Against The Gods – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – The Battle That Shook the City (4)

This merciless slap to the face, straight up dumbfounded Xuan Yu, as well as everyone present. At first, they had expected that Yun Che would suffer a disastrous defeat, or even get severely injured in just a few moves; none of them had thought that, in their first round of exchange, Yun Che actually gave Xuan Yu a merciless slap to the face…. And the sound of the slap couldn’t be any louder either!

All of the people from the seven major sects were completely stupefied. New Moon Profound Palace’s disciples and elders were also collectively flabbergasted. For a moment, their brain promptly froze, and couldn’t make any turns for a long time. Only until the words “First Move” exited indifferently from Yun Che’s mouth, did they finally wake up, as if they had been in a deep dream. After finally confirming what had happened was actually real, everyone of them opened their eyes wide….

Both Li Hao and Xia Yuanba suffered a crushing defeat; this together with Xuan Yu’s endless provocation and mockery, made New Moon Profound Palace disciples hold a bellyful of anger and humiliation, but they couldn’t do anything at all to regain their face. Seeing this ruthless slap to the face by Yun Che, soothed their entire body all the way down to their bone marrows. The delightfulness they experienced from head to toe couldn’t even be described in words; if not out of concern of this banquet, they would’ve straight up shouted out to cheer.

One after the other, the seven sects, especially the Profound Heart Clan, looked at each other’s faces in dismay. Xuan Yu, who was impressively at the second level of Nascent Profound Realm, who also carried the sect’s profound arts and skills, actually had gotten fiercely slapped in the face by a first ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm who had absolutely no traces of any profound art on his body…. Was this a joke?

“Earlier that was…. a profound movement skill? Elder Sikong, did you see his movements clearly?” An elder of New Moon Profound Palace asked in a low voice.

“Completely did not! Moreover, I’ve never seen that movement skill before either.” Sikong Han spoke with a quiet voice; his gaze that looked at Yun Che was now far different from before.

Xuan Yu crawled back up from the ground while floundering; the entire right side of his face had already swelled up high, and became as red as a monkey’s buttocks. Just earlier, he was talking big, but in a blink of an eye, he was slapped in the face by someone during this kind of occasion; this could be said as a humiliation Xuan Yu had never received in his entire lifetime. He furiously stared at Yun Che, his gaze impeccably pernicious; however, he managed to suppress it and didn’t lose The basics of his demeanor. While forcing himself to smile, he said: “Good, very good! I had deliberately left you an opening at first, so you could at least exchange a few moves and not lose too much face. But since you couldn’t tell what’s good for you at all, get ready to face the consequences of angering me!!”

Yun Che shook his right hand, apathetically glanced at him, and said with disdain: “Moron!”

“You’re… courting death!” Xuan Yu was completely enraged; with a low roar, he raised both of his hands, and took the initiative to charge at Yun Che. At the same time, purple light flashed above both his left and right palm. Then, both fists simultaneously extended and smashed toward Yun Che; under the Purple Sun Profound Art, Xuan Yu’s two hands contained a force of at least five hundred kilos.

“Junior Brother Yun, be careful!” Lan Xueruo subconsciously cried out in shock. Since she sat in the front-most row, it was enough for her to clearly feel how enormous of a power had been concentrated onto Xuan Yu’s hands at this moment. At the same time, the hearts of New Moon Profound Palace’s elders and disciple had also suspended…. Xuan Yu’s true strength was obvious; about that round just a moment ago, it was extremely possible that Xuan Yu had only been underestimating enemy and got careless. Against the Xuan Yu who was now enraged; was it even possible for Yun Che to still handle him?

“Die!” Xuan Yu’s eyes glinted with maliciousness. The earlier humiliation made the intention to kill Yun Che rise from his heart. Although he didn’t really dare to kill someone within New Moon Profound Palace, he still had the confidence that this strike was enough to cripple Yun Che for life!

Under the enormous pressure, it was as if Yun Che couldn’t move at all from the suppression, and there weren’t any signs of a defensive posture. Xuan Yu’s two fists directly smashed onto Yun Che’s chest without difficulty, and then…. passed right through his body!


Xuan Yu’s eyes suddenly bulged wide open as his body also tilted forward from the inertia. At this time, a sharp sound of wind came breaking through the air from his left side…..


Another deafening slap to the face that couldn’t be any louder, clearly resounded throughout the entire Main Palace yet again. Xuan Yu’s body once more, flew; after magnificently spinning four rotations in the air, he face-planted onto the ground jaw first, like a poop eating dog. The left side of his face had also increasingly swelled and became as red as blood.

“Second Move.” Yun Che leisurely said as he gently blew on the back of his left hand.

All of New Moon Profound Palace’s disciples opened their eyes wide, and two words collectively sounded in their heart: “Holy shit!”

If the first time was said to be because of carelessness, luck, or coincidence; then the second time definitely could not be explained using words like careless, luck, or coincidence.

The Li Hao who was defeated by Xuan Yu had not left, and was only carried to the back for treatment. As he watched Xuan Yu get slapped flying once more with open eyes, his entire face became thoroughly red from excitement, to the point that he couldn’t even feel the intense pain on his body anymore. He yelled out uncontrollably: “What a great hit! That hit was f*cking refreshing!! How stress relieving!”

“Hehe!” The person currently treating Li Hao’s injuries was Li Hao’s cousin, Li Haoran. As he heard Li Hao’s speech, he laughed gleefully, and leisurely spoke: “Little Hao, I can tell with just one glance that you’re still lacking. Junior Brother Yun’s hit was not only great, refreshing, stress relieving, but also extremely clever! Look at that Xuan Yu’s face. First slap, his right cheek became a monkey’s butt; second hit, his left cheek became another monkey’s butt. That color, that swollen shape, that position, and that height; it’s exactly identical to the right side, and that’s what you call symmetry! Look at Xuan Yu’s face again; it all of a sudden, feels much more balanced than before! These are not a mere two slaps to the face, but a perfected art of face slapping; the strength, position, and angle all requires extreme precision. It’s definitely not something that just anyone could slap out; it really is too marvelous to express with words!”


Li Haoran’s voice was not quiet at all, and more than half the people present within the Palace heard it clearly. Many had lost it on the spot, and some Profound Department disciples held their stomach, trying hard not to laugh out loud as they raised their thumbs at Li Haoran.

“Ha… . Haha….” Although his innards pained whenever he laughed, Li Hao was laughing with extraordinary glee: “Heh, as expected, cousin’s level really is much higher…. In any case, it doesn’t matter whether Junior Brother Yun wins or loses; I’ll definitely become friends with him!”

Xuan Yu awkwardly stumbled back up again, and forcibly swallowed down three of his teeth along with his blood. He fixed his bulging eyes at Yun Che, wishing that he could rip him apart just by his gaze alone. At the same time, he was also astonished inside his heart…. Just now, how did he appear on my left? His body was obviously still at that original spot! Twice, I had clearly struck him, yet how did I hit empty space instead? Did something go wrong with my eyes?

Or was it a Profound Movement Skill? But how could such a Profound Movement Skill exist!!

Jasmine had told Yun Che before; if “Star God’s Broken Shadow” was only cultivated to the first realm, he could already hold his ground against two opponents of the same level simultaneously. When cultivated to the third realm, even if he was facing against an opponent that’s five levels higher, he would still be able to retreat uninjured. “Star God’s Broken Shadows” had eight realms in total; Jasmine has currently cultivated it to the sixth realm, and could break into six phantoms that were difficult to distinguish real from fake. The current Yun Che had mastered the first realm, and could only break into one afterimage. However, although it was only the first realm, it’s still a Profound Skill that came from Jasmine! How could it be compared to normal movement profound skills. Let alone Xuan Yu who was at the Nascent Profound Realm, even the Palace Chiefs at the Spirit Profound Realm and Earth Profound Realm, was basically unable to clearly see Yun Che’s movement. The bewilderment in their heart, far surpassed those of the young disciples.

“How do your teeth taste?” Yun Che narrowed his eyes, and mercilessly ridiculed him.

“He…. Hehe….” Xuan Yu wiped the corner of his mouth, and instead laughed: “Yun Che, to force me into such an embarrassed state, you can be considered the first. And so, you will die miserably, very miserably…”

Before Xuan Yu had even finished speaking his malicious words, Yun Che’s silhouette suddenly swayed in his vision and already dashed in his direction. Xuan Yu’s expression sank as both of his arms abruptly drew a half circle toward his front; this time he had learned his lesson, and directly used the Purple Sun Arts to envelop the three directions of the front, left and right side. No matter which position Yun Che suddenly moved to, if he touched the Purple Sun Profound Energy, he would instantly receive his powerful counter attack. He was confident in that one move…. With just a single move, he would be able to pound Yun Che onto the ground, to the point of not even being able to crawl back up.

Yun Che’s silhouette disappeared just like before as he came in contact with the Purple Sun Profound Energy in front of him. Xuan Yu’s complexion darkened, and instantly focused his concentration to his left and right side…. However this time, the strong gust of wind, actually whistled from above.


Yun Che, who Broken Shadowed into the air, ruthlessly kicked at Xuan Yu’s right eye; his body backflipped in place, and he once more, landed jaw first onto the ground, as a bloody tooth flew out right away. When Yun Che landed on his feet, he nearly stepped on his head. As his vision swept downwards, he spoke languidly : “Third Move!”

“You bastard…. AHH!!”


Just as Xuan Yu was about to crawl back up, Yun Che’s feet abruptly flew out, and kicked Xuan Yu’s left eye. His body that was half raised splendidly performed a backflip again, as both his eyes suddenly became like that of a panda’s.

“Did your master not teach you to stay concentrated in any situation…. Fourth move!”


His entire face was impeccably red and swollen. Both of his eye sockets became black and blue. Xuan Yu’s face that originally brimmed with heroic spirit, had now become neither like a human nor a demon; it was miserable to the max. As he stood up, his face that was already terrifying, became even more sinister. All of his profound energy frantically flowed out, and it was as if his entire person stood on the brink of insanity.

“Purple Sun Thousand Phantom Hands!!”

Xuan Yu hoarsely roared and rushed at Yun Che; under the Purple Sun Arts, both of his arms had almost become completely purple.

“It’s one of Profound Heart Sect’s ultimate moves…. Purple Sun Thousand Phantom Hands! Yun Che beware!” Sikong Han instantly stood up as he yelled in shock

Xuan Yu’s arms swung out quickly, and launched countless purple shades of light that wildly enveloped in Yun Che’s direction. Yun Che didn’t retreat nor dodge; his eyes narrowed down into a slit as his right hand extended through the lines of purple light, and smashed the place above Xuan Yu’s elbow with just the right amount of force.

“This Profound Heart Sect’s Purple Sun Art uses the three Veins ‘Purple Sun’, ‘Fu Zhong’, and ‘Tian Tan’ to consolidate energy, while using the Purple Sun Vein as core. If the Purple Sun vein is shaken, the Purple Sun Art would immediately disintegrate, and all the profound energy in the entire body would temporarily be in disorder. At the same time when the Purple Sun Art is activated, the position two inches above his chest that connects to the Purple Sun vein, would flood all the protective profound energy into the Purple Sun Vein; that place then can be considered as completely defenseless!”

This was what Jasmine had informed him just a moment ago.

The place that Yuan Che heavily smashed, was exactly Xuan Yu’s Purple Sun Vein.

Immediately, Xuan Yu’s entire arm was paralyzed. All of the purple energy instantaneously vanished as the profound energy in his entire body went into a state of chaos, making Xuan Yu’s body freeze for a brief period of time. And in this exact brief moment, that Yun Che stepped forward, and fiercely smashed his elbow onto the location slightly above the center of his chest.


Xuan Yu’s sternum was instantly shattered and dislocated; his entire body flew into the air like a dead leaf in the wind. As he flew backwards, he violently vomited a bloody arrow out from his mouth. After that, he fell onto the ground like a sandbag; his entire body convulsed twice, and became incapable of getting back up.

“Fifth move…. Tsk tsk, this Profound Heart Sect’s Brother Xuan Yu really kept to his words. He previously said that he’d let me win after five moves, and it really took five moves for me to win; not one more and not one less. Brother Xuan Yu’s promises are truly admirable.”

“You……” Xuan Yu extended his hand and pointed at Yun Che as his entire body trembled. But after just saying the one word “you”, his eyes rolled backwards until only the whites of the eyes could be seen; his head tilted at an angle and he immediately passed out. No one knew whether he had fainted due to the injury or due to anger.

“Xuan Yu!”

Profound Heart Sect disciples were all startled; two people hastily stepped up to pick up Xuan Yu’s body that fell to the ground and consecutively fed him three medicinal pellets into his mouth. One of them looked up, glared at Yun Che, and furiously spoke: “During this exchange of pointers amongst those of the same age, you actually acted this viciously! If anything happens to Xuan Yu, my Profound Heart Sect will definitely not let you off.”

“Oh, I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Yun Che replied with a sneer: “Yes, we were exchanging pointers, but swords are without eyes, and fists are hard to restrain. While exchanging pointers, there are even occasions where lives are lost because of the difficulty of holding back during spars; it’s normal to receive a little bit of injury. How was I supposed to know that your Profound Heart Sect’s disciple was this fragile? Bones breaking and coughing up blood just from five moves; why aren’t you blaming your useless disciple, instead of trying to criticize me?”

The arrogant words that Xuan Yu had originally said after inflicting wounds upon Li Hao and Xia Yuanba earlier, Yun Che sent them back word by word…. And not only was it merely his words that were returned, but it was even more so a resounding slap to the face.

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