Godly Hunter Chapter 54

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BOSS Capture

“It’s almost at 50%. Use the silencing skill when the BOSS starts to clone itself. Don’t miss the timing!” Lil’ Building of Storms yelled a reminder at Cold Flow.


When the BOSS split at 50% HP, its body would blur. If they used the silencing skill then, they would be able to stop it from using its skill.


“I know that! You don’t have to remind me – I want to stay alive too!” retorted Cold Flow.
They had only one chance. Their annihilation would be the result if the BOSS was allowed to clone itself.


Toothpick, keep your eyes peeled. Don’t miss the timing.” ordered Cold Flow of his party’s priest. He had the silencing skill on his magic staff.


“Don’t worry, Boss Cold Flow, sir! I won’t.” Toothpick was a calm male priest. Cold Belle was the only female in Cold Flow’s party.




The Mutated Slime King’s HP hit 50% during their conversation. Its body suddenly blurred, ready to split in two.


“Silence!” Toothpick raised his staff. A black beam of light shot from the staff and hit the Mutated Slime King before it could split in half.


The Mutated Slime King’s blurry form snapped back into focus.


“Success! Grab this chance now and attack! Don’t give it an opportunity to use its skill a second time!” Lil’ Building of Storms yelled.


With a group of pros attacking in earnest, the Mutated Slime King’s HP decreased rapidly.


The surrounding crowd of players stirred when they saw the BOSS’s HP fly towards zero. They were aiming to rush over and grab what they could once the BOSS was dead.


Though they had no looting rights, with so many players around they could block off the spaces where items fell and make it impossible for the BOSS-killers to pick their items. After a period of time, the BOSS-killers would lose their looting rights and the items would be theirs to take.


There were almost fifty pro players killing the BOSS, but the team battle system had not been unlocked in the beginner villages so only one party would have looting rights in the end. With such a large crowd to block one party, the possibility of snatching some loot was not small.
The BOSS HP quickly dropped from 50% to 20%.


The would-be loot-snatchers did not move. Running over at this time was plain suicide.


However, an eye-catching lone figure emerged from the crowd.


“It’s that masked player again!”


The players looked at the figure and saw that that player had covered his face.


“No way… Is he the same guy who appeared at Wild Wolf Valley about an hour ago?” The people there knew about the incident at Wild Wolf Valley and all of them were reminded of the event at the sight of the masked player.


“Looks like it really is the same guy! His body shape’s really similar!”


They could not see his face but his silhouette looked familiar to many players. They were quite certain it was the same person.


“We’ll have a good show to watch!”


It struck quite a few that this person may have come to kill-steal the BOSS.


This guy was so mysterious that it just might be possible!


“Him again!” If the layman players could see that it was the same guy, pros like Lil’ Building of Storms couldn’t miss it either. They had seen the masked player up close rather recently after all.


The group of pros were hopping mad; they had amassed their forces to take down the BOSS only to be thwarted by unknown means used by this person. It was a blow to their pride and their money-purses.


If they’d been allowed to PK, they would have turned away from the BOSS and focused all their attacks on this cursed masked player.


Chen Mo ignored Lil’ Building of Storms and his team. He ran straight towards the Mutated Slime King, raised an arm and fired a bolt.


Several test threads had been posted on the forums about the capturing skill. If a hunter wanted to capture a monster, he had to deal damage to it and if no damage was dealt to the monster, there was no chance of capturing it.


The range of a novice capture skill was just 5m. Any further and the skill couldn’t be used on the monster.


“This guy is either a hunter or an assassin!” At the sight of Chen Mo using a crossbow, the surrounding players narrowed down his character class to one of two.


“Kid, my boss, Bottomless Glacier is telling you to give him your game ID! Tell me now!” A player shouted at Chen Mo. He had contacted Bottomless Glacier at once when he saw the masked player appear.


“Are you retarded? I covered my face so you won’t recognize me, else I won’t be able to do more bad things to you all later. Bwahahahaha!” Chen Mo disguised his voice and mocked them all.


The hired pros turned red with anger and the Glacier Game Club members were so angry you could see steam come out their ears.


Their beautifully bright futures turned into dark despair because of this guy! From what he said – he was going to mess with them in the future too?!


“Kid, if we find out who you are, Glacier Group will use our financial might to crush you!” Another guy shouted.


“Oooh, I’m soooo scared!” Chen Mo laughed loudly.


With a wave of his hand, he was equipped with his best gear. One shot from his bolt dealt 200+ damage to the BOSS.


“Wow! Such high attack power!”


The pros were stunned by the damage.


That was just a normal attack – no skill used! Dealing even 100+ damage was already quite good for them!


They were all in Green equipment, so… did this mean that the masked player had a full set of Purple equipment?


The pros were unsettled at the thought.


Having a full set of Purple equipment was like a legend on the forums. Nobody had ever seen anyone with a full set and yet today they’d met someone who did.


He was able to procure a full set of Purple equipment at this stage? Just who is this guy?


“Focus! Attack the BOSS and be careful not to let it get stolen!” Lil’ Building of Storms shouted.


This masked guy had high damage so he must be here to kill-steal. Though it was them who started the attack, if the team which dealt damage to the BOSS gets killed and this guy dealt the most damage after them, he would be able to steal their BOSS.


The groups of pros grew anxious. They’d come away empty-handed at the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf battle. If they lost this low-HP BOSS to this guy now, they would have no place to hide their faces.


Chen Mo looked at the Mutated Slime King’s HP; less than 15%.


Chen Mo made his move. He ran close to the Mutated Slime King and used the capture skill.


According to tests on the forums, the chance of success was greatest when the monster’s HP was 10% and under.


However, Chen Mo could not wait any longer. The BOSS’s HP was dropping too quickly so if he used the capture skill at 10% and below he would have to use it consecutively.


There was no cooldown for the skill but the success rate would be quite low if he used it consecutively.


The monster would also build up resistance after every failed capture. Using the capture skill when its resistance had yet to wear off would only make it increase its resistance and lower his chances of capturing it.


System prompt: Capture fail!


The prompt pinged. Chen Mo was not surprised.


This was a mutated BOSS after all. His luck would be through the roof if he managed to capture it on his first try at 15% HP.


Chen Mo retreated.


“What’s that bastard trying to do?”


Cold Flow watched Chen Mo approach the BOSS, then immediately withdraw. He couldn’t figure out why he did that but his actions made him uneasy.


“Attack full-force!” Lil’ Building of Storms was uneasy too. He decided to bring his plan to increase attacks forward.


The BOSS’s HP quickly fell to 10%. Chen Mo saw that it was time to try again and he ran forward to use his capture skill.
System prompt: Capture failed!


However, the capture attempt failed again.


He failed but he still had more tries!


Chen Mo did not panic and calmly retreated.


Lil’ Building of Storms and Cold Flow were both keeping an eye on Chen Mo. Seeing him make similar actions twice confirmed that he was up to something and it was no good. Nervousness struck their hearts.


The memory of this guy making the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf evolve and fly away was still fresh in their minds. Him doing incomprehensible things again was not strange at all.
Mutated Slime King HP: 5%!


Chen Mo advanced yet again!




System prompt: Capture failed!


“Damn! A mutated BOSS isn’t so easy to capture after all. I still have one last try but the chance of failure is high!”


His third attempt failed and Chen Mo had a feeling that he would still fail if he tried the fourth time.


Players would have a strange feeling when using the capture skill. To Chen Mo, it felt like he had thrown a rope at the Mutated Slime King. Unfortunately, this rope was easily shaken off by the Mutated Slime King; there was no ‘lassoed’ feeling at all.


He had this feeling for all three of his attempts. The BOSS’s HP would be nearly zero on his fourth attempt but Chen Mo felt there would be no change in the success rate. If he tried the fifth time… well, the BOSS would be dead by then.


What should I do?


The BOSS had only a little HP left.


The cogs of Chen Mo’s mind spun.


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