Godly Hunter Chapter 42

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Danger Time

Once Enoch slowed, Chen Mo moved and sprang inside the room.


The room for the Rendezvous quest was large – at least ten metres wide. Chen Mo had greater movement speed now but he did not want to get driven into a corner by Enoch. If she used any surprise trapping attacks then he would have no way out.



Under Chen Mo’s command, the Mutated Green Slime stopped attacking Enoch and bounced behind him.


“Scoundrel! Where do you think you’re going!” Enoch’s aim was to catch Chen Mo. Having failed at her first attempt, she came chasing, hot on his heels.


However, she was hit by a Basic Trap which Chen Mo had thrown.


Chen Mo could only throw his trap seven metres. This distance could not even be considered mid-range but in this battle, it was enough.



The Basic Trap exploded. Enoch’s speed fell yet again!


The trap’s usually low probability of having a disabling effect took effect at this moment!
“My luck’s not bad!”


Poison Tinted Crossbow!


Chen Mo did not waste his chances. He immediately used the Poison Tinted Crossbow’s skill to attack Enoch.


The weapon came with a weak poison skill. Chen Mo’s poison skill now was just the basic one – it was a little stronger than entry level. Every attack would have an additional 7 poison damage with a chance of 5 more points of damage.


Chen Mo fired. Enoch tried to avoid them but with her lowered speed and the short distance, it was impossible for her to dodge.










A bolt flew through the air. Four different damage numbers floated above Enoch’s head.


The first, red number was Chen Mo’s hit. The second, third and fourth were all poison damage. Second and third were from the crossbow and the slime while the last 200 was from Poison Tinted Crossbow’s weapon effect.


Add the damage dealt by the Mutated Green Slime and Enoch had lost about 600 HP quite quickly.


“Not bad. Enoch’s defence is not high and her HP bar’s not that long either. Looks to be about 30,000. Not a lot.” Chen Mo observed and felt more assured of Enoch’s defeat.


No matter which way you looked at it, the Mutated Slime King’s attributes were all higher than Enoch’s. He could use clever tactics on the monster but Enoch had to be dealt with the hard way.


“Block her!”


The fuming Enoch was going to come at him. Like hell he was going to let her come close. Assassins were best at controlling movements. If he let her come close, he would most likely be taken down by a set of attacks.


Though Chen Mo was unable to get the last two pieces, the upper body and headgear, for a full Purple Grade equipment set, his current equipment was unparalleled among Level 10 players. However, his opponent was Enoch so he could not compare her to players. He was not sure if his current HP would be enough to withstand a set of attacks from Enoch either.


The Mutated Green Slime obediently hopped over to block Enoch.


Its every attack had a 100% chance of poisoning the target, continuing to lower attack power and movement speed. The damage was not much but it helped.


Enoch was attacked by the Mutated Green Slime again. The movement-slowing effect that was about to run its course got renewed, angering her further.




The cold blade of her dagger flashed as it cut across the Mutated Green Slime’s middle.


A line of blood appeared in the Mutated Green Slime’s midsection. It suddenly felt like the part of its body under the line of blood had disappeared. It tried its best to jump closer to attack Enoch but discovered that its lower body was not under its control. It could only glower at Enoch with big, round eyes.


“Shit! Bloody hell!”


Chen Mo became even more vigilant.


He definitely could not let Enoch get close or he’d be dead!


Chen Mo knew he was depending only on his speed now. He had Purple Grade equipment but this only gave him the basics of doing battle with Enoch. He dreaded Enoch getting close. She would gain control of him and throw him into the Land of Divine Punishment!


The designer of this quest must not want any player to be able to complete it.


Then… why didn’t the quest designer simply make Enoch undefeatable?


Chen Mo found it curious. From what he knew, there had yet to appear an NPC that was undefeatable in GENESIS.


While Enoch was being blocked by the slime, Chen Mo attacked several times. Enoch’s HP had dropped by about 2000. The poison crossbow and slime speed had also stacked 5 times and 4 times respectively making Enoch’s HP drop by 135 points per second. Add Chen Mo’s attacks and her HP was dropping rapidly by over 300 points per second.


If he factored in the Poison Tinted Crossbow’s weapon effect, and if it continued at this pace, Enoch would die in three minutes!


However, Chen Mo knew it would not be so simple. Enoch endured hits from Chen Mo. The slime was unable to get close to Enoch and the disabling effect had worn off. After the slime’s movement slowing effect wore off, Enoch’s speed suddenly increased. Her face was a mask of cold fury as she moved to attack Chen Mo.
Enoch did not avoid the crossbow attacks by Chen Mo. This damage was nothing.


This shameless Adventurer’s speed was no match for hers. She could take the damage – once she gets close, this Adventurer will have nowhere to run!

“Heh! Trying to get close? In your dreams!”


Chen Mo grinned at Enoch. Enoch knew not why he grinned till she discovered that his movement speed had suddenly increased!

Degenerate title!
Low Level Mutated Agility Drug!


Chen Mo quickly equipped his Degenerate title and drank the drug. His speed increased by 5!


He had not equipped the Degenerate title before entering.


He had originally intended to rely on the Mutated Green Slime to hold Enoch off for as long as possible. He did not want to reveal his top speed that early in the battle. Besides, he did not know what countermoves Enoch had.


Unfortunately, he could not count on the slime now. The chance of the Basic Trap having the slow-down effect was also very low. If he did not use his top speed now, Enoch would catch up to him and it’d be game over.


“You’re not getting away! Lightning attack!”


Seeing Chen Mo speed up, Enoch’s features steeled as she shouted and she suddenly became a blur!

Not good!


Chen Mo had predicted that Enoch would have a countermove but he did not expect it to be so overwhelming. If his calculations were right, the attack would land on him in the next second!
Nobody can finish this quest!


This quest was most likely without a definite reward after completion!


In that instant, Chen Mo grew more convinced of his prior conjecture.


It was highly probable that he would be captured the moment the attack landed!


However, Chen Mo was not going to quietly await death. He used a skill right when he saw her blur and disappear.


Wind-speed Dodge!




The instant he used the Wind-speed Dodge skill, a figure appeared in front of him and a black dagger stabbed him vehemently!



However, this attack landed on empty air!


The 20% chance of evading an attack from the Wind-speed Dodge skill saved Chen Mo’s life!


Chen Mo broke out in cold sweat as he rushed to the Mutated Green Slime ‘wall’.


Freaking shit! He won’t be so lucky next time!­­­


If he’d known this woman had this skill, he would not have let the slime leave his side!


A new battle plan formed in Chen Mo’s mind in an instant!


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