Against The Gods – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – Joining New Moon Profound Palace

After leading Yun Che and Xia Yuanba into Elder’s Hall, Sikong Han sat down and carefully examined Yun Che. Without the air of arrogance that a Profound Palace’s Great Elder appointed by the Imperial Family should have, he instead asked with a look of concern: “You say you’re Elder Brother Xiao’s grandson, yet how come your family name is Yun?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Brother-in-law, how come you referred to yourself as Yun Che? Is it possible that after you were able to locate your biological parents after being expelled from Xiao Clan?” Xia Yuanba hurriedly asked.

Yun Che replied: “Junior is actually not Grandfather’s biological grandson. However, Grandfather has raised me like one of his own for the past sixteen years. Half a year ago, I was expelled from the Xiao Clan and upon my departure, Grandfather informed me that my family name was actually Yun.”

“So that’s why.” Sikong Han slowly nodded and said: “Actually, I had already heard about this.”

Yun Che lifted his head with a face full of surprise.

Sikong Han audibly sighed and continued: “Half a year ago, the son of the Xiao Sect’s Master… I remember his name was Xiao Kuangyun, was enroute from Floating Cloud City. They would after all, have to come through New Moon City; therefore, our New Moon Profound Palace had to have paid a little bit of attention to this. Afterwards, we found out a bit of information; now this small bit of information would be irrelevant to most, but as it was related to Elder Brother Xiao, I had to further investigate it. At once, I found out he had been punished by his own clan to spend fifteen years in the rear mountains, and his grandson had also been expelled as well. There were numerous times I wanted to go and help Elder Brother Xiao. It’s just that as the Great Elder of New Moon Profound Palace, I couldn’t just leave for a long period of time; therefore, alas…”

“There’s no need for Elder Sikong to blame himself. If Grandfather knew you had this sort of intention, I believe he would’ve certainly appreciated it.” Yun Che courteously replied. Even though Sikong Han had not been able to take any sort of action, one could see he was sincerely worried about Xiao Lie’s situation.

“That said, how did Elder Sikong meet Grandfather in the past?” Yun Che asked.

“Hehe, it was seven years ago. I was on a trip to Floating Cloud City for a work related matter and brought my twelve year old son along; but an enemy of mine had found out and waited in ambush there. I was ambushed just when I was able to enter the city. I used all of my strength just to defend myself and had no time to attend to my son. Just when my son was about to be killed, Elder Brother Xiao had appeared and saved my son’s life… This Sikong Han only has one son and if it wasn’t for Elder Brother Xiao, my family line would have ended right there with me. After all these years, I have never forgotten this kindness, nor have I found a way to repay it.”

Remembering this past event, Sikong Han sighed endlessly. He looked at Yun Che and praised: “Speaking of which, you are truly worthy of being Elder Brother Xiao’s grandson; to actually have broken through the Elementary Profound Realm into the Nascent Profound Realm at such a young age. This kind of innate ability, even in New Moon City, would be considered first-class. Your grandfather is Floating Cloud City’s number one expert, and your future accomplishments would surely not lose to your grandfather’s.”

“What?” The Xia Yuanba to the side asked with wide eyes: “Elder Sikong, did you just say that my brother-in-law is already in the Nascent Profound Realm?” This-this…Elder Sikong, are you sure you’re not mistaken? My brother-in-law had his Profound Veins crippled since childhood and had never been able to pass the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm; how could he possibly be in the Nascent Profound Realm!”

“Oh?” Sikong Han’s face revealed his puzzlement; because he had sensed that Yun Che’s profound aura was clearly at first level of the Nascent Profound Realm.

Yun Che gently replied: “This is actually a long story…. But I am indeed at first level of the Nascent Profound Realm. I’m wonder if my current profound strength would make me eligible to enter the Profound Department.”

As he spoke, Yun Che inconspicuously poked Xia Yuanba. The Xia Yuanba who was about to speak out immediately shut his mouth, but nevertheless stared with a pair of enormous eyes as his heart cried out in alarm… Good heavens! Brother-in-law is actually already in the Nascent Profound Realm? How could that be, how is this possible!!

Seeing Yun Che and Xia Yuanba act in this way, Sikong Han knew there was more to this; but Yun Che did not want to elaborate and had deliberately avoided the subject. Sikong Han did not pry any further, but asked while chuckling: “Yun Che, how old are you?”

“Sixteen years old.” Yun Che answered truthfully. At the same time, his heart took a small sigh of relief.

“Sixteen years old?” A look of surprise appeared on Sikong Han’s face as he stood up from his chair: “I originally thought you were already seventeen or eighteen, but you’re actually only sixteen years old! To actually be in the Nascent Profound Realm at the age of sixteen, even in the entire New Moon Profound Palace, there should not be more than ten individuals…. If you had been born in a higher level sect, you would, without a doubt, greatly exceed the current you!”

Xia Yuanba continued to listened blankly as he held back the multiple times he had wanted to speak out.

“You flatter me, Elder SiKong.” Yun Che modestly replied… If Sikong Han knew that it had only taken him half a year to breakthrough into first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, he would have immediately fallen out of his chair from the shock.

“Come, let me check your innate ability. “ SiKong Han waved him over.

Yun Che took two steps forward and stood in front of Sikong Han. Just as Sikong Han was about to use his hands to check his veins, he quickly held his breath and forcibly used his profound energy to block thirty eight of his fifty four Profound Entrances that were all opened; leaving only sixteen of his Profound Entrances open. However, this degree of concealment would only work against the simplest of exams; if the examiner was to probe just a little bit more, it would easily be seen through. However, for those who wanted to join New Moon Profound Palace, everyone would try to display the best of their ability. Sikong Han never would have guessed that there would be someone who would intentionally conceal their ability; so therefore, he did not spend a great deal of energy during this examination.

Sikong Han gently placed his hand on Yun Che’s wrist for a brief moment, and then admirably nodded: “No wonder! To actually have an innate amount of sixteen opened Profound Entrances, this is without a doubt, the level of a genius! This is also a talent that our Profound Department greatly desires!”

At this point, Sikong Han was already somewhat excited. Originally, he had wanted to repay Xiao Lie’s kindness by accepting Yun Che into New Moon Profound Palace, to let him have a place to stay. However, now that he was aware of Yun Che’s innate talent, don’t even mention the relationship with Xiao Lie, even if he had to disregard his face, he would definitely try to keep Yun Che here. Inborn with sixteen Profound Entrances opened; with this kind of innate talent, one could easily ascend to the top of New Moon City and receive preferential treatment. Not only that, those high-tier sects and clan’s resources and influence far outweighed that of New Moon Profound Palace. Yun Che’s arrival was simply a treasure sent for New Moon Profound Palace.

As of now, there were only seven individuals in New Moon Profound Palace who had an inborn amount of sixteen opened profound entrances, and there would only be at most, an additional one or two every year. Generally, those who had this sort of innate talent would go and join those great sects or clans.

“Yun Che, do you really want to join our New Moon Profound Palace?” Sikong Han asked with luminous eyes: “If you really want to join, all entrance exams will be forgone, and I will directly admit you!”

Xia Yuanba’s mouth opened wide as his brain short circuited.

“…. Is it possible to join Class One?” Yun Che asked.

“Of course there’s no problem!” Sikong Han slapped the table: “Given your current profound strength and your innate talent, you’re completely qualified to be part of Class One!”

Yun Che pondered for a moment, and then humbly nodded: “Okay.”

Sikong Han’s hands frantically scrambled about on the table; this rapid action conveyed his fear that Yun Che would run away. After a little while, he slapped a silver badge on Yun Che’s shoulder and said: “So, from now on, you’re a disciple of my New Moon Profound Palace’s Profound Department. This will identify you as so, and here’s the key to your quarters.”

“Today just happens to be the appointment day of the new Palace Chief. The matters of this evening’s celebration for the newly-appointed currently has my hands tied, so I won’t keep you guys any longer. Yuanba, take Yun Che to settle down in his quarters or perhaps even introduce him to his future senior apprentices… Oh, by the way. Yun Che, are you interested in attending the banquet this evening?” Sikong Han suddenly asked.

“I’m allowed to participate?” Yun Che asked in astonishment.

“The appointment of a new Palace Chief is considered a sensational major event in New Moon City. We’ve sent invitations to all sects who have sufficient enough prestige and influence in New Moon City; they’ll definitely gather to give the newly-appointed Palace Chief face. When that time comes, there will be an assembly of talented individuals present. Generally speaking, for these kind of events, only the core disciples of our Profound Department would be allowed to attend. Even though you’ve only joined our Profound Department today, given your innate ability, you barely qualify to attend. It’ll give you the chance to become knowledgeable of the top sects of New Moon City. As you’ll be staying in New Moon City, this knowledge will be quite beneficial for you.”

Yun Che immediately understood. It was mainly due to the kindness owed to his grandfather that thereby gave him, a newly joined disciple, the allowance to attend this major banquet; and this special attention was also to let him quickly understand the distribution of power in New Moon City. He immediately replied with gratitude: “Thank you, Elder Sikong, I’ll certainly attend… But, may I bring Yuanba along?”

Sikong Han slightly hesitated for a bit, but then smiled and nodded: “That’s fine, Yuanba, you come along as well. Yun Che has just joined New Moon Profound Palace and is unfamiliar with many things; you can be his guide. I’ll arrange for an extra seat for you.”

After leaving the Elder’s Hall, Xia Yuanba was still confused about this situation. Only when they had walked for a distance, did he take a deep breath and said with his eyes wide open: “Brother-in-law! What’s going on? Are you really at the Nascent Profound Realm? B-b-but aren’t your Profound Veins crippled? Even if your Profound Veins have been healed, there’s no way to become this formidable so suddenly! You’re even more formidable than my older sister!”

“This…” Yun Che pondered for a long time, but still did not know how he should explain it to him. Since he was unwilling to deceive him, the only option was to be vague about it: “Yuanba, this is a secret; so when the time is right in the future, I’ll tell you about it. But the fact that my Profound Veins had been crippled before, it’s best not to tell anyone about it; otherwise, it might invite negative inclination.

“Ah… Oooh.” Xia Yuanba scratched his head in puzzlement. Then his eyes suddenly lit up and said: “Brother-in-law! I suddenly understand it now! You’ve been pretending this whole time, right? Otherwise, how could it be possible to all of a sudden enter the Nascent Profound Realm. This has to be it. Brother-in-law, you’re so crafty; to have fooled all of us, hahahaha.”

Yun Che shrugged his shoulder and let Xia Yuanba dwell on his own theory. He changed his line of sight to gaze upon New Moon Profound Palace and his heart stirred.

“How long are you planning to stay here?” Jasmine suddenly asked mentally.

“We’ll see. If this place is beneficial to me, I’ll stay longer, but if not, I’ll leave immediately. The main reason why I’m staying here is so that I can learn some Profound Skills. After all, all the Profound Skills that you know are too high leveled and I can’t learn them yet; therefore, this is the only method I can think of.”

Jasmine spoke no further.

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