess such a strong pressure at a young age. All this is merely an illusion, this king is not that stupid to fall for this deceit!”
“Lusting after this king’s treasure, and also attempting to play tricks on this king, how can this king possibly forgive you! Turn into ashes!”

The Flame Dragon opened his mouth widely, and suddenly shot a ball of blazing fire at Yun Che.

“Thump!” As a great force knocked Yun Che in the shoulder and pushed him far away, he barely dodged the fatal flames of the Flame Dragon. Jasmine appeared at Yun Che’s previous position. Her white and tender face was masked with a layer of terrifying killing intent: “Since you want to die… This princess shall grant your wish!”


A large wave of strong profound energy was released from Jasmine’s body. This profound aura was simply too terrifying; the aura that was originally shapeless, began to stir up a violent storm, instantly extinguishing the Flame Dragon’s burning flame.

Yun Che, who was knocked away, hit his head on a rock and fainted for quite a while. When he regained conscious and saw Jasmine’s appearance, his pupils suddenly shrank back as he cried out: “Jasmine! Stop! Do you want to die!!”

“Isn’t it all your fault! If you died, this princess will also die as well!!”

Jasmine yelled in anger as she unwaveringly locked her endless killing intent on the Flame Dragon. Under the incomparably terrifying profound aura and killing intent, the Flame Dragon completely froze in place, and its pair of dragon eyes filled with deep fear and disbelief. It couldn’t believe that a human girl could unleash such a powerful profound aura!

“Now die… Star God’s Brilliant Annihilating Slash!”

“Jasmine stop!!” Jasmine’s actions made Yun Che pale in fright. Before he could stand up, Jasmine’s exquisite body had already flown towards the Flame Dragon; to then, like a shooting star, pass through the Flame Dragon’s body…

In that instant, every element within the heaven and earth seemed to have stopped revolving; the howling of the wind had stopped, the flame sprout had stopped burning, the sound beside the ears were gone, and even his own scream could not be heard… The Flame Dragon’s enormous body was frozen in place and a bloody cross that was created by the penetration was clearly imprinted on its body

“Impos… sible…”

The Flame Dragon’s pupil shrank back violently, as though he had seen the most terrifying and unbelievable scene in the whole wide world. Following that, both his eyes slowly lost their color and focus… The huge body split into four equal pieces and scattered on the scorching ground.

The great and powerful Flame Dragon, was instantly extinguished under Jasmine’s hands.

Even when the Burning Heaven Clan’s First Elder Fen Moli used the Burning Heaven Blade, he was only able to put a scratch on the Flame Dragon’s tough body. Yet Jasmine, without any weapons, used only her smooth and white hands to split apart the Flame Dragon’s body, as if it was made out of tofu.

Seeing the Flame Dragon’s body that was split in four, Yun Che was stumped without words. Then his heart suddenly shuddered as his gaze fell further ahead. After loudly shouting “Jasmine”, he desperately ran forward.

At this moment, Jasmine was already lying on the floor; her face, neck, and limbs were all a pale white, without a trace of color. Although she had only released a large amount of profound strength for a few seconds, it had allowed the deadly poison that had infiltrated her soul to act up violently. The purification and suppression of the deadly poison for the past few months inside the Sky Poison Pearl had all been destroyed in an instant.

“Jasmine!” After reaching Jasmine’s side, Yun Che immediately squatted down; he placed his left hand on her skinny shoulder and with all his power, used the Sky Poison Pearl’s purification on Jasmine’s body. However, the deadly poison inside Jasmine’s soul was simply too terrifying; even with the Sky Poison Pearl’s purification speed, it was still impossible to suppress its violent rampage. Her body gradually became ice-cold, and slowly became more and more transparent, illusive…

“This time… ought to… really… die…” Jasmine softly moaned; her voice was as light as a gentle breeze, and the normally cold and proud eyes at this moment, were only filled with a heartbreaking dullness and distress…

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