Godly Hunter Chapter 62

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BOSS minion’s Might

Ash Blue Tech.

The maps of the Trial of Natural Skill were the last part of the game Ash Blue Tech could monitor.

The people at Ash Blue Tech normally didn’t observe the Trials unless an anomaly occurred.

There was no point in watching regular Trials and Hell Trials were a waste of time to observe when nobody could pass the Hell Trials at this point in time.

However, once they heard that Chen Mo was challenging the Hell Trial, the group of young men rushed to their monitors immediately.

This guy had excellent equipment, good reflexes and feel for the game. If even he failed to pass then they would have to wait a long while before someone more capable could pass the Hell Trial.

“This map is… weird.”

Hearing the monsters utter the same lines in death, the group of young men felt something was wrong.

“Should we ask Glimmer its strategy?” someone suggested. The suggestion was quickly agreed upon.

It was not the first time they had asked the AI about its strategy but the AI would not agree to share its strategy every time they asked, especially if it involved map strategy. When Glimmer gave them information, it concerned only that particular map and the strategy seemed not useable for a second time. They were not expecting a response from Glimmer, since it was about a Hell Trial map.

They were quickly surprised by Glimmer’s response.

“Quick, look!” The group bunched around a monitor.

“Holy shit! This map’s brutal!”

“This isn’t just brutal – it’s worse!”

“They’re dead. They’re all dead!”

“What a shame. If it were another map, this guy could have passed.”

After they looked at the map details, the young men looked at each other in dismay, sighing as they understood now why Glimmer had let them look at the map strategy.

… … …

Half an hour had passed since the map was unlocked.

“This place is scary.”

Every time an Elite monster died, it would scream the same words. Itsy Bitsy Fighter heard the same words again and again and in the silence of the forest, she broke out in goose-bumps.

It wasn’t just her – even a big man like Chen Mo felt the creeps.

Chen Mo quickly killed the monsters. He killed 11 Elite monsters in half an hour.

When he had ten forest crystals, he let Itsy Bitsy Fighter hit the monsters. She did not care about collecting crystals and if it were not for the requirements, she wouldn’t have taken even one from Chen Mo.

“Looks like there’s a lake in front!”

As they walked, flashes of light reflected off water could be seen through the trees. Itsy Bitsy Fighter was glad to see it.

“Let’s go take a look. Be careful.”

A different environment had suddenly appeared so this could mean a change in their situation too.

“There’s somebody there – looks like an NPC!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter’s dark eyes were sharp. They still had a distance to go but she had picked out the figure of an old man NPC.

Was it the NPC selling tools? What good luck!

The sooner they knew what the NPC had for sale, the greater the advantage they had in this map.

“Hahaha! What did I tell you, Bobcat? This is the best place to wait! Look – they walked right up to our doorstep. It’s a two-man team too! Heh heh! Too bad there’s only two. They won’t have many crystals.”

Six players suddenly jumped out from behind a large tree ten metres to the side of the lake. A fighter in the party looked at Chen Mo’s party and laughed.

“It’s the bad guys!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter recognised the two sleeze-balls who had hit on her in the Hell Trial waiting room among the six.

“Heh heh. Little girl, remember what we talked about in the waiting room? It’s not too late to change your mind now… We’d have to kill you otherwise.”

“No way, ever ever!” Itsy Bitsy Fighter refused adamantly.

“We tried to be nice. You can die, then!” Bobcat’s expression was cold.

“Retreat!” Chen Mo shouted. Itsy Bitsy Fighter sprinted away immediately.

“Get them!” Bobcat and his crew came chasing. An archer raised his bow and attacked Itsy Bitsy Fighter.

Itsy Bitsy Fighter had no equipment on so she could not take much damage. Chen Mo attacked them instead of retreating, shooting a bolt at the archer player.

Chen Mo’s shot was faster than the archer’s move to attack. In the time it took for the archer to pull the string on his bow, he was struck by Chen Mo’s bolt and his own arrow flashed, his shot going wide.

“You’re asking for it! We’ll kill you first!”

The archer was furious. He aimed his arrow at Chen Mo and while he attacked the archer, the other five moved metres closer in a blink, ready to surround him.

They could see that he had a full set of equipment but they were not bothered as they assumed that Chen Mo had a set of Green, at most.

A Green set wasn’t that special anyway. Even if Chen Mo’s attributes were better than theirs, they had the advantage in numbers.

Level 10 players also didn’t have many skills and if there were no great differences in equipment, the side with more people would win.

Surrounded by the group of Blue and Green-clad players, Chen Mo was in a spot of trouble.

They must have something up their sleeves if they were brazen enough to ambush others here. In a six-against-one fight, Chen Mo would have to bear the brunt of at least half their attacks. His equipment attributes were high but it wasn’t as if he could dodge everything as he wished.

However, Chen Mo did not back off. He needed to cover Itsy Bitsy Fighter’s retreat and buy her time.

“Slime King’s Call!”

Chen Mo summoned a Mutated Black Slime.

It was a shame it wasn’t a Green Slime which could deal additional poison damage and slow their movement speed. If he’d summoned that slime, Itsy Bitsy Fighter would make it to safety, no problem.

Chen Mo commanded the Black Slime to block attacks for him, quickly drew a Quake Trap and threw it at Bobcat and crew.


The Quake Trap exploded and Bobcat and his team, who were about six metres away, were pushed back two more metres.

Chen Mo had no intention of getting tangled up with them. He turned to leave.

“Chase him! You’ll not get away from us!”

The six chased after the two. Their prey were escaping and Bobcat and his party were furious.

They weren’t casual players after all; They had the pride of pro players to defend!

“What is that?!”

The six chased Chen Mo and the archer shot Chen Mo a few times, slowing him considerably.

When they were about to close in on Chen Mo, the archer looked at the forest ahead of him and cried out.

In the forest was a giant amethyst slime, bounding angrily towards them.

“Why does it look like the beginner village BOSS?!” The six found the monster familiar.

“How can the beginner village BOSS be here? This must be the map’s Elite monster!”

“Whatever! Kill this bastard first. It’s just one Elite monster!”

They almost had their hands on Chen Mo. No way were they going to stop their attack now.


They were just a few steps away when they saw the huge amethyst slime attack Chen Mo with a roar.

“Yeah!” The party was in good spirits.

This guy definitely couldn’t run away now!

Their good cheer was short-lived. The guy moved aside, avoiding the amethyst slime’s attack and it bounded to face the six of them.


The slime roared again and a large number of little purple balls shot from its body.

“Shit! Dodge!”

Group attack! This Elite monster can do a group attack!

The six tried to dodge but were too late.

Bam, bam, bam…!

Explosions sounded and damage numbers of a few hundred floated above the heads of the six players. All six seemed to fall dead to the ground at the same time.

The whole party was insta-killed and they were kicked out of the map. Their corpses disappeared and they failed the trial.

Chen Mo slowly turned around and looked at the five forest crystals the vanquished party had dropped.

“Nice! Good BOSS minion!” Chen Mo praised Fatso and patted it on the head.

If he had to kill them himself he would need to make use of the environment and expand a lot of effort to kill them. Fatso just used one skill and insta-killed them nicely and cleanly.

“What the fuck? That Elite monster was way too overpowered!” Bobcat yelled angrily at the revival point in some city.

Bobcat and his party believed that they had been killed by the map’s Elite monster.

This was the reason why Chen Mo hid Fatso’s name and made it stay far behind him.

He couldn’t let people realise so quickly that he had an assassin like Fatso. If exposed too early, the other players would definitely gang up on him.

However, he couldn’t not use Fatso either. He was just one man against many, and the others weren’t weaklings. It was fine to use Fatso once to protect the equipment-less Itsy Bitsy Fighter but it would not work if he used Fatso too many times.

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