Godly Hunter Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Caron’s Trial

On the outskirts of Yu Hang City.

In a spacious, white rental room, Chen Dong opened her thickly-lashed eyes, her hair a glossy halo around her.

The room was big but it held only a table, a bed and a piano, which was placed next to the bed. She was the only occupant of the room. Her legendary brother was not there.

Computer Science classes had been scheduled for that afternoon but almost all the students had already transferred so the class was, naturally, cancelled.

Chen Dong picked up the virtual helmet next to her bed and smoothed her hair before putting the helmet on.

Seeing the burst of reports and news on GENESIS that morning, Chen Dong had a strong premonition.

She can meet her dear brother in the game!

She had not seen him in over 3 and a half years. What would it be like if she met her brother again?

Chen Dong almost squealed in excitement just thinking about it.

She buried her face in her pillow for a while before calming down.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong closed her eyes, switched on the helmet and entered the game.

It was very difficult to find someone specific in the game but Chen Dong knew that she had a chance, at least, in the game.

…            …            …

“Wow! A super beauty!”

Chen Dong appeared in the town square of Ayr Town and immediately drew the gaze of a crowd of male players.

Chen Dong had not modified her appearance; she wanted her brother to see the real her if she met him.

As for other people, she cared nothing and was not concerned for what they thought.

“Humph! She must have changed her looks. If I’d known, I would have made myself even more beautiful!”

Chen Dong had attracted the stares of virtually all the male players and the female players who had been enjoying the attention before she arrived became unhappy.

“You can change your looks but can you make yourself poise like that?”

Someone next to the female player who had spoken lightly said. She was struck dumb.

Appearances can be modified but a person’s bearing and poise cannot be made artificially. Whether it was the effect of the virtual helmet or not, Chen Dong’s bearing in the game was even more marked than in the real world. Those female players knew they could not compete with Chen Dong and so spoke in spite.

Ignoring the gazes of these people, Chen Dong headed to Ayr Town’s central square. Before entering the game, she had done some research. She found an old man NPC and received an Old Wooden Bow, a quiver of arrows and a “Basic Archery” skill book. Then, she followed the recommendation on the internet and headed to all corners of Ayr Town to receive quests from NPCs.

After half an hour, she smoothly rose to Level 3, then opened a letter in her backpack.

She had gotten the letter after completing the survey that had popped up after creating her character, but it could only be opened at Level 3. Once you open it, you will be given a random quest.

System prompt: You have accepted the quest “Caron’s Trial”.

Quest: Caron’s Trial.

Quest difficulty: D and above.

Quest details: Go to the western outskirts of Ayr Town (3385, 1309) and find Archery Master Caron nearby. Finish Caron’s Trial and you will earn a valuable reward.

Quest reward: Unknown.

Chen Dong had an inkling of what Caron’s Trial entailed. Many archers had received this quest and if one completes the quest successfully, he will get a “Precision Shot” skill book. Archers’ accuracy improved significantly after learning the skill.

Chen Dong walked to the coordinates given. According to the online recommendations, once you accept this quest, you should find any way to complete it. “Precision Shot” was not a rare skill but it helped a great deal for players who were still in the beginner villages. After learning the skill, archers will see an additional automated targeting system when fighting against monsters and this increased the shooting accuracy.

Honestly, Chen Dong did not care how her game character developed. However, she would need to at least gain some strength to be able to travel freely. If one day she finally finds out where her brother is but be unable to get to him, she would regret it very deeply.

“Very good, my humble adventurer students! If you pass my trial, you will learn a rare archery skill from me!”

Outside Ayr Town, in the middle of a sparse forest was a wooden hut. A middle-aged NPC named Caron stood next to the hut.

When Chen Dong found Caron, there were several archer players in front of him. These players, like Chen Dong, had accepted the quest “Caron’s Trial”.

“What ‘rare’ skill? Isn’t it just a ‘Precision Shot’ skill book?” Some players could not help muttering after hearing Caron’s words.

Those who had not done their research would think that Caron really had some rare skill but in truth, it was a common “Precision Shot” skill book.

However, accuracy was very important for archer players so it could be classed as rare at their level.

Caron took no notice of the muttering players. Once he finished talking, he waved his hand and the surrounding 6 players disappeared. They appeared in a small quest map.

The 6 of them appeared in a sunny grass-field with colourful balloons floating above it.

Besides Chen Dong, the other 5 were male players. When the 5 male players looked around them and saw a great beauty, they hesitated.

“Oh no, Caron’s Trial is going to start!”

The players snapped to attention. Now wasn’t the time to appreciate the beauty.

However, this trial was also a good opportunity to stand out and do well. Who knows? They might win the favour of the beauty.

Such a beautiful girl would not just make a great show-piece girlfriend – they would be envied even if they were just ordinary friends with her.

System prompt: The first trial has begun! Use the quest bow to shoot the balloons in the air. For every balloon you shoot, you get one point. Get 60 points in 3mins to complete the trial!

Caron’s Trial had begun!

“The bow shakes like a leaf in the wind!” The 5 male players had drawn their bows and were trying to aim at the floating balloons.

They already knew the conditions of the trial. Each person had 3 chances at the trial and once you get 60 points in any of the 3 tries, the quest would be considered complete.

But when the trial begun, they discovered that it was more difficult than they had thought. The bows in their hands seemed uncontrollable as their arms shook terribly.

“Let’s shoot a few and see!”

There was no use trying to aim. A few of them shot first, figuring that since there were so many balloons, they could possibly hit one if they were lucky.

However, their hopes were in vain, for all 5 shots went wide.

“Damn, no wonder so many people failed the trial.” After missing several more shots in a row, they found that it wasn’t due to lack of skill that others had failed, but that the trial was too difficult.

In order to complete the trial and get the “Precision Shot” skill book, they tried their best to aim and shoot. Thoughts of impressing Chen Dong had been pushed to the back of their heads.

They couldn’t even hit one balloon; who could they impress?

Next to them, Chen Dong raised the quest bow. Her arms, like the others, trembled all over the place and made it impossible to aim.

But she did not rush to shoot like the others.

Her uncontrollable arms and hands made her uncomfortable. Being used to playing the piano and able to perform precise actions when in control of her hands, she forced herself to be calm when faced with her trembling hands.

Then, she sensed something. Her arms and hands were feeling some trace of a rhythm.

Close your eyes. Feel it.

That’s it!

When she concentrated, she could feel that the vibrating bow and arrow were like dancing notes, just that these notes were rather violent.

No matter how violent the notes were, she could meet them head on and also follow them!

She opened her eyes. Her hands were still shaking but Chen Dong’s fingers clutched the wooden arrow and she let it loose.



The wooden arrow pierced through the air and accurately struck a green balloon. The balloon burst into pieces with a loud pop!

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