Godly Hunter Chapter 43

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Witch of Divine Punishment

Chen Mo had not foreseen that he could not afford to be attacked by Enoch even once.

However, he knew his guess of Enoch’s 30,000 HP was not going to be too far off the mark.

He might have given up on this quest right away if he’d known that he would not defeat Enoch unscathed.

The difficulty level was too high. If he had not gotten the Slime King Jewellery Set, enabling him to summon a Mutated Slime for help, he would have no chance at all in defeating Enoch.

Now, with a Mutated Slime, Chen Mo had a way to deal with Enoch.

He ran to the Mutated Green Slime and hid behind it, then downed a bottle of Low-Level Mutated Strength Drug.

Other than adding 20 points to Strength, the Low-Level Mutated Strength Drug enabled the user to deal an additional 20 damage to physical attacks on enemies.

This drug was rare. Chen Mo only got three bottles from killing Mutated Goblins six times. He was loath to use it but the situation demanded it.

He gulped the drug, and immediately started firing wildly with his crossbow at the advancing Enoch.

Enoch had not expected her lightning attack to fail. She became more incensed and determined to catch Chen Mo.

But Chen Mo was not going to give her another chance to get to him. The spacious room had no obstacles but Chen Mo made one out of the Mutated Green Slime to protect himself.

Normal Slimes were at most as big as a basketball. Mutated Slimes, on the other hand, were three times bigger – akin to a large balloon.

Enoch’s speed now was no match for Chen Mo’s. She could not catch him while he circled the Mutated Slime.

Additionally, with the Mutated Slime between himself and Enoch, she was unable to attack him with her lightning attack.

He was not very bothered by her other attack since it would just land on the Mutated Slime. He made the Mutated Slime stay in one spot to act as an obstacle; it only jumped up to hit Enoch whenever she approached.

Bolt after bolt hit Enoch. Poison Tinted Crossbow, Slime Poison, the crossbow skill and the added damage from Mutated Strength Drug combined to enable Chen Mo to deal close to 400 DMG per bolt. Enoch’s HP fell quickly and she lost over 10,000 HP in a short time. Her HP was now under 20,000.

“Shadow Ambush!” Enoch could stand it no longer. With a flick of her wrist, a line of shadow shot towards Chen Mo.

Though he made use of the Mutated Slime to make Enoch run around in circles, Chen Mo had not let his guard down for even a second. He watched Enoch closely and when he saw her move her wrist, he knew from the angle of her movement that she was about to use a new skill.

However, this skill was more than he had expected!

Enoch’s attack seemed to make her dagger become a shadow. She hurled it towards him.

It was different from the Lightning attack. When she used it, she could move herself directly in front of Chen Mo. However, the Mutated Slime occupied the space in front of Chen Mo, so she could not use the skill due to the blocked space. Shadow Ambush, on the other hand, passed above the Mutated Slime’s head and continued on its trajectory towards Chen Mo.

Because of his hyper-awareness of Enoch, Chen Mo detected the skill right away so he was still able to dodge it despite the suddenness of the attack.

But the moment she used Shadow Ambush, her body tensed like the string on a bow. Chen Mo had a strong feeling that no matter which way he dodged, Enoch would be there by his side, successful in her attempt to get close and attack him!

It was unavoidable!

Chen Mo instantly made his decision.

He could not afford to get hit by her attack. What could he do?

Wind-speed Dodge’s effect had ended but even if it was still active, the chance of avoidance was just 20%. The likelihood of being hit was still quite high.

Slime King’s Roar!


Chen Mo did not avoid the attack but he was not helpless either.

He used Slime King’s Roar to boost the stats for himself and his summoned slime, then commanded the slime to jump.

The Mutated Slime’s jumping height was pathetic and it was not possible for it to jump and block Enoch’s shadow dagger but under the influence of the boost, its jumping height increased by two metres!

The Mutated Slime executed Chen Mo’s command without hesitation.

The shadow dagger whistled through the air as the Mutated Slime jumped. The dagger struck the Mutated Slime and a damage number of 700+ floated above the slime’s head as its speed suddenly slowed.

Not only did Shadow Ambush deal a lot of damage, it also had a negative effect. A grey-glow appeared in the Mutated Slime’s sparkly black eyes – blindness.

Slowing and blinding! If this mid-range attack hit him, he would be either captured or dead!

He knew it – not one attack of hers must land on him!

Enoch’s eye widened and her tensed body loosened. She’s never imagined that the Mutated Slime would jump up and block her attack.

“Heh heh. Any more moves? You’d better use them!” Chen Mo provoked Enoch.

It was best to have her use all her moves while Slime King’s Roar was still in effect.

However, Enoch just glared at Chen Mo and stuck to her old plan of trying to get closer to him.

Chen Mo would not give her a chance, of course. They circled the Mutated Slime as Chen Mo shot bolts and threw the occasional Basic Trap at Enoch.

Chen Mo wanted to avoid using up the Quake Traps if he could; they could be used to save his life.

Enoch was unable to get close to Chen Mo to attack and she was getting hit by a continuous barrage of bolts. Her HP dropped to below 10,000, then dropped further.

9000HP… 7000HP…

Chen Mo kept a close watch on Enoch. He was getting nervous.

Technically speaking, Enoch was at most a Level 10 BOSS. As the mightiest of the Level 10 BOSSes, the Mutated Slime King did not mutate when its HP dropped to a certain point, so it followed that Enoch would not either.

But Enoch and the Mutated Slime King were different. She was an NPC with an actual backstory and status, unlike the low-level Slime King BOSS, which anyone could kill. Chen Mo would not find it strange if she were to undergo some change at certain HP levels.

6000 HP!… 4000 HP!…

Just 15% HP left!

There was still no change in Enoch. Did this mean she would not mutate?

The final spurt! Finish her off!

At this point, Chen Mo became less cautious. While he still dodged Enoch’s attacks, his own attacks grew increasingly accurate and fiercer. Enoch’s HP went down rapidly!

Remaining HP……3000!

The final 10%!

“Shameless Adventurer! You are stronger than you seem! However, Evil can never triumph over Justice! Appear, Witch of Divine Punishment!”

Just 10% of Enoch’s HP was left when what Chen Mo had feared would happen, happened.

Enoch stopped chasing Chen Mo and retrieved an ancient wooden plaque from her backpack. As soon as the words left her mouth, the wooden plaque started glowing with a black light.

Chen Mo felt the ground soften. The entire floor’s surface had turned into a dark swamp.

A familiar dark figure emerged from the swampy surface in the middle of the room.

Chen Mo was surprised when he saw the figure.

The Witch of Divine Punishment was the same as the figures he had seen in the Land of Divine Punishment!

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