Godly Hunter Chapter 59

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System Reward

Such an obvious embodiment of loli characteristics was a rare sight, in-game or in reality. She was the loli Chen Mo had met twice – Itsy Bitsy Fighter. For some reason, she was only participating in the Trial of Natural Skill now, and Hell Level at that – with no equipment.

Itsy Bitsy Fighter’s lovely dark eyes scanned the room, outwardly assessing the glares being levelled at her.

She had planned on going up to the players and asking whether they’d like to make a team with her but those glares sent her to a corner of the room, dejected. She sat, hugging her knees, sure that those people would not team up with her.

“Hey girlie, want to join this big brother’s party?”

Two dubious characters approached, looking at Itsy Bitsy Fighter from top to toe and touching the snow-white skin beneath her clothes with their gaze.

“Bad guys! Go away!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter refused them unflinchingly, her clear voice ringing in the white room.

“You don’t know what’s good for you… Just you wait till the Hell Trial starts!”

They had caught the unfriendly attention of the surrounding pro players, so they left her alone after uttering mean words.

… … …

On the Slime Plains, where no players or monsters roamed, a figure materialized.

Three days were up and Chen Mo returned to the game.

“Three days are over, I can finally remove this damn…”

Once online, the first thing Chen Mo did was to un-equip the powerful yet dangerous Despicable title.

At that moment, a system prompt pinged unexpectedly.

System prompt: Due to your actions in-game, the game has become more perfect! You will be awarded special rewards by the system!

System prompt: You have gained special item “Seed of Hope”!

Seed of Hope

Description: A special item of unknown origin. Extremely rare. Cannot be traded. Bound.

Item grade: Rare, special item

Level limit: Can be equipped by Level 10 and up


All races Favour points +10

All races Prestige +100

Luck +3

Night-time field vision +20m

Additional skills: Deliver, Ray of Hope

– Deliver: Consume a certain amount of energy to deliver yourself to a designated city or to the side of a good friend. Energy consumption varies, depending on the distance to your destination.

– Ray of Hope: Consume all energy to increase your Luck for five seconds. Useable with at least 1000 energy points. Luck will increase by the amount of energy consumed.

Energy points: 0 (Kill monsters of the same level to gain the monster’s energy)

Chen Mo heard the ping and looked into his backpack at the little green seed with wide eyes.

Th-this… is a windfall!

Chen Mo was awestruck.

He had not expected a reward for causing the game to freeze, let alone a reward as amazing as this!

Every player can equip five defence pieces, three jewellery pieces and a weapon. Other than these nine pieces, players can also equip three pieces of special equipment.

Special equipment, normally, did not boost player attributes but useful supplementary attributes.

Like night-time vision.

It was not such a problem in the beginner villages since the night-time field vision was not bad. However, once you get to the three main cities and went out at night, it would be pitch black if a cloud blocked the moonlight. If you went to a place with no moonlight, you wouldn’t even be able to see your fingers when you held out your hand in front of you. Night-time field vision became important in times like this.

Only special equipment had night-time field vision attributes. There were ways to get special equipment which had night-time field vision attributes in the three main cities but most only gave you five metres.

Chen Mo had not gone to the three main cities yet but he had been hanging around on the game forums for the past three days so he was no stranger to special equipment.

There weren’t many players who’d obtained 5m night-vision at this stage in the game. There were also very lucky players who’d got 10m night-vision who posted their item attributes on the forums, prompting numerous envious replies.

However, these much-envied items were inferior when compared to the Seed of Hope!

20 metres – double the vision!

And this was just one of the item attributes, and not the best one either!

The special equipment other players obtained mostly had one attribute – two attributes invoked envy. The Seed of Hope, with its multiple attributes, was blindingly awesome!

Chen Mo didn’t know much about the Favour, Prestige and Luck attributes but if he made the information on the Delivery skill public, he would attract the attention of untold numbers of envious and covetous people.

There were players who had also obtained special equipment with the Delivery skill, of course, but it could only send them to cities. There was no comparing those to The Seed of Hope!

Chen Mo had never used the Ray of Hope skill so he wasn’t sure what it did but the skill name matched the item name, so it must be good!

“Not much time left… I’d better hurry back to Ayer Town.”

Chen Mo admired the Seed of Hope for a while, equipped it and ran back to Ayer Town at full speed.

The headcount for the Hell Trial had almost reached 64 people in the past three days. Only a few places were left.

… … …

“Another one! We need just three more!”

A figure materialised in the waiting room of the Hell Trial.

“This guy… looks familiar?” Wang Xu looked at the new arrival and found him familiar.

The new arrival was Chen Mo. If Wang Xu could see his game ID, he would know at once that this was Chen Mo.

“Big brother, it’s you!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter recognised Chen Mo at once and called out joyfully to him, eyes sparkling.

“What are you doing here, too?”

Itsy Bitsy Fighter was quite memorable after all. Chen Mo saw Itsy Bitsy Fighter and walked over.

This loli fighter should have reached Level 10 long ago. Why is she participating in the Trials only now, and Hell Level at that?
It was like her jumping fearlessly into the pit with the Slime King the last time… participating in the Hell Trial was totally a suicide mission.

“I got a quest which requires me to pass the Hell Level of the Trial of Natural Skill.” Itsy Bitsy Fighter replied gloomily.

“Ayer Town had a quest like that?” Chen Mo wrinkled his brow. He’d spent the last three days browsing the game forums but nobody had mentioned a quest like this.

“Yep! I’ve completed all the quests in Ayer Town. I also looked in the surrounding areas for quests but couldn’t find any so I asked the Town Mayor and Mayor Soro gave me this quest called “Impossible”. I am not allowed to have equipment while I complete the Hell Trial. While on this quest, I have no time limit so I can keep participating in Hell Trials but I’ve tried over ten times and failed them all. It’s too difficult.”

Itsy Bitsy Fighter nodded and explained her situation. Chen Mo was dumbstruck.

There were others on the forums like Itsy Bitsy Fighter, who’d gone around completing all the quests that could be done and proclaimed that they had done it all when they couldn’t get any more quests from NPCs. Nobody else had got the ‘Impossible’ quest like Itsy Bitsy Fighter had, though.

Looks like those players did not complete everything! Only Itsy Bitsy Fighter had done it all and managed to get this quest from Soro!

“Can this quest be shared?” Chen Mo quickly asked.

From what he’d experienced, there was no impossible quest in this game. The quest Itsy Bitsy Fighter got can definitely be completed!

However, passing the Hell Trial alone with no equipment was definitely impossible. This meant relying on party members… so she should be able to share this quest!

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