Godly Hunter Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Mutated Slime King

The first successful shot actually came from the beautiful flower next to them?!

“Luck! It must be luck!”

The male players were unsettled and quickly consoled themselves.

See, the second shot missed!

They looked at Chen Dong and observed her next shot. It had brushed past a balloon.

She didn’t hit it but she almost did!

They were starting to see that the pretty flower was more powerful than them and this fired them up.

No way! Better get as many points as possible, just so long as I’m not last!

The male players focused hard on the balloons in the sky and tried their best to control the bows in their hands.

Unbeknownst to them, Chen Dong noticed not their existence. She paused after missing her second shot.

The shaking bow in her hands felt foreign and violent. It was not easy to control. She needed time to practice. Even though she could grasp the rhythm of the bow and arrow, she needed time to familiarize herself with the bow and the archer class.

Although Chen Dong had far more advanced control than the average player, and the bow in-game was not as difficult to control as real-life bows, she could not have 100% accuracy.

In the next 2mins, Chen Dong shot an arrow from time to time. Some hit but half missed.

However, in that time, she developed a feel for the rhythm of the bow and arrow. She just had to work on her accuracy next.

To improve her hit rate was easy – just do a minor correction of position and direction based off the last shot.

Everyone knew that but it was difficult to actually do it.

But to Chen Dong, who could play a piano piece exactly the same twice, this was not difficult. She only needed a few tweaks and practice to be more accustomed to the bow.

Time soon ran out for the first trial.

The male players blew air out of their mouths in huffs. They had hit a few balloons after the first trial and Chen Dong had not hit too many balloons either. They breathed in relief.

The second trial started after a short break.

Pop! Pop! Pop!  …

The guys were prepared to show their mettle and complete the trial but when they got ready to aim, a barrage of pops issued from behind them!

They immediately looked over and saw the beauty, her arms seemingly paddling in the air and arrow after arrow being slung forward like rain dropping from the sky.

In this quest map, there was no limit on players’ shooting speed; the players only needs to be able to control the shot. You can shoot as quickly as you want!

Many archers before them had used this method, hoping to shoot as quickly as possible and somehow blindly hit some balloons but this was a waste of energy and without aiming, the chance of hitting a balloon was really small.

“Holy crap! Is this girl an Olympic athlete in real life?”

They goggled at her.

It was almost an arrow per second, with 7 out of 10 hitting the target! Even if she had not hit the target, it was close!

They knew from personal experience how difficult it was to hit the target in this map. They had difficulty hitting 10 balloons in a row in 3 minutes but this babe was doing it in 20secs!

“128 balloons!”

3mins passed in the blink of an eye. They had just witnessed Chen Dong establish such an impressive record that they forgot all about shooting balloons.

On the game forums, the players who’d managed to hit 60 balloons were lauded as highly-skilled. Now, with this mind-blowing record, how are they going to categorize this beauty?

128 balloons! This result can’t be any better!

Looking at Chen Dong’s upright posture, the guys gave up. She’s from a different world! She was not an air-headed flower-pot but beautiful and capable – they were no match for her brilliance.

After passing the trial, players can choose to leave the quest map and receive their reward. The guys breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that they would not have to face the pressure of this beauty in the 3rd round.

But, to their despair, this devastating beauty had no intention of leaving!

The guys had tears streaming down their faces. O Great Beauty, we beg you… Please leave the map! You already have such a scary score – what more do you want? If you don’t go, we’ll be too ashamed to even shoot our crooked, pathetic arrows!

Whatever they thought, the third trial was about to begin.

As soon as it begun, Chen Dong raised her arms and arrows flew like a storm from her bow!

The second trial was just her first practice session. The third trial was her going at full throttle!

“This… is so OP!”

“How the hell is she doing this?!”

The arrows flew, and pops could be heard immediately after. The guys were floored.

This time, she hit 9 out of 10 times!

3mins passed in a cacophony of pops.

How many balloons had this beauty hit?

The guys shook themselves out of a stupor and looked at her score. Their hearts dropped.


183 balloons in 3 minutes!

They’d seen with their own eyes that she did not have 100% accuracy. That meant that this beauty’s speed was more than an arrow per second!

System prompt: The trial has concluded. Successful players, please collect your reward from Caron.

A minute later, Chen Dong left the forest.

Chen Dong looked at the skill book in her backpack and thought it a bit strange.

She didn’t think that after getting a score of 183, Caron would give her an “Olympic Archery” skill book.

…            …            …

Olympic Archery! Somebody had actually gotten Olympic Archery so quickly!”

At that same moment, in Ash Blue Tech, someone jumped up in excitement.

“Is it some national athlete who’d gotten into the game?” a young man asked curiously.

“We have no way of checking the player’s data but from the character’s profile, it doesn’t look like any of the professional archers.”

“Wow, she’s so pretty!”

“The Chinese are indeed strong. They have so many talented players and such a capable beauty.”

“Woah, getting Olympic Archery from Caron’s trial is no easy feat. The Olympic Archery skill is also almost akin to adding one more natural skill to the archer class player’s arsenal. She’ll become powerful for sure!”

“Other classes have Olympic skills too. Unfortunately, only a very few have managed to get them so far.”

“What is this chitter-chatter? Keep your eyes on the screens! If something goes wrong I’ll kill you!”

While the young men were having their heated discussion, an icy cold female voice cut through their chatter.

The young men shut their mouths and immediately bent backs to their tasks again.

Yikes, getting on this woman’s bad side is no joke.

…            …            …

Chen Mo slept till 1pm.

After washing up and having a meal, Chen Mo checked the forums.

“The Mutated Slime King really exists!”

Chen Mo took one look and found the bit of news he was looking for.

One topic had been tagged ‘hot’ on the forums.

The beginner village’s strongest BOSS, the Mutated Slime King!

Last night, a player had talked about the Mutated Slime King and insisted that it really existed. This time, this other player had seen it during the day and had not just pictures but a video.

This player had also cleverly posted a pay-to-view post. He charged *one yuan per view. When Chen Mo paid to enter, he found that over a million people had already viewed the post.

Not only was the Mutated Slime King famous now, the player who’d become a millionaire after posting the video had also become today’s hot news.

Overnight fame is not impossible in GENESIS!

The already much-talked-about GENESIS and holographic virtual networks topic burst afresh with fervour.

In the game, ordinary slimes were about the size of footballs and basketballs. Their colour and attributes varied. The Slime King BOSS was much bigger than ordinary slimes – it was over a metre long and a glistening emerald colour.

The Mutated Slime King was twice as large as a normal Slime King, reaching 2m in diameter. It was a crystalline violet and looked like a humongous gem. It was beautiful.

*one Chinese yuan is like 10 pence, 16 US cents or 61 groszy.

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