Against The Gods – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – Crippled!

Saying that Xiao Luocheng was digging his own grave and courting death was not at all, unjustified.

If he had remained calm and vigilant when he faced Yun Che instead of being undisciplined, mocking, and lofty, he would have immediately been able to sense how dreadful Yun Che’s “Falling Moon Sinking Star” was and thereby at once, use his sect’s profound movement skill to avoid it.

Even if he could not dodge it, he could’ve immediately used all of his profound energy to protect his body…… His profound energy surpassed Yun Che by almost an entire profound realm. It was highly possible for Yun Che’s one move to not even be enough to inflict such a serious injury; it would at least, not injure him to his current state of near death.

And after that, Yun Che, who had exhausted all of his profound energy like an oil lamp exhausting its oil, could be slaughtered as he wished.

But in this world, there were only so many “what ifs”.

It was undeniable that Xiao Luocheng was clever and quite shrewd. But unfortunately, he was up against Yun Che. Yun Che had two lives worth of experience in matters of battles, life and death, escaping, and scheming. In these aspects, it was unknown how much more experienced he was compared to Xiao Luocheng. In regards to scheming and being clever, Xiao Luocheng surpassed those of the same age. However, in front of Yun Che, he simply could not even be considered beneath his shoes..

From the very beginning, Yun Che displayed clear arrogance and extreme self-confidence to the point that he condescended others. Even in front of the seven sects, he did not exercise restraint and thoroughly offended them. In the eyes of others, being egotistical was only natural given his young age and being born with such astonishing innate talent; and at the same time, it gave him an image of growing up not knowing when to hold back, and protect oneself by staying low key. The five consecutive matches earlier had also deepen this image of his for everyone five successive times. This made everyone assume that even though this Yun Che was a genius, he was still far too young, for he had the arrogance and insolence that many youngsters have, and was simply not the least bit of shrewd and scheming.

Almost everyone had believed this was so, and naturally, this included Xiao Luocheng.

Furthermore, when he stepped up, aside from his impression of Yun Che being arrogant, he also thought that he was an ignorant fool. This made him even more contemptuous to the point that he regretted stepping up to deal with this kind of “blockhead”.

Therefore, since the beginning of the match with Yun Che, he didn’t have even a trace of caution and wariness towards him. Under Yun Che’s silent lead, in the face of his second attack, he simply did not think of evading or defending, but instead loftily welcomed it. Furthermore, he only prepared seventy percent of his strength in order to dispose of him.

By the time the two fists collided and he felt something was amiss, it was already too late.

“Young… Young Sect Master!!”

After a deathly silence, an extremely terrified roar sounded. The middle-aged man who came with Xiao Luocheng frantically rushed towards Xiao Luocheng; he was almost scratching and scrambling as all the other people from the Xiao Sect Branch hurriedly followed in a flurry. As they reached Xiao Luocheng and saw his injured condition up close, the middle-aged man’s entire body trembled. He hastily reached out to grasp Xiao Luocheng’s wrist. Immediately, his complexion greatly changed; he suddenly turned his head to look towards Yun Che with an extremely malevolent expression: “You little bastard, I… I’ll kill you!!”

The middle-aged man’s body dispersed an extremely dense and hostile murderous aura as he violently roared. He abruptly charged at Yun Che as his right hand formed into a hook to grab his neck. Under the surge of the enormous profound energy, even the entirety of the Main Palace faintly shook.

Yun Che was already utterly weakened at this moment. He did not even have the energy to stand up…… Even if he was at his peak condition, he fundamentally still would not be able to survive this one strike from the middle-aged man.


With a loud roar, another silhouette flew up from the seats like a majestic eagle and swooped down toward the middle-aged man. The person was still ten meters away, yet a wave of enormous profound energy was already launched out and forced the middle-aged man far far away.

This silhouette then also landed from mid-air and stood in front of Yun Che; it was exactly New Moon Profound Palace’s newly-appointed Palace Chief —— Qin Wuyou.

Seeing the back of Qin Wuyou who stood in front of him, Yun Che made a contented smile. He had known that with his performance today, Qin Wuyou would use his full power to protect him no matter what happened.

The moment Qin Wuyou moved, the entire palace was instantly shocked. Because that was the absolute strength of the Earth Profound Realm! As expected, this strength was extraordinary and was worthy of someone who came from Blue Wind Imperial City. The middle-aged man who was forced away furiously spoke with a gloomy expression: “Palace Chief Qin, what is the meaning of this? This little bastard actually went as far as to severely injure my family’s Young Sect Master; blood debts should be repaid in blood. Don’t tell me you’re still going to protect him?”

“Ha ha,” Qin Wuyou however, faintly laughed, and asked in return: “Since I am New Moon Profound Palace’s Palace Chief, protecting my Palace disciples is right and proper. I actually want to question you back…. You are someone of an older generation, yet you suddenly moved to harm my Palace disciple. What is the meaning of this?”

“What do I mean?” The middle-aged man ruefully laughed: “It was originally only an exchange of pointers, yet this little bastard actually heavily wounded my family’s Young Sect Master…. Right now, Young Sect Master’s left arm has shattered into twelve pieces; his entire arm can be considered as disabled. Almost half of his tendons inside his entire body has snapped, and even the profound veins are fractured; the profound energy has completely dispersed. He’s nearly crippled….”

The heart of everyone inside the palace wildly jumped once, each time the middle-aged man said a sentence. When he said “profound energy completely dispersed, he’s nearly crippled”, the Main Palace went into an uproar. The color on the faces of people belonging to Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect turned a paler shade of ghastly white.

Left arm disabled…. Almost half of the tendons snapped… Profound veins fractured, profound energy completely dispersed….

These words were undoubtedly telling them that this Xiao Sect Outer Sect’s Young Sect Master, who was the top talent, who carried the hopes of this Outer Sect in New Moon City, who was also the number one in the New Moon City’s younger generation, actually had been…


Crippled by Yun Che in one hit!

Almost half of his tendons snapping, signified that his originally impressive talent would become even more inferior than an ordinary person’s. Profound Veins fracturing, meant that before the mending and repairing of his profound veins, it would be impossible for him to cultivate profound energy; even if the profound vein was mended, one could only start again from scratch… From today onwards, this number one whose name even shook five hundred kilometers away, would be reduced to a useless cripple, through and through. All of his glory, would entirely disappear without a trace. What he shall receive in the future would no longer be the reverence and awe of others, but would instead be mockery and apathy, both in the open and behind his back.

In an instant, everyone felt as if an ice-cold aura had flooded into their spines and quickly spread throughout their entire body. The gaze that they used to look at Yun Che once again completely changed; from a gaze that was looking at a genius, it changed to one that seemed like they were looking at a monster.

A first ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm, actually crippled a tenth ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm in one move! The person he crippled was even the Young Sect Master that Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect valued the most; the publicly accepted number one genius of New Moon City!

A first ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm was actually able to directly cripple Xiao Luocheng in one hit; however, the mind-blowing shock brought up by this fact was only secondary. Every single person was able to forebode, that an earthquake would hit Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect…. And Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect’s earthquake, would signify a great earthquake within the all of New Moon City.

This Yun Che, the trouble he had committed could be considered as the greatest and biggest in the entire history of New Moon City. They could imagine that what he would receive, may possibly be Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect’s most cruelest of revenge.

As the middle-aged man spoke these words, Qin Wuyou also froze for a bit. Never would he have thought that the power of Yun Che’s strike from before would actually be this terrifying; to unexpectedly injure Xiao Luocheng to this extent.

Even before Qin Wuyou replied, Yun Che, who was behind him already sneered aloud and slowly spoke with a feeble voice: “So? What are you planning to do? Before me and Xiao Luocheng started this spar, we had already promised each other; that no matter who received damage, and no matter how severe, we could only blame ourselves to be lacking, and would never blame the other. Furthermore, we even let everyone here be witnesses. I remember that time, you seemed to be the one who yelled the loudest. Yet now, when Xiao Luocheng received severe injuries, you suddenly wanted to attack me; is this your Xiao Sect’s way of doing things? Don’t tell me that your entire Xiao Sect is a treacherous group of despicable people, who can’t hold to their promises?”

Right after Yun Che said these words, the middle-aged man’s expression suddenly wavered, but then immediately became even more sullen. The ice-cold murderous aura passed Qin Wuyou, and tightly locked onto Yun Che’s body, for he wished that he could rip Yun Che into shreds just by using that aura: “You… Shut the hell up! Even one hundred of your lives wouldn’t match up to a single finger on my family’s Young Sect Master! If I can’t kill you today, I, Xiao Zaihe would have lived in vain!!”

After finished speaking, Xiao Zaihe took in a deep breath. His right hand swung out, and a current of storm-like profound energy shot straight for Yun Che. However, right after he attacked, Qin Wuyou waved his long sleeve and cleanly nullified Xiao Zaihe’s profound energy. He furiously growled: “Xiao Zaihe, if you dare attack my Palace disciple again, I won’t be this polite anymore!”

“You!” Xiao Zaihe was clouded with rage: “Palace Chief Qin, are you trying to shred all cordiality with my Xiao Sect!”

“Ha ha, this Qin of course never had this intention.” Qin Wuyou faintly laughed, but his expressions immediately darkened again: “However today, you violated my New Moon Profound Palace first! Before my Palace disciple Yun Che exchanged pointers with your Xiao Sect’s Young Sect Master, they had mutually promised to not pursue responsibilities no matter who gets severely injured in front of everyone. The fact that your Xiao Sect was the fastest to agree and never displayed the slightest bit of opposition, everyone in here are all witnesses! This Qin here even more so, saw and heard that clearly. Right now, you suddenly attacking my palace’s disciple, is killing without reason! For you to act in this way, was New Moon Profound Palace ever in your eyes!”

“You Xiao Sect indeed cover the sky with one hand in New Moon City. But our New Moon Profound Palace would never let you push us around while staying silent. If you dare to attack my Palace disciple again, I, this Qin, will not mind to keep everyone from Xiao Sect who arrived today, here!!”

From the start of the banquet, Qin Wuyou had always appeared very calm and modest. No matter toward whom, he always kept a smiling face; it could be said that he didn’t have the slightest bit of a sect master’s imposing aura. He looked like he was easy to get along with, and even gave of a feeling that he could easily be pushed around. But the speech at this time, every single word was ear-shaking and majestic; even when facing against Xiao Sect, there wasn’t the slightest hint of fear and submissiveness.

All four of New Moon Profound Palace’s Elders who came today stood up in excitement; the gaze in which they looked at Qin Wuyou was filled with a scorching passion. What they were currently facing was the powerful Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect; they had even never dared to think, that one day, New Moon Profound Palace would actually dare to unyieldingly speak with Xiao Sect to such an extent. Although the previous Palace Chief’s abilities were outstanding, and during his five years of appointment he was extremely dignified inside the palace, he had always been careful when facing the seven sects; even if oppressed, he would always swallow the humiliation. Especially when facing the Burning Heaven Clan and Xiao Sect; it was almost to the degree of submission.

Yet this newly appointed Palace Chief Qin, coldly faced Xiao Sect in order to protecting a Palace disciple, and didn’t even hesitate to speak out vicious words like “would not mind to keep everyone from Xiao Sect that arrived today, here”…. No! This was absolutely not just simple vicious words; Qin Wuyou’s complexion that commanded respect, as well as the aura he emitted, all attesting that…. He was definitely serious.

“You!!” Xiao Zaihe’s expression turned incomparably ugly. His Xiao Sect covered New Moon City’s sky with one hand and he had never been treated like this before. As he turned around and looked at the Xiao Luocheng’s miserable state, his entire body trembled, yet he could no longer speak any more vicious words… That “life and death consent form” earlier, with the entire audience as witness, was like a pile of feces that splattered all over his face and chest. At the same time, Qin Wuyou was able to rescind his charged attack with one arbitrary swing of a hand; which indicated that this Qin Wuyou was at least an entire profound realm above him in terms of cultivation…. Which was at the fifth level of Earth Profound Realm or higher! It couldn’t even be said how much stronger he was in comparison to the previous Palace Chief; even when compared to the Sect Master of his Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect, Qin Wuyou was in no way, inferior!

With this kind of strength, even his Xiao Sect had no choice but to fear him. It was no wonder why he dared to be so unyielding.

Since he persisted on protecting Yun Che, it was completely impossible to achieve anything with the people his Xiao Sect had brought today.

“Good, very good!” Xiao Zaihe’s lips trembled: “Today’s incident, as well as Palace Chief Qin’s words, I, Xiao Zaihe…. has firmly remembered them! Today’s favor, our Xiao Sect…. On a later day, will definitely…. Repay it a hundredfold!!”

“Let’s leave!”

As they lifted the dying Xiao Luocheng with incredible care, the few people from Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect departed in a brisk pace. As they were leaving, every single one of them all carried a heavy air that surged with hostility.

“If your Xiao Sect is willing to use Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, it wouldn’t be impossible to completely repair Xiao Luocheng’s destroyed tendons and profound veins.” Qin Wuyou said with an indifferent and calm expression as he watched their retreating backs.

Xiao Zaihe’s footsteps paused for a bit. He grimly answered: “No need for Palace Chief Qin’s reminder.… Go!”

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