Godly Hunter

Alternative Name: 超神猎人
Author: Intransient (不是浮云)
Artist: –
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Harem, Virtual Reality, Mature
Status: Ongoing
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Translator(s)/Translation Group: Translation Raven
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With the sudden announcement of the launch of the holographic virtual network, Chen Mo, a hacker, received a special commission to hack this system in a bid to halt advancement.
To complete his task, he enters GENESIS – the holographic virtual game touted as the most secure – to look for a way to hack it. In his search, he inevitably becomes a terrifying force to behold.

Warning: Contains some *ahem ahem* content in later chapters. Not for children.

Godly Hunter

Chapter 1 – A Special Request
Chapter 2 – Trapped
Chapter 3 – Class Change
Chapter 4 – Another Title
Chapter 5 – A New Discovery
Chapter 6 – Attribute Allocation
Chapter 7 – Ingenious Kill
Chapter 8 – Mutated Monster
Chapter 9 – A Hidden Quest
Chapter 10 – Kill-Steal Expert
Chapter 11 – You Know Your Place
Chapter 12 – Elite Monster
Chapter 13 – Flaming 3-Headed Wolf
Chapter 14 – I Got Tricked!
Chapter 15 – Degenerate
Chapter 16 – The Bosses in the Beginner Villages
Chapter 17 – Chen Dong
Chapter 18 – Caron’s Trial
Chapter 19 – Mutated Slime King
Chapter 20 – Trial of Natural Skill
Chapter 21 – A Dubious Harvesting Skill
Chapter 22 – Other Plans
Chapter 23 – Mutation Conditions
Chapter 24 – Eliminate and Verify
Chapter 25 – Slime Poison
Chapter 26 – First Contact
Chapter 27 – Shoes of the Storm
Chapter 28 – Ensnaring the BOSS
Chapter 29 – BOSS Loot
Chapter 30 – A Great Haul
Chapter 31 – Loli Hunter
Chapter 32 – The Second Piece of Purple Equipment
Chapter 33 – Got an Excellent Weapon!
Chapter 34 – Stroke of Luck 
Chapter 35 – Rivals Appear
Chapter 36 – Leader’s Badge
Chapter 37 – You Wanna Die?!
Chapter 38 – Luck’s Effect
Chapter 39 – A Commission Over 10000000!
Chapter 40 – Intention
Chapter 41 – Collecting the Set
Chapter 42 – Danger Time
Chapter 43 – Witch of Divine Punishment
Chapter 44 – Captive
Chapter 45 – Extortion and Blackmail
Chapter 46 – Getting More Prestige
Chapter 47 – OP Egg
Chapter 48 – Despicable
Chapter 49 – Mysterious Player
Chapter 50 – Freeze
Chapter 51 – Impact
Chapter 52 – Super Mutated Slime King!
Chapter 53 – A Group of Enemies
Chapter 54 – BOSS Capture
Chapter 55 – BOSS Minion!
Chapter 56 – A Strange Commission
Chapter 57 – Jealous Hate
Chapter 58 – Hell Level of Trial of Natural Skill
Chapter 59 – System Reward
Chapter 60 – Merciless Map
Chapter 61 – Monster’s Words
Chapter 62 – BOSS Minion’s Might
Chapter 63 – Speculation
Chapter 64 – Real, or Fake Defender?
Chapter 65 – Clever Ambush
Chapter 66 – Pass the Trial
Chapter 67 – Natural Skills
Chapter 68 – Shadow City
Chapter 69 – Greedy NPC
Chapter 70 – Elena
Chapter 71 – Quest Requirements
Chapter 72 – Trading Equipment
Chapter 73 – Blood Refinement Technique

18 Responses to Godly Hunter

  1. junior says:

    I’m sincerely sorry for asking this but… does this novel contain ntr?

  2. abyan says:

    Is good novel up again and good job for all admin moon bunny 🙂

  3. kaliwite says:

    Its seems good

  4. Cardenshin says:

    Read the first 3 chapter. Didn’t really like the main character. He seem stupid to me for some reason with the way he’s handling playing the game but maybe its just me that has so much experience with playing game that the way he’s going about it seem stupid. I might give it a try again later when I’m really bored.

    I’m also confused on something. This is a online game right? So how come on chapter 3 the cave can suddenly change to 20 meter? What about the other players that’s not hunter?

  5. bloodofagony says:

    “Contains some *ahem ahem* content in later chapters. Not for children”

    U mean gore and sex? Then I’ll happy to read it XD
    If it’s NTR, no ty…
    So which is it? I don’t understand *ahem ahem* I would like you to be more specific

  6. theglb says:

    I’ve read up through ch 24 or whatever has been translated up until 17th of Sep and there has been nothing *ahem ahem* about it so far.
    At least nothing without repercussions and not as bad as GTA permits.

  7. raven says:

    I like this series and i’m grateful that you are translating but can u by chance when will the next upload be

  8. Super popper says:

    How come I can’t access ch39 and above?

  9. Tristus says:

    Ok I read the first 17 chapters. The story is good, it’s interesting but there is a major point that disturbs me. I mean how ignorant is the Author really? You get sentences like “With the emergence of the holographic virtual network era, the Computer Science Department had no more future.”
    Do you have a brain? There are millions of IT people, all of them will lose their jobs? Every electronic device that we ever designed won’t be maintained anymore? Banking systems, safes, coffee machines, was machines, every fucking device ever will be discarded? And how comes one code a holographic “network”, is it made by aliens? Who will maintain it?

    Sometimes the author is soooo ignorant I throw a tantrum, I mean it’s just insulting to common sense.

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